Ruled by Max Headroom

Back in the UK in the 80s, everyone was talking about Max Headroom.


If you don’t know who that was, here’s a snippet from Wiki:

Max Headroom is a fictional character played by actor Matt Frewer.

Advertised as “the first computer-generated TV presenter”, Max was known for his biting commentary on a variety of topical issues, arrogant wit, stuttering, and pitch-shifting voice…

Max was advertised as “computer-generated” and some believed this, but he was actually actor Frewer wearing prosthetic makeup, contact lenses, and a plastic moulded suit, and sitting in front of a blue screen.

Harsh lighting and other editing and recording effects heighten the illusion of a CGI character.

According to his creators, Max’s personality was meant to be a satirical exaggeration of the worst tendencies of television hosts in the 1980s who wanted to appeal to youth culture yet weren’t a part of it.


For some reason, Max Headroom popped into my head when I was watching this:


And when I watch things like this:


And then this (you can listen on mute if you want, and stop at the 5 minute mark, if you last that long, but some interesting pics here of Biden…. and Jim Carrey ‘playing’ Biden….)


Point is…

We are being ruled by Max Headroom.

And it doesn’t matter where you live in the world.

It doesn’t matter who you voted for.

It doesn’t matter if you are a ‘leftie’, a ‘rightie’, a commie, a ‘greenie’ a Monster Raving Lunatic-ee – all of the people you think are making the decisions about what is going on in your country are actually just a local version of Max Headroom.


There are a lot of implications to this.

The very first one, is that we should all stop buying into the total fiction that is ‘politics’ and ‘elections’, and propaganda-journalists and media with all their ‘political analysis’ cobblers.

We are ruled by Max Headroom in our parliaments.

And the real locus of power is in the shadows, behind the scenes – and controlling all sides of the arguments, and all sides of all wars.

They maintain their power by turning us against each other with ‘politics’ and ‘political analysis’ and media lies.


Here’s a letter I got forwarded on, that is meant to have been written by someone currently driving a tank in Gaza, for the IDF.

(It doesn’t matter if turns out to be a ‘not real’ person who wrote it, what it’s saying is still 100% true.)

> ◾️LETTER FROM A TANK COMMANDER IN GAZA… (there is no way to confirm the authenticity of this letter, but the message is strong)

> Take a moment and read carefully. Commander of a unit currently deployed in Gaza.

> Hamas is stronger than the left. It is also stronger than the right, and also Bibi & Ben Gvir. Our enemy is stronger than Israeli high-tech and the settlement enterprise. Tel Aviv’s beautiful soul has no chance against them, nor does the periphery.

> But Hamas has no chance against Israel. When we are united and mobilized, they retreat into their tunnels and pray for a ceasefire.

This war has stuck me in a tank, sharing it with two comrades, between two “Shiny Sheens” one who served a year and one who served four, a Smotrich voter, and a Ben Gvir voter, and I seemingly have nothing in common with them.

But the army’s melting pot poured us back into one unit, a tank crew. At some point, we adopted and started talking about everything. About the Haredim, about the Supreme Court, public transportation, core studies, even sexuality, everything.

> And what did we discover? That we agree on about 90% of the issues. Let’s assume they are really nice and were being agreeable, so about 80%.

> > Until about a month and a half ago, they were the enemy. We met on both sides of the fence, but Hamas reminded us that we are essentially on the same side.


> Our politicians draw their strength from the division between us.

They take the 10% – 20% disagreement between us and turn it into the main thing, because that’s what gives them a mandate to “represent” us, to fight in our name.

They do it at the expense of our security, our welfare, our taxes, and our freedom (also our freedom to pray, by the way).


I see many people looking for ways to contribute to the war effort, Sending underwear, socks, cigarettes, and combat gear. Moroccan mothers who sent us fish and couscous for Shabbat, and kibbutz retirees who drove these pots to across the country.

Techies who came to install 360-degree cameras on the tank, something the army is not quick and flexible enough to do on its own.

And hilltop youth that the army refused to draft at all, came on Saturday, cut, sowed, and stitched so that we wouldn’t enter Gaza without protective covers shielding us from drones.


> > As far as I’m concerned, the most important contribution is for you to unite as a people, work to come closer.

Focus on the similarities and set aside a bit of difference. Invent frameworks that will connect us even outside the army. I know it’s complicated with issues of kosher and modesty and separation and no-separation, but I trust you.

> This is the most important thing, that we be together. Because we, the soldiers, from all our tribes, enter enemy territory and endanger our lives not for any government or politician, but for the people of Israel.

> Please, make sure we have a country to return to.


Tachlis, please don’t waste any more breath going to bat for the ‘Max Headrooms’ who have been installed as the figureheads in your part of the world.

If we stop engaging with the lying media and the ‘Max Headroom’  politicians and puppet-leaders, and instead make an effort to speak to EACH OTHER, and to God – that’s when all this will really change.

And personally, I can’t wait for that to happen.



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  1. AK
    AK says:

    I heard someone say war always brings everyone together. The question is, what happens when the war is over. So true. Does the Achdut remain, or do we go back to the way things were before Chas Vashalom. I truly hope that it not only remains, but continues to grow and blossom until the Geula.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Me too.

      I’m almost more disturbed by the thought that things could just go back to ‘normal’ again, God forbid, when all this is over.


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