Napoleon’s Sanhedrin

Before we dive in to the next tranche of ‘real Jewish history’, let’s just do a recap of where we’ve got to, so far, in this series of masons and maskilim.

Josef II, the ‘enlightened dictator’ of Vienna, was the brother of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France – and also head of a bunch of satanic secret societies, including the ‘Order of the Golden Fleece’.

Josef II wanted to ‘enlighten’ the Jews in his domains – and he had a lot of help with that with a bunch of greedy, immoral ‘Court Jews’ who happened to have wonderful yichus, and who were usually also ‘big rabbis’ themselves.

(Before they became maskilim and members of all these satanic secret societies.)

Most of these maskilim have been covered up – their real names buried, their links to the rabbinical families back in the Jewish community severed, their influence minimised.

These maskilim are known to us as ‘the Frankists’ – a fake name given to the movement, it’s leader, and its followers, to try and cover up just  how many leading rabbis from Sabbatean families were actually involved with ‘the Frankists’.

While some of these maskilim wanted to dump the Torah but stay Jewish, many others converted out and then became leading missionaries amongst the Jews – including ‘Jacob Frank’ himself.


The last thing to put out there is that it seems to me that Josef II and his little band of secret society satanists may have been at least some of the ‘power behind the throne’ when it comes to funding and organising the French Revolution that saw his own sister deposed and guillotined, along with Louis XVIth of France.

Very shortly before Marie Antoinette married Louis, Austria and France had been engaged in a devastating 30 years war.

The marriage was meant to cement a very fragile ‘peace’ between the two nations, but it wouldn’t surprise me, at all, if Josef II took his chance to try to destroy the French monarchy once and for all – and who cares, if his own sister also got beheaded as a result.

Gotta love those satanic monarchs….


OK, so now let’s get back to the details of the story, and today, take a closer look at what was actually happening in France, with all these masonic maskilim.

I turned up some really interesting stuff that for sure nobody ever got taught in their history lessons at school….


The story begins when I was trying to trace back the ancestry of the ‘Million Jew’, Mozart’s patron and Josef II’s confidante who converted to xtianity, BARON KARL ABRAHAM WETZLAR von PLANKENSTERN.

You can see what’s left of his tree on Geni HERE.

And he (of course….) links us back to the OPPENHEIMERs, and also to the same family of KATZ’s that gave us Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH. Of course.

Like this:


I think I need to do a whole separate post on the OPPENHEIMERS and WERTHEIMERS, so let’s leave them to one side for now, but it’s enough to notice, again, that the people controlling the Jewish community: IT’S ALWAYS THE SAME PEOPLE, THE SAME SMALL FAMILY.


OK, so KARL ABRAHAM goes to work for his close relative SIMON WOLF OPPENHEIMER – apparently at the same time as ‘MAYER AMSCHEL ROTHSCHILD’ is also clerking there.

KARL ABRAHAM is clearly very good at his job, and makes a name for himself arranging cheap loans for the HABSBURGs, as well as finding supplies for their military (who are busy fighting the 30 years war with France….)

He decides to convert and become ennobled in 1777, but his wife ELEONORA apparently refuses.

I’m scooting around her very truncated family tree when I notice it says that one of her unnamed sisters marries: ? ZIENSHEIMER.

Because I’ve been wise to their tricks for a long time on Geni, I understood immediately that the sister-in-law of KARL ABRAHAM WETZLAR had married into the illustrious SINZHEIM clan – but the Geni gatekeepers were going to great lengths to try to disguise this.

So of course, that’s were I zoned in.


The Rav mentioned ‘R (JOSEF) DAVID SINZHEIM’ (1745 – 1812) in his comments about Josef II.

He said this:

So, they wanted to put the wife of R’ David Sinzheim in jail, because she was walking around totally covered-up.

But after they’d already handed down the sentence to put her in jail, after a month, they sent her away.

[Returning to the topic of Danton] – They also killed him, and brought the monarchy back again, because they saw that it was never-ending.

The Revolution was worse than the monarchy, they killed 100,000 people, they were killing people in the streets.


If you go to Wiki, you find a frankly scary picture of DAVID SINZHEIM, together with a bit more info.


What in the world is with that creepy hat?!

He lived exactly the same time as the Alter Rebbe of Chabad – 1745-1812.

Here’s a snippet from the Wiki page, and then we’ll get to the really interesting stuff:

Sinzheim was the most learned and prominent member of the Assembly of Notables convened by Napoleon on May 30, 1806...

On February 9, 1807, four days after the Assembly of Notables was dissolved, the Grand Sanhedrin was convened; its chairman (“nasi“), appointed by the minister of the interior, was Sinzheim, who had probably suggested the assembly, having been frequently consulted by the imperial commissioner.

The consistorial constitution, provided by the decree of March 17, 1808, opened a new field of activity for Sinzheim, who was elected chairman of the Central Consistory of France.


Now, let’s go back to a shiur that Rav Berland gave in October 2019, shortly before ‘Covid 19’ began, that was entitled on the site like this:



[T]hey thought that Napoleon would kill all the Jews, he simply didn’t stop, he said ok, he’ll kill all the Jews.

He reconstituted the Sanhedrin – on Shabbat, but no one came, apart from the Reform.

He said, Reform aren’t Jews.

He didn’t need the Reform Jews, so he had no choice and he opened the Sanhedrin on a weekday.

And then there was David Zinzheim who was the Rav of Paris, he was head of the Rabbanim.

The Rabbanut of Italy said this was a case of pikuach nefesh (a matter of life and death) so it should be permitted to travel on Shabbat. Rav Zinzheim said, ‘no such thing, – so there shouldn’t be a Sanhedrin.’

The Reform came and Napoleon said,

‘I’m not making a Sanhedrin with Reform, Reform aren’t Jews at all.’


So he [Napoleon] said there [to the Sanhedrin]:

‘Who are you loyal to, to Eretz Yisrael, or to France?’ [They replied] ‘We are loyal to France’.

[Napoleon said] ‘So do something then which goes against Torah!’

Rav David said, it’s not possible to go against the Torah. If it’s pikuach nefesh, then it’s permitted, but if it’s not pikuach nefesh then it’s forbidden for you to make make laws against us.

This answer found favor in the eyes of Napoleon.

He opened the Sanhedrin on Wednesday or Tuesday, and there were something like ten rows, all the Rabbis, there in the Sanhedrin.


As usual, the Rav was giving a whole bunch of ‘hints’ back then that even now, we are still only just starting the process of piecing together.

REFORM = FRANKIST-FREEMASONS – the ones who didn’t want to convert to xtianity, specifically, they just wanted to ditch the whole Torah and be ‘free’ to do whatever the heck they wanted.

This is probably also a good time to remind you that NAPOLEON himself was a very high-ranking ‘Freemason’, and literally all his family, including his wife and his father, were also members of these secret societies. According to Chabad lore, Napoleon was also a big sorcerer – and he seems to have been a puppet-leader, who was hand-picked to ‘lead’ the French Revolution that was hoping to destroy the French Monarch and Church for good.


OK, so now let’s take a closer look at R JOSEF DAVID SINZHEIM, the angry-looking guy in the creepy hat who first came up with that cunning psak that the whole Torah can be trampled as soon as you start waving around the pikuach nefesh flag.

(Remember what happened in Covid? There is nothing new under the sun.)


You will be shocked, SHOCKED!!! to learn that the Geni gatekeepers have apparently ‘lost’ most of his ancestors….

There are so many dead-ends, so many people without spouses, children or parents.

But never mind… We can still figure it out.

Wiki tells us this:

He was the son of Rabbi Isaac Sinzheim of Treves, and brother-in-law of Herz Cerfbeer.

Over HERE, I find a different tree for an ‘ISAAC SINZHEIM’ that gets me right into the matrix.

The first thing I notice is that so many members of this wider SINZHEIM clan are tagged with the descriptor ‘Banker in Vienna’.



So, I could probably figure out EXACTLY which of the many ‘ISAAC SINZHEIMs’ is our guy’s dad.

But I have to be honest that it takes me days, weeks and even months to crack the nuts to that level of detail, so this time around, you’ll have to take my word for it that we are in the right family tree.

Maybe, DAVID SINZHEIM’s dad is this ISAAC SINZHEIM Banker of Landau and father of BREINLE SCHIFF, married to DAVID TEBELE SCHIFF, the Chief Rabbi of England, and ‘good friend’ of the Bad Baal Shem of London – such good friends, in fact, that FALK mentioned SCHIFF in his will.

(You remember, FALK is the first father-in-law of false messiah ‘JACOB FRANK’? Of course you do.)


Here’s a picture of DAVID TEBELE SCHIFF – notice the hand:


So, this particular ISAAC SINZHEIM has a nephew called RAPHAEL SINZHEIM, who marries none other than ELEONORE ARNSTEINER.

She is the daughter of ARON ISAK ARNSTEINER (1682-1744) and ELLA LIEBMAN, the grand-daughter of JOST LIBMAN / YEHUDA BERLIN.

JOST LIBMAN is the F-I-L of ‘MICHAEL CHASSID’, chief rabbi of Berlin who excommunicates the whole Jewish community on the King’s say-so, and who is also the grandpa of JOSEPH VON SONNENFELS – a big mason-maskil who was helping Josef II ‘enlighten’ his Jewish subjects (whilst also heading up an Illuminati lodge…..)

Here’s his picture:


So yes.

That particular ‘ISAAC SINZHEIM’ has my vote, for being the missing dad of JOSEPH DAVID SINZHEIM, head of Napoleon’s Sanhedrin.

But there are even more secrets hiding out over here.


Let’s put to one side, for now, that the whole of the SINZHEIM family tree in Paris is crawling with people called DREYFUS.

If someone else wants to check out how all these ‘DREFUS’ people tie up with ALFRED DREYFUS and the DREYFUS AFFAIR that got the ‘State of Israel project’ well and truly running, be my guest.

For now, I want to take a closer look at DAVID SINZHEIM’s immediate family.


As WIKI told us, David Sinzheim’s brother-in-law is one: NAFTALI HIRZ CERF BERR DE MEDELSHEIM (1730-1793).

(Remember, another of Sinzheim’s scrubbed brother-in-laws is BARON KARL ABRAHAM WETZLAR, the guy who is arming Austria and a big favorite of Josef II.)

I’d never heard of him, so I went to look him up. Just look at that hand, tucked away snugly in the favorite ‘freemason’ position inside the vest…

Snippet from HERE:

Herz Cerfbeer of Medelsheim was a French Jewish philanthropist.

He was a contractor to the army, and employed his wealth and his influence with the French government in promoting the material and spiritual welfare of his coreligionists.

The government permitted him to settle at Strasburg, in opposition to the wishes of the authorities of that city, who zealously enforced the law excluding Jews.

Cerfbeer protected all Jews who were willing to earn a livelihood by manual labor.

As soon as he had received (in 1775) from Louis XVI the patent granting him the rights of citizenship “for services rendered by him to the government and to the land during the famine of 1770 and 1771,” Cerfbeer established factories, where he employed Jews, in order to withdraw them from petty trading, and also to deprive their accusers of all excuse for prejudice.

The Strasburg Germans, who made every effort to prevent the Jews from settling in that city, compelled Cerfbeer to endeavor to obtain from the government the repeal of exceptional laws.

A petition to the king was drawn up by Cerfbeer and sent to Moses Mendelssohn for revision.


Connection with royalty: tick.

Arms dealing ‘philanthropist’ who becomes the head of the Jewish community (there is nothing new under the sun….): tick.

Deeply connected to the Frankist-Freemason-Maskilim-Reformers: tick

Pushing ‘manual labor’ on the Jews, instead of learning Torah: tick.

But with a little more digging, we learn even more interesting things.


Wiki tells us that:

At the outbreak of the Reign of Terror in France, Cerfbeer was thrown into prison on suspicion of favoring the royal cause, but was set free after a year of confinement.

Meanwhile, they were literally chopping the heads off 100,000 people who were much less connected to the late Monarch, Louis XVIth than Cerf Beer was….

Something doesn’t add up here.


When I go back to ISAAC SINZHEIM’s family tree, crawling with ARNSTEINS, OPPENHEIMERS, WERTHEIMERS – all the people who were giving the Austrian monarchs the money and credit they required to continue their 30 year war with France – I notice something other stuff.

First, my candidate for the ‘real life’ Moses Dobrushka – aka ANDREAS JOSEF POPPER DUSCHENES – also appears in this tree, and is married to an ARNSTEIN:

(You remember, that the DUSCHENES family of Frankist-Freemasons were bankrolling the Old Yishuv of Eretz Yisrael? Of course you do!)


Next, I notice that the family tree of those converted, ennobled Viennese bankers called the KOENIGWATERS is also in this SINZHEIM family tree:

(And the PRESSBURG family links us straight up with the CHATAM SOFER and his students…. More about that another time, BH.)


There are Rothschilds in this family tree…. And also RATISBONNES.

In fact, it looks like those Jewish-Jesuit RATISBONNES we wrote about HERE, who bought up a ton of land in Jerusalem – Ein Karem and the Old City, and built monasteries on them – are the grandchildren of this same CERF BERR, B-I-L of David Sinzheim, and arms dealing philanthropist….

Who would have imagined?


There is the HONIGSBERG family of ennobled Prague Frankists….

There is ‘FANNY VON ARNSTEIN’ – aka Fanny ITZIG, daughter of Berlin banker DANIEL ITZIG JAFFE (that surname is interesting and links us straight to some very notable early followers of CHABAD… We will be coming back to him soon, BH.)


And just to bring this full circle, at the very end of the tree, we have another tie-up with our very own KARL SIMON WETZLAR VON PLANKENSTERN, who was supplying the Austrian army in its 30 year war with France, whilst also being the brother-in-law of the Chief Rabbi of Paris, DAVID SINZHEIM.


Her dad, JOSEPH MICHAEL ARNSTEIN is a brother of that NATAN ADAM ARNSTEIN who heads up the bank funding Josef II’s wars and expansion of his empire, together with BERNHARD ESKELES.

(Both men are members of the ASIAN BROTHERHOOD secret society, at the very least….)


So…. It’s kind of weird that Napoleon and the revolutionnaries dafka wouldn’t execute CERF BERR, when all his close relatives are literally funding the Austrian Empire’s war machine and are very close associates of Josef II, Marie Antoinette’s brother….

Isn’t it?


You want to know what I think?

I think that Josef II hatched the idea of the satanic, anti-God ‘French Revolution’ with his satanic, anti-Jesuit circle of secret society chums….

And financed it and organised it, in order to have the last laugh against the French Monarchs who ‘stole Spain’ from the Austrian Habsburgs, in the War of the Spanish Succession.

But then, it all got terribly out of hand….and Napoleon had to be ‘brought to heel’.


The last thing, for now, is a big list of the ‘REFORM’ rabbis who attended Napoleon’s Sanhedrin, together with DAVID SINZHEIM.

You can read it HERE.

Did you know SAMUEL MARX LEVI – the uncle of communist KARL MARX – was in attendance?

Also, the Sanhedrin included a whole bunch of descendants of that same CERF BERR, arms dealer to Louis XVI and B-i-L of DAVID SINZHEIM?


(Read more about his descendant, ISAAC ADOLPHE CREMIEUX, big buddy of Louis Bonaparte, French Justice Minister, founder of the notorious ALLIANCE ISRAELITE – and of course, a total mason – HERE.)

And David Moses GUNZBURG?


OK, we’ll stop there for now.

The main point is:

It’s always the same people fighting to be the arms-dealing ‘court Jew’ who will get the billion dollar bribe paid into their secret bank accounts for betraying the Jewish people to our worst enemies….

Just, they don’t want you and me to know that.



If you have 5 minutes spare, I highly recommend you read this post on Napoleon and Freemasonry:


Remember that Josef II adopted the REICHSTADLER – the two-headed eagle – as his symbol?

Look at this:


Snippet explaining what this is:

[A] very assorted French Freemasonry became a united and homogenous system, which was entirely in Napoleonic spirit.

Soon was published “The Freemasons’ Regulator” – a set of rules and rituals for the Lodges of the Grand Orient of France. The Lodges of the Scottish Rite also made appropriate amendments to their rules – it took them three years, however.

As a result, the rituals still did not become identical, but there was a single Supreme Council of the 33rd degree, the decisions of which became binding for all.

The Emperor could influence any decision, since, by that time, the Supreme Council was headed by his elder brother Joseph, who had become the Grand Master.


Know thy enemy.


PS: My daughter sent me this clip of the ‘Werewolves’ game created by a Russian sociologist who was trying to show that a tiny minority can totally control the rest of society, when the majority lack the information required to understand what they are really up against.

I think it’s appropriate for the end of this post:

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