“Mr Israel”, the Jewish member of the Muslim Brotherhood

How’s that for a title?

What are the odds this post will get totally ‘whited out’ before anyone even reads it (as mostly happened with that post about the Alter Rebbe’s ‘missing’ daughter….)

Let’s find out.


The story begins, as so many of these stories do, when I was going through some of the people who sit on the Supreme Court in Israel, and just seeing who they connect to.

I highly recommend you also get into the habit of checking the people making our news headlines out genealogically, as much as you can, because 99.9% of the time you will discover something amazing:

No matter if they are left / right, religious / secular, native / from chul, ashkenazi / sephardi – they are actually all from that same little group of families that have the entire State and Jewish world neatly sewn up as their own personal fiefdom.


So, I’m tootling around, checking into a few things, when I suddenly come across a very famous relative of one of the Supreme Court justices, by the name of:

Asher Arieli.

Click the name, if you want to read more on Wiki.

Here’s a snippet:

Asher Arieli is married to rebbetzin Malka, the daughter of hagaon rabbi Nachum Partzovitz, the late rosh yeshiva of Mir.

Arieli is the son of rabbi Chaim Yaakov Arieli, author of Be’er Yaakov (באר יעקב). Chaim Yaakov Arieli was the son of rabbi Yitzhak Arieli, author of Einaim L’Mishpat (עינים למשפט) and mashgiach ruchani of Mercaz HaRav.

Rabbi Mordechai Ilan, the son-in-law of Yitzhak Arieli is Asher’s paternal uncle.

Reb Chaim Yaakov’s wife[1] is the sister of rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, as are the wives of rabbi Meshulam Dovid Soloveitchik and Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu making the three rabbis his uncles.

Asher’s brother rabbi Shlomo Arieli is the author of a critical edition of the novellae of rabbi Akiva Eiger.


We’re back in that world of TREMENDOUS yichus….

Baruch Hashem.


Anyway, so I start clicking around all these very, very closely related ‘gadolim’, to see what else turns up, and the one who takes my eye this time around is ‘HaGaon HaRabbi’ Nachum Partovitz, former Mir Rosh Yeshiva and Asher Arieli’s late F-I-L.

Ahh, the Mir Yeshiva.

It’s hard to know of a yeshiva that’s more prestigious, more awash in cash – and more in the middle of so many of the ‘dodgy’ things that keep turning up in all the family tree stuff I’ve been researching.

So, I take a closer look at the family of Nachum Partzovitz – and very quickly, I get to this guy:

R Shlomo HaKohen Vilnius – the CHESHIK SHLOMO.

Here’s a very interesting story about him on the DusizNies website, entitled:

When the “Cheshik Shlomo” The Popular Commentator on Shas, Presented a Sefer Torah to Theodore Herzl


The CHESHIK SHLOMO is Mirrer Rosh Yeshiva Nachum Partovitz’s great-grand-dad.

Here’s a snippet from that very interesting story:

To give you an idea how great the חשק שלמה was… The Chofetz Chayim had his haskama on the Mishna Berurah!…

[This] Vilna Rav and Posik, opened the welcome mat and was right up front  greeting the founder of Zionism, Theodore Herzl, when Herzl visited the city of Vilna in 1903, on the 23rd day of Av, a year before Herzl died.

 The חשק שלמה who was well in his years, got dressed up in his Shabbos finest, and clutching a Sefer Torah walked over to the Zionist Leader and presented Herzl with the Sefer Torah as a gift from the entire Vilna Kehillah! 

The Rav who was a kohein then placed his holy hands on Herzl’s head and blessed him with Birchas Kohanim….

How does DIN know this?

We know this story from someone who witnessed the scene and described it.
None other than Rav Yechiel Yaakov Weinberg z”l, the author of the famous Shaalois Utshuvois famously called
שרידי אש


(If you have time and you read Hebrew, I highly recommend you go back to the DIN site and read what R Weinberg says about that meeting, where the elderly CHESHIK SHLOMO apparently refuses to sit down in front of Herzl, and is weeping copiously while blessing him.)


Of course, ‘Vilna’ is bang in the middle of the story, because Vilna is ALWAYS bang in the middle of every story you happen to tell, about the Jews returning to Eretz Yisrael over the last 350 years….

And you should also understand that the CHESHIK SHLOMO is a direct descendent of another very famous former Dayan of Vilna who we have written a lot about here on the blog, called SHABTAI HACOHEN, the SHACH.

(Who lost his mind after witnessing the pogroms of 1648, and turned into his alter-ego, false messiah SHABTAI TZVI....)

It’s always such a small world.


There’s another very interesting comment on that post on the DIN site, which I want to share with you here, which may sound familiar, to anyone who has been following how the Sabbatean-Frankists were actually operating within the Jewish community, with regard to xtianity:

Herzl recorded in his diary during the spring of 1895:

“[A]pproximately two years ago, I wanted to solve the Jewish problem, in Austria at any rate, with the aid of the Catholic leaders there. I sought an audience with the Pope in order to tell him:

“Help us against anti-Semitism, and I will generate a mass movement of Jews to convert to Christianity freely and proudly.

“The leaders of the movement particularly myself will remain Jews, and as Jews they will call for the acceptance of the dominant religion.

On Sunday at noon, the conversion will be carried out with a festive procession and the ringing of bells. Not in shame, as individuals have done in the past, but with pride. The fact that the leaders will preserve their Jewishness and remain outside while they lead the masses to the church doors will lend distinction to the entire matter and invest it with a sense of great sincerity.

“We courageous ones would have to be an interim generation.

We would still maintain our ancestral faith, but we would baptize our young children before they reach the age of independent decision, a time when conversion to Christianity becomes either a frightening experience or a stepping-stone to a higher station”.


This is EXACTLY the same route begun by ‘Jacob Frank’ (Eskeles) and his followers, in 1756…

And this is the guy that the CHESHIK SHLOMO (descendent of the SHACH….) is giving a Torah too, and a priestly blessing, while crying his eyes out and wearing his Shabbos finery.

Who could make this stuff up?!?!


But there is of course still more.

(Remember, the CHESHIK SHLOMO is also the great-granddad of the Rosh Yeshiva of the MIR yeshiva… The Z-ists and the Mir appear to go wayyyy back.)


If you take a look at this ‘Kohen’ family from Vilna on the HaMichlol site, who descend directly from the SHACH, you find some more illustrious names you may have heard of before – and some that you probably haven’t.

In the former list, as well as the CHESHIK SHLOMO, we can also include:

*RAV YEHUDA LEIB DON YACHYA – who we previously covered in more detail as being a leading member in a number of the secret societies sprouting up in both White Russia and Eretz Yisrael, including one called: NETZACH ISRAEL.


Here’s another interesting snippet about him from the Seforim blog HERE, where you’ll find a very interesting article describing his ‘manifesto’.

DON YAHYA was another student of the Volozhin Yeshiva who had tight links to Kopust-Chabad, a bunch of ‘secret societies’ – and who was also a big pusher of the idea of returning to live in Eretz Yisrael:

What is remarkable about this manifesto that argues that Z-ism is totally compatible with traditional Judaism, is that the author, Rabbi Yehudah Leib Don Yahya, was an intimate student of Rabbi Hayyim Soloveitchik, a most outspoken opponent of the Z-ist movement.

To add to the intrigue, Don Yahya’s grandfather, Rabbi Shabtai Don Yahya of Drissa, had been an ardent Hasid of Rabbi Menahem Mendel of Lubavitch (known by his work of Halakhic responsa as “Tsemah Tsedek”)

Yehudah Leib himself would go on to serve as rabbi of the Habad Hasidic community of Shklov. Although, as we shall see, within the Habad community, there were differing responses to Z-ism along the fault line of the Kopyst—Lubavitch dispute.



Meir Karelitz married the CHESHIK SHLOMO’s daughter, MIRIAM.



Married a daughter of Meir Karelitz (i.e. The CHESHIK SHLOMO’s grand-daughter) and became a very big macher in the Litvak world in Eretz Yisrael, and Bnei Brak.



Married a great-granddaughter of the CHESHIK SHLOMO.


*RAV NACHUM GREENHUIZ – one of the founders of MIZRAHI.

He married another daughter of the CHESHIK SHLOMO called CHAYA BRACHA.

Here’s an interesting footnote from his HaMichlol page, which we may have occasion to revisit another time:

The family’s original surname is LURIA and is attributed to the Holy Ari. The reason for the change of last name to Greenhuis is not known.


(I have a sneaking suspicion we just found another link-up with the censored ‘Lurie Legacy’….)


Point is, go to the HaMichlol page yourself HERE, see what other ‘big names’ in the Litvak world are very closely connected to this family of Vilna Kohanim who descend directly from the SHACH.

Because now, I want to introduce you to the JEWISH MEMBER OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.


If we go back to the original CHESHIK SHLOMO HAKOHEN, from Vilna, the guy who was just loving the xtianity-pushing Theodor Herzl so much, we find he also had a son called:


Here’s a snippet – pay attention that he was the head of the main Vilna charity, and we know that a lot of ‘illegal funds’ were washing into Eretz Yisrael via the charities and gabbais of Vilna – and that the various ‘charity mafias’ were fighting over who got to control the money.

(Plus ca change).

After the death of his father, in 1906, he took his place in the rabbinate. He was a member of the Committee of Rabbis in Vilnius. He also served as the patron of the Central Fund of Charity in Vilnius. In his house, the charitable deposits were deposited as well as the salaries of the city’s rabbis….

In 1923, he and dozens of other rabbis from Poland and Lithuania signed a “call” to join the Mizrahi.


Avraham had a son called SHLOMO KOHEN – after his illustrious grandpa – who was learning with the CHAZON ISH, who found Shlomo-the-grandson his shidduch with the Chazon Ish’s relative, called: YAAKOV HALPERN.

OK, let’s take a quick break to explain a bit more about YAAKOV HALPERN, who was a descendant of that same SEDER HADOROT, YECHIEL HALPERIN, whose family tree has been so very messed around it.

I can tell you that the SEDER HADOROT is in the middle of a massive balagan, and for no obvious reason.

Always a reason to take a closer look.


So, let’s see what starts to unpick a bit more, shall we?

The following snippets come from the HaMichlol site HERE:

Haim Yaakov Halperin (1888 1964) was an ultra-Orthodox businessman and philanthropist, founder of the Zichron Meir neighborhood in Bnei Brak and founder of Torah and educational institutions.


Apparently, he descends from that same group of ‘Chortkov Chassidim’ that keep turning up in this story of Eretz Yisrael.

He moves to Amsterdam at the beginning of World War I – where he manages to make a ‘huge fortune’…. in some unspecified way.

Another snippet:

In 1921 he moved with his family to Vienna and continued his business. 

He was close to Rabbi Yisrael Friedman of Chortkov, who lived in Vienna. 

He made his fortune in banking and trading in ancient manuscripts. He was one of the largest donors of the Chachmei Lublin in Poland. He attended the first two major Agudath Israel gatherings in Vienna, his home city.

In 1933, he immigrated with his family from Vienna to the Land of Israel. 

Upon his arrival he acquired dozens of dunams in Bnei Brak, which was then a young colony.


The YISRAEL FRIEDMAN mentioned above is the grandson of the original RUZHINER REBBE, who is probably none other than MOSHE TZVI OF SAVRAN, main persecutor of R NATAN STERNHARTZ of BRESLOV.

MOSHE TZVI ended up having to flee Russia to Moldova, where he changed his name and became the RUZHINER REBBE.

So, the Chazon Ish used to go on holiday with the Halpern family, and he arranged a shidduch between Yaakov Halpern’s daughter Sarah, and SHLOMO HAKOHEN, the CHESHIK SHLOMO’s grandson.


YAAKOV HALPERN has a bunch of kids, and no doubt, a bunch more skeletons in the closet to explore.

(After a very quick look around his family tree, that appears to be an understatement – but one thing at a time.)

For now, let’s take a look at just two of his offspring.

One of his sons is called NACHUM YOEL HALPERN, who marries a lady called HADASSAH.

They have seven sons, and seven daughters. One of their daughters marries the Israeli Chareidi politician MEIR PORUSH.

Snippet about him:

His eldest son, Yisrael Porosh, serves as Mayor of Elad (elected in 2013). His son, Moshe, is the CEO of the family-owned Hamoser newspaper. His son Yaakov is the marketing manager, and his son Nahum (‘Nohi’) is the CEO of Agudat Yisrael’s kosher system, which is also owned by the family.


(You see? The whole country is stitched up, economically and politically, between the same families, from one generation to the next.)


Another of YAAKOV HALPERN’s daughters marries….ISAAC REICHMANN, the patriarch of the Canadian property billionaires who did a lot of things, including building CANARY WHARF in the UK.

(The Reichmann property company Olympia and York got sold to Brookfield Asset Management in 2005 – the same people who *helped* Jared Kushner with his 666 Fifth Avenue problem back in 2018.)



I’m thinking this screenshot from 1994 probably gives you more of an idea of what is really going on here:


And if you have a bit of spare time, you can see this PDF of pics of the Reichmanns doing things like ‘bribing’ Spanish officials to let them send packets of food to inmates in German concentration camps during WW2, whilst somehow managing to make another huge packet of money during the war trading currency….



So now, back to YAAKOV HALPERN, super-chummy student of the CHAZON ISH, descendant of the SEDER HADOROT – and father of yet another interesting son called:



At the age of 15, [Raphael Halpern] went to study at the Hebron Yeshiva in Jerusalem. At the age of 17, he attended the Lumja Yeshiva in Petah Tikva. At the time, he was close to the CHAZON ISH and even corresponded with him.

In 1944, at the age of twenty, he married Tziporah, and the couple had five children. Immediately after his marriage, he worked in the diamond business, mainly in his workshop in Jerusalem.

At the age of 19, he began practicing bodybuilding.

 After two years of self-study in Palestine in 1947 he travelled to Amsterdam, Prague and Paris, where he first performed, and from there to tour Antwerp. 

In 1948 he was in Israel as a volunteer in the War of Independence. In late 1948 he went to train in Pennsylvania and New York, where he often appeared on television.


Yup, you are reading this right.

This student of the Chazon Ish and cream of the Lithuanian yichus crop became a professional bodybuilder, set up the first ‘Mr Israel’ competition (which of course, he won….) and then started wrestling professionally in the US with the WWF….

Who could make this up?

(Go HERE to see a pic of ‘Mr Israel’ at the WWF.)


As usually happens with these families, Raphael decided to open up a business selling glasses after he stopped pro wrestling – and of course, it was a smash hit, financially.

It’s still operating in most high streets today – Halperin’s the opticians. 120 branches and counting.


Then, he became a rabbi.

And wrote a big book of ‘Jewish genealogy’.

Oh – and also became an honorary member of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

Here’s another snippet from the HaMichlol site:

As part of his career he visited Shah Mohammad Shah Pahlavi and met with him, and according to his book became an honorary member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

During those years he wrestled in South Africa, where he became famous for being in a cage with a pair of lions for 5 minutes and receiving a lion cub as a gift.

In 1957, he founded an export company for Africa called Episco. 

While in Africa, he became friends with Haile Selassie, the Emperor of Ethiopia. 


One more detail, and then we’ll  leave ‘Mr Israel’ alone.

One of his daughters happened to marry someone who became the owner of one of the most successful ‘chareidi news’ sites in Israel, B’Chadrei Haredim.

(Take a look at the extortion racket that site was accused of running, back in 2012….)


Let’s end with the Muslim Brotherhood.

This snippet comes from the Vigilant Citizen website – but use it as a springboard, to do your own research into how all these people are all connected to secret societies, whatever ‘the story’ happens to be, that they are telling the plebs like you and me:

The Muslim Brotherhood is a Masonic organization posing as a “Muslim fundamentalist” organization.

It is part of a Masonic project of infiltrating the Muslim world.

It is connected with terrorism and in fact pretty much all the modern terrorist groups that pretend to be Islamic (terrorism has nothing to do with Islam)…. pretty much all these groups are derived from the ideology of the ikhwan ul muslimeen (Muslim Brotherhood).

Al Qaeda, Daesh (ISIS), Al-Shabaab…. all these groups are ideologically derived from the ikhwanul muslimeen.


And to that list, I’m sure we can also add Hamas and Hezbollah….


Tov, we’ll stop there for today.

As always, think for yourself. And look behind the headlines, and beyond the ‘easy explanations’ and spin served up by the propaganda media.

Because then, you’ll really start to understand that all the ‘good guys’ and the ‘bad guys’ in leadership positions on all sides of our Jewish community – they are all connected.

And all just puppets, working for the masonic secret societies and the ‘one world religion’ they want to introduce, while we are all busy fighting each other.


6 replies
  1. N
    N says:

    I almost fell off my chair when I read this: “The Muslim Brotherhood is a Masonic organization posing as a “Muslim fundamentalist” organization”! And they are taking over the US behind and in front of the scenes! That includes Mr “O” as I remember reading about the M.B. being in his government! Wow, I wonder how long this will stay on your page online? Isn’t this just “birds of a feather flock together”?? What a powerful reveal-ation you’ve uncovered. AND THEY’RE ALL CONNECTED TO (run by) AISAV!

  2. Yossi
    Yossi says:

    I live above a Halperin Optician. WOW, I had no idea.

    Aside, every Halperin I’ve ever known, and I’ve known several, have been Chabadniks. Is there a real connection, or is it just in my dalet amot?

  3. Simon
    Simon says:

    I believe the terrorism does have to do with Islam at its core.
    Mohammad (whoever he actually was) taught this kind of warlord, kill-all-Jews behavior in the Quran. So I’m told.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The intepretation is where all this ‘shakes out’, tachlis.

      Our Torah is also full of stuff that anti-Semites like to call ‘ethnic cleansing’.

      Meanwhile, xtianity ‘officially’ preaches peace and turning the other cheek- while the xtians themselves have been responsible for more wars, death and bloodshed than anyone else, by a long way.

  4. RS
    RS says:

    I find the link to the DIN website offensive as it seems to be very anti torah.. so how can we take what it says at face value. Also, why would we necessarily judge the giving of a sefer torah to Herzl as bad? Perhaps there was a specific intent there? It would be easy to lump anyone with influence and money on the bad side without considering the nuance and complexity of the world we live in.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      As we say a million times a day on this blog, truth and lie is mixed-up on all sides of the equation these days.

      When evaluating information, even from sites that contain a lot of stuff that is yucky, there are procedures and checks to be made, so we can decide how credible the information itself is, even if it appears in places that are ‘anti’ Torah and ‘anti’ Jewish.

      (BTW – much of the information that appears on sites and publications with a ‘hechsher’ is also often false, lies and propaganda. This birur needs to happen all sides of the equation.)

      So, feel free to discard whatever you personally want to.

      For me personally, I am looking at what seems to be factually correct – at least, as factually correct as we can get to, in this world of lies.

      And sometimes, you find that information on sites and in places that are on the ‘other side’ of the equation.

      Re: DIN – it’s anti Breslov, anti Uman and anti the Rav, amongst many other things.

      It’s wrong about a great many things.

      But it still sometimes has interesting info you can’t find other places so easily.


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