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Yesterday, I went to the evening prayers of the Rav, and he wasn’t there.

Someone thought he’d gone to Tel Aviv or something – but he had definitely left Jerusalem.

This last week, the Rav’s been keeping his comments after the evening prayers pretty short, just repeating how ‘tznius’ and smashing i-Phones are the key to getting the war to end with no more Jewish lives lost.

I am still going through his comments from 2-3 weeks ago, and if I have time I will put some more of them up soon.

But the stuff that’s already gone up here should be enough to clue us in to the following basic ideas:

  • All of politics, the world over, is a sham, a stage-managed farce full of ‘actors’ who pretend they are the ones deciding policy and laws.
  • All these wars all over the world are being ‘stage managed’ from behind the scenes, by the cabal who actually profits from all this death, suffering and hatred.
  • That cabal is run from the shadows, by the people at the very top of all these ‘secret societies’ – the names of which don’t actually matter so much, as they are connect straight back to demonic forces, and transcend country, faith and people.
  • The real war is the one being fought between ‘good’ and ‘evil’.


If you want to carry on wasting your time and energy and ‘soul power’ arguing over politics, decrying the puppets for acting as though they are not actually working for the best outcome for the Jewish people (like, duh!) – that’s your choice.

You won’t change anything real like that, and you’ll probably just end getting very bitter, depressed and despairing about the state of the world.

That’s why the Rav – and other genuine Jewish leaders – have been putting the emphasis right on the start on us upping our own game, spiritually.

That means more tehillim, teshuva, tznius, mitzvot – and of course, understanding that only the people who were listening to the instructions of Moshe Rabbenu actually got out of Mitzrayim, regardless of all the other good stuff they were engaged in.


Right now, you and me have no idea what is really going on.

And don’t think that listening to Army Radio, or watching Channel 14 news 24/7 is going to change that – it’s just going to give you a headache and make you even more stressed and worried.

But there are a group of our holy leaders who have been fully aware of this evil, and fighting it, for decades.

If you do your best to identify who the really holy people are, and to do what they say, you’ll get through this OK, God willing.


In the meantime… life continues in Israel.

Weddings are still happening, BH, (I will tell you more about what a rollercoaster ride that has been, the last few weeks, once the happy couple actually get hitched, BH.)

People are still going down to the Kotel.

There is still food in the shops, and sales in the malls for ‘blue November’.

Kids are back in school, mostly.


And more and more people are now understanding that we only have Hashem to rely on.

If they didn’t figure that out when our corrupt government spent millions of shekels chasing the Rav all over the world a decade ago….

Or, when our corrupt government then went ‘full fascist’ with Covid lockdowns and green passports…

Or, when 45 people got deliberately murdered at Meron….

Or even, when our whole security establishment ‘went to sleep’ that horrible morning of Simchat Torah (and also, three months beforehand when Hamas were training for the attack right next to the fence….)

Now, they are finally starting to get it.

Which means that soon, very soon, all this WILL turn around for the very best.


So, going forward, some recommendations for how to maintain optimal emotional equilibrium in this very difficult situation we still find ourselves in:

  1. Turn off the news, and stop engaging with the ‘puppet theatre’ that is politics. No marches, demonstrations, hasbara, or ranting about Biden, Hamas or anyone else is going to achieve anything positive – and actually does the opposite. The forces of evil actually ‘feed off’ all those negative emotions of fear, despair, anger, hatred etc, that the corrupt media is so good at inducing in us all.
  2. Chuck out your smartphone and switch online stuff to a computer or tablet that stays in your house, and doesn’t come with you every where like a digital ball-and-chain.
  3. Keep going with the prayers and tehillim – aim for an hour of day of talking to God in your own words, which you can combine with walking, washing dishes, sitting with a cup of tea etc.
  4. In times of war, the attribute of Heavenly Judgement focusses in especially on kedoshim tiyehu – you shall be holy! Hence, the Rav’s massive emphasis on more modest dress and behavior, and getting the sources of pritzus out of dalet amot.
  5. Keep updated on the ravberland.com site, or if you read Hebrew, shuvubanimint.com site – that last one has the Shivivei Or newsletters with the Rav’s weekly shiurim in PDF format, that you can print out and read in the original.
  6. In past years when there were times of war in Israel, the Rav asked people to contribute ’98’ in their local currency a month, as a global pidyon for the Jewish people. He is now forbidden from saying anything about money or pidyonot at all, so I’m extrapolating that what held then, still holds now.

Do some hitbodedut, come to your own conclusions.


In the meantime, here’s the headline of another of the latest translated shiurim from the Rav, from the ravberland.com website, which basically spells out exactly what is really going on here:

The Whole World Regrets that Hitler Didn’t Finish Off the Jews” – R’ Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Rav has been saying this for years, and honestly, I used to think he was exaggerating a little.

But not anymore.

And may we see with our own eyes, how all this turns around very, very soon for the best.


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  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Thank you for this, Rivka.

    Why 98? I never heard of that number for donations: what is the deal, the link? Please explain. Thanks.

    PS: who got married? Whoever it is, Mazal Tov!

    The weird thing is, the alt antisemites also understand that this whole war stuff is contrived and centrally planned. But they are blaming us, Am Yisrael, for it. Did you see the most disgusting Mike Adams post? I didn’t open it, but I sent him a very strong email putting him in his place when I saw his headlines and comments, talking to him as I would speak to the Amalekite I believe he is. If you want I can forward it to you. Or if you permit me I can post it here; I just think that it is so awful that we don’t want that kind of stuff here, right? He is talking about a “blood ritual”: sound familiar? It sounds just like the blood libels of centuries ago. Tum’ah, evil to the max. What demonic force is hiding in the “souls” of these supposedly “enlightened” human beings?!

    Thank you for the purity of the message. We need more and more purity these days, Emet, Kedushah, Ahavat Hashem, Ahavat Yisrael, only good. And let all the evil ones go to hell!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      From OIAG 2:

      [There is a lot more about the 98 ‘out there’ in Hebrew, from the years past, but I don’t have it to hand at the mo, so start with this.]

      A little before Purim 5755, Rav Berland issued a call for every member of Am Yisrael to contribute a sum of money, however small, toward a communal “pidyon hakollel” that would sweeten the harsh decrees of the so-called Third Intifada that the Rav could see looming on the horizon. The goal was to raise $600,000 — a dollar for each of the root souls of the nation of Israel — and to sweeten the judgments that way.
      At that time, he sent out a message saying: “We are in a new intifada, and it’s a terrible intifada that will spread around the globe. It’s impossible to stop it [by natural means].”
      Unfortunately, even though the request to participate in the “pidyon hakollel” was repeated many times, with announcements appearing in many of the Breslov yeshivos encouraging people to donate, and many people took the Rav’s plea to heart, most of these people were not wealthy, and barely a sixth of the total required was raised.
      Then the Festival of Sukkos 5776 arrived, and with it came the beginning of the prophesized upswing in Arab violence. When the shootings, stabbings and other attacks began in earnest in Eretz Yisrael, everyone saw that the prophecy of the Rav had indeed materialized. The Third Intifada, foreseen by the Rav and which he’d hoped to avoid and sweeten, had begun.
      At this time, the Rav publicized an important message that whoever would donate 98 shekels a month for a pidyon would be saved, in that merit, along with his whole family, from the terrorist attacks.
      The Rav promised this himself, in the following words where he said: “As long as the intifada continues, everyone is obligated to give, every Jew in every place of the world. Even non-Jews should give 98 shekels — which is $26, or €25, every month, for as long as this continues.
      In every place in the world there are terror attacks. Whoever wants to be saved from this new intifada that is spreading over the entire globe, needs to give. Everyone who gives the pidyon will be saved from all attacks, and from all stumbling blocks, and from all types of sin.”
      The Shuvu Banim Rabbis joined together with the Rav in this important project and tried to organize a group that included all the Rabbanim across Am Yisrael.
      The language that Chazal use to describe “money” is damim, which literally means “blood” or “bloods” in Hebrew. When there are harsh decrees hanging over Am Yisrael, they can only be sweetened by immense amounts of mesirus nefesh, or self-sacrifice from the Jewish people, which often entails the spilling of blood.
      But there is another way of sweetening the decrees.
      Instead of spilling real blood, God forbid, it’s also possible to fulfill the requirement to “spill blood” by the self-sacrifice required in giving money, or damim. If you give whatever amount you’re able to give, with mesirus nefesh, then you fulfill the verse that states, “Charity saves from death.” A pidyon nefesh where each person gives a fixed amount is called pidyon hakollel, or “communal redemption,” and this sweetens all of the judgments that are currently hanging over the nation of Israel, which means we won’t see any more blood spilled in our country.

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:

        Very nice! Thank you for this explanation, Rivka.

        So 98 shekel = $26? Interesting. I have been giving $26 frequently, without knowing that the Rav was recommending this particular sum.

        And you mention that he joined all other rabbis of Eretz Yisrael? Great! Because I divide my donations among different Israeli rabbinical groups who collect in the US for Israel. Good to know!

        Thanks a lot for this. Not easy times these days….

        Shavua Tov to all.

    • Tikvah
      Tikvah says:

      I’d love to read the email you sent Mike Adams. I’ll send him one as well if you could post the details. What a treacherous b###ard he is!

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:

        Thank you, Tikva.

        I was responding to an email he sent me, which contains a couple of extremely distorted anti-Israel and antisemitic videos. Are you willing to be a go-between, Rivka, please? Can I forward the email that contains the videos to you, and then could you please forward the email to Tikva, so she can read and watch his stuff, if you don’t mind, and if Tikva is OK with that? Of course you are free to do with it as you wish. Thanks in advance.

        Meanwhile here is what I wrote to him after receiving his email. But this is very small, compared to the multiple comments I had posted on his video about Gaza shortly after the Hamas attack. There I scorched him repeatedly – is that a proper word? – I put him in his place, repeatedly and intensely. He must have read that; I am not sure he read this latest email, though…who knows.

        I think Tivka is right, we need to confront him about his despicable lies and distortions.

        His email had been sent to me by Natural News; I have been a subscriber of his for decades; had I only known who he really is!…So here it is:

        “You are insane Mike, not to mention a total liar. “blood rituals”? Are you crazy? Yes, you are. Unless you simply believed the blood libel told by our enemies for millenia. You are totally distorting truth and reality. A total NUT: NUTURAL NEWS. Jerk, imbecile, evil creature refusing to look at the truth of the situation.

        Shame on you! May God, Master of the Universe, give you exactly what you deserve; and believe me, if God listens to my prayer, God willing, it won’t be pretty. The day will come, soon I hope, where all evil antisemites such as you will get their full payment for the harm they caused with their lies and incitement to hatred of Israel and the Jews.

        Israel is and has been our home since the times of the Bible. God Himself gave us the Land. But of course you think you know better than God? Unbelievable, what hubris: what a disgusting enemy of the Master of the Universe you are! He will give it back to you, I am sure. I have full faith in Him.

        May you be cursed forever and ever, in this life and in the next. Amen.


        Here, go to school, ignorant liar. Coming straight from an Arab who knows the truth.”

        Then I signed with my full name and title, which I prefer not to write here, I hope you understand.

        Thanks to both of you, Rivka and Tikva. Kol Tuv and lots of good Tefillot !

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Mike Adams is an American spook.

          There are a lot of them around – also on our side of the fence in Israel, and embedded within our Jewish communities – and even, in our ‘frum’ and ‘settler’ Jewish communities.

          It’s basically all projection.

          The Freemasons who are running things from the shadows, with America as their ‘military wing’ and chief (but by no means only) puppet just keep projecting what they do on to the Jews.

          But sadly for us, there are also a lot of Jews amongst the ranks of the Freemasons….. and those guys (or the ones they can either bribe, threat or subvert to do what they want) are the people in positions of power.

        • Tikvah
          Tikvah says:

          Wow Daisy, well written! Kol hakavod!! I’m totally fine with Rivkah forwarding me the email. These evil people will have NO excuse when they’re facing judgement in front of the Master of the universe.


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