There are no pilots – hints from back in Elul

I’m just going through some of the ‘conversations’ of the Rav that I translated the last few months.

The plan is, BH, to do ‘Conversations 2’.

When I was pulling together  the original ‘Conversations’ a few years back is when my mind started to explode from all the hints and new information and eureka! moments that book contains.

In ‘Conversations 2’, there are already so many massive hints to what was going to occur straight after Simchat Torah.

Here’s a couple of snippets from shiurim of the Rav, given back in Elul, 2023.

At the time, they seemed kind of strange.

Now…. much less so.



So now in the reserves, there are ‘dissenters’ in the reserves. In the reserves, there are maybe a thousand ‘dissenters’, so they cancelled the enlistment law, in order for there to not be dissenters, they said let’s cancel the law of enlisting [in the army] – you are exempt from serving.

So, the yeshiva bochurs are for sure exempt from enlisting. If the pilots are exempt…

There are no pilots. The pilots are all finished, there aren’t any.

Each person needs to learn how to fly, you go and learn three lessons, immediately after Simchat Torah, you will be the leading pilot, the chief – like Ilan Ramon.


Ilan Ramon, who was the leading pilot, and he flew the last [in the squadron of planes that went to bomb the Iraqi reactor].

He said: I will fly the last, if there will be rockets – so they should use them up on me.

But they [the Iraqis] went to sleep!

That same day, they went to sleep. So the attack was at 2am. At 2am, the main commander went to sleep, it’s said.

On that same exact day! This was from shemayim. 

They didn’t fire even a single missile, not even a single shell, not even a single shot.

Ilan Rimon, he flew last. He said: I will fly last, if they fire – it should be used up on me.

But the main commander went to sleep!

He said: Give me two hours to sleep. He wanted to sleep, he deserved it, he was Shuvu Banim. Shuvu Banim teach people how to go to sleep, this is the first thing – to learn how to sleep…


Interestingly, there is more information coming out that at least some of the army bases around Gaza were attacked, and the soldiers already slaughtered there, already around 2am Simchat Torah morning.

Moving on.


Shiur given by Rav Berland after the evening prayers, Elul 15th 2023, Parshat Nitzavim-Vayelech.

“Sulfur and salt, a burning of all the land.”[1]

It’s written in the parsha that [after the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash] all of the land of Israel will be turned into sulfur.

And any Arab who tries to plough his field will encounter a mound of sulfur, and it will explode.[2]

Because sulfur explodes on the spot, like matches that ‘combust’ immediately.


And all the Arabs that try to ‘plough’ the land – seven years, they were all killed. They were all murdered.

Innocent people….pure holy souls that went up to Shemayim.

Until Serach bat Asher came, and began to dance.

And via her dancing, then everyone merited to have the complete redemption, may it be speedily in our days, Amen.



[1] Devarim 29:22

[2] Yalkut Shimoni, Yirmiyahu, Chapter 9: “The Cuthites who were there, what did they do? They sewed here, and it burned. They sewed there, and it burned.” Then, there is an example given of a Cuthite who was ploughing a field in the valley, and it burst into flames.


So many hints here – two months before October 7th.

That’s why it pays to really listen to what the Rav is trying to tell us, and to really try to follow his instructions to the letter.

He saw the decree, he knew what was going to happen, God forbid.

That’s probably a huge bit of why he was trying to get to Uman for Rosh Hashana 5784, no matter what it took, so he could get this decree sweetened.

And ‘they’ just didn’t let him.

At the State level.

Think about this for a moment.




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    • other yossi
      other yossi says:

      maybe learn or re-learn the history of code-talkers( many of them indigenous tortuga-islanders from ‘america’ ), and i’m sure you know or need to know why modern cryptography, for all its usefulness in preventing credit card fraud with TLS etcetera, fails when the hardware itself is vulnerable, that is, the CPU has ring -2 backdoors, the hard drives have computers on them which can be infected with remote access software which survives re-installing the operating system, the network switches in the internet itself are connected to devices which log timestamps of everything, (there are reasons why american and european civilian signals people make their own computers outside of taiwan or korea not using intel or AMD or ARM(tm) designs,) ….
      i’m assuming yossi is israeli and jewish, and a decent person. any analysts on the ‘other teams’ would just be reading a mirror of the blog(like but in their own servers), and other bloggers or podcasters would probably just use a chrome or a firefox fork
      (like the one which has the ‘windows firefox’ user-agent string).
      personally, since i’m single and not sure that i’m a goy, concerned if it’s a good idea to be reading gemara right now(reading the bold text out loud and the regular text silent to save time), balanced with reading tehillim( helps with getting along with the parents as side effect ), and tiqun klali(still need to hand-copy it, and figure out how hebrew vowel points work).
      reality is that military people self-censor, but still talk about things especially if they are told and/or believe that others need to know them. civilian signals ‘security and access’ people don’t have the same obligations to refuse illegal orders, often have ‘sovereign immunity’, or whatever else. the smedley butler scandal was probably a reason why the anglosphere founded civilian signals groups, and also the infighting between the different cryptanalysis groups in ww2, in usa, canada, england, polish-in-exile, and so on….
      b’ahavat yisrael,
      other yossi

  1. Neshama
    Neshama says:

    Don’t get the “ Serach bat Asher” part. Could you please explain. I know who she was, but not the connection here. She sang Od Yosef chai to Ya’akov Avinu?? It’s not getting thru.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There’s the general connection, that Serach bat Asher had nevua – prophecy – and she risked ‘death’ by informing Yaakov that Yosef was alive when there was a) a cherem from the brothers on anyone who would speak about what happened to Yosef, that was binding on Yosef himself which is why he never contacted Yaakov from Egypt and b) the risk of death by ‘upsetting’ Yaakov, even for the fraction of a second when his hakpada could flare (as we see by what happened to Rachel.)

      I think the specific connection is simply Simchat Torah…. and the dancing that was meant to happen on that day that would cancel all the harsh decrees of the ‘exploding Arab sulfur’, but then the hakafot hashniot got cancelled by the Tel Aviv municipality (even before the terrorist attacks…) and then the terrorist attacks made sure everyone else’s got cancelled as well.


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