Rav Elmaliach: Gog and Magog began Sukkot, Techiat HaMeitim Pesach

Thanks to Nechama for sending me this.


It’s Rav Elmaliach, one of the students of the Rav, and also a big kabbalist in his own right.

He’s bringing sources that seem to indicate 5784 (koach times koach) will be the year of geula.

And that Gog u’Magog may have begun Sukkot.

And that techiat hametim could be Pesach.

And that only Moshiach can get us out of the terrible pickle we are currently in.

We only have Hashem to rely on.


In the meantime…

Can someone please explain to me how our government has an apparently unending budget to keep renewing ‘bring them home’ posters, and to keep spending huge amounts of money on that ‘bring them home’ campaign – while I am still getting emails telling me our soldiers don’t have even basic equipment?

They are sleeping on the Northern border in puddles, because their tents aren’t water-proof….

They don’t have vests….helmets….goggles….

How is this possible?


The State spends a minimum of 60 billion a year on the army (and I’ve seen some suggestion it’s 100 billion A YEAR) – and yet the soldiers don’t have basic equipment?!

And yet, our government is still spending hundreds of thousands of shekels (more like: millions….) every single week cranking ‘bring them home’ up again, on pretty much every billboard across the whole country?


If you want to tell me there is no budget for basic equipment, because the corrupt State spent billions investing in hi-tech start-ups, that saw lots of the usual suspects walking away as instant millionaires….

Then of course, I would have to tell you that even the State couldn’t be that venal and corrupt.



But in the meantime, can I suggest a ‘tweak’ to ‘bring them home’ – to include all our soldiers?

Like, right now?

People’s families and businesses are mamash falling apart.

I know one woman with five small kids whose husband ‘volunteered’ for the reserves three months ago…. and she is mamash starting to crack up, trying to manage the whole situation essentially alone.

This can’t continue like this for too much longer.

At least, not in its current format.


BH, may we hear good news.

And may geula unfold the sweet way, as more and more people finally start to understand that the way to stop all the damim being spilled is by paying more damim in pidyonot – money instead of blood – and / or, by acting with mesirut nefesh – self-sacrifice – to sanctify God’s name whilst still actually staying totally healthy and alive.






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  1. Nechama
    Nechama says:

    B”H regardless, we should give where we KNOW they will be giving it FORWARD to help the husbands, brothers, sons, fathers, grandfathers, cousins, the backbone of Am Yisrael, our Nation. This I believe is what HaShem wants us to do to show our hakoras hatov to those fighting (whatever) against Amalek! HaShem is with the soldiers – we need to be with HaShem!!
    This could very well be the last WAR. PURIM surprises, PESACH the final redemption! IY”H

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      For sure. At this point, I would say donate directly to the people you know who are fighting who are reaching out for the funds. That’s the single best way of making sure it actually gets spent on what it should be getting spent on – without the usual suspects siphoning off another massive cut.

  2. Chaim
    Chaim says:

    Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi said in a shiur that the State could easily use laser weapons to destroy the rockets mid-air, spending only a few shekels, but instead choose to send missiles from the glorious “iron dome” that cost tens of thousands.

    Probably for the greater good, of course [of the military industry].

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Lazer weapons are only to be used for the ‘alien invasion’….

      Otherwise, too many people will catch on that the ‘alien invasion’ is actually just the deep state in their flying saucers.

  3. Simon
    Simon says:

    I have two questions:
    God has been testing me very greatly again recently with sexual purity, and I am not always winning. What do you advise that I should do to guard myself from falling even deeper?
    Also, as I’ve been pronouncing the name YHWH as Yah as of late, I wonder: is it bad for a gentile to pronounce the full name of God like it’s written? Some say that it’s pronounced one way, and some another.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Second question first: NO-ONE should be pronouncing that name ‘as it’s written’, unless they are at an extremely, extremely high level of spiritual purity, not Jews and also not Gentiles.

      That’s why we substitute the word ‘Hashem’, or we say Yud Kay Vav Kay instead.

      Doing that stuff with the Name could be a big reason you are now getting more tests in the other area.

      So, stop with the Name stuff.

      Then go back to doing Tikkun Haklali, hitbodedut, asking God to help you, dipping in streams / seas (whatever is safe and available locally) – and maybe also do a pidyon again.

      Most of all, remember this is a test until 120…. and even the great tzaddikim fall seven times.

      The only difference between a ‘tzaddik’ and a ‘rasha’ is that the tzaddik just keeps getting back up.

  4. Leah golan
    Leah golan says:

    Hi Rivka….
    My neighbor is a paramedic…he told me this morning that he has to be a paramedic in 2 Trans parties in the south next week, each one with a duration of 3 days….so he laughs and says if he doesn’t return, to know that I was a great neighbor….I said to him, haven’t we learned anything?
    And they actually got permission for this…his answer was that now there’s plenty of army down there so it’s safe….realizing he doesn’t get it…and know this is exactly what will put our soldiers in danger….
    Well who ever is organizing this, knows that…therefore….same people financing all the posters etc….OY

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Did you mean to say ‘trance’ party or ‘trans’ party?

      The first one is bad enough. The second one…. Hashem yishmor.

  5. Leah Golan
    Leah Golan says:

    No no….a musical festival like in Reim….in our area we call it Trans because of the type of music….well it’s like the Shantipi and Barbanel parties that are in some pardes or fields….goes on for a few days, and sleeping in tents….


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