The mystery daughter of the Alter Rebbe

The story begins with a book called ‘The Vilna Gaon and His Cousinhood’.

My husband tripped over it in the library, and I went back and took a look.

Long story short, I went through the whole book, and there, on page 226, I saw a family tree that said the following:

Pinchas Reizes Shick married an unnamed daughter of the Alter Rebbe, Baal HaTanya.

Apparently, they had a son called ‘Zeev Shick’.

And apparently, he had three children.


I don’t need to tell you that whoever this ‘unnamed daughter’ of the Alter Rebbe is has been totally scrubbed out of the history books.

(I have a feeling that he married Frieda Schneerson, but we’ll come back to that below.)

Pinchas Reizes Shick was meant to be a very beloved talmid of the Alter Rebbe – but he’s also been mostly ‘scrubbed’ out of the history books.

So, I went looking to see what more I could tickle out about PINCHAS REIZES (ROSANES) SHICK (died 1825, in Lubavitch).


The first place I went was Chabadpedia, in Hebrew, which still has more of the gems of real info that have just been disappeared most everywhere else.

HERE is the page for PINCHAS ROZANES, and this is the translated snippet:

[He] married the daughter of Rebbetzin Reza Berlin of Shklov.

The fast-thinkers out there will have already realised that if Pinchas Reizes Shick is meant to be the Alter Rebbe’s son-in-law…. Then that makes ‘Rebbetzin Reza Berlin of Shklov’ the Alter Rebbe’s wife.

Except… Of course, her entry is a dead end. And I can’t find any details about her, currently (I suspect because there is a family link-up between ‘Reza Berlin of Shklov’ and the Netziv, Naftali Zvi Berlin, Volozhin Rosh Yeshiva.)


Parking that for now, I also learnt some more interesting things on that Chabadpedia page.

Like, apparently, there was a ‘war of succession’ over who was going to lead ‘Chabad’ (it probably wasn’t even called that….) after the death of the Alter Rebbe.

Apparently, the Mitteler Rebbe’s daughter was married to R Mordechai of Tchernoble, and he was also vying to lead the chassidim. (Interestingly, there is no talk at all about ‘Moshe Schneuri’, who was meant to be the youngest son of the Alter Rebbe who converted to xtianity, like so many of the Sabbateans who were following the example of Jacob Frank at that time.)

You’ll recall that ‘Moshe Shneuri’ married Shira Rivlin, from the close family of the Vilna Gaon, who moves to Israel.

And apparently, no-one knows what happened to that xtian son of the Alter Rebbe.


Anyway, Pinchas Reizes Shick was given the job of being the ‘kingmaker’ by the Alter Rebbe, and he threw his weight firmly behind the Mitteler Rebbe, Dov Ber Shneerson.

He was clearly a really important dude in the whole Chabad constellation….

But he’s been mostly scrubbed for a whole bunch of reasons, some of which I still haven’t figure out, but one thing I can tell you:

Pinchas Shick’s niece ‘Elke / Wilhemina’ was married to the leader of the Frankists, ‘Moses Dobruska’.

(Take a look at geni, HERE.)

Time and time again, we keep finding the people that link the Rebbes of Chabad, and the close family members of the ‘Vilna Gaon’, directly to ‘Frankist royalty’.

And that’s just the small bits of info they haven’t managed to totally scrub out the picture.


Please recall, the Sabbatean-Frankists believed in a false messiah, who was akin to the yoshki idea of ‘bringing God ‘down to earth’, as an incarnate being.

If you peruse Chabad philosophy, you will find this idea stated specifically, even now, in many of Chabad’s teachings.

The Sabbatean-Frankists also had very tight links to royalty and ‘non-Jewish governments’.

And last, but so not least, they were VERY interested in creating a homeland for the Jews in Eretz Yisrael…. (And so was the Vilna Gaon and his followers….)

But not exactly for the reasons we all believe.


There are more interesting things about what was going on in Shklov with the Alter Rebbe and the three big ‘mitnagdim’ who arranged for him to get arrested, at least the first time.

They are all people you’ve heard about already if you’ve been with me for a while, but go check out their Chabadpedia pages – there’s a lot of very interesting details there that really show the version of history we’ve all been taught is basically hogwash.

Take a look at the pages for:


Joshua Zeitlin

Natan Nata Notkin

Abraham Peretz – son in law of Zeitlin, business partner of Notkin, and a guy who converted out to xtianity in St Petersburg.


Peretz, Zeitlin and Notkin are said to be ‘friends’ with the leading maskil Yehuda Leib Nowakovitch, who also ends up converting out to xtianity.

Yehuda Leib is the main translator of all the documents into Russian that were used to get Shneur Zalman arrested by the authorities for treason against the government.

He was also one of the very first Russian freemasons…. And for sure, there is a lot more to write about what was really going on there.


To put it another way: the State of Israel has always been a project of the masons, and the masons found Jewish members of their lodges and secret societies to ‘front’ the project.

That explains a lot, doesn’t it?


OK, so back to ‘PINCHAS REIZES SHICK’, who apparently married some unknown daughter of the Alter Rebbe of Chabad.

I was tootling around on Geni, trying to find who this ‘unknown daughter’ might actually be, when I tripped over one of the so-called duplicate trees that the Geni gatekeepers want everyone to ignore as being ‘made up’.

You can see that tree for yourself HERE, and it’s for one ‘Bila Segal (nee Lowensohn)’.

According to this ‘alternative tree’, there is someone called JUDAH LEIB LOWENSOHN (LOWY) – same surname as ‘BARUCH LOWY’, the shadowy figure who is meant to be the dad of the Alter Rebbe.



Kid one:

BILA LOWENSOHN – marries one R JUDAH LEIB SEGAL (1720-1745), and has a daughter called LEA LEA SEGAL (1766 – 1792) – who is probably the real DEVORAH LEAH, said to be the daughter of the Alter Rebbe.

‘LEA LEA’ marries SHALOM SHACHNE ALTSHULER – and has two children.

  1. The TZEMACH TZEDEK – 3rd rebbe of Chabad.


Kid two:


And this is where the story whooshes off into ‘incredible land’, once again.

ISAAC DOV LOWENSOHN has two kids (that are listed).

  1. LEON LOWENSOHN marries ‘LEA’, and has three very interesting kids:

      a. OLGA, marries her first cousin ABRAHAM MOSES RAFFALOVICH (1783-1859) – (more about them, and all these other kids, in a mo.)

     b. LEVI YEHONASON LOWENSOHN marries RIVKA, the grand-daughter of none other than the false messiah, JACOB FRANK (via his son who marries a daughter of BENJAMIN RIVLIN, the Gabiah HaKesef, and father of HILLEL RIVLIN.)

c. BELLA (d. 1841), marries a famous merchant and banker from Berdychev / Odessa, called CHARLES JOACHIM (CHAIM) EPHRUSSI.


  1. REIZEL LOWENSOHN marries MOSES RAFFALOVICH, and they have three kids (that are listed):

a. ABRAHAM MOSES RAFFALOVICH marries his first cousin OLGA, above.

b. SOLOMON MOSES RAFFALOVICH (1790-1846) marries RIVKA (1800-1860).

c. R’ KALMAN MOSHE RAFFALOVICH marries ‘unknown daughter of LOWENSOHN’.


Before we move on, remember that the Sabbatean-Frankists only married their own, especially at this period of time.

Yet again, we are finding ‘JACOB FRANK’ in the family tree of both the Chabad Rebbes, and also the leading followers and Perushim of the Vilna Gaon.

And now, we’re going to see how this family of ‘scrubbed’ Raffalovichs were actually up to some very interesting things in Eretz Yisrael, and other ways, too.


So, ABRAHAM MOSES RAFFALOVICH and his wife/cousin OLGA apparently have 13 kids.

I won’t go through all of them here (although I researched each one….) – let’s just look at the really ‘interesting’ ones.

What I’m looking for at this point is anyone who was playing a leading role in the ‘State of Israel’ project, big bankers – and / or people who converted and became leading catholics.

On all three counts, we hit the jackpot with this family.


One of ABRAHAM and OLGA’S kids is LEON ANISIMOVIC RAFFALOVICH (1813-1879). He marries his first cousin (Jacob Frank’s great-grandaughter) ROSETTE LOWENSOHN (1807-1895).

They have three kids.

  • ELENA marries an Italian senator called DOMENICO COMPARETTI, and their grandson LORENZO MILANI becomes a very big priest in the Roman Catholic church (and suspected pedophile….).
  • MARIE (1832-1921) marries her uncle HERMAN RAFFALOVICH – and they have a flamboyantly homosexual son called MARC ANDRE RAFFALOVICH who becomes a Dominican Priest, and devotes his life to writing ‘theological tracts’ explaining why celibate gay men make the very best priests….

(‘Hebrew-Catholic’ Athol Bloomer, who first clued me in to the Frankist take-over of the Jewish community – albeit with a lot of misdirection – has a very interesting post about him HERE.)


OK, before we get to the EPHRUSSI part of this story – which is even more crazy – let’s take a look at another influential RAFFALOVICH.


And he’s the guy who helped to start up that AHAVA ‘secret society’ in Israel that maneuvred AVRAHAM YITZHAK HAKOHEN KOOK into his job as the first ‘Chief Rabbi’, amongst many other things involving ‘our top rabbis’.


Read more about AHAVA on the Hebrew Wikipedia HERE, this is the relevant snippet about this particular RAFFALOVICH:

YESHAYAHU RAFAELOWITZ – “He was the founder and first president of the World Ahva Society, the Chief Rabbi of Brazil and the Chief Rabbi of the British Army in Palestine.” 

Married the daughter of ISRAEL DOV FRUMKIN –  “Israel Dov Frumkin’s great-grandson—is Carmi Gilon, who was head of the Shabak (Israeli security service).”


Go and look up what Carmi Gillon recently said about religious Jews in the Holy Land.

More of the pieces of the puzzle will start to slot into place.



Always the same tight little nest of Freemason-Frankists.

Here’s a bit more about him:

Raffalovich left for Europe, where he studied in Berlin and London, obtaining his rabbinical diploma at the Hildesheimer Seminary in Berlin. He served congregations in Manchester and Wales and the Hope Place Synagogue in Liverpool (1904–24).

While on a mission to South America in 1923, he was invited by the *Jewish Colonization Association (ICA) to go to Brazil as its representative, promote immigration to that country, and serve as a spiritual guide to the Jewish community. In this capacity he toured the country, established welfare institutions and improved already existing ones, and helped the newly established communities and synagogues.


And of course, set up an extremely influential secret society in Israel, that maneuvred it’s own people into all the key positions, religiously.

Of course.

His family tree on Geni is HERE – and you can learn some more interesting things, if you care to.

Like, his maternal grandpa was apparently that same NISSAN BAK who was the agent of ‘R ISRAEL OF RUZHIN’ (aka MOSHE TZVI of SAVRAN, main persecutor of R NATAN of BRESLOV) in Eretz Israel.

This snippet comes from Wiki, HERE:

Nisan Bak (1815–1889) was a leader of the Hasidic Jewish community of the Old Yishuv in Ottoman Palestine. He was the founder of two Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem, Kirya Ne’emana (better known as Batei Nissan Bak) and a Yemenite Jewish neighborhood, and builder of the Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue, also known as the Nisan Bak Shul.


And at the same time he was also apparently a big chussid of ‘ISRAEL of RUZHIN’,and acting ‘as the local head of the Ruzhin-Sadagura dynasty….

Bak was also a pioneer of the Jewish Enlightenment, or Haskalah, within his community, together with his brother-in-law I.D. Frumkin,”

Well, fancy that.


This branch of the RAFFALOVICHS also descend from R BARUCH of MEDZHIBOZ – Rabbenu’s uncle.

I am willing to bet you a million to one there is a very interesting story hiding out behind him, that would shed a lot more light on why he actually tried to literally kill Rebbe Nachman, his nephew.


Meanwhile, ISRAEL DOV FRUMKIN descends from those same ZEITLINS we started off with, and is also related to the Chabad Rebbes of KAPOST.

Oh, and his daughter marries BENJAMIN DISKIN.

Always the same small world.


OK, let’s wrap this up with BELLA LOWENSOHN who marries CHARLES JOACHIM CHAIM EPHRUSSI (1793-1864).

They have two kids (but he marries twice, and there are a lot more interesting descendants from that pairing, too.)

  1. LEON (HAIM) EFRUSSI (1826-1871) marries MINNA LANDAU of Brody, and
  2. IGNAZ RITTER VON EPHRUSSI (1829-1899) (he got ennobled….) marries EMILIA PORGES.

This could literally carry on for another three hours, but let’s cut to the chase, here.

The ‘PORGES-SPIROs’ were a very famous family of Frankists, and also related to ‘Jonas Natan EYBSHUTZ (SHAPIRO) – whoever that guy actually was, really.

There is a whole website HERE dedicated to the ‘Porges as Frankists’, and amazingly, it didn’t get scrubbed yet.

But as I keep telling you, all these people strictly married just each other, across many, many generations.


Meanwhile, ‘MINNA EPHRUSSI’ is the great-granddaughter of the NODAH B’YEHUDA, EZEKIEL LANDAU.

Like this:



I have to tell you, my research is routinely throwing up lots of children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the Nodah B’Yehuda, who married Frankist royalty.

I don’t know what all this means.

You remember the Nodah B’Yehuda famously covered up for EYBSHUTZ, and shut the whole controversy around him down, so it could be ‘spiritual payback’, that so many of his descendants either apostasized (like the famous maskil of Uman, MOSES LANDAU), and / or married Frankists, and / or converted out.

There’s a lot of funny business around the Nodah b’Yehuda’s family tree – particuarly with his descendants who seemed to have moved to Israel and got important positions here.

But that’s a research project for another time.


In the meantime, Minna’s sister ZISSELE LANDAU married one JOSHUA HESCHEL (OSIAS) SCHORR….

Another maskil and ‘fervent Jewish nationalist’ descending from that same, infamous, family of Sabbatean-Frankists… And you can read all about him HERE.


Let’s end with two really ‘out there’ links.

I’m not saying either of these things are true…. But they are certainly interesting.

Link 1:

A very interesting article about another of Odessa banker CHARLES EPHRUSSI’s sons, MAURICE EPHRUSSI, who married a roth….child and who Clifford Shack suggests might have fathered Stalin….

To me, it’s still quite the stretch, but it’s not totally impossible.


Link 2:

While I was researching the name LOWENSOHN I came across these really strange references to an artist named EMILY LOWENSTAMM – who apparently gave art lessons to one Adolf Hitler.

Maybe, you heard of him.

(The name is just another variation of that same surname, and with this family, there are a LOT of variations being used.)

She apparently sketched Hitler and Lenin playing chess together in Vienna as young men…

As always, think for yourself.

The more we uncover here, the more ‘birur’ there is to do.






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