Questions about tunnels

There was an article that appeared on YNET yesterday, about the Hamas tunnels in Gaza.

It was talking about the massive ‘tunnel boring’ machinery Hamas has, to make all these massive tunnels deep under ground.

I can’t find that article now…. but this one, with Sinwar’s brother driving through the Hamas tunnel on the border between Gaza and Israel, shows just how big we are talking:


How did these massive bits of tunnel-digging equipment get shipped to Gaza, and our government and army apparently had no idea that was happening?


On a related but separate note, here’s another surprising new tunnel that was just recently publicised:


I don’t have Telegram, but if you do, Daniel Amram has a discussion with someone from Chabad who apparently explained that the Rebbe gave permission for this tunnel to be dug.

HERE is the channel, and this is a translated screenshot.

Feel free to listen to the interview and share anything that catches your eye.


But in the meantime… sure is interesting, all these tunnels being dug all over the place.


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