How to get the war to stop now

More translated comments, and clues, from the Rav.


Excerpt of shiur given Tuesday night, Rosh Chodesh Kislev (November 14, 2023)

Now, a rocket got to Kiryat Bialik – 20 km North of Haifa.

And a rocket from Gaza [got] to Daliyat-al-Carmel, 30 km south of Haifa, next to Zichron Ya’akov.

And yesterday, a person by the name of Yaakov [Shalom Abudi] was killed by a Hizbollah rocket. The biggest tzaddik he worked for the Electricity Company in Tiberius. All of us were at his funeral.

Every day, five young men are being killed, work buddies, also by the Hizbollah and also by Hamas.


And so, [German Chancellor] Sholtz says not to give them any respite, because the first second [there is a ceasefire] they will fill up all their supplies – and then rockets will get to Jerusalem.

In the meantime, no rocket is getting to Jerusalem, and there are no sirens in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is the furthest place away, both from the Hamas and also from the Hizbollah. The most secure place in the world is Jerusalem.

More than Germany, more than Los Angeles.


There now [in the USA] a Jew by the name of Kessler was just murdered, the most saintly Jew.

He was walking along with an Israeli flag, and recieved a blow from a pro-Palestinian protestor. And he [the protestor] called the police, come and see, I didn’t do anything!! I even just called you, so you can see the poor guy fell over, and got a blow to his head from the fall!

The police believed him, even though there are a million witnesses who say that he killed him.

He summoned the police, now he’s been freed. He’s walking around totally free, yelling at everyone, at all of us, he’s also yelling against Shuvu Banim.


Everything depends only and solely on the girls, who go dressed tzniusly.

And then the war will totally stop.

Each day that the war continues, another five are being killed, and another five, and another ten – we already got to 50 killed, from the beginning of the war.

[Ed. note: this week it reached 63 killed, HY’D.]


1,500 were killed in the wonderful ‘Nova’ party.

Everybody wanted to fulfill the mitzva of ‘ve’semachta be’hagecha’ (and rejoice in your festival). – and this was the outcome.

The slain were on all the roads. ZAKA couldn’t get to there, and also not Magen David, because all the roads had been closed with a thousand murdered people.

300 inside the party itself.

Every second, another 30 slain. Five seconds, this is [another] 150 murdered. Ten seconds, this is 300 slain.


And there were no guns in the kibbutzim, not in the [kibbutz’s] armoury, and not being held by private individuals.

Just a few handguns and 15 bullets.

With this, they managed [to kill the terrorists].

Otherwise, it would have got to 10,000 people murdered.

Now, we are already at 10,000 [people who were injured by the terrorists]. 7,500 wounded, 1,500 murdered – this is 9,000.

[And in addition to this] 240 kidnapped.

They are saying that in another eight day, they will start to bring them back.

Halavai – if only this should be true!

And another 100 missing – this is 9,500.

And each of them ‘should have been’ killed, it’s only a miracle that they weren’t killed (initially).


But 1,500 murdered – this is enough!

This is such a shoah that hasn’t occurred since the founding of the State!

Since 1948, there hasn’t been such a disaster. Even though there 1,500 killed in the War of Independence, this was spread over a year and a half.

Here, it was in just one day, in just one hour, in just one minute.

And everyone had fallen asleep in the bases – they slaughtered everyone!

In a few seconds, they conquered the [army] bases, and all the kibbutzim they conquered within an hour.

After they were let loose, another 300 soldiers were killed.

[Ed. Note: it’s not clear what the Rav is referring to here.]


[If] there was one soldier there, he [could have] stopped it all.

Otherwise, another 300 died, and another 300, and another 300 – [until it got to] 1,500.


Everything, it only relies on the tznius of the girls.

That all of them should go with long dresses to the floor, and close the buttons, and to not shorten their sleeves – and then no soldier will die!

And to break the Xiomi [smart phone], right this moment!

All the boys and girls, whoever has a Xiomi, to smash it up now!

Because each moment that you still didn’t break it, so the war will continue.

Everyone should break their Xiomis, and then the war will stop.

And the full geula will come speedily in our days.


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  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    On another note ( sorry, off topic, but very important too):

    Here, Catherine Austin-Fitts and her associates are discussing fake food, with tremendous sources and information. Surprise surprise, Israel was mentioned as one of the two countries pushing this to the max ( with wrong understanding of the reason why!): CHINA, and ISRAEL. Yes.

    BTW Machteshim, the Israeli chemical company, was bought out by the Chinesein 2014 and is now called Adama. I wonder if they are a big part of this mess.

    But bottom line, this is a very important topic to not only learn about, but also pray about. Only Hashem can stop this evil meshugas in the world -. especially in Eretz Hakodesh.Please Hashem, stop the evil meshiggenes!


  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    An afterthought: maybe that is why they destroyed the Kibbutzim in Gaza: they don’t want real food! No, only Big Pharma food; continuation of the koveed attack: destroy agriculture, destroy nature, i.e. destroy the population. Makes sense, doesn’t it?


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