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Close encounters of a ‘normie’ kind

The last few weeks, I have been making a huge effort to get ‘offline’ more, and to do things in the real world. I joined a gym, I’m doing pilates, volunteering a little, once a week, and doing an art chug. All this means that I am now coming into way more contact with what […]

The Rav: Gog and Magog will happen in 5784

Excerpt of a shiur given 6th Tevet, (Sunday December 17th, 2023) in Bat Yam So now, we are questioning a kooshia (difficulty or problem with understanding a particular point): How on Chanuka do we say ‘reshaim be’yad tzaddikim’ (the wicked in the hand of the righteous)? After all, on Chanuka we read about the cows […]

The death of the MSM

The YWN government propaganda site is in the middle of a new ‘make-over’. I check it every couple of days, once, just to see what brand of ‘government propaganda’ is being put out to the one-and-a-half-retards who still believe the media. Maybe, it was just early morning when I checked, and that’s why the ‘viewer […]

What happened in Zikim?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted up some translated comments the Rav made about Zikim. You can see the full comments HERE. This is the bit to focus on, for this post: In Zikim, they didn’t enter in the first place. Because in Zikim, they [the security team] didn’t agree to give over their […]

We know nothing

The last couple of days, I was getting all het-up about the fact that I have no idea what is really going on here. It’s not so easy, to live in a state of constant confusion and stress and doubt – and this has been going on for more than three months already. (Even longer […]

Rockets in Netivot?

Yesterday, I spent the morning at the Baba Sali in Netivot. ***UPDATES – SCROLL DOWN*** I wrote about it in the last post, how it was so quiet, peaceful and ‘calm’. Then when I got home, I saw some reports of rockets over Netivot apparently from Gaza, that I was sure must have been from […]

The world of lies and the Baba Sali

This morning, I went to Netivot, to belatedly celebrate the hiloula of the Baba Sali, zt’l. It was totally quiet – apart from the large crowds of people still showing up to celebrate the hiloula, that was officially on motzae Shabbat / Sunday. It was so peaceful and sunny and *enjoyable*, I really started to […]

Some thoughts on Lloyd Austin

Pretty much the only place I check for ‘headlines’ these days is the anti-semitic SOTT site. In this ridiculous world we live in, I get more ‘real news’ from a site run by obvious anti-semites than I do from pretty much anywhere else. That’s not to say I believe everything they put up, not at […]

Berdichev Bankers and the Tzemach Tzedek

The story begins, as these stories so often do, with a chance comment one of the readers here made. You can see it here on THIS post, about ‘Mr Israel’, the WWF wrestling nephew of the Chazon Ish who was also a member of the (masonic….) ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. (Again, who can make this stuff up?!) […]