America needs the terrorists

More hints from the Rav.

Continuing the translation that we brought an excerpt of HERE.

Excerpt of shiur  26th Tishrey 5784 (October 11th, 2023) to the Mifal HaTorah.

Now, we are before a churban (destruction). We are before the churban of the Third Temple.

We are already in the [time of the] Third Temple now, and Hashem sees that there is going to be a churban.

So, He took 1,000 souls. This time, it was 1,200.

All this is Lesson I:260 [Likutey Moharan]. Because the Rebbe explains everything that is going to happen, until the end of time.

So, each time that Hashem wants that there will be a yichud (spiritual unification at a very high level), so He takes souls al kiddush Hashem (Jews who are killed in the sanctification of God’s name, just because they are Jews.)

This is the work of Hashem, that He takes souls. All this is brought down in Lesson I:260:

“The name is the soul.”

And know, that the very greatest yichud occurs with those that go al kiddush Hashem. This is the greatest spiritual unification, because they are sacrificing their very souls to sanctify God.


They put R Chanina ben Teradyon in the fire.[1]

They poured benzine on him, on Chanina ben Teradyon. They put a pad of wool [over his heart] – and the fire didn’t burn him. The fire went back.

So the centurion said to him: I don’t understand what’s going on with you. You aren’t prepared to be burned?! Dinah de malkuta – dinah! (The law of the land is the law.)

The government decreed this upon you!

He said: But, you need to ask nicely for my permission. Come and ask my permission, beseech me, then I will agree to be burned.

But stam, like this, you are just trying to burn me – I don’t agree! I want to do an hour of hitbodedut.


Ishmael ben Elisha is going to ask behind the curtain (i.e. In Shemayim).

Me too, I am going to ascend to Heaven and I will ask if it’s really necessary to sweeten this, by way of the death of the 10 holy martyrs [or whether it’s possible to sweeten the decree without these 10 being killed.]

I want to ask Hashem.

[The centurion said to him]:

You want to ask Hashem? Wait, I’m going to ask the Caesar to give you permission.

[R’ Chanina replied:]

I don’t need the Caesar!

I know how to ascend to Heaven all by myself – the Caesar should wait for me! You will wait here for me, I am now ascending to Heaven, and I will be back in an hour.

I will tell you if you can burn me.


The centurion didn’t understand.

I am burning you, or you are burning me?! Who is burning who?! This is simply chutzpah!

It’s chutzpah from Chanina ben Teradyon, that he didn’t accept the decree with love.

Dinah de malkuta, dinah!


In the meantime, the centurion is waiting and waiting.

And he is thinking: What is going on here?! I poured benzine on him, I poured gasoline on him, I put some more twigs on him – and he wasn’t burned! He didn’t agree to be burned!

This is how it was in Ancona [? Not clear why the Rav is referring to Ancona here.]

They tried to burn, and to burn, and to burn – and they weren’t successful, until they brought the big crowds. They put lots of people in the fire, but they didn’t burn – the fire went back away from them.

There are many stories about this.

So now, also.

By him, the fire also went backwards.


After an hour, he [Chanina ben Teradyon] came back.

I asked Hashem, He said that I am obligated to be burned. This yichud [spiritual unification] has to happen. Otherwise, Am Yisrael will be ‘hidden’ now (i.e. To be obliterated, God forbid).

Now, Am Yisrael is standing ready to be annihilated.

Now I said in tehillim  “the name of Israel will not be remembered again.”[2]

Because they have have agreed [like a person] with one heart, everyone is standing ready to destroy Am Yisrael. The whole world is with them, Biden is with them, everyone is with them.


Now, Blinken came, [to say] Don’t make war with the Arabs! You will suddenly hurt some child, and also, Hamas for sure already made teshuva….

Don’t you dare.

Now he is sleeping, but an hour ago, he said don’t you dare!

Now, it’s impossible to do anything. Now, he’s not giving permission.

Let them fire rockets, let 5,000 rockets be fired every single day – you deserve it! This is a present, this is simply a gift.

Me, I already got a rocket in the head, so now my mind is ‘open’. So now, I can understand things better. It’s the opposite! It’s good that you get a rocket in your head….

So, he’s judging them favorably. All day long, he’s judging them favorably.

It’s their country! They are crying out: ‘You are robbers!’


Everyone is judging them favorably, the whole world. The whole world!

Germany and England and Britain – everyone is giving them the benefit of the doubt.

They are saying that justice is on their side.


So, who can sweeten this?

Only Rabbenu. How can Rabbenu sweeten this? By way of arranging for people to be taken al kiddush Hashem.

That way, he can sweeten everything, so that we can continue to live, so that we can destroy them.

Because the Americans aren’t agreeing that we should be able to destroy them, chas v’shalom.

The Americans agree with them.

The Americans need them.



[1] Masechet Kallah 1.

[2] Tehillim 83:5.

5 replies
  1. Neshama
    Neshama says:

    I heard somewhere that “H” preempted the BIG WAR of all the nations against Israel. “H” was asked to wait a few months, but they didn’t want to wait any longer, so they went ahead. And this was Oct 7. The rest of the intern’l gang was shocked and didn’t know what to do. That’s why Blinky catapaulted into Israel to ‘give the israelis instruction on what they can and cannot do – for I believe 9 hours. It seems all the ships came bc they expected to do away with chv”s Israel. That’s why there was all the Blinky and Bideen outbursts and ultimatums. They were preempted and embarrassed; thats why Hezbillah didn’t know what to do! Blinky had to hold them back. Hashem bested the evil ones. With more hindsight (and the Rav’s hints) we will understand what really was meant to happen. This is just what I get out of the above.

  2. Hava
    Hava says:

    America (and any other nation supporting the worldwide antisemitic actions, but America is the head of it) is the shaft of the spear and the Muslims are the spearhead. Esav===================Yishmael>>>

    Another way to say this is that America needs the terrorists against us Jews, especially Israelis.

    Rivka, keep going!!!

    Shabbat shalom umevorach l’khulam!

      • Hava
        Hava says:

        The heads of the evil system that is meant to run the world…the ones with the most money and power, and who hate the very presence of Jews anywhere in the world, especially Israel? =Amalek?

        Amalek is a combination of Esav and Yishmael in one family (probably very large at this point). But there are others who agree with him, which, as far as I’m concerned, are also Amalek.

        I would think the original Amalek himself could hold a spear and then some.

      • yossi in kanada
        yossi in kanada says:

        maybe there’s another javelin (metaphorically) held by eliyahu hanavi zkhor ltov, and evidence that can link `eisau’s yetzer hara with the klipah of yishmael, whose battle as twin enemies against the israelite geopolitical centre _is_ amalek. ( having trouble understanding the family tree in the back{left side} of the chumash, so far figured out that the red names are women. possible that the bat yishmael part of edom married back into the bnai eliphaz part, in order to be the 5-star generals and back-admirals of the mercenary, private security, and think-tank apparatus of the departements of states? )
        and then again, maybe this comment isn’t appropriate. [ BeEzrat Hashem, we gratefully acknowledge your research and editing ]
        kol tov,


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