Riding the charidee train

A couple of days ago, I got this email – even though I barely sign up for anything and I have no idea how they got my details.



No website…. no registered charity number…

But I click the link and it takes me to the donation platform Rayze.it, and this strange message:


I’m not an expert on what brigades and battalions there are in the IDF.

Please, feel free to write to me and tell me exactly what this ‘910th Battalion’ is, because on the Wiki page listing the IDF’s brigades it’s not mentioned at all.

Maybe it’s real, maybe it’s not.

Point is: I have no idea.


So then, I start scooting around to see who exactly is running this slick marketing campaign for the 910th Battalion.

Scrolling down that same page on the Rayze-it platform, I get to this:


They apparently already raised more than $16k….

But who are they?

And what is the connection to ‘EZRAT ACHIM’?

Apparently, EZRAT ACHIM is this organisation, being run out of Bet Shemesh.

Again, I don’t know if this is real, legit, or not – take a look at their ‘War support‘ tab and see just how much expensive military gear seems to be cropping up in those pictures…

The point is – the POINT IS – so many organisations have just jumped on to ‘the war’ to tap into all that fundraising ‘good vibe’ that is currently washing all over the place.

And probably, at least some of them are very good and ‘legit’.

But I would caution you to be extremely careful about where your money is really going.


While we’re on the subject….

How much of the extra $1 billion + that was raised by the beginning of December by places like the ‘Jewish Joint’ and the ‘Jewish Federations of North America’ – how much of that do you think actually got to soldiers who need equipment, and evacuees who are stuck in hotels while their livelihood went down the pan?

If you check out the JDC’s page on their war effort for Israel…. it doesn’t really answer that question.

At all.


If you go to the Wayback Machine HERE and click through the ‘evolution’ of that fundraising page since October 7th – it still doesn’t really answer the question of where did all that extra money actually go?!?

This is a screenshot from November 20, 2023, where the JDC talks about what they were going to do with all that extra cash being so generously donated by the Jews of North America:


Maybe, all this happened and I just have totally, absolutely no idea about it.

Set me straight, tell me all about your first-hand experiences of how this money got to those who really need it.

Because in my small dalet amot, I am seeing none of this happening around me.

What I AM seeing is amazing local volunteer efforts, with so many people giving their time, effort and money directly to the people who need it.

But nothing to do – at all – with the JDC.


Here’s their ‘Israel Emergency fundraising page’ from today:


Does this sound like a ‘billion dollars’ worth to you?

Does it sound like most of this stuff even went specifically to the people directly involved in the atrocity of October 7th?

Where was the government funding in all this – or are we meant to believe that those 8,300 ‘traumatised children and parents’ were only getting therapy funded by the JDC and nobody else?

Compare and contrast with the screenshot from November – you can see for yourself, they raised funds for one thing, and then basically spent most of those funds on stuff they were already doing.

(If, at all.)


OK, we’ll stop there.

If our precious soldiers don’t have the equipment they need – let them come home already!

And let this most corrupt of corrupt, failed States find a different way to ‘solve’ the Hamas problem it created itself – with yet more of our taxpayers’ money.

And is continuing to support, by sending more humanitarian aid to Gaza, (including things like steel girders….) which Hamas just steals anyway.

So the Hamas has the strength and ‘energy’ they need to continue fighting against our poor soldiers.


Personally, I have a way, way better place to be putting my charity money.

It’s going to poor families who are learning Torah mamash lishma.

It’s going to keep the lights on at the shul down on Ido HaNavi.

It’s going to buy clothes for girls who can’t afford new skirts.

And it’s going, most of all, to try to ‘sweeten the judgments’ on our poor, battered nation, so that our soldiers can come home, the evil will fall – and no other precious Jew has to be killed or injured, on the path to geula.

BH, I will tell you more about that soon.


While I was typing this up, my newly-married daughter called me from the supermarket.

She was totally shocked at how much money she just spend – even in Osher Ad – to buy basic groceries for a week.

I don’t know what’s happening by you, but here in Israel, a lot of the food prices are starting to shoot up in a very alarming way.

I really am starting to fear for large families who don’t have a lot of cash, about how they can continue to buy even basic staples for their kids.

In this failed State that spends 60-100 billion a year on a useless army, that apparently can’t predict or stop massive ‘terrorist attacks’, can’t provide soldiers with even basic stuff like helmets and waterproof tents, and apparently also can’t give the families of reservists even basic financial help so they don’t implode while the husband and father is away fighting its wars for them….

I am feeling more and more like there needs to be a huge, massive re-organisation of priorities, even if Moshiach takes another few decades to show up, God forbid.


Make sure the kids have enough food – every single kid in the country.

Make sure the ‘holocaust survivors’ – many of whom are also used as fundraising fodder, in such a disgusting way – are cared for with dignity.

Stop spending all the money on hitech ‘start-ups’ that are just excuses to funnel taxpayers’ money from the poor to the super-rich-and-still-grasping-for-more people who run the show here – and everywhere else in the world.

All this ‘yuck’ just continues, until the small people stop buying into this warped paradigm, and start really, really calling out to Hashem to save us from the evil.

That’s our main job right now – it’s our only real option.

And boy, do we need to get on with doing that.


PS: This is a list of all the ‘official’ dead and wounded from the Gaza operation so far.

It’s already at well over a thousand…. 160+ dead, and well over 800 wounded.

We really need our soldiers back home, and out of the death trap that’s been carefully prepared for them by the same people who ‘let’ October 7 happen (at best….)

And someone else just sent me THIS interesting story, about Pfizer using wounded soldiers in Gaza for more medical experiments with zero informed-consent.


Tatty, come and rescue us all already. Please.

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  1. Avigail
    Avigail says:

    Hi Rivka,

    I don’t give to any American Jewish Fundraisers nor do i respond (usually) to the rash of emails that come after an emergency situation. They are playing on people’ emotions. I go directly to the source.
    Most organizations that operate on donations have web sites. Supporting the organizations that you personally know something about is the safest bet that your donation money is going to good ground. I try my best to do away with the middleman. I am not especially trustful of the American Jewish fundraising organizations, esp when the CEO’s get a 6 digit salary, or more. I feel if they can afford to pay their CEO that much, they really don’t need my pittance. I don’t want to offend anyone, however, there are ways to check out an organization to see where there donation money’s go. Charity Navigator is a great source for checking out the financial statements, CEO salary, source of income, etc. I have often wondered if there is something like this site in Israel. The only time Charity Navigator has info on Israeli funds is if the organization has offices in the US, from my experience.

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    My G-d…. who would have imagined such a scenario – worst corruption imaginable: what a despicable, horrendous plan for Am Yisrael!. Every single one of the monsters responsible for this state of affairs has to be brought to justice – but in which NON-CORRUPT court? Are there any at all, besides some holy Beit Din – if there is even such a thing? And even so, who would listen to the Beth Din? Only the Beit Din shel Maala can help. How do we ask Hashem to be the JUDGE of these poor soldiers, and all victims of Oct. 7?… Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Simply unreal, to imagine they are capable of such an evil, disgusting plot. And may Hashem bring justice and healing to all families affected by this monstrous conspiracy. Amen.

  3. אור הגאולה
    אור הגאולה says:

    המשיח בא אליו חזון עשרה בטבת,,,אמר לו זמן המשיח יבוא השנה בין פורים פסח תשפ”ד
    עדר סטודנטים מהרב המקובל שלום שרעבי


    חשוב לחדד, ב עשרה בטבת מחריזים על הגאולה.
    תשפ”ד בזמן שושן פורים

    תשפ”ד עשרה בטבת, תשפ”ד

    איזה רב צדיק אמר שבערב פסח תגמר המלחמה ואז ירד אור גדול , כנראה משיח ובית מקדש
    אור הגאולה

    נכון בניסן נגאלנו בניסן ניגאל, אז אנחנו בסוף ויהיה אור גדול, אבל רק סבלנות זה כבר לא שנים אלא ממש כמה חודשים עד ניסן, אבל האור לא מתגלה בבת אחת אלא בהדרגה, באדר נתחיל לראות את האור כי בזמן שושן פורים הייתה גאולה באהבה וההיסטוריה חוזרת על עצמה, תלמדו מגילה ופרשת שבוע הכל מדבר על הגאולה איך היא תיראה.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I’ve read some of the stuff ‘debunking’ a few weeks ago.

      I have very mixed feelings about all this, because atrocities for sure were perpetrated by Hamas, and all their little Esavian helpers, on Oct 7th – and also afterwards, with the hostages they took to Gaza.

      Even, just taking civilians – any civilian – hostage back to Gaza is an ‘atrocity’.

      Even if they weren’t old people and literally babes-in-arms.

      So, my main problem with this guy is he’s ‘debunking’ the ‘baked baby’ stuff whilst ignoring the elephant in the room – that YES, taking ANY civilian hostage, shooting ANY civilian dead, even without torturing and raping them, is clearly a horrible, terrible atrocity, and that was clearly done on a very large scale on Simchat Torah, by ‘the poor Palestinians’, and of course, their US handlers and helpers and enablers.

      This is by no means all black-and-white, because the Palestinians in Gaza are not the ‘innocent victims’ in all this, as the Rav has been setting out according to halacha.

      Any Gazan who aided and abetted what happened on Oct 7th, who didn’t protest the kidnappings publically etc, who was happy about all the slaughter of Jews going on – that person is liable for the maximum penalty, according to halacha (although, this too is not black and white, and there are opposing opinions.)

      At the same time…. every time Eli Beer, the WEF posterboy, pops up in a story…

      Let’s just say the credibility of the story takes a battering.

      And I’ve also noticed a very curious phenomenon on the Oct 7 Stories site – hey, wait a minute.

      That site has now disappeared.

      You can see an archived version here:


      Very interesting.

      That site was put up to counter the lies being told by pro-Palestinian propagandists that Hamas didn’t actually invade Israel and kill a bunch of Jews….

      It was a very useful resource of first-hand stories, that really did show that something really bad was going on – and also, the total lack of response from the ‘army’, for hours and even days.

      So I don’t know why it’s been pulled….

      But what I was going to say, is that I was religiously reading every story, and I didn’t see a single story of anyone being raped, or witnessing a rape.

      Which I found extremely strange, especially as the site said this:

      On October 7th, 2023, Israel was hit by the terrorist organization, Hamas, which launched a brutal assault on southern Israel.
      Without mercy or remorse, they murdered and kidnapped hundreds of innocent civilians, including the elderly, women, and children. They infiltrated peaceful towns, setting homes ablaze and subjecting families to the horrors of abduction and annihilation.

      Their cruelty reached an unfathomable peak with a devastating massacre, claiming the lives of hundreds of individuals at a vibrant music festival. What was once an evening of joy became a symphony of unimaginable suffering.

      This website stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of survivors who bear witness to the unspeakable terrors of October 7th, horrors that continue to haunt the hearts and minds of countless souls across the land of Israel.

      “Warning: some of these stories are extremely difficult and describe war crimes involving violence, rape and brutality.”


      There was a lot of violence and brutality going on, totally.

      Just, I couldn’t find any first-hand stories of rape – either happening to the person themselves, or being witnessed.

      That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen – Shani Louk, for example, was photographed being dragged on to the back of a truck like a piece of meat, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happened next, poor woman.

      But for sure, there were strange ‘gaps’ in those first-hand accounts that didn’t jive with the official story.

      Because the first casualty in any war is always the truth.


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