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The full shiur is on that site, with lots of very deep hints and allusions to what is really going on:

Here are the bits you are probably most interested in, right now:


A small child will try to test if the fire burns or doesn’t burn, because he learned the Midrash of Avraham Avinu who was thrown into fire and the fire didn’t burn him.

This was not a proper fire.  This was a fire which doesn’t burn. 

Because then they said to him, “Do you know why the fire did not burn you?  Because your brother Haran performed sorcery.”

They once knew how to perform sorcery so that the fire would not burn. 

Haran was a great sorcerer; he was a priest of the fire gods.  So they said, “Haran performed for you this sorcery.  Now let’s throw Haran [into the fire].”  Then they asked Haran, “Whose side are you on?”  “I am on the side of Avraham Avinu.”  If Avraham would be burned, he would say that he is on the side of Nimrod.   If Avraham is not burned – because not every fire burns.

Fire does not burn Tzaddikim….


Chananiah, Mishael and Azariyah were inside the fire, and it did not burn them….

Today Charan is Turkey.  Once this was Syria.  Every time, it changes.

It’s impossible to know what will be in another year.


In Gaza, everything is already blown up, so we do not know if there will be a place [for us to live].

There are 40,000 houses there that are completely blown up, and another 200,000 houses half-exploded.  So everyone can choose for himself an apartment there, because everyone already abandoned there.

There is no one there; they are just blowing up empty houses.  There is nothing to blow up there.


The main bunker [of Hamas] is under Shifa [Hospital]. 

There are already some 4,000 terrorists in Shifa.  All the terrorists fled to Shifa.  Biden doesn’t permit blowing up Shifa.  So the main bunker is there – there is food there. 

Instead of blowing up Shifa, they are blowing up empty houses.  Of course, everything is deception.


Be’eri is an hour distance from Jerusalem.

Someone who travels the slowest [possible], it is an hour and a half.  At 6:30, they already informed [the security forces] that 5,000 terrorists had arrived.  All the commanders fulfilled, “And you shall rejoice in your holiday.”

They slaughtered all the officers in the army bases like ducks, like roosters.


So Rashi says that there was no kosher girl [in Charan].  It is possible to travel to Charan to see the house of Rivka, the house of Leah.  Anyone can travel today to Charan – it is legitimate, it is permissible.

Maybe we will move to live in Charan if they evacuate us from here, because they evacuated Kiryat Shemona, Sderot, Shlomi.  They already said to them [the evacuees] shiurim.  Everyone should go to Kings Hotel to say shiurim.


We need to strengthen all the girls. 

They want to do teshuva [repentance].  All of them now want to do teshuva. 

They all understand that they made protests against the religious – from the first of November until the first of November – twelve months. 

So they made protests. 

All the protests were against religion, against the religious. 

[After the Simchat Torah massacre,] they said, “Now we have received our blow.”  They thought that there is no judgment and no Judge.  So they see that there is a judgment and there is a Judge! 


You can’t make protests every Motza’ei Shabbat, to bring 100,000 people, to scream, “Democracy,”

When the intention is a dictatorship which eliminates the religious, to expel the religious.

Because this was the entire goal of the protests – a dictatorship the likes of which has never been in the world.


Now there are here some 100,000 girls – in Jerusalem, who come from all the cities.  They want Torah lessons.  They want to do teshuva, to go with long dresses. 

The moment that one does not lengthen her dress, another ten soldiers are killed.  Every day, ten soldiers are killed.

Today, it already reached thirty-five.  From Sunday, thirty-five. 

[Ed note: Now it’s up to 44 soldiers.]

We are already reaching the second week of the [ground] war, and this whole war is a lie, they are just deceiving people. 

They are not blowing up the main bunker. 

They are leaving this for Mashiach, because they believe in Mashiach more than we do. 

We only want empty houses, sand dunes, empty tunnels. 

This is what they are blowing up, so that they won’t be fired.


Because everyone want to fire all the commanders, because none of the commanders arrived. 

They only arrived after they [Hamas] slaughtered all the kibbutzim.  They slaughtered them in the most merciless manner, more than the Nazis, things which have not been since the creation of the world.  This is worse than demons!  Worse than monsters! 

This is the Satan himself.


Ad kan, from the Rav.

This was said last week, already.

And they still didn’t blow up that bunker….

And I don’t think they ever will, because ‘Hamas’ is a very useful puppet of the satanists, to ensure the nation of Israel has to keep spending 40% of our annual budget – 100 billion shekels!!! – on the military and all their spin-off ‘hitech’ companies that make all these people into instant millionaires.

But did precisely nothing to save anyone’s life or prevent 5,000 terrorists coming into Israel form Gaza on October 7th.

Are you starting to see how all this works, yet?


On a personal note, I hit quite the ‘down’ last week.

That coincided with my last day of saying the whole book of tehillim.

I think all the pent-up grief and fear of the last 30 days just kind of descended of me.

But, it showed me how useful it was to have been busy saying tehillim for a whole month, otherwise, it could have really taken me out.


There is a lot of ‘din’ in the air still.

Not day-to-day in Jerusalem, which is mostly ‘normal’, but still v.v.v. quiet at night.

But a lot of sensitive people are picking up the ‘harsh din’ vibe again, similar to what was being felt during Sukkot 5784.

Personally, it seems to me there are more ‘birth pangs’ still required – especially for the Jews of chul, some of whom did wake up quite extraordinarily after October 7, but many of whom didn’t.

God isn’t going to give up on anyone making teshuva.

So, that probably means more scary things need to happen, to break the klipa of apathy, arrogance and assimilation so many Jews are still caught up in.

It’s still the ‘sweet’ way, or at least, the ‘sweeter’ way.

But I’m not looking forward to it.


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    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      You don’t need me to explain it… just roll it around in your head for a bit, ask God to show you what’s being hinted at, and you’ll see, the ‘aha’ moments will show up all by themselves.

      Our soldiers are seeing open miracles in Gaza…. fire that just doesn’t burn.

  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    I found the Rav quite clear this time, actually.

    Haran and Avraham were brothers, their father an idol maker. It’s no stretch to understand that Haran could have been a sorcerer and priest of fire gods. Of course, we’d have to consider how many of our generation would have learned this from a supplemental Torah source, and find out what that was.

    Similarly with some of the other things the Rav said; with Rivka’s help with context, we understand a lot more.

    I personally want to see the entire group of commanders fired in disgrace. But who else should be fired and disgraced? We can’t let the commanders just be patsies and leave behind whomever above them might have been truly responsible for the deliberate neglect of the Otef Aza area while the slaughter was taking place!


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