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Shavua Tov!

‘Weird world’ is continuing in Israel at the moment, with most of the population walking around in a semi-depressed state (at best….) because of what’s going on in Gaza.

The Rav didn’t come out for prayers over Shabbat, because he didn’t feel well.

BH, he will have a speedy recovery – please pray for Rav Eliezer ben Ettia to have a total refuah shleimah.

It’s not the first time – at all – that when the nation approaches some sort of serious crisis point, somehow it all gets ‘sweetened’ – as the Rav’s health takes a serious nose-dive.

BH, it won’t get to that again.

Bezrat Hashem.


In the meantime, lots of interesting stuff from last week’s bunch of shiurim, brought down in Shivivei Or 1043.

I translated the bits that most took my eye….

Have a read, think for yourself what is really going on here.

It seems to me that more and more people are calling out the lies all over the place….

We are not yet at the place where that’s translating into things changing tachlis on the ground. But geula comes riding slowly on a donkey, where one person, then another person, than another person, wakes up, and stops participating in ‘the world of lies’.

Until one day, we wake up and it’s simply imploded all by itself.

Hopefully, with no more of our young men getting their limbs blown off, or losing their lives.

(We already covered the idea that all the psychos ‘cheerleading’ for war, war, and yet more war, are literally insane…. we don’t need to belabor that point.)


Excerpt from Shiur given on Motzae Shabbat, October 23, 2024 at the Beit HaRav.

(The shiur is based on the teachings of the Pele Yoetz.)

A person doesn’t get married for the ‘yetzer hara’ (evil inclination).

Whoever gets married for their yetzer hara – it’s forbidden to go to their wedding.

The Rebbe (Rebbe Nachman) says on page 52[1] that it’s forbidden to go to the wedding, because the whole wedding is being done for the yetzer hara.


[The following comes from the Pele Yoetz, which the Rav reads out to the audience.]

This is more terrible than a person who slaughters children.”[2]

If a person slaughters his child, he doesn’t do anything [compared with bringing children to the world whilst in a state of lustfully serving the yetzer hara].

But, if he trains [his child] to serve the yetzer hara…


All the masons, the bonim chofshim (freemasons), their ‘symbol’ is the Beit HaMikdash (Temple).

They want to make a new religion, that the Beit HaMikdash will be in Jerusalem, and each person will do whatever he wants.

Everyone will come to ‘pray’, and everyone will just do whatever they want. And their whole goal is make a new religion, and the Beit HaMikdash will be at its centre – but each person will do whatever they want to do.

Everyone can come to their Beit HaMikdash to pray – an Arab, a notzri, it doesn’t matter. An Indian, someone from India, from China, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, everyone – all the nations united under a single ‘Beit HaMikdash’.

And this is the symbol, of the Beit HaMikdash.


And even, even B.B. is a member there.

Everyone is a hever (member, but can also mean ‘friend’). Biden is a member.

They have protection.

Whoever is a member, so they work with the courts so that nothing should be done to them.

He can steal, kill – whatever he wants.

(So now, everyone should go and become a member of the bonim chofshim…. Everyone.)


[Watch the first couple of minutes of this interesting video of our dear PM addressing congress back in 2011…. and how chummy he obviously is with the then VP….Joe Biden… who obviously ‘crosses’ himself as he’s being addressed. We are so used to ‘weird’ from Joe Biden, this probably no longer registers on the ‘weird’ scale. But it’s still weird.]


[Skipping quite a bit]

So now, we are asking everyone, that on the night of Nital (xmas eve), not to hang around on the streets, and to be careful….

Because now, the Hamas, in another little while, will already get to Jerusalem.

Because the plan was for the Hamas to get to Ashdod. This was the plan of the medina.

That by way of this, they would pull the ‘right’ down. Everything was planned.

They went through all the security teams, from all the kibbutzim, and took their weapons away from them.

They sent them [i.e. The army units usually stationed on the border] to Huwara, they sent them to here, they emptied out the whole army.[3]


And those that came, they didn’t give them guns.

They told them, we don’t have the key to the armoury….We need to do a list – to give out [the guns] according to the list.

And like this, they dragged it out for two days, three.

They only got to Kissufim on the fourth day, in the morning. And the earliest they got there was 10pm at night (i.e. Motzae Simchat Torah), after they’d already slaughtered a thousand young men and a thousand young women.

All this was planned.


Now, they publicised that everything was planned, down to the smallest exact details, which day, and everything.

Everything was exact. Everything was exact. It wasn’t ‘stam’ (happenstance). Everything was exact, with the greatest degree of precision.

Mamash, like it was by the [….], where everything was also done precisely.

That’s how they managed to get six million to ‘ascend’ on the fire.

And now, 1,500 went up on the fire, and 400 soldiers, just in order to reconquer the kibbutzim from the Hamas.



[1] Of Likutey Halachot, Orach Chaim, Part 3 – written by Rabbi Natan Sternhartz.

[2] See Pele Yoetz, letter zayin, ‘Zugot’ (couples).

[3] In a footnote to this comment in the Shivivei Or Newsletter, the editor explains that in a seperate shiur, the Rav spoke about how shlichim from Chabad went around to army bases in the South during Sukkot with arbeh minot to have soldiers shake the lulav, etc, and they found that there were hardly any soldiers on the bases.


PS: I just found THIS article on ‘Freemasonry Watch’…. very, very interesting.

The whole site is very interesting, but the article linked to above explains a lot of the stuff I’m also tripping over, from different angles, about who is really running our little patch of the world.


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  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Very difficult to read this, Rivka; I am glad you shared it, thank you. Who knows what the PA is doing there these days….???

    Barry certainly knew a lot, didn’t he? He did such great investigations, what a wonderful and devoted Jew he was. You should know that he spent a Shabbat in our home in the NY mountains, and I was also a guest on his radio show. We worked together towards the end of his life. And when he passed away in Florida, I made sure he would be buried in Israel – raised funds for his transport and burial in Yerushalayim. And indeed, his coffin is in Har Menuchot, you can find it there. B”H! He certainly deserved to be buried in Eretz Hakodesh, considering his sacrifices for Israel – and for Har Habayit, and rebuilding of the Beth Hamikdash in Jewish hands! Zichrono livrachah – may his memory be blessed. Amen


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