More of what’s going on with the Rav – Purim and Bizayon

Well, ‘life in Purim mode’ continues….

Before we continue on with what is apparently going to be happening on the night of Purim, at 8.30pm, let’s continue putting in more of the context around the Rav, and why so often things are so ‘weird’ to the outside observers.

To totally oversimplify things, it’s connected to Rebbe Nachman’s teaching in Likutei Moharan I:260.

This excerpt comes from One in a Generation Volume II (which you can download for free HERE, or get a paperback of HERE) – page 31:


The following excerpt comes from a shiur the Rav gave more than 20 years ago, where he described how accepting insults and humiliation with love could save the lives of thousands and even millions of people.

“The Rebbe says that, in the merit of those who accept disgrace upon themselves, people are saved from getting killed. It says in Likutei Moharan that when a person accepts an insult lovingly, he saves tens of thousands of Jews from getting killed.

“To accept an insult lovingly is the same thing as a person protecting thousands of Jews.


“It says in Likutei Moharan Torah 260 that when a person lovingly accepts insults and disgrace upon himself, it’s the exact same thing as when a person dies for the sanctification of Hashem’s Name. It’s the exact same thing!

When a person lovingly accepts insults upon himself, he can save the entire Jewish people.

“The Rebbe says that there are those tzaddikim who willingly and lovingly accept the insults that come their way, and there are those who are insulted against their will, and they also sweeten the judgments; they also save a number of people.

But those who chase after insults, who are looking for people to insult them and disgrace them at every moment, and who are trying to give others a reason to disgrace them and insult them, these people are saving all of Am Yisrael! Not just hundreds and not just thousands, they are saving all of Am Yisrael!  


“A regular person is afraid of getting insulted, because he doesn’t know that through every single insult he merits rising up ten levels.

The Rebbe brings here in Torah 260 that the greatest spiritual unification is when a person accepts insults with love.

It’s the same spiritual unification that can be achieved by dying to sanctify God’s Name, but every time a person is insulted, it happens again [i.e., each fresh insult is considered a new ‘death’ and a new sanctification of God’s name].


“The Rebbe tells us that there are many different levels.

Some people don’t want to be insulted but when they are, they don’t answer back. That is also a level.

But there are those who do all different kinds of tricks in order that they should be insulted.


“The students want an explanation! They ask, “Why are you bringing all this machlokes on yourself!? It’s hard for us!”

So [the Rebbe] says, ‘It’s your life insurance! It would be harder for you to be blown up in a terrorist attack or end up missing an eye, or who knows what else could happen to you.” 


“The major tzaddikim would seek different ways to encourage people to insult them, any possible way, so that people should persecute them.

That is how they save thousands and thousands, and cancel all of the harsh decrees.

They save the entire nation. This is why the Zohar says that the greatest thing is to die for the sanctification of Hashem’s Name.

“And the Rebbe adds that this is what happens when a person takes all of the insults upon himself and actually behaves in order that the disgrace should only continue.

Even if people are saying things about him that he never did, and they are spreading a terrible blood libel against him, he accepts it even more joyfully. “


The above lesson is the key to understanding so much of the ‘weird stuff’ that happens around the Rav, and that the Rav himself encourages.

If you don’t get to grips with what is being said here in Lesson 260 of Likutey Moharan, and if you don’t understand that this is the route that the Rav has used over and over again, to ‘sweeten’ so many of the harsh judgements hanging over the Jewish people the last few decades – then you are going to find it mighty hard to draw the correct conclusions about what is really going on, and why, going forward.


OK, now let’s bring another statement from the Sod HaHashmal author, Rav Yekutiel Fish, that appears in OIAG III (that you can download HERE or get the hard copy HERE.)

It begins on page 222, and Rav Fish publicised this statement after the awful disaster occurred in Meron on L’ag B’omer 2021, which was then followed on May 18th, 2021 by another totally strange ‘disaster’ when the bleaches collapsed Erev Shabbat in the new Karlin shul in Givat Ze’ev.

Here’s an excerpt of what Rav Fish said then:


There is one Tzaddik, one Jew, that the Tzaddikim know that he will be Mashiach. 

His body is here in the world, and maybe he still hasn’t received the soul of Moshiach from the chamber of the ‘bird’s nest.’  He still hasn’t received all the things that he will receive in order that there will be the revelation of Mashiach to the entire Jewish people, but his body is here in the world, and they know who he is.  It could be that Mashiach himself doesn’t know, but there are Tzaddikim who do know.’”


Rav Fish continued:

“[The Talmid Chacham] said: There are those in the world who understand that this is going to happen, the redemption of Israel, the coming of Mashiach is going to happen fast, and they’re not interested in this. 

This doesn’t work for them, mainly because of their personal vested interests.  They aren’t interested in this [happening], so they found for themselves a solution — to wage war against Mashiach to such an extent. 

Simply, they know who Mashiach is, and they decided that he should die.

They have spiritual means for doing this, as it were, a kind of spiritual war, and of course, literally to the end, Hashem have mercy.  They decreed death on Mashiach, and they think that through this they solved the problem. It doesn’t work for them, the program of the redemption of Israel, with their vested interests.’”


Rav Fish interjects:

These are very difficult things to hear, and they aren’t totally understood. But the Talmid Chacham emphasized these words:


And he said: Mashiach has the soldiers of the house of David, those who are connected to him, are bound with his soul and are supposed to help him.  In a war, there are sacrifices, and this is what you saw in Meron.

And now, [the Talmid Chacham] added that the tragedy at Karlin was a continuation of the same thing.  These are the sacrifices of the war against Mashiach himself.  The whole Jewish people together with Mashiach himself will be in debt to these sacrifices–their lives, the redemption, and everything, forever — to such an extent.[1]

The punishment of those who are doing this, who are waging a spiritual war against Mashiach, will be worse than that of Titus the wicked.


You can read the full translation HERE, and if you want to understand a little of how our masonic failed State has been shutting down and threatening anyone with a following who speaks out publically in favor of the Rav, Rav Fish’s last comment is instructive:

If they close the hotline for me (where R Fish left this audio message) … I don’t care what they do to me. 

I’m prepared to go with self-sacrifice in this matter.  What’s the question?  To prevent the spilling of Jewish blood, to do what is possible for our righteous Mashiach.  One needs to act now without looking right or left.

And to act with the simplest faith, in this simplest of matters.


Ok, so now back to one of the latest messages from Rav Elmaliach, that the Lamed Vav Tzaddikim, and the Rav himself, have asked him to publicise.

You can see the video of him speaking about the purim party, and many more frankly mind-blowing things that sound strange even to me, below:


You’ll recall that we are currently in a pretty bad situation here in Eretz Yisrael, as the traitors in our midst continue to draw out a phoney war that has no other goal than killing a bunch of Israeli soldiers and breaking the spirit of the Jewish people, so they agree to America’s idea for a ‘two state solution’.

That ‘two state solution’ is the whole point of what is going right now.

You’ll also recall that these same people are waging an all-out war against Torah and yiddishkeit – and effectively, against God Himself – and again, much of that is also being funded by the satanic masons who rule the USA and Europe.

And then, you’ll recall that Rebbe Nachman teaches that ‘accepting an insult with love’ overcomes these harsh decrees.


So now, you have the main keilim to grasp the following:

The Lamed Vav tzaddikim, and Rav Berland himself, via Rav Elmaliach, are saying that Moshiach ben David will be openly revealed on the night of Purim in Jerusalem, at 8.30pm.

This year, Purim falls out in a funny way.

The Fast of Esther has been pushed back to Thursday, March 21st. Then it’s Shabbat – when the Fast of Esther falls out on, according to the date, but you can’t do that fast on Shabbat.

Then Motzash of Saturday March 23rd, 2024 – the eve of Purim – is when they are saying the Rav will be openly revealed as Moshiach.

At 8.30pm at night.


Someone asked Rav Elmaliach whether this is just another ‘test’, as has happened before, when a revelation of Moshiach was talked about by the Rav, but it didn’t occur in the obvious way many people expected.

The Rav responded that people will be saying the blessings you say upon the revelation of Moshiach at 8.30 pm Purim night – even if they aren’t in Jerusalem.

I don’t know – at all – what all this means, I am just passing along the information.


So now, we come to the even more challenging part of this recent message.

Again, recall that the Rav is a genius when it comes to generating negative PR.

He’s simply a genius at generating mockery and bizayon against himself, in the most charif way, for reasons explained by Likutey Moharan I:260.

So, he has instructed Rav Elmaliach that he wants to be ‘revealed’ as Moshiach surrounded by 250 secular, tattooed drug addicts from South Tel Aviv….


When Rav Elmaliach talks about this, he himself explains that he wanted to run away again from giving over all these bizarre messages. But like the Prophet Yonah – he can’t.


Long story short, the Rav explained that there was a big clamour in shemayim from all the souls of the biggest tzaddikim from the generations, who wanted to be present at the time of the revelation of Moshiach.

The condition was made that they could only ‘return’ for that if they agreed to take it upon themselves the bizayon of coming back at this time in the lowest of the low spiritual state.

So, the Rav has asked his gabbaim to find 250 tattooed drug addicts who are willing to be bussed in for a ‘Purim party’ at the Rav’s olam in Jerusalem, Motzach Purim night.

These people will be handpicked by the Rav.

And at the time that Moshiach is revealed, these special souls will instantly ‘recover’ their true spiritual levels and make a massive kiddush Hashem..


And in the meantime…

This story is so juicy, so strange, so bizarre, that the usual suspects in the media that routinely go after the Rav on behalf of the masonic failed State are having a field day with this.

Once I saw Rav Elmaliach’s video about this pop up on (controlled opposition….) Daniel Amram’s site, I knew I had to get a move on with at least trying to explain more of what is really going on here, spiritually.

I know it’s weird.

We all know it’s weird.

And I also have conflicting emotions arising from all this, as it’s not at all how I thought ‘the revelation of Moshiach’ would actually happen.

But we’ve all known for years, that as Rav Chaim Dovid Stern explained a decade ago already:




The only way to pass this test is to do some serious praying, and ask God to show you what is really going on.

And to have enough humility to actually go and learn some Likutey Moharan, and to go and read up more about the Rav, and what he’s been saying and doing for decades, already, to put all this in the correct context.

And to make some teshuva about blindly believing the lies of the masonic-run MSM and other ‘social media influencers’, who are only allowed to get on if they are serving the satanic NWO agenda in some way.


But it’s still a very big test.

And I pray that Hashem will help all of us to pass it.



[1] I.e. That these tragedies saved the lives of Mashiach and the entire Jewish people, and the redemption will also be thanks to them.

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  1. AK
    AK says:


    Amazing post. Those of us who know the truth about the Rav are waiting on edge to see what occurs on the night of Purim.

    One thing I don’t understand. I heard that those in front of the Rav on the night he reveals himself as Moshiach should make the brochot with Hashem’s name, but that those not in his presence should make the brochot without Hashem’s name. What purpose does that serve? That we accept it even though we are not there in person? An event like this should be livestreamed by invite only.

  2. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    So many specific dates and times have been announced for the “revelation of mashiach” over the last several years, almost always with the location specified as the Ulam. Rebbe Nachman himself said that if anyone announces a date, we can be sure it will not be on that date, and sure enough nothing ever happens that us regular folk can discern.
    This time seems a little different though. If the 250 Telavivis story is real, this hasn’t happened before.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      What do you mean ‘if it’s real’?

      Are you saying Rav Elmaliach is lying?

      I have no problem with people taking all this with a pinch of salt for their mental health, that’s probably even sensible.

      But I’ve lost count of the number of cynical comments you’ve made on the blog here over the years – most recently including the continued stream of big complaints that the Rav said ‘there is no war only in 200 years’ when he was trying to keep the situation sweetened.

      Then we got the war, so unfortunately for us, and we all started to see why the Rav had put so much effort into trying to push it off.

      At what point, Yosef from the Galil, do you actually accept that most of the time, you have no idea what you are actually taking about?

  3. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Rivka, I am confused: on one hand Rav Elmaliach said that the event would happen on MOTZAEI SHABBAT, which is Purim , not Shushan Purim. On the other hand you are saying that it will happen on Shushan Purim at 8:30 PM.

    So which one is it? I really want to know, as I won’t have access to my laptop on Purim night at 8:30 PM in Israel ( it will still be Shabbat in the US EST) so I don’t want to miss it! If on the other hand it actually takes place on Shushan Purim, then there is no problem.

    Thanks for clarifying. And also please clarify the correct Brachot to say in the US, if you don’t mind. Thanks a lot for that too.

    Best regards

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It’s a weird Purim this year, so I also got confused.

      The event in the olam in Jerusalem is Motzae Shabbat, regular Purim night – but not Purim in Jerusalem, which celebrates Shushan Purim the following night.

      I will try to find the brachot.

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:

        Thank you so much, Rivka.

        But I don’t want to give you extra work: your hands are so full already. So if it is too much for you, please don’t do it, just rest and take care of yourself, OK? Thanks a lot!

  4. Avraham
    Avraham says:

    Why is this time different, based on quick results the Rabbi has given arrival dates before that as we all now no fruits came… why is this occasion different than others

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I don’t know. It’s possible it won’t be. But if we are all busy doing teshuva and getting more spiritual and working on our bad middot, regardless of *moshiach openly being revealed* – maybe it doesn’t even matter so much.

      Are you living the life you want to be living today, if moshiach is really going to show up soon? and if not, what do you need to change/ And, why would you wait ‘for moshiach to show up’ before at least trying to make those changes?

      • Avraham
        Avraham says:

        It’s not about if I’m living ny ideal life. It’s about someone asking the Rabbi why his prophecies didn’t materialize in the past so.we can have a fine understanding why he says he us revealing himself on purim @ 8:30. I believe mashiach is very close, but this sounds like Bar Kojva

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Feel free to ask himself, no-one is stopping you from doing that. What you don’t seem to understand is that all these things are self-selecting, as just as people get brought closer, other people will be ‘turned off’.

          And that’s all part of the birur, and as long as you are totally fine with yourself and where you stand, you will end up exactly on whichever side of the birur you believe to be the right one.

          And then, we all deal with the consequences of our choices.

          And btw, the Rav has never made such a firm ‘prediction’ as this. In the past, he’s spoken about ‘a revelation of moshiach’ – which could mean anything.

          So, who knows what is going on. If you’re doing your teshuva and speaking to God and doing cheshbon hanefesh every day on your bad middot, I’m sure God will give you the understanding required to make the right choices, regardless of what is going on at 8.30 pm Purim night.

          And if you aren’t doing all that stuff…. then maybe don’t even worry about what is meant to be happening at 8.30pm Purim night, and switch your focus to stuff that for sure is going to be impacting you personally, way more.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      First of all, his gabbaim have access to a computer, and if you have access to a computer, you can still ask questions online.

      (But you’re not really interested in doing that right? This is way more about ‘proving yourself right’, and demonstrating your mental and spiritual superiority over other people, right?)

      Second of all, no-one who is with the Rav long-terms takes these predictions ‘literally’.

      The Rav is breaking the klippah of all the false messiahs, and all the ‘PR and spin’ that the Evils use to control people and manipulate them, based on headlines and propaganda.

      There is no short-cut to thinking for yourself and asking God to show you what is going on.

      The Rav’s whole inyan is helping people identify and break their bad middot.

      And there are a huge amount of ‘bad middot’ stuck all over the idea of the revelation of Moshiach, and the ‘timing’ of the geula.

      If this is too hard for you to get your head around, that’s OK. As I said many times already, the point here is just to carry on working on our own bad middot, and our own arrogance, and our own ‘blind spots’.

      It’s always way easier to shove all that to one side, and go on a rampage attacking other people for ‘thinking different’ to how you do.

      But it’s a real shame, to lose the opportunity to turn inwards, and to identify the stuff that might be hurting you, personally, spiritually, in your own life, and preventing you from living a ‘life of geula’ in the here and now.

      Although I appreciate that doing that work is very, very difficult for a lot of people.’

      Which is why they prefer to have pointless discussions and arguments online about ‘who moshiach really is’ and ‘when he’s coming’.


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