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Friday afternoon, my daughter got a call from the Shomron.


Her friend lives close to where the 14 year old Binyamin Ahimeir, Hyd, was murdered in cold blood early Friday morning.

She called her and told her a 14 year old shepherd went out with the sheep in the morning, and the sheep came back hours later without him.

There were all sorts of rumors flying around, including that horrible thought he’d been kidnapped…

This morning, Shabbat, they found him dead.

Part of me is so sad that this is ‘the news’ that I keep hearing, but strange to say, there was cold comfort in the fact that at least he hadn’t been ‘kidnapped’.


Now, the Shomron is burning.

I don’t know the details, but my daughter spoke to quite a few people there, and whatever is being on the news is only some of the balagan going on there.


Meantime, I switched on the computer to learn that the country is going back into what sounds like ‘covidian’ rules – this time, blaming ‘war with Iran’.

All the educational facilities are being shut down… gatherings limited to 1,000 people… concerts cancelled…

It’s Pesach in a week.

I’m remember how they did exactly the same thing four years ago, at exactly the same time.

Tomorrow, I’m going to try and get most of the stuff required for Pesach.


I am so, so, so sick of all this.

So totally sick of all this!

In the meantime, Rav Elmaliach put out a short message last week that he got via ‘tikshor’ from the Rav, that the Rav is ready and wants to be finally be revealed as Moshiach ‘b’gufo’ (in the flesh).

As opposed to just spiritually, where it’s not clear to anyone what’s really going on.


He doesn’t want the huge machloket that is almost certainly going to kick off when that happens.

Because the people who are running our Jewish community certainly don’t want any challenges to their power structure, or newcomers taking over the ‘Moshiach Inc.’ brand, that has been such a wonderful money-spinner for approaching four centuries.

So, I don’t know what’s going to happen.


I do know the Rav said the shvi’i shel Pesach is the next ‘big revelation’ of Moshiach.

But I don’t know what that means, tachlis.

What I really want, is for all this death and violence to stop already.


Shabbat was such a ‘break’ from all the yuck-crazy going on, no-one was on their phone, or computers.

(Except, my ‘pretty normal’ friend cancelled our Shabbos walk because she was worrying about ‘Iran’.)

The weather was lovely Spring sunny, but not too hot.

I went down to the Kotel to do some Tikkun Haklalis with my husband.

While I was sitting there, two women started talking about the ‘missing shepherd from the Shomron’ – and talking about how they thought he’d been kidnapped.

I started to feel a little anxious again.

Tonight, I didn’t really want Shabbat to end.


So, this is where we are at.

More madness upon madness, that even when I’m trying not to engage with it, it still creeps in somehow.

And it’s my ‘normal friends’ who are starting to feel the madness the most, at this point.

The ones getting all the ‘red alerts’ on their phones, still listening to news, still getting Whats App messages from ‘Home Front Command’….

Which is kind of bizarre to me, all by itself.


BH, this all turns around for the best peacefully, very soon, and is just another ‘storm in a teacup’ that turns into nothing.

Thank God, the Pesach cleaning and prep is taking up so much space, there isn’t a lot of time to think about much else.

Thank God, I have the Rav, Rabbenu and the Tikkun Haklalis and hitbodedut to keep propping me up when I feel like I’m going to fall over from all this non-stop ‘stress’ and bad news.

And thank God that I live in Jerusalem, that the Rav has said repeatedly is the most protected place in the whole world.


But in the meantime….

I want this balagan to stop already.



Well, having spent half an hour in my stair well reciting the tikkun haklali with my family, while ‘flashes’ were going on over Jerusalem, I have to say I am calling this out as BS.

Ridiculous, that Iran *apparently* sent 100 slow-moving drones into Israel airspace, and they have to be *intercepted* only right over cities like Jerusalem and Modiin.

BH no injuries….

Were there even any *real* threats to worry about here, or just more fireworks and panic-mongering?

I guess we’ll find out.

Israel is undoubtedly already planning *the response* that’s meant to really light the fuse on all this.

BH, it will all fizzle out.

Get yourself some tikkun haklalis, just keeping saying it, and don’t panic.

The curtain is going to come down on this whole rotten *show* very soon.

With God’s help.



According to Home Front Command around 3am:

 “The event has not yet ended!

More than 200 aerial threats were launched at us, dozens of cruise missiles and drones were intercepted outside Israel’s territory-the vast majority of incoming ballistic missiles were successfully intercepted.”


I could see the flashes from my window, with maybe one or two EXTREMELY MINOR sounding ‘booms’ that weren’t even really booms.

If these were ‘ballistic missiles’ from Iran exploding, then their ‘ballistic missiles’ apparently contain as much of a warhead as the home-made ‘ballistic firework pipes’ from Gaza…

Which kind of has me wondering how a ‘ballistic firework pipe’ could be shot from a 1,000 miles away, from *Iran*.



There is footage of these weird, almost entirely silent ‘flashes’ that are meant to be missile intercepts all over the web.

Take a look, make up your own mind.

Personally, if Iran’s nuke is anywhere as impressive as ‘Iran’s ballistic missiles’, then that’s another ‘big fear’ you can cross off your list.

If the Rav says anything today, I will BH try to update you.

But don’t fear anything except Hashem.

That’s the bottom line.



According to the Tomer Devorah blog HERE:

Travel time for ballistic missiles – 12 mins
Travel time for cruise missiles – 2 hours
Travel time for drones – 9 hours

I don’t know where she’s getting this info from – but if it’s true, it makes what was going on yesterday night even more hard to believe.

Two hours for a cruise missile to get to Israel, from 1,000 miles away in Iran?

That means this ‘cruise missile’ is travelling at 8.33 miles a minute….

That is plenty of time to have shot anything down without it needing to be so close to Jerusalem.

And if it took the drones nine hours to get to Israel – that shakes down as a travelling speed of 1.85 miles a minute.

Does this add up?


Also, I was awake before the whole thing kicked off in Jerusalem yesterday night, and I could see the flashes from my window, with no noise, before the one solitary siren sounded.

The flashes I saw were to the South of Jerusalem.


I’m not planning on returning to this topic now.

Either it was partially real, and *Iran* was pulling the same stunt they pull in Gaza, firing empty pipes – or the whole thing was faked from start to end.

That doesn’t mean there weren’t flashes and that the ‘Iron Dome’ and ‘David’s Sling’ weren’t being fired yesterday.

It might just mean that the only rockets really being fired yesterday were ‘in defense’.

Hamavin yavin.



This is a screenshot from the Tomer Devorah blog:


(BTW, I’m totally not ‘having a go’ at her, just bringing her info as indicative of what ‘the main stream’ is reporting about what apparently happened yesterday….)

Here is a map of the Middle East (screenshot from the World Atlas site HERE):


Now, someone who understands geography better than I do – because you know, us ‘conspiracy theorists’ are whacked in the head – please explain to me how anything ‘fired from Iran’ would be travelling through Saudi air space in any way whatsoever, that would enable ‘US, UK and French ships’ in the Persian Gulf to take them down.

Look at where the Persian Gulf is, look how far away it is, look at how Iran would have to be firing rockets to the deep South of the Negev, totally missing the State of Israel, for any ships in the Persian Gulf or in the Red Sea to be able to ‘take them out’ even in the most incredible scenario.

What are these amazing systems that the ‘US, UK and French ships’ apparently have, that let them take out rockets from Iran from the sea, at a distance of 500 miles away?

And why then would Iran be sending rockets to Israel anywhere near the Persian Gulf, to the deep south of the State of Israel, when there are a million places in the centre-North of Iran that would be a much more direct route?


And those ‘strange silent lights’ over Jerusalem were exactly the same ‘strange silent lights’ we saw over Kiryat Shmoneh shortly before Shabbat a few weeks ago, when ‘Hezbollah’ (ahem….) apparently was sending rockets over.

And the same thing happened – no sign of any ‘iron dome’ racing to intercept, just bursts of golden light as these ‘rockets’ apparently exploded all by themselves in the sky without hitting anything.


I have no idea what’s going on.

But I do know that ‘WW3’ is something all the scum that control that world are itching to get started, one way or another.

And I also know, that each time we see through all the manipulation and lies, and put our efforts into prayers and teshuva, things turn around and their efforts don’t get anywhere.

BH, that will happen this time too.



3 replies
  1. AK
    AK says:

    Hi Rivka,

    Shavua tov, I also started to wonder about this so called attack. It is pretty impressive how we knew exactly how many drones and missiles were launched at us, and the exact time they would arrive? I also agree when I heard they were limiting gatherings and shutting things back to good old covid rules. Something definitely doesn’t smell right here. But as you said, Baruch Hashem for being connected to the Rav. I had absolutely no fear whatsoever.

  2. Neshama
    Neshama says:

    I posted all the “script” for everyone to read. And yes it all seemed like a movie w/o the popcorn smell. Speaking of smell, the skunk smell is more like perfume than what’s going on. Such incredible planning :-). Amazing how ‘coordinated’ everyone was. Yes, the Emess will be hard to find as Moshiach approaches near!

  3. adelle
    adelle says:

    so I’m supposed to believe that 6 months ago there was an intelligence failure and also believe that there was so much intelligence about iran that media was going haywire days in advance like it was announcing a summer blockbuster! suddenly pikud ha’oref knows it’s time to cancel schools and limit gatherings (I think I’ve seen this one before…) and wouldn’t you know right on time the sky lit up with flashes. which yes, were silent. I watched dozens fly from north to south for a good few minutes along with a couple booms and then a while after that the siren went off. alright.

    and yet the official IDF report says no drones entered israeli airspace and all were intercepted but some ballistic missiles bypassed and caused minor damage to an airbase (really now). fine. so if nothing entered israeli airspace then what were the dozens of lights I saw flitting across the jerusalem sky? and what were the local explosions?

    but maybe they should have launched the drones from Iraq and then they all would have gone undetected. after all just two weeks ago a lone drone launched from Iraq and crash landed in a base in Eilat. sure it evaded all security precautions, trotting along through israeli airspace without a care in the world only to land precisely inside a military base. it went undetected but they certainly know it came from Iraq and there’s video footage of the of an explosion of the undetected drone but a still image of the damaged structure shows no debris field. and yes a single drone bypassed all detection… but last night, magically, all the drones with lots of advance warning were shot down. outside of israeli airspace! and with the help of allies to boot! except the ones that weren’t. and the lights over jerusalem.

    it all makes perfect sense.

    ביחד ננצח.


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