Watching and waiting

There are a million things that could be written about right now.

Like, do you know this ‘right wing government’ with ‘fanatical right wingers’ in key positions in security, finance and apparently the PM’s chair has sent 13,000+ trucks of food, fuel and other stuff to Hamas, since the war began?

Baruch Hashem, people are starting to wake up – there are currently 200 people now sleeping out in tents at night to block the Keren Shalom crossing into Gaza, and stop the trucks.

And if you fancy an uplifting ‘day out’ to do something useful, you are invited to join them:


Right now, all the idols are falling in the State.

There is no army, the most ‘violence against the enemy’ you get here is when the police start beating up charedim on the streets of Jerusalem, or the families of the hostages who started blocking the trucks carrying aid directly to Hamas last week….

But this process of doing the birur is still going to take a bit of time, because Rabbenu teaches you can’t just go and ‘remove’ all the evil out of a person’s mind, out of their soul, in one shot.

If you did that, they would literally go insane.

So drip by slow drip, the message is starting to penetrate that something here is very wrong.


For people who reached that conclusion a few years’ back, this whole process is excrutiating.

If you engage with it too much.

So I’m not, mostly.

Mostly, I’m just focussing on getting ‘Conversations II’ edited and published, God willing.

And the ‘clues’ and hints the Rav littered all over his shiurim from the last couple of years are simply astounding.


The editor I’m working with asked for ‘clarification’ for a some of the remarks, and when I start trying to unpick sentences about the ‘Prince Ali of Egypt’ who worked with the British ahead of WWI – I start to learn some totally mind-blowing stuff about the Muslim Brotherhood, the Suez Canal – and the way Britain and France carved-up the Middle East long before there was any hint of a ‘Balfour Declaration’.

B’kitzur: the Economic Hitman was right.

Watch this:


The whole official project to settle Jews in the region was just to give the multinational companies who actually run what we think of as ‘sovereign countries’ their own ‘fort’ in the area, to keep the Arabs in-line and the oil on tap.

But try fitting all that information into a footnote to one of the Rav’s throw-away comments….


So, I have my work cut out for me, and it’s keeping me busy and mostly out of the slow drip, drip, drip of headlines.

And at the same time, I am starting to think more about what direction to go in ‘the day after’.

The day after – when enough truth has come out about the rotten, stinking state of the world that people are ready to hear more about subjects like ‘spiritual self-help’ again.

One of my friends suggested I start a substack.

That wouldn’t really ‘work’ with this blog – but it would be perfect for re-kindling the ‘spiritual self-help’ holistic health project.

So, I am pondering that.

And also, how I can start to move back to a kinder, gentler way of dealing with myself, and other people again.


Like everyone in Israel, the last few months has taken an awful lot of stamina and energy.

It looks like this ‘confused’ part of the process is going to continue until Pesach, with ‘big surprises’ already around Purim – the time when things traditionally get turned-around for the best.

In the meantime, all the fear, anger, shock, despair and other overwhelming emotions from the last few months – it all needs to get processed and ‘put away’ properly.

I’ve noticed I’ve got almost zero bandwidth for interacting with other people at the moment, including my kids and husband, and I want to move into a much kinder, gentler and generous space again.

But before I can give more to others, I first need to take some time to give more to myself again.


So, I’ve started a new course and I’ll tell you more about that once I’ve gone through the course material and fitted it together with the other ‘holistic health’ stuff I’ve been learning about over the last few years.

It’s connected to healing with frequency and piezo electricity.

I think it’s going to be very enlightening, BH.


The course continues until Pesach.

So for the next few weeks, I am in some sort of a routine again, at least minimally, while I’m watching and waiting for the world of lies to finally fall flat, at least enough, that the next stage of geula can begin.

And also, going back to trying to work some more on my own bad middot and lack of patience.


The last thing to tell you is that the weird dreams are back.

I usually only remember my dreams about once every 3-4 months, and I am in a stage of having ‘meaningful’ dreams again.

Yesterday’s was about some very weird stuff going in the sky….

It was very ‘real’.


Interesting times we live in.

Pace yourselves, dear readers, and do things that make you happy and uplift you right now, as much as possible.

Because this process of birur isn’t over yet.

And in many ways, it’s only just beginning.

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  1. doowop rebbe
    doowop rebbe says:

    even ben gvir doesnt want to ban aid to gaza completely so as not to make sleepy joe tell us ad kan no more aid should we? perhaps. derech hateva we needent ” push the envelope” as it were what is Hashem’s wish? i dunno as above my paygrade


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