The Supernova Party was a death trap

We are continuing the translation of the shiur from October 27th.

You can read Part 1 HERE.

Over time with the Rav’s hints and clues, the picture builds up more and more.


Excerpt of shiur Thursday night, 27 Tishrey, to the ‘Mifal HaTorah’ – second shiur

The Gemara asks if women are obligated in the mitzvah of mezuzah.[1]

It’s written ‘in order to lengthen their days’.

What, a  woman doesn’t need to stay alive?! Now you are insulting her, so you are also going to die – you deserve the death penalty.

Because by way of the mezuzah, people continue to stay alive, and to have length of days.

So we need to do a celebration at the time we afix a mezuzah, and to make a party, and to serve liquer and cans [of drink].

Mezuzah = ‘zaz mavet’ (death should move away).

Mezuzah is ‘zaz mavet’.[2]

The moment that we put a mezuzah, so nothing will happen in that house.


For sure, the mezuzahs that were there [in the kibbutzim] were possul (disqualified from being kosher mezuzahs).

It was a chiloni kibbutz, it could be that they put those mezuzahs up 50 years ago.

For sure, there were already houses there without mezuzahs.


The Chief Rabbi came to afix a mezuzah for Ben Gurion in Sde Boker – he didn’t want it.

So the Chief Rabbi came to force him to have it.

He [Ben Gurion] was ‘against’ mezuzahs.

That whole party [i.e. The Nova party]  was simply about breaking the datiim (religious Jews) – to show them that see, all the young men came, all the young people came!

They wanted to fulfill the mitzvah of ‘semachta be’hagecha’ (rejoice on your festivals)….

So the whole purpose [of the Nova party] was to break the da’at (the Jewish faith) – to show that it’s possible to be ‘happy’ without a Sefer Torah. Also with just a bottle of vodka, it’s possible to be happy!


The whole point [of the party] was – let’s state this firmly – that as many young people as possible dafka from dati families should come, and we’ll ‘get happy’ with them, and we’ll dance with them, and we’ll ‘make them happy’.

For this is the ikker (main point) to semachta be’hagecha.

They said there was going to be such great ‘happiness’!

Such a festival that has never been since the founding of the State!

And this was a blow to the religious – and they said this explicitly.

That all the kids would come, and from all the religious homes they would come [to the party] – and they would take the children from all the religious families.


[The Super Nova party] was a death trap.

This – the Satan did this. And it was a death trap.

The Torah says to dance [on Simchat Torah] with Sifrei Torah, not with vodka.

I don’t have ‘vodka’ written by me, by me, it’s written ‘to dance with Sifrei Torah’ in my Shulchan Aruch.

By them, it was written ‘to dance with vodka’.

They also have a Shulchan Aruch. So it could be that the vodka was more important, I don’t know.



[1] See Likutey Halachot, Hoshem Mishpat, Halachot Pikadon 4.

[2] I.e. It’s the same letters, rearranged.


The people I know personally who were killed at that party were all from very ‘dati’ homes.

My friend sent me this, last week:


It’s an interview done by the MSM in Israel with some of the friends and family of Yehuda Becher, HY’D.

The secular guy with all the piercings was in my house a few times, when I was hosting the posse of juvenile delinquents over Covid.

He was good friends with Yehuda – and also good friends with Itzik Levy, HY’D, who was also gunned down at the Supernova party.

Itzik Levy was in my house a lot, over the 2-3 years of Covid.


I found the spot where Itzik was killed on the ‘Mapping the Massacre’ site, HERE.

He was a few metres further away than Yehuda Becher, but they died next to each other.

Itzik broke his leg badly in a motorcycle accident three years ago.

That for sure put him at a disadvantage.

Deep sigh.

He comes from a very frum Breslov family.


In the meantime, there’s so many strange things about the Super Nova party.

If you go HERE, you can read an already ‘archived’ copy of an interview with one of the main organisers of the ‘Supernova Sukkot’ (official name) party.

Here’s a couple of snippets that took my eye:

“Because his car was parked near the stage very close to where he was standing, G. and three other men — including Universo Paralello co-founder Juarez Petrillo — were able to immediately get in G.’s car and drive out minutes later, after G. made sure the artists he works with were also in vehicles fleeing the site.


By the time G. and the others made it to a villa rented by the production team, located approximately 30 kilometers away from the festival, they had started getting texts and phone calls telling them that minutes after they drove away from the site, Hamas fighters had arrived “with machine guns, with RPGs, with grenades, and just slaughtered whoever they could.”

Isn’t that fortunate, that apparently none of the DJs or organisers got caught up in the massacre. And, that they had the foresight to rent a villa a million miles away from the carnage in the South….


Another interesting snippet from that interview:

Universo Paralello was not origintally intended to take place at the Re’im site, with organizers moving it to this location only two days before it started, when another site in southern Israel fell through.

The new site at Re’im featured a pair of stages, with the Israeli producer Artifex playing the mainstage when the attack started.

G. was told that the attackers closed the road into the festival from both sides so attendees could not escape.


If you go to that site which is collecting first-hand stories of what happened on October 7, they have a whole page of ‘Supernova’ survivor stories.

Like THIS ONE, just put up a couple of days ago, where Supernova survivor Meir tells us this:

At 7:00, Itamar, Naor and I got into the car.

Itamar was driving and tried to get out of the party area to the main road, but there was serious traffic, and we would have been in one big mess, with all of the cars turning to the main road. I was afraid we wouldn’t manage to get past.

We got onto the road and turned left, but to our surprise, the police had blocked the road. We had no idea why, but they weren’t allowing people out.


As always, think for yourself, come to your own conclusions.

Meir is not the only eyewitness account stating that the police set up the initial roadblocks around SuperNova.

Then afterwards, the terrorists just walked down the blocked road shooting victims dead in their cars.

Just another ‘big failure’ on a day replete with ‘intelligence failures’, ‘mistakes’ and incredible ‘coincidences’.

May Hashem speedily avenge the blood of everyone who was murdered, heal the thousands who were physically injured, the hundreds of thousands who have been emotionally hurt – and bring whoever is still alive of the hostages home soon.


In the meantime: the translations are continuing.

And no-one is going to shut up and forget about October 7th, until we finally all see real justice done.



If you go HERE, you’ll find an in-depth piece on Juarez Petrillo, mentioned above as being the co-founder of the Universo Parallelo organisation in Brazil that ‘franchised’ the Supernova Sukkot party in Israel.


Juarez’s family has made this profession a tradition: not only is he a DJ, but so are his ex-wife and two of his children.

After the visit to the controversial guru Osho Juarez received the stage name of Swarup, while his then wife began using the name Ekanta.

The religious guru also suggested the names of his children, Okay, Bhaskar AND Jaya.


This partially explains the statue of the big golden boodah set up by the mainstage on October 7.

So then, I went to look up who this ‘controversial guru Osho’ is.

HERE is his Wikipedia page in English.


Rajneesh…[known] later as Osho was an Indian Godman,[3] philosopher, mystic, and founder of the Rajneesh movement.[1]

He was viewed as a controversial new religious movement leader during his life. He rejected institutional religions, insisting that spiritual experience could not be organized into any one system of religious dogma….

Rejecting traditional ascetic practices, he advocated that his followers live fully in the world but without attachment to it.

In expressing a more progressive attitude to sexuality he caused controversy in India during the late 1960s and became known as “the s*x guru”.


It’s the daughters of Midian all over again.

If you click on the Rajneesh Movement link, above, you’ll find this was all about uprooting ‘formal religion’ (just as the Rav said….) and promoting a lifestyle of no morals, no kids, no getting married – and staying high as a kite on drugs and alcohol.


More of the spiritual dimension is starting to come into view now…. there was a huge amount of tumah at that Supernova Sukkot party, whatever else was going on that day.



I got some more info about ‘Osho’ over email.

Apparently, he was also a massive anti-Semite as well, who taught that the Jews ‘deserved’ the holocaust because they killed Yoshki….

Here’s some of the articles I was sent:


And a quote from that first one:

In a 1975 book called The Mustard Seed, a record of selected discourses given by him at his ashram in Pune (Poona), India, Rajneesh [Osho] appears to justify the slaughter of millions of Jews in the Holocaust of Nazi Europe on the grounds of Jewish responsibility for the death of Jesus Christ, and he implies that Jews have sought out such persecution because of their guilt over Jesus’ death.

“Jews,” he writes, “are always in search of their Adolf Hitlers, somebody who can kill them—then they feel at ease. When nobody bothers about them, then they are uneasy, the guilt follows. When you throw stones at Truth this is bound to happen, and even after twenty centuries of suffering, the Jews have not confessed that they did wrong.”

He also implies that Jesus’ death was worth the deaths of many millions of Jews.


This is the ‘spiritual guru’ of the Brazilian guy who franchised the ‘Supernova Sukkot’ party on October 7th, don’t forget.

What a scumbag.



4 replies
  1. AK
    AK says:

    Another war against Torah Jews, just like the Meron disaster. Such a terrible tragedy. So many people have questions, but as usual the Eruv Rav will try to hide the truth. Hopefully many people will continue to turn to Hashem with their eyes wide opened.

  2. Avigail
    Avigail says:

    I was also thinking about meron when I read this… seems “they” keep getting away with it.

    But things aren’t always what they seem.

  3. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    I’ve known about Rajneesh for decades – since the 70’s. He was the epitome of disgusting; we all knew that in their circles they did absolutely disgusting things. But I had no idea he was an antisemite.

    But then, if that Rave was initiated by Rajneesh followers, why would they have had a booda ( following your spelling) statue? It makes no sense. One of the articles states clearly that Rajneesh was an enemy of the Buddhists too. What is going on there? What a crazy mix-up! Still, it was definitely Avodah Zarah in the Holy Land of Israel.

    And who was Pinchas here, if you equate it with Midian?

    And where does the gov fit into all of this?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There is no Pinchas in this picture…. just the same tried and tested method of causing Am Yisrael to stumble, ‘worship idols’, engage in debauchery – and then get decimated by our enemies, God forbid.

      If we come back to God wholeheartedly – they can’t touch us. That’s why the Rav keeps emphasising, tachlis, personal kedusha.

      If a home is full of kedusha – the evils can’t touch it.


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