They left each kibbutz with just one gun

Shavua Tov!

I am continuing to post up excerpts of the Rav’s recent shiurim from the last 3 weeks here.

They are giving way more info than you’ll find anywhere else, about what really happened here on October 7.

Here’s the latest excerpt.


Excerpt of shiur Thursday night, 27 Tishrey, to the ‘Mifal HaTorah’ – second shiur

Now [during the war] we need to say tehillim.

Bachorim are going, the young men who went out to save us allwere all killed. All those who went out to rescue us were killed.

The army didn’t even try to approach the area. The Kibbutz was full of terrorists, 1500 terrorists. In Be’eri, 500 terrorists. And in Kerem Shalom, 300 terrorists.

Three people (i.e. soldiers) stood against 300 [terrorists].


[Before this happened]

The State took away their guns.

After all, the […] are so stupid, they are such reshaim, they are such Amalekim – all the […], that three months before that Shabbat, they took away all the guns.

They took them!

They didn’t leave anything, just one gun per Kibbutz. One gun, with 50 bullets.

Now, a person has one gun, and 300 terrorists show up. So, he fires one bullet, two bullets, and they fire back at him…

Simply [the whole massacre on SimchaTorah happened because] there were no guns.

There were no guns!


OK, [so they asked] can we have guns?!

And they were told:

Wait a minute, we need more consultation.

But bring more guns, already – that’s how he asked the senior head of the police there. Can we distribute the guns? Can they be distributed, already?

He told [the authorities] we have already started distributing them.

[And the commander said] Wait a minute! We need to do this with yishuv ha’daat (a settled mind). We can’t just to this stam, like this. It’s not Shuvu Banim here, crazy people. Here, we are normal people.


They took away all the guns, from all the kibbutzim, and all the moshavs.

There are no guns.

They left a single gun to each whole kibbutz, with around 50 bullets. And now, 500 [terrorists] enter. In Be’eri, 500 terrorists came in.

It was impossible to approach [the kibbutz]. Whoever comes close, they immediately fire on them.

So, three soldiers decided to break through the machsomim (army checkpoints) – three soldiers!


All day long, they tell more stories, that three soldiers managed to get into one of the kibbutzim there, they stood at the gate, and they fired at the terrorists. They fired. And the terrorists fired back at them. And they fired back in return – until all the terrorists ran away.

Like this, they liquidated around 15 terrorists, and then the terrorists ran away.

The terrorists fired at them, but didn’t injure them. Until today, they don’t know why.


These [the three soldiers] decided  that they were going to enter [to save the kibbutz] – against the army, against the police.

The army didn’t give permission, because there are 500 terrorists there, what can you do, against 500 terrorists?!

It needs to come from the air, [the attack] needs to come from the moon, from Mars. We need to come with parachutes, wait! We need to plan it! We’ll come in another week…

In the meantime, another 1,000 young people were killed, another 1,000 children.


So, we need to know that these […] are Amalekim, mamash.

This is a reincarnation of Amalek.

And the Rabbi of Brisk said this, that ultimately, they will give everything to the Arabs.

Instead of blowing up Tehran, they will blow up Tel Aviv.

Because ‘you are robbers!’

What are you talking about?! Tel Aviv was built next to Yaffo!

[They will say] Yaffo belongs to the Arabs, Tel Aviv was [built] on the grounds of Yaffo.

So they will blow it up.


More and more of the first-hand stories are also coming out about what happened that day, from eyewitnesses.

Of course, not in our state-run propaganda news.

But if you go HERE, you’ll find a site in English called Eyewitness and first-hand stories from the massacre in Israel, October 7.

It’s not snuff movies, God forbid, but it’s full of people (survivors) just telling their stories, including some videos and pictures they took of what was going on at the Super Nova party when they were hiding in bushes, or in the kibbutzim in their safe rooms.

For anyone who is interested in piecing together the truth, it’s a very valuable resource.

And for anyone dealing with anti-Semites trying to claim that the slaughter of innocent Jews is all ‘fake news’ – it’s also a very valuable resource.


There are hints coming out here that the hostage situation is about to be resolved, but not in the way most of us were praying for.

Remember, even when things are very painful, they are all being orchestrated from Above, for the greater good.

And this time, nobody is about to forgive and forget what has gone here.

Very soon, all the truth will come out – and those responsible will be unmasked.

May it happen very soon, before any more good Jews lose their lives, God forbid.



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  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    I went to the october7 site and read some of the stories. I had also seen some other evidence immediately after the massacre, just in case there would be those across the seas who would deny this attempt at a holocaust, just like the last full-blown one.

    Yes, all the “authorities” who left many Jews to die and be captured on Simchat Torah 5784 must be exposed and punished appropriately.

    The whole system must be exposed for the fakery it is, shattered and replaced by the Torah system. I would say ‘immediately’ but I want to know who is going to be in charge of it. I guess I’m asking WHO MASHIAH BEN YOSEF and MASHIAH BEN DAVID ARE.

    NO MORE HINTING. It must be made clear.

    I’m guessing that there’s going to be a lot of changes in the law, including whether there will be a death penalty, when Torah law is enacted. A lot of people probably haven’t thought, even imagined that this (true Jewish governance and its offspring) would occur….

    Those who left each kibbutz with only one gun and 50 bullets before the massacre….. They have known for more than 75 years who our enemies are and what kind they are, even if they never touched a Humash and realized that they’ve been that way for over 3,000 years.

    Hey, there were plenty of Sephardim and Mizrahim who had direct experience of living under Arab rule. But did anyone in power at the time listen to them?

    Here’s a 4-minute video by a Jew from the Arab lands, speaking Arabic (Hebrew and English subtitles), telling the Hamasnikim off.


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