One in a Generation downloads, and a small break

Ultimately, no-one can tell you what to believe.

Only you can do that.

And if you aren’t talking to God regularly every day, aren’t checking in with your own bad middot regularly, aren’t trying to at least acknowledge that you do actually have blind spots, and a ‘shadow self’ that presents itself as totally logical and rational (while actually just catering to the dictates of your yetzer hara) – then it’s going to be extremely challenging to sort truth from lies.

(Even if you are doing all that stuff, it’s STILL extremely challenging to sort truth from lies! There are no shortcuts to this process, for any of us.)


Of course, that applies to questions of ‘who should I believe, when it comes to all this ‘Moshiach’ stuff’?

But even before we get anywhere near that subject, there is so much birur to do.

Do you still believe in Western Medicine, who sold you on those ‘safe and effective’ Covid shots?

Do you still believe the media, that lied to you about the pandemic, lied to you again about the ‘safe and effective’ shots, lied again about what really happened in Meron, lied again about the ‘war in Ukraine’, lied again about what occurred on October 7th – and so many other things, besides?

Do you still believe that ‘the State’ is holy?

That our politicians and army and institutions are ‘good people’ who only have our best interests at heart?

That most of our leaders in the Jewish world, religious and otherwise, and similarly ‘good people’ with good morals and no hidden agendas?


And then, there is the birur required in our own private lives.

Am I always treating people the way I should?

Am I cutting corners, morally and spiritually, and lying to myself about it?

Am I doing things – even the ‘right’ things – from a place of arrogance and ego?

Do I think I’m totally infallible 100%  of the time, and can never make a mistake?

Do I recognise how much damage I have done, with my own anger, hatred, arrogance, lashon hara and other bad middot?

Just how ‘far away’ I really am, from being the person that God truly created me to be?

(How addicted I really am, to my smartphone, internet and Youtube stream?)



I had a discussion with a friend yesterday, who called me about the latest post about Rav Berland being the MBD of our generation.

She said something that basically encapsulates so much of what probably should be the next stage of this birur process, and we try to feel out the truth from the lies.

She said:

I’ve downloaded the books you put up, including the OIAGs, and I’m going to start reading them and learning more about who the Rav actually is.

That is the starting point for attempting to do the birur about these statements about Moshiach.

Many people won’t even get to this starting point, because their bad middot and personal arrogance won’t let them even entertain the idea that Rav Berland at least could be Moshiach ben David.

But for everyone else – I am sticking up the PDFS of all the OIAGs here, plus the first ‘Conversations’ book from back in 2019, so you can begin your own process of clarifying what you actually believe, and why.


You can now get the paperback of Conversations II – Operation Swords of Iron – from the Rav’s olam on Ido HaNavi – ask for Shushan, or Ephraim.

It will cost 40 nis.

Or outside of Israel, you can get it on Amazon HERE.


Very big things are currently happening in the world.

The paradigm of ‘business as usual’ is about to get totally blown apart, as the ‘fake alien invasion’ finally shows up, and we head into the openly supernatural part of this process.

The relative quiet in the world probably isn’t going to continue for too much longer.

So, I highly recommend taking some time to actually read up about the Rav – and to progress more on your path of getting to know yourself, and who you really are.

Because the Tzaddik is really just a mirror.

And that’s why the people who just see all the crud staring themselves in the face can’t get close to him, until they’ve done some serious, serious teshuva.

May Hashem bless us all that we should make whatever teshuva is required to get through the next bit of this process in one piece!

(Including me….)


OK, here are the PDFS of the OIAGs in order:

One in a Generation I: From Haifa to Uman

Get the hardcopy on Amazon HERE.


One in a Generation II: Into Exile

Get the hardcopy on Amazon HERE.


One in a Generation III: The Footsteps of Moshiach

Get the hardcopy on Amazon HERE – and they may still have some copies available in the Rav’s olam.


Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s Conversations I (from 2019)

Get the hardcopy on Amazon HERE.


There is lots and lots to read up on – because ‘Moshiach’ doesn’t just show up and redeem us all, and give us massive houses in Jerusalem, and destroy all our enemies, while we carrying on watching Netflix and getting our nails done and checking our stock portfolios.

In order to be ‘redeemed’, we have to do the spiritual work to become ‘redeemable’.

That doesn’t mean that we have to be perfect, because nobody is.

But it does mean we start that process, or continue the process, of trying to make some real, sincere teshuva – and of acquiring the humility to know that really, we know very, very little.

And that we still have a heck of a lot to work on.


So, if the ‘Moshiach’ you are waiting for is the one that lets you continue on as normal, except you now have a big house in Jerusalem, no health issues and a wad of cash in the bank – you probably won’t believe that Rav Berland is ‘Moshiach’.

And that’s OK – each person has to abide by the consequences of their own beliefs, and their own teshuva process (or lack of it…..)

But, if you are waiting for a Moshiach who is going to inspire you to pray more, to guard your eyes more, to spend more of your time reciting tehillim and doing Tikkun HaKlalis, and treating your spouse and children more kindly, and giving more money to tzedaka, and learning more Gemara, and to spend more time doing hitbodedut, and dressing more tzniusly, and smashing your smartphone up…..

Then, you probably will find it way easier to believe that Rav Berland is ‘Moshiach’.


Let’s end with the epilogue from OIAG III: Footsteps of the Moshiach -and then, I am planning on taking a break from blogging for the rest of the week.

BH, I am feeling better since I posted all that stuff up about the Rav being MBD yesterday, but I have been through the wringer the last few weeks, and I am taking a break to recuperate properly, BH.

Here’s how OIAG III concludes:

In one of his more recent shiurim from 2023, Rav Eliezer Berland said the following:

Everyone says, we want Moshiach now! We want Moshiach now!

How is Moshiach going to help you? You still need to do the same work, and to walk around guarding your eyes, and to have the right intentions when praying ShmonehEsrei.

Moshiach is just going to teach you how to guard your eyes, that’s what Moshiach is going to do for you. He will teach you how to pray the ShemonehEsreh with kavana.Rabbenu says that Moshiach is going to teach people how to pray the ShemonehEsreh with correct intention, and how to distract your mind from everything that’s going on around you.

Regular life will continue with Moshiach

When Moshiach comes, people will continue to build houses, and to build cities, and to make tables and cupboards.Just, the Rebbe says, everything will be distributed for free. The ‘buying and selling’ will be nullified, in the secret of: ‘Until the last person leaves the marketplace.’

Whoever can’t learn [Torah], they’ll tell him, so make cabinets...”


Regular life will continue with Moshiach.

At least, for the people who recognise who he actually is, follow his instructions, and who put the emphasis on making some real teshuva in themselves, and not just waiting to be ‘saved’ by someone from the outside.


Very last thing for now:

A lot of people are saying ‘where is Eliyahu HaNavi, to announce this?!’

Let me ask you something:

How does Eliyahu HaNavi look?

If some guy shows up and tells you I am Eliyahu HaNavi….. are you going to believe him?

Tachlis, the people talking about ‘where is Eliyahu HaNavi’ are really just pushing off the birur, because there is still a massive element of ‘belief’ and ‘birur’ required, even if some guy shows up, introduces himself as Eliyahu HaNavi – and then tells you who Moshiach is.

Maybe, Eliyahu HaNavi dressed up as the autistics?

Maybe, he dressed up as the Torah Codes that were all pointing to the Rav being Moshiach?

Maybe, he dressed up now as Rav Elmaliach?

Or maybe, you’ll merit to a revelation of ‘Eliyahu HaNavi’ inside your own soul, when you take some time to really ask God:

Who is the MBD of our generation? Is it possible, at least, that it could be Rav Berland?

If you really want to know the truth, for sure God will help you to find it.

Just as He did for the people who were asking questions about the pandemic, the Covid shots, and a million other issues of ‘confusion’ the last few years.

OK, I’m done for now.

BH, we live in interesting times!

May Hashem help us to experience them as a blessing, and not as a curse.

7 replies
  1. doowop rebbe
    doowop rebbe says:

    before covid shots old people from brooklyn to milan were dropping like flies with shots this diminished to a degree. how do you explaine this if not for the shots benefiting us? that the shots have had negative effects as well is clear to be sure

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      They did a trial run with the GO in the covid shots with the flu shot for Winter 2019 – the La Quinta Columna people went back, tested the ‘flu shot’ for Winter 2019, and found that yes, it was stuffed full of GO too.

      Also, lots of old people were being ‘helped out of this world’ with lethal injections and / or massive doses of neglect, to help create the panic behind the pandemic. Again, this is well documented.

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Regarding Eliyahu HaNavi: I had a powerful experience years ago in Mearat Hamachpelah – I don’t remember if it was Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur; but for sure one of them.

    I was focusing, immersed in the Tefillah, which was so intense, as you can imagine… and then I had a vision of Eliyahu HaNavi: and guess who he was? Rav Yaakov Ades! And that was years before I knew anything about Rav Berland. Rav Ades was in the Mearah, with his usual spiritual force, and I just realized he was Eliyahu HaHavi! And if I am not mistaken, Rav Ades is a supporter of the Rav, isn’t he? I remember him at Kever Rachel, praying with such intensity too…. rings a bell???

    • Anonymous Brazil
      Anonymous Brazil says:

      I’m sure I had already read something about Rav Yaakov Ades connecting him to Elijah. I’m not sure if it was due to their habits or way of dressing

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:

        Yes, you are right, Anonymous Brazil. I also remember articles in the last few years mentioning that Rav Yaakov Ades often speaks about Eliyahu Hanavi in public.

        But my experience was way before that time, in the early 2000’s. And when people mention Eliyahu Hanavi with Rav Yaakov Ades, they don’t say that he is a gilgul of Eliyahu Hanavi; but I actually experienced Eliyahu Hanavi’s presence in Rav Ades’s current incarnation.That is even more powerful; it was a actual vision and experience of Eliyahu Hanavi himself! But you are right, most people know that there is a connection between Rav Yaakov Ades and Eliyahu Hanavi.

        Which means that there is also a connection with Pinchas HaKohen. Don’t they say that Eliyahu HaNavi was a gilgul of Pinchas? So, is Rav Yaakov Ades a Kohen too, by any chance?

  3. Abigail
    Abigail says:

    What time rav berland has teffilah every day what was phone to call to get the answer I once took it and lost it


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