Moving past ‘Flatland’

Back in 1884, a man called ‘Edwin Abbott Abbott’ published a novel called ‘Flatland’.

(I don’t know why he has two identical surnames.)

For an indepth look at the plot, go HERE.

The basic idea is that there was a land – Flatland – where everything was limited to two dimensions.

When a 3-D sphere came to visit Flatland, they simply related to it as a series of flat circles, appearing out of nowhere, then enlarging, then shrinking back to nothing again, as he passed through.

The 3-D sphere tried to ‘open their minds’ to the idea that was more to life than seeing everything as 2-D – but the citizens of Flatland simply couldn’t grasp what the sphere was trying to tell them.


If you are still wasting your time and energy ‘engaging’ with the news, then you are living in Flatland.

A place where everything is boiled down to unrealistic arguments about ‘Hamas’ and ‘Bibi’; and where the words of journalists, MSM and politicians are still taken as ‘the truth’ about what is going on.


Stuff is way more complex and nuanced – but also, way more simple.

Once you move out of the ridiculous ‘Flatland’ 2D discussions about what is really going on in Israel, and why it’s really going on.


A friend sent me this:

It’s John Perkins, author of ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ – a book which I highly recommend reading, btw.

He’s explaining how Saddam Hussein was actually ‘our boy’ in Iraq – he started out as a CIA assassin trying to kill the President of Iraq in the 1960s, Abd al-Karim Qasim, because Qasim started heavily taxing the US and British oil companies, and was on the path to trying to nationalise their assets, so that Iraqi oil would benefit the Iraqi people.

The oligarchs who own the world, via the politicians they put in place to ‘run’ the UK and the US, and other countries, didn’t like that.

So, they had Abd al-Karim Qasim murdered live on Iraqi TV – and installed Saddam Hussein’s cousin as the new President of Iraq in 1963.

Saddam Hussein later took over.

And the point is: he was a  CIA asset right from the start.

‘Our boy’, as Perkins puts it.


Who is the CIA’s ‘boy’ in the State of Israel?

(Honestly, the shorter question to answer would be: who is NOT the CIA’s ‘boy’ in the State of Israel….)


At the end of this video, Perkins refers briefly to the State of Israel’s real role in the Middle East.

And no, it’s not as a ‘homeland for the Jewish people’ – at least, not to the people who are running the State here on behalf of their masters in the shadows.

If we can move the discussion into this arena, at least, from all the useless, pointless, discussions about ‘Hamas’ and ‘Biden’ and all the CIA’s ‘boys’ running the State and army here, then that is the beginning of moving out of the ‘Flatland’ version of events.

It’s the start of seeing things at the 3D level of reality.


But don’t stop there.

Another friend just sent me this:


If we can start to engage with these ’18 Strategies for War’, above, and start to really internalise that it’s our own sins that are ‘dressing up’ as Hamas / Hezbollah / Biden / the Masons – the whole rotten lot of them – then, we will start to move this discussion up into 4D.

People like Rebbe Nachman and Rav Berland are seeing things at the 5D, 6D, 7D levels….. (at least).

We can’t always understand what’s being described, what they are talking about, how all this is meant to work ‘in reality’ to solve our problems.

Just like the residents of ‘Flatland’ couldn’t grasp the sphere.

That’s where the emunat tzaddikim idea comes in to play here.

Just, make sure you’re actually paying attention to the real Tzaddikim, and not someone else with the title of ‘rabbi’ who is as much stuck in 2D ‘Flatland’ as everyone else…..


Once this discussion moves out of ‘Flatland’ – once we all stop wasting our time sending round news headlines that are 2D facsimiles of what is going on (at best – most of the news is not even that good, or that accurate….) – things will start to make so much more sense.

We’ll start to grasp way more, what is really important here, and where this ‘battle’ is really at.

And then, maybe, we’ll really start to take the words of the True Tzaddikim like Rebbe Nachman and Rav Eliezer Berland more seriously, and to start to deal with the issues going on here at the 4D level, and higher, instead of remaining stuck in ‘Flatland’.

I am really looking forward to that part of the story.



Thanks to T. who sent me a link to download the original Flatland book, HERE.



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    Hahaha maybe he called himself Abbott Abbott with two b’s and t’s twice to allude to the fact that he is indeed a spherical man in flatland!!!!!!!


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