Surprises in Adar

Remember a couple of months ago, R Almaliach said there would be ‘surprises in Adar’?


Well…. I think they are beginning in earnest.


The announcement last week that 250 hand-picked drug addicts would be ‘crowning Moshiach’ was kind of surprising.

But yesterday, my husband was at the ma’ariv prayers of the Rav, and after the prayers, the Rav forcefully declared that he is not Moshiach, he has no spark of Moshiach, and that anyone who says he is Moshiach should leave the yeshiva.


Honestly, if you have been with the Rav for a while, you probably weren’t shocked by this statement.

I was thinking about what might be going on, big picture, spiritually, and it came to me in hitbodedut yesterday that now, whatever you believe about whether the Rav is the MBD of our generation, or not, you have who to rely on.

Namely: the Rav himself.


Either way now, you are with the Rav and in accordance with him.

And so, just like that, he got about seven million Jews out of the massive pickle of potentially being ‘anti’ him.

It’s pure genius!

And as to who is correct – we’ll just have to wait and see, without having a go at people who hold different views, and without losing sight of the fact that the authentic Jewish Moshiach doesn’t just show up, wave a magic wand, and hey presto!!!!

Suddenly, with no further effort required, we live in a Disneyfied version of ‘geula’…..


That’s not what Moshiach is about.

Moshiach is going to be the most effective, the most rigorous and the most demanding spiritual coach the Jewish people have ever had.

He’s going to ‘train everyone’ how to pray properly, how to serve God sincerely, and how to become the best people, the best Jews, we can possibly be.

With heaping doses of compassion and love.

But we still need to do so much of the heavy lifting and the hard work ourselves, to get our souls into shape.


As soon as a critical mass of us are following that spiritual program, and making the teshuva required – our enemies, internally and externally, will start to fall away and implode all by themselves.

Which brings me on to the next bit of this post.


If you have time and inclination, go and read THIS on the savethehilltopyouth substack.

I have had my disagreements with the author, but that doesn’t mean I can’t acknowledge interesting information and insights when it turns up.

(And also, the bravery required to keep posting real information up online in the current environment….)


That’s how ‘the Evils’ turn us against us – they fan every little disagreement, every little thing we we aren’t in accord into this big, massive, hate-filled structure.

But really?

Most of the good people in the world are 95% in accord with each other 95% of the time.

And we need to remember that.


What you will read on that substack is basically more ‘real world’ details of what the Rav was so carefully hinting to and laying out in his comments before, during and after October 7th – as is clearly set out in Conversations II: Operation Swords of Iron.

(In chul, you can get that HERE. In Israel, it’s being sold at the Rav’s olam in Jerusalem, or call Ephraim on: 058-329-8902.

They are charging 40 nis a copy – but if you want to do hafetza, contact me as they are charging 18.5 nis a copy for bulk buying, i.e. The cost price.)


That substack post is dynamite.


Yesterday evening, I got a text from a polling company asking me the following:

According to you, who was most responsible for what happened October 7th?

  1. The extremists in the government [codeword for ‘Torah Jews’]
  2. PM Netanyahu
  3. The protest organisations and the centre-left
  4. The heads of the army, intelligence and security forces
  5. Something else / don’t know


I’ve never seen a poll like this at all since Simchat Torah.

It immediately clued me in that something seems about to drop, and the spooks who run our media (and the failed State, on behalf of America and Europe its NWO masons) are gauging what they can get away with, and how much media manipulation is now required to ‘spin’ their way out of their problems.


Seems to me, there are more big surprises in store for Adar – the second part of which only begins in a couple of days.

BH, they will be good ones.

At least, for the good people, the good Jews, in the world.


PS: I’m on the mend, but still trying to stay offline this week, to do the experiment to see how much being on my computer when it’s streaming wifi is affecting my lungs and my stress levels.

I am definitely noticing a negative impact when I’m online, but there is also a huge amount going on again underground in Switzerland, where The Evils just keep running their ‘science experiments’ that are affecting the whole world.

More on that another time.




So, Rav Almaliach just put out a message that he got from the Rav after the Rav’s comments to the public.

This is what he said the Rav asked him to publicise:

This is a message that the Rav asked me to publicise, and these are his words:

Since the Rav stood on the balcony last night and said he’s not Moshiach, and he disagrees with anyone who says that he’s Moshiach.

And also, since the communication I had with the Rav last night, at 1am, he repeated these words, and told me to stop with this campaign of publicising that he’s Moshiach.

And also, with regards to the party, that was meant to be organised on the first day of Purim in the olam ha tefillot, the Rav asked that I announce that the party is cancelled.


The community is asked to go back to their regular daily schedule of prayer, Torah and hitbodedut, and singing the prayers with the Rav every night at ma’ariv.

And to forget about everything that was publicised about him being Moshiach and anything that has to do with this at all.

And bezrat Hashem, we will see the geula very soon.


One of the commentators here, Avraham, kindly linked to another revelation of Moshiach from 2019 that didn’t pan out as hoped, which you can read HERE.

And before that, there were other declarations of things happening at a specific time, that at least on the surface, didn’t pan out.

The first time I experienced this, I think back in 2015, it really threw me into massive confusion and doubt for a few months.

What, I can’t rely on what the Rav is telling me about this stuff?!? How do I know what’s real and what isn’t then?! How do I know what to take seriously, and what to ignore?!


Some people even left the Shuvu community back then (also, because all the machloket was heating up then, in the press and the failed State…)

Those people all had pretty horrible middot and a lot of arrogance.

And the ‘embarassment’ of being closely associated with someone who went from being hezkat Moshiach, a massive tzaddik and miracle worker, to the awful things they were starting to say about him in the masonic-controlled press was just too much for their egos.

I understand it, I really do.


Point is – the Rav gave these ‘followers’ an easy ‘out’, and they took it.

But as for me… I kept praying on it, and praying on it some more.

And that’s when I realised how much humility I had to develop, just to stick anywhere near to the Rav.

(Especially as my kids also got caught up in the media lies, and that was probably the very hardest part of this whole thing. Not to get ‘turned against’ our kids, or them against us, because of this fundamental difference of opinion and belief.)


Do I understand what’s going on here?


No-one can understand the real level all this stuff with the Rav is operating at.

They can just make guesses.


So, my ‘guess’, for what it’s worth, is that all these repeated announcements about Moshiach and geula that are apparently going nowhere are breaking the massive klippah of the ‘false messiahs’ that have been plaguing our people for millenia.

There are ‘messianic Jews’ in Israel, lots of them, walking around today who still believe that a royal Zoroastrian convert to Judaism named ‘Izates’ (Jzases) who fought against the Romans is still ‘the Moshiach’.

And we all know about Shabtai Tzvi.

But what most people don’t understand, is that the list of ‘false messiahs’ is very, very long.

Wikipedia captures some of them HERE.


And each time, it’s the same modus operandi.

A big announcement of ‘Moshiach’, which captures the public’s attention, and for ten minutes gets them thinking about the more spiritual side of things, and about their souls.

And then…. It all fades and peters out.

And so many people then fall back away from God, because they weren’t really interested in ‘Moshiach’ for spiritual reasons, but more for all the drama, glitz and ego-stroking of being ‘on the winning team’.

This is the exact reason the Erev Rav pseudo-converted and left Egypt with the ‘winning team’ of Moshe Rabbenu, when the Exodus occurred.


There is no ‘winning team’ with the Rav.

If you stick with the Rav, all you are going to get is bizyonot from people who suspect you are in a crazy cult – and lots and lots of encouragement to pray, learn Torah and work on your bad middot.

And to make God a real, vibrant part of your life, every single day, regardless of whether ‘Moshiach is coming now’ and you are with the ‘winning team’.

That’s the real tikkun of the Erev Rav souls.


So, this is the point of Rav Almaliach’s words that I would really focus on:

The community is asked to go back to their regular daily schedule of prayer, Torah and hitbodedut, and singing the prayers with the Rav every night at ma’ariv.


This is the whole tikkun, the whole test, the whole point.

To serve God with everything we have, and not because there are big billboards announcing that ‘our Rav is Moshiach’, or Youtube channels filled with miracle stories about ‘our Rav, the Moshiach’.

As long as the Rav is encouraging me to become a more humble, more spiritual, more Jewishly-observant’ person, who thinks way more about what can I do for God instead of what should God be doing for me?



I will post this up as an update here, but also pull this out into a separate post, to make sure people see it.

BH, as I was telling someone yesterday, the fewer ‘open miracles’ required to get us to geula, the better it’s going to be for us.

4/5 of the Jewish people died in Egypt, amidst all the ‘open miracles’ happening to redeem us.

Open miracles usually come attached to a very big price, for the people who still refuse to believe in God and His true tzaddikim.

It’s much, much better that Moshiach comes slowly plodding along, on that donkey, and that the light of Moshiach doesn’t flash down from the heavens in one big, impressive thunderclap.

But instead, spreads slowly and gently from person to person, and from home to home.

And the world gets lit up that way, instead.


5 replies
  1. Jeremy M
    Jeremy M says:

    Not even a spark of Moshiach? I thought we all had at least that! It’s what enables us to connect with him…accept him…wholeheartedly follow him, when the time is right. Guess I’m still confused…

  2. Talia Abraham
    Talia Abraham says:

    Rivka, you are spot on! Thank you 😊 💓 for expressing our rollercoaster 🎢 emotions…this process of evolving to come closer to HASHEM truely is soooo humbling…to develop a deeper “daat” of Hashem how HE truely loves us kol Am Yisrael…too much light is blinding if we can’t contain it. To be a worthy vessel is truely gut wrenching work…Thank you again for being my teacher as well 💕 & being a tour guide of our emotions! 💜

  3. Malky Schwartz
    Malky Schwartz says:

    I read open miracles means we are on the right level for moshiach to come in a blaze of glory. Meaning we have come closer to Hashem and we deserve it If we don’t deserve it then everything that will happen will look like the natural order of things and moshiach coming on a donkey as opposed to the clouds and the Bais hamikdosh being built by us and not coming down already built.


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