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Frequency Part 2

The last post seems to have had some weird censoring. That’s why the title is coming up unreadable. We are over the target. To really understand the power of frequency, first take some time to watch this old video from 1996, where Sharry Edwards explains how sound / frequency can literally be used to pinpoint […]

Frequency and illness – Part I

The last three weeks plus, I have been feeling pretty bad. Actually, it started more like 6 weeks ago, when I just started feeling overwhelmed with stress and tension, and my neck and back started ‘hunching’ so badly, my kids started making comments about ‘the bells…. The bells….’ So, I finally got around to finding […]

How the yetzer operates

If you want to know what’s going on right now, you just need to read Rebbe Nachman. Rebbe Nachman explains clearly that the yetzer hara is not really so interested in the ‘sin’ he gets a person to do, but in what happens to that person after he sins. Many people, most people, fall into despair, […]

Sources on how to recognise Moshiach

This is a repost from April 2019. That’s when the late Rav Chaim Kanievsky made some widely-publicised comments that Moshiach would be coming before the Israeli Elections that were being held on April 9th, 2019. Three months later, the autistics came out publically saying the Rav was Moshiach…. And Rav Glazerson also started turning up […]

All quiet on the Northern Front

Yesterday, I had a bunch of chores to do ‘up North’. So, we drove up the Bi’kaa Road, Route 90 – baruch Hashem, all quiet, and so beautiful and green after all the rain we’ve been having the last few weeks. The Kinneret was looking satisfyingly full. Tiberius was quiet. We went further North – […]

A thousand books

Long story short: a thousand books of the Rav’s Conversations II are now being printed in Eretz Yisrael, BH. Usually, we print 100 – 200 copies of these books, and hope for the best. But for some reason, I got a strong ‘push’ in my hitbodedut to print 1,000 copies of this book: ==== The last […]

Some thoughts on our leaders making teshuva

All our leaders are corrupted scum. Hopefully, we can at least agree on that. All the ‘leaders’ you hear about, that have all the PR, the adoring write-ups, the social media groupies – if they get anywhere at all in this world, you can assume they are working for ‘the other side’. And if that […]

The heart of flesh

Rebbe Nachman himself made it clear: In the end, everyone will be ‘Breslov’. But what does it mean, to actually ‘be Breslov’? That you grow long payot, go to Uman, do hitbodedut for an hour every day, dance on a few vans? Some and none of this is for sure part of the authentic experience of trying to ‘be […]

Milei-Milikowsky: A deep dive

The story begins with an email a reader sent me, that contained this image: ***UPDATES BELOW – HIS DEAD DOG HAS ITS OWN WIKI PAGE*** The reader wanted to know if this could be real, and if so, could our PM and the Argentian PM actually be related? I didn’t know. But given what happened […]

Milei-Milikowsky Part 2

OK, so now let’s get back to the Milikowsky-Lurie family. (You can see Part 1 HERE) Thank God, for genealogy sites that preserve information that is otherwise scrubbed off the net. Back on the Jewishbubba.blogspot site mentioned above, there’s another post that starts to fill in more of the picture of who this family of […]