The Rav: Don’t be scared of Iran

This is a short video sent to me by a reader – thanks!


Rav Elmaliach explains that the Rav wrote this down at 11pm at night, after he’d given a shiur from the balcony after the evening prayers.

And Rav Berland wrote:

“We don’t need to be scared of the Iranians, it’s all sleight-of-hand / deception.”

Rav Elmaliach then says himself there is a Tzaddik who is sweetening everything.

Then he goes back to what the Rav wrote, which is this:

“The ikker (essence) of sweetening the dinim is via everyone believing in the True Tzaddikim.”


The more videos I look at, of ‘iron dome’ supposedly in action two days ago, the more the whole thing doesn’t make sense.

For example, my daughter sent me this video, below, as ‘proof’ of iron dome in action.


Shouldn’t this be the other way around?

Shouldn’t the Iron Dome rocket being exploding first, and then taking out whatever it is?

And how are these explosions exactly the same intensity and size, when we are being told some of these missiles from Iran (ahem) apparently were as big as half a tank and contained a warhead big enough to blow up a building?


My daughter also sent me this from the Hebrew Wiki page for ‘Iron Dome’, about how it’s meant to work, when we were discussing the above footage:

Information about a flight path is sent to the command and control system, which calculates based on this information the expected impact location. If this location justifies an interception, an interception missile is launched against the rocket (the interception missile is launched almost vertically).

The warhead of the interception missile explodes near the rocket through a proximity blast, and causes it to be shot down before it reaches the target, in a place where no damage is expected to the interceptor side.

The command and control system automatically identifies the rocket and its possible fall location, and launches an interceptor missile at it, but the system operators can exercise discretion and intervene in the launch by proactive activation.


Go back and look at the footage.

What do you do you see, with your own two eyes, when you move ‘the story’ out the way?


On the English Wiki page for Iron Dome HERE, we find this:

An unpublished 2013 report by Theodore Postol, Mordechai Shefer and Richard Lloyd, argued that the official effectiveness figures for Iron Dome during Operation Pillar of Defense were incorrect.

Although Postol had earlier lauded Iron Dome’s effectiveness, after studying YouTube videos of the warhead interceptions as well as police reports and other data, he argued that “Iron Dome’s intercept rate, defined as destruction of the rocket’s warhead was relatively low, perhaps as low as 5%, but could well be lower.”

Postol reached this conclusion mainly from an analysis of non-official footage of interceptions taken by civilians and published on YouTube.


So, what we were all seeing a couple of nights ago?

One of my correspondents sent me an interesting couple of emails suggesting ‘whatever it was’ in the sky was actually taken out by some sort of energy weapon / energy field.

That fits more of what we were seeing in the footage from Jerusalem, where ‘whatever it was’ just kind of noiselessly dissolved (like the Twin Towers….) but doesn’t ‘fit’ the video above, where you do see and hear separate explosions.


At this point, it looks to me like ‘the booms’ were caused by Iron Dome missiles exploding (pointlessly….) while something else was actually going on.

(And by the way, missiles with the sort of payload these ones were said to be carrying would explode so loud, no-one would be arguing about how many booms they heard, or whether they heard any booms at all, over Jerusalem. I know more than a few people who actually slept through the whole thing.)


But the main point is this:

“We don’t need to be scared of the Iranians, it’s all sleight-of-hand / deception.”

“The ikker (essence) of sweetening the dinim is via everyone believing in the True Tzaddikim.”


Let’s close with this interesting analysis by one of the very few Chabad Rabbis who publically spoke out against ‘the shots’ – and then who immediately appeared on Infowars straight afterwards…

This was sent to me by a reader, and it’s called:

The Iran End Game: Why Iran’s Nuclear Arsenal and the Iranian ‘threat’ is a Ruse


I don’t think anyone has ‘nukes’ per se, not Israel, not America, not Russia.

If you took some time to watch those videos by Thomas Beardon, he was saying that the main game in town is sending out scalar waves that ‘rupture’ the nuclear plants themselves.

So, it’s the nuclear plant itself that is ‘the nuke’, that can be exploded via scalar waves.

Think about the implications of that, for a moment.


But here’s the bit I found most interesting from R Smith’s piece, down in the footnotes:

The Rebbe said it would be better to have the Holy Land administered by non-Jews than by Jews who war against G-d Al-mighty, the Torah and the Children of Israel.

Funny, that seems to be what so many of the ‘secular politicians’ here in Israel are trying to achieve.

Exactly that.




My daughter just sent me more ‘evidence’, this apparently fell on the Dead Sea:


So…. this rocket apparently didn’t explode.

(If the picture is even real.)

Why so cynical, Rivka, about the images coming out from the State?


Another reader just emailed me this:


Not that Iran is much better:


I’m not arguing, at all, that we experienced some big miracle two days ago.

Hashem for sure saved us from some very evil plan.

Just, it’s not the one that we think we know about, involving the ‘Iranians’.

As always, the biggest danger to the Jewish people is always far closer to home.



An interesting comment on the govt propaganda site YWN:

I am going offline again now until Wed – Thurs.

We’ll pick things up again then, BH.


5 replies
  1. Neshama
    Neshama says:

    As Gavriela Dvorah said, HKB”H is taking them out! “Hashem Gadol!”
    That might be why they detonate before the Iron Dome does its thing; the Humor of Hashem!!

  2. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    The implications of the YWN comment, if true, would be that Israel wanted the Iranian attack. They wanted to test their new toy. Even by Israeli standards of action in Syria, which is already pretty flagrant, attacking a diplomatic mission was a serious escalation. Iran could not ignore such an affront.

  3. adelle
    adelle says:

    again I have to ask… why does the IDF report claim the missiles didn’t enter israeli airspace while I did see lights moving north to south over Jerusalem and the footage of these dozens of lights over Jerusalem is captioned as missiles being intercepted over Jerusalem.

    which is it?

    and where is all the debris from these projectiles intercepted over jerusalem.

    their narrative and numbers don’t add up but what else is new.

  4. adelle
    adelle says:

    the official IDF images of drone/missile damage is actually hilarious.

    the “impact sites” show no signs of explosion, burnt debris or scorched ground. one video shows a shallow hole in the dirt with a big pile of dirt behind it. but certainly that’s all new dirt trucked in to fill the shallow hole cause by a projectile crash landing with a war head that can take out an entire building don’t you know.

    as for the Dead Sea missile, did the crew that brought that thing in from the prop warehouse (or grabbed something laying around from a Dead Sea pipe laying project) not have time to throw around some soot? is there no set design in the budget?


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