Freemasons, human shields and iron swords

No-one really knows what is going on in Israel at the moment.

It seems to me that whatever ‘the plan’ actually was, it’s not panning out as ‘planned’.

(We saw the same thing with Covid – remember how much tremendous pressure there was for ‘green passports’ and ‘track n trace’ and a million other repressive, enslaving measures that curiously just kind of disappeared, instead of gathering pace?)

That same ‘sweetening’ is going on here at the moment, with the war in Gaza.

And that is part of why no-one has anything much to say about anything, even on the news-propaganda side of things, because ‘the plan’ is not going to ‘plan’ – and they are scrambling to rewrite the script.


Who is the ‘they’ we all keep talking about here?

The demonic secret societies that go by the general catch-all name of ‘Freemasons’, but actually include way, way more sects and secret groups than that.

Back in 1943, the Vichy Regime in German-occupied France put out a propaganda film about the Freemasons, called ‘Forces Occultes’ (Hidden Forces).

You can see that film with English subtitles HERE.


After all the problems we had with my husband’s ‘Freemason’s Foot’ – for years! – I’ve been pondering on how ‘bad’, spiritually, the initiation process into these secret societies must be for the soul.

And particularly the Jewish soul.

Recently, I had a conversation with another person who is descended from a Jew who was also a Freemason – and has also been experiencing so many harsh judgements, that simply don’t ‘fit’ with who this person is themselves, or the huge spiritual effort they have made to give God what He wants.

The whole issue of ‘Freemasonry’ cropped up again in that conversation, and then, I came across this Vichy propaganda film, which was penned by a former Freemason in France, Jean Mamy, who was subsequently executed for collaborating with the Germans after the war.


First, here’s a snippet from the Wiki page about ‘Forces Occultes’, then I’ll explain why this still matters to us Jews in 2023:

Forces occultes (Occult Forces – subtitled The mysteries of Freemasonry unveiled for the first time on the screen) is a French film of 1943.

The film was commissioned in 1942 by the Propaganda Abteilung, a delegation of Nazi Germany’s propaganda ministry within occupied France by the ex-Mason Mamy.

It virulently denounces Freemasonry, parliamentarianism and Jews as part of Vichy’s drive against them and seeks to prove a Jewish-Masonic plot.


Honestly, I was surprised at how little overt anti-semitism is in this film.

Jews are literally mentioned twice, in passing, and there is of course the ‘star of david’ figured prominently on the Freemason’s Temple walls…..

Because at this stage, more of us are starting to understand how that symbol got ‘grafted on’ to the Jewish people from the outside, beginning with the astronomer David Gans of Prague.

(Notice the surname.)


So, 99% of the film is very firmly ‘anti Freemason’ – and it depicts the initiation ceremony that was being used by the Grand Orient Lodge in France in 1939 very accurately.

(Let’s just mention here that of course, the Germans were ALSO being run and funded by the freemasons, particularly the big names in America. To start scratching the very tip of this very big iceberg in the least controversial way possible, read THIS.)

You can watch that initiation ceremony yourself, recreated, around the 15 minute mark in the film.


If you have ancestors or family members who are masons, I suggest you take the time to do that.

Because then you will start to understand just how much ‘tumah’ and evil the Jewish mason is actually binding themselves to, even if they think it’s just a stupid ceremony with no deeper meaning.

Of course, they are totally wrong about that.

And they and their descendants pay a very big price, spiritually, for being initiated into these demonic secret societies – and the ‘problem’ doesn’t go away, until some awake descendant finally girds their loins and starts to drag their soul back out of all that demonic tumah.


In the meantime, here’s a few things I noticed that are of general interest.

  1. Freemasons have been deliberately using the Jewish people as their ‘human shields’ for the last few hundred years.

We saw that with the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, where things are phrased in language that suggests it’s the Jews trying to stick to the ‘goyim’.

But really, it’s just the Freemasons, and other demonically-connected secret societies, who have co-opted some Jewish terms to make it look that way.

And the main people the Freemasons etc are trying to stick it to are the authentic, God-fearing, Torah-observing Jews.


That process is continuing right now.

All the Freemason-controlled media and ‘alt media’ is busy blaming ‘the Jewish lobby’ and ‘AIPAC’ and ‘Israel’ for what is going on in the world.

Once again, they are using the Jews, and especially the Jews in Israel as the ‘cover story’ for who is really running things from behind the scenes, and blaming them for ‘Covid’ and ‘starting world wars’, etc.

That’s why all of a sudden, all these ‘alt media’ American spook-journalists started openly bashing the State of Israel and talking about the ‘Jewish lobby’.

It’s all projection – the masons are using Israel and the Jews as their ‘human shields’, internationally, to cover up the fact that:

The USA was founded by freemasons, and basically acts as their main military force in the world.


The next thing I noticed is that Freemasons love wearing masks in their rituals.

‘Nuff said.


And the last thing I noticed in that film, is how ‘iron swords’ are a very big part of the Freemason initiation rites.

All the masons  have them…..

And the initiate has an ‘iron sword’ pointed at their heart (take a look at the film, 16.30 min mark), and is told that this sword will ‘pierce their heart’ if they betray the secret society.


Here’s a screenshot that ‘collates’ that statement from the film:



Maybe, it’s just another huge CO-IN-CID-ENCE that this war in Israel has been called ‘Iron Swords’.

(I don’t believe in coincidences any more….)


The war we are really fighting right now is 100% spiritual.

That’s why tehillim and genuine teshuva is the only thing that is going to get us out of the mess we are currently in.

And our tehillim and teshuva are working!

68 soldiers have been killed in Gaza so far – which is still 68 too many – but in the meantime, ‘the plan’ was there to be thousands more Jews killed by this point, God forbid.


Our tehillim and teshuva are truly making all the difference.

But there is still a way to go.

And I am very nervous that too many of us are going to lose focus again, and get pulled off-track by our lying freemason propaganda media, and puppet politicians, to start looking to ‘demonstrations’ and ‘elections’ as the solution to our problems again.

The only solution is to turn whole-heartedly to God.

And to return to our job of being Hashem’s emissaries to bring down the light of Torah and Torah-morality into the world again.

I hope enough of us get that message, break the ‘spell’ cast over us all by the demonic masons – and do what is required, spiritually, to move humanity forward into that time of peace, bounty and spiritual awakening that we call ‘the geula’.



This is the ‘seal’ of a secret society of ‘xtian mystics’ called the Martinists:


This seal – and it’s ‘star of David’ – predates the Jewish State’s flag by around 200 years.

Here’s a snippet about the Martinists secret society from Wikipedia:

Martinism is a form of Christian mysticism and esoteric Christianity concerned with the fall of the first man, his state of material privation from his divine source, and the process of his return, called ‘Reintegration’.

As a mystical tradition, it was first transmitted through a Masonic high-degree system established around 1740 in France by Martinez de Pasqually, and later propagated in different forms by his two students Louis Claude de Saint-Martin and Jean-Baptiste Willermoz.


If you actually take the time to read even just the bare bones info on the Wiki page for ‘Martinism’ HERE,

you’ll learn that all these ‘secret societies’ of ‘xtian mystics’ were actually full of black magic, spells, demonic rites – and Jewish terms taken from the Talmud.

So then, it’s the easiest thing in the world for all these satanic ‘xtian mystics’ who formed these secret societies to have their agents in the media ‘blame’ everything on the authentic Jews and their ‘Talmud’.


On the old blog, I started to bring together a lot of info that showed that ‘returning the Jews to their own State of Israel’ was actually a project of these same ‘xtian kabbalists’ behind all these demonic secret societies.

They just used a few masonic Jews in the community as their front men and ‘puppet leaders’ to bring that project to fruition.

And that’s still happening today.


Just to spell this out clearly:

While the freemason-controlled media and alt-media is telling everyone that ‘the Jews infiltrated the global governance structures’ all over the world – this is actually projection and the opposite of what is going on.

What is really going on is that the demonic (xtian-mystic) Freemasons infiltrated the Jewish community all over the world, and is using their ‘obviously Jewish’ puppets to obscure who is really behind all the evil, all the wars, all the effort to constrict, control and subvert humanity away from having a true connection with God.

It’s all backwards.

As usual.

And we finally break the spell of these demonic masons when we ourselves return wholeheartedly to God, and to His Torah, and become the real ‘light unto the nations’ God designed us to be.

May it happen very speedily, in our days.



16 replies
  1. Sara
    Sara says:

    So, you’re saying the magen David is not originally a Jewish symbol? That’s very concerning, as I noticed recently it being used in “kosher” meditations. Where can I get more information? Thank you.

      • Danny
        Danny says:

        There are very few shuls which dont have a “Star of David” somewhere inside.

        Is it even permissable to daven when one is on display?

        Kiss the Arc or Torah Scroll which has one one?

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          This was a big discussion on the old blog.

          The consensus seems to be that now, we are kind of ‘stuck’ with it, so until Moshiach comes and sorts all this out properly, we are ‘raising the sparks’ in this symbol.

          everything is such a mess….

  2. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    It’s good for us that tomorrow has a special time of Hashem’s mercy for us, a very auspicious time for private tefilla. It is the 9th day of Kislev, on the 9th day, at the 9th hour and 9th minute 1:42 PM – 1:51 Israel time, for 9 minutes. Hopefully we can take advantage of this special 9 minutes for brachot and yeshuot. From the sefer Bris Menucha.

  3. Malka
    Malka says:

    Rivka, early morning hours today I felt something good is happening in Israel. I said to myself, something has changed! And now I see your writing and I am thrilled!!!!!! I am with you 100 percent it is spiritual war. In fact, probably all wars on Jews were spiritual. I think people will not stop praying. Trust in man has diminished. This is why I think Trump will win- because they need to switch trust back to puppets. We will probably see strong right wing governments popping everywhere- like some “miracle”… I don’t think even Trump will have it easy. He will be there to promote next tyranny- most likely digital currency. We all feel steps of Moshiach. I think there are more evil steps coming before that. We all pay price, just like now! Who was not there at concert begging people to stop entering? Who was not there begging people not to go, because they will kill not only themselves, but am Israel!?( Now this became a fact!!!) Who was not there providing alternative- True joy of gathering and dancing at Simchat Torah? Who is there to fight avodah Zara in Israel? It is not job of government! Going forward, there need to be guard system at every event that promotes other than our God. Decrying Jews who go there. Stirring their consciousness AT THe CRITiCAL venues of avodah Zara, etc. How good that person would feel! It is a great point to start spiritual recovery!

  4. Molly
    Molly says:

    I learned something interesting today. It was an older video, about 12 years old, just as a review of the layout of the Torah. Well anyway it was striking to me that Abraham was born 1948 years following creation. And that the first 2 Torah portions contain 2023 years of history. And the third portion begins when Abraham is 75, in the year 2023. It struck me as interesting that Israel is 75 this year, in the common era 2023. Not sure what to do with this info lol, but it certainly got my attention anyway.

  5. Jeremy M
    Jeremy M says:

    The initiation ceremony reminds me, when I think a little deeper, of the “story mode” initiation (since removed) of a game I played called MagicDuel. It took a long time to convince myself to leave that game’s community behind…

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Interesting… I wonder how much of this ‘secret spells’ stuff is really going on to trap people’s souls, or at least a bit of it, in all the ‘tumah’ without them even realising.

      That seems to be at least part of the UN’s Blavatsky-inspired ceremony too.

      • Jeremy M
        Jeremy M says:

        Yeah, the game at least made no secret of including, in its words, “a mechanical device to capture a soul”…what can I say, I got involved before I started believing all the soul business.


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