Back to Berdichev

Back to Berdichev

Before I got totally up-ended by the Rav’s awesome hints about the links between the maskilim, the Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemasons and the Austrian monarchy, I was actually working on more stuff to do with the Berdichev Bankers.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go back and read THIS article, first.

(Maybe, go back and read it anyway, so you’ll see how this whole story starts to build out.)


Long story short, Berdichev (in what is now the Ukraine) was a big centre of the maskilim, who were closely connected to the Frankist-Freemasons back in Berlin and also Vienna – and Paris.

These days, no-one really knows that.

If we talk about Berdichev at all, it’s usually just because of the tzaddik buried there, Rabbi LEVI YITZHAK OF BERDICHEV, zt’l.

Rebbe Nachman speaks of him very highly (he died the year before Rabbenu did, and there is a hint that R Levi Yitzhak ‘sacrificed himself’, to give Rabbenu another year of life.)


You can read more of what Rabbenu had to say about R Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev in the book TZADDIK – the English translation of Chayei Moharan.

This snippet comes from page 169 (par 45 in the old numbering):

There was direct evidence that the lesson “In the beginning – in the eyes of all Israel” in Likutey Moharan II:67 was given entirely with ruach hakodesh.

The lesson was taught on the night of Shabbat Bereishit. As yet, there had been no word at all of the death of R Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev[1].

It was only several days later that the first news reached Breslov….the Rebbe’s lesson…speaks about the death of the Tzaddik who is the ‘head of the house’.

The lesson discusses how the death of such a Tzaddik leads to an increase in sorcery and black magic, resulting in outbreaks of fire.

We saw all this with our own eyes.

Shortly after R Levi Yitzhak’s death a sorcerer became very populare in the village of Chvastivetz in the Breslov region.

He attracted a lot of attention and people travelled to him from all the surrounding areas. He did all kinds of things with sorcery. Numerous other sorcerers also attracted attention elsewhere.

The same year, there were also many major fires. There was scarcely a single town which did not have several fires.”


Ad kan, from Rav Natan and Rabbenu.

It’s kind of amazing to me that in the same three short pars that describe Rabbenu’s ruach hakodesh and the death of the Berdichever, there’s a whole big discussion of the ‘sorcerers’ who were taking over all over the place, and the black magic occurring around Breslov, and the fires.

In the past, I used to assume all these sorcerers were non-Jews….

Now….I’m really not so sure. Especially with all the demonically-inspired ‘black kabbalah’ Sabbatean ‘Baal Shems’ we’ve been digging up out of the pages of history.



Point is, that the forces for good and evil are always perfectly balanced.

At the time of the Baal Shem Tov, open miracles again returned to the world in a big way – and it seems that ‘open sorcery’ and more black magic also got a big boost, at this same time.

Both within the Jewish world, and also, beyond it.

But for this post, I want to zone in on R Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev’s brother-in-law.

You’ve probably already heard of him, if you’ve been following this blog for a while.

His name was ABRAHAM PERETZ – the son-in-law of the wealthy court factor in Shklov and maskil, YEHOSHUA ZEITLIN.

ABRAHAM PERETZ’s links with chassidic royalty got ‘scrubbed’ when he converted to xtianity, married a non-Jew, and had a bunch of ‘Russian minor nobility’ kids.


First, how do we make the link with R LEVI YITZHAK of BERDICHEV?

Like this: R LEVI YITZHAK LEVY’S wife, PERL, was the sister of ABRAHAM PERETZ, whose first wife before he converted was SARA FAIGEL ZEITLIN.

Here’s the progression genealogically:



These family trees are a HUGE mess.

I have been tracking down leads for years, trying to piece it all together. The penny dropped in this case when THIS guy on Geni made the connection which the Geni Gatekeepers were trying to keep hidden, like this:

When I plugged ABRAHAM PERETZ into his wider family tree, the very close link with his b-i-l R LEVI YITZHAK OF BERDICHEV came into view instantly.


There are a ton more ‘secrets’ hiding out in that particular family tree, btw, including a ‘missing’ son in law of the VILNA GAON called YEHEZKEL MENACHEM MENDEL ZISKIND HALEVY, ABD BOBRUISK, who marries one of the Vilna Gaon’s daughters.

Why was this guy scrubbed out of history?

I don’t know.

I am guessing its either because he and his descendants went full Frankist-Freemason – or converted out. (Or maybe, went CHABAD….)


But in the meantime, let’s take a closer look at ABRAHAM PERETZ, and his story.

Because as I keep trying to underline, all those people who sold us a crock for years that the ‘erev rav’ are just the unreligious, the ‘Reform’, the z-ists – this is totally and utterly a lie.

And the people who kept telling us this ‘lie’ did so in order to keep the focus off their own bad middot, disgusting actions and ‘erev rav’ behavior and tendencies.

Yichus is a joke.

All there is, is how we behave in our own dalet amot, and how we treat others, and how we do our best to serve Hashem to the best of our abilities.


I know most of my readers already believe this anyway, but the trouble is there are hundreds of thousands of people in the ‘chareidi’ and ‘chassidic’ worlds who are following fake rabbis and whitewashing disgusting behavior, really just based on this twisted idea of yichus.


So, the next stop is THIS site that I had to google translate from the Russian.

It’s written by a direct descendant of ABRAHAM PERETZ, from his non-Jewish second wife.

The bits that particularly took my eye in this section were this:

  1. Abraham Peretz worked as a tax collector for the Tzar. (His ‘business partner’ NATAN NOTA KHAIMOVICH also worked as a tax collector. I am still trying to figure out if these are two different people, or a case of another alias.)
  2. JOSHUA ZEITLIN was still friendly with Peretz even after he converted out of the faith, to the point where he included him in his will (!)
  3. The link-up with YEHUDA LEIB NEYKHAVICH (more on him in a moment). And
  4. The ‘Chassidim’s’ reaction to ABRAHAM PERETZ’s conversion in 1813, namely:

The statement of the Chassidim, who have not forgiven Peretz for his hostility to the Chassidic movement has been preserved for us:

As for the informer Abraham Peretz, may his name be cursed, his baseness became known to everyone when, to the shame and disgrace of the misnageds, he changed his religion.”


You know who PERETZ informed against to the Russian authorities?

It was the ALTER REBBE of LIADI.


This snippet is from the post called THE MISSING DAUGHTER OF THE ALTER REBBE, which links CHABAD directly to the ‘SCHICK’ family, who in turn link up directly to Frankist-Freemason MOSES DOBRUSKA (who helped to start the French Revolution, and got guillotined….)

It’s all connected.

There are more interesting things about what was going on in Shklov with the Alter Rebbe and the three big ‘mitnagdim’ who arranged for him to get arrested, at least the first time.

They are all people you’ve heard about already if you’ve been with me for a while, but go check out their Chabadpedia pages – there’s a lot of very interesting details there that really show the version of history we’ve all been taught is basically hogwash.

Take a look at the pages for:


Joshua Zeitlin

Natan Nata Notkin

Abraham Peretz – son in law of Zeitlin, business partner of Notkin, and a guy who converted out to xtianity in St Petersburg.


Peretz, Zeitlin and Notkin are said to be ‘friends’ with the leading maskil Yehuda Leib Nowakovitch, who also ends up converting out to xtianity.

Yehuda Leib is the main translator of all the documents into Russian that were used to get Shneur Zalman arrested by the authorities for treason against the government.

He was also one of the very first Russian freemasons…


That Russian-Jewish freemason YEHUDA LEIB NOWAKOVITCH is the same guy referenced above.

It’s likely that ABRAHAM PERETZ was also a freemason.

And these two are the ones that ‘informed’ against the Alter Rebbe of Chabad, SHNEUR ZALMAN, to get him arrested.


You remember, that pretty much the only nation that could stop the triumphant march of NAPOLEON BONAPARTE and his group of satanic masons across the world was RUSSIA?

You remember, that Napoleon is said to have been trying to hunt the Alter Rebbe down when he invaded Russia, and the Alter Rebbe is said to have died on the road in Haditch running away from Napoleon?

That story always sounded so far-fetched to me – I mean, why on earth would the ruler of France be interested in hunting down some obscure chassidic Rebbe from the backwoods of Ukraine?!

But now…. It seems there was way more going on here, with the whole ‘Frankist-Freemason-maskilim’ angle than anyone realised.



As seems to be the same story over and over and over again, PERETZ is meant to have lost all his fortune when he over-extends to help out the non-Jewish monarchs in whatever war they were busy with – and they default on repaying the loan.

Where does PERETZ end up?

Apparently, no-one knows.

But his children then start getting up to some interesting stuff.


This is another google-translated snippet from THIS site in Russian about PERETZ’s son he had together with SARA ZEITLIN, called GRIGORY PERETZ.

(BTW, I just noticed that this site was put together by a direct descendent of GRIGORY PERETZ, grandson of JOSHUA ZEITLIN. If you go to THIS page you can find the original notes of GRIGORY PERETZ’s confession notes, after he was arrested by the Russian secret police for his role in the Decembrist uprising.

It’s real history for a change! And super interesting.)


Things that struck me:

  1. JOSHUA ZEITLIN is clearly a maskil, just a more moderate maskil.
  2. It’s weird, how you never see JOSHUA ZEITLIN and NATAN NATA NOTKIN appearing together in any formal descriptions of the Jewish community’s interactions with the Russian government, even though they were apparently doing the exactly same thing and exactly the same time, in the same place.
  3. The DECEMBRISTS were trying to overthrow the Russian monarchy a few decades before the BOLSHEVIKS successfully managed it.
  4. GRIGORY PERETZ is introducing us to yet more secret societies operating behind the scenes of ‘world history’.
  5. The password for the DECEMBRISTS – apparently all meant to be Russian non-Jews except for PERETZ  – is HERUT.


In no particular order, this is more very useful information that I’m gleaning about ‘ABRAHAM PERETZ’ and his battle with the faction of the ALTER REBBE, aka ‘the Chassids’.

  1. He was apparently excommunicated from the synagogue in St Petersburg before he converted to xtianity.
  2. GREGORY PERETZ’s tutor in ZEITLIN’s estate is MENDEL LEFIN – another one of those two-faced maskilim who pretended to be frum, whilst trying to destroy yiddishkeit from within. He deserves his own post, BH.
  3. His descendant says GRIGORY PERETZ married one ‘Baroness Maria Grevenitz’ and had two sons with her, before his arrest.


Over on the Jewish Encyclopaedia website for ABRAHAM PERETZ, it says this:

On the death of his wife, Peretz was baptized and married a German who became the mother of his younger children.

His son Hirsch, by his first wife, was a boy of great promise; but, becoming involved in the Dekabrist outbreak in 1825, was sent to Siberia, and later was transferred to Odessa, where he died in banishment.

Peretz’s daughter by his first wife married Senator Baron Grebnitz,


That “first daughter” is MIRIAM TZIREL – grand-daughter of JOSHUA ZEITLIN.

Apparently, she also converted, and then it sounds like the children of Grigory and Miriam married each other.


Well, so now I just found something even more interesting.

If you go HERE, you’ll see a handwritten letter from one ‘SHMUEL ben ISRAEL PERETZ HELLER’ – who became the Rav of Tzfat in the 1830s, talking about the pogrom that happened in Tsfat.

I have never heard of this pogrom before – apparently many Jews were raped and murdered, and ‘R YISRAEL of SHKLOV’, head of the perushim in Tsfat, had his eye gouged out by Arabs….


Read more HERE.


That’s interesting, but it’s not even the most interesting thing.

I think this R SHMUEL HELLER of TSFAT is our ABRAHAM PERETZ’s grandson….

Here’s why, a translated snippet from the HaMichlol website:

Rabbi Heller is a scion of Rabbi Yom-Tov Lipman Heller.[1] He was born in Zlochev[2] in Galicia. Before they immigrated to Israel, his grandfather, Rabbi Avraham Peretz, was considered one of the Seer of Lublin’s followers, and this fact also invited his grandson to meetings with the Seer – Rabbi Yaakov Yitzhak Horowitz, who imprinted a deep imprint on Shmuel Heller as a child.

Rabbi Shmuel would say that he had been blessed from the Seer of Lublin over a hundred times and even merited to be with to be with him at the Passover Seder.

The Heller family belonged to a group of Hasidim whose ideological foundation was among its main motives for immigrating to the Land of Israel.


If you click that link for ‘Abraham Peretz’ it goes to an entry for the author of the Avnei Shoham, who we are told was a Turkish Rabbi.

But I don’t know of any Turkish rabbis who were hanging out in Lublin and taking their children to go and get blessings from the Seer of Lublin every Shabbat.


It looks like we have stumbled on another ‘scrubbed’, unnamed son of ABRAHAM PERETZ, whose grandson ends up being the Chief Rabbi of the perushim in Tsfat.

Of course.

While his cousins back in Russia are all practising Lutherans, baptising their kids, marrying non-Jews and trying to get the Russian monarchy overthrown, in between joining Masonic lodges and starting up revolutionary secret societies.

Who can make this stuff up?


Here’s a few more interesting snippets from the HaMichlol page for R SHMUEL HELLER, grandson of ABRAHAM PERETZ, the converted maskil of St Petersberg, who informed on the Alter Rebbe of Liadi to the Tzar, and married Joshua Zeitlin’s daughter:

  1. Shmuel Heller served as the head of the distribution of the Land of Israel on behalf of the Clerical and Amarchal Organization of Amsterdam(PECOAM), and the main recipient of other philanthropists, most notably Moshe Montefioreand Baron Edmond James de Rothschild.

(Those last two are indisputably both freemasons, and hail from Sabbatean-Frankist families.)


From the beginning, Rabbi Shmuel Heller’s ascension to the leadership seat of the Ashkenazi community in Safed involved a long struggle with another claimant to the throne, Rabbi Yaakov Dov of Roman.

In this great dispute, Rabbi Heller showed courage and determination to stand up to one of the greatest of the generation, Adm. Yisrael Friedman (Rozin), who supported his opponent.



We are back to the two main families of Jewish mafiosos, battling it out for control of the Jewish community.

There is a lot more to unpick here – I have no idea who that ‘Yaakov Dov of Roman’ is meant to be.



I am also still trying to figure out how ABRAHAM PERETZ is directly related to the rabbi of Berlin, TZVI HIRSH LOWENSTAM.

I know there are some more big secrets hiding out behind this family, and it’s connected to the EGER family of Frankist-Freemasons, at the very least.

(TZVI HIRSH LOWENSTAM marries SPRINZE EGER, whose family tree is crawling with Frankists. More than that… I am still working on.]

But that will do for now.



Here’s another tie up between R SHMUEL HELLER of Tsfat, and R LEVI YITZHAK of Berdichev – ABRAHAM PERETZ’s B-I-L.

From the Ascent of Tsfat website:

Rabbi Avraham Dov Auerbach of Avritch [1765-12 Kislev 1840], a Rebbe in Europe for forty years and in Tsfat for ten, was a disciple of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev and of the first two Rebbes of the Chernobyl dynasty.

One of his disciples was Rabbi Shmuel Heller, the chief rabbi of Zefat for over half a century.

His famous book, Bas Ayin, was written in Europe, but he refused to allow it to be printed until he could ‘expose’ it to the air of the Holy Land and refine it there.

His meeting with the philanthropist Sir Moses Montifiore in 1840 led to the beginning of modern Jewish agricultural settlement in Israel. He is buried in the old cemetery of Tsfat. Story # 143,215, 397, 528, 993 — see Archives



More remarkable material about PERETZ, NEVYKOVICH and NATAN NETA of SHKLOV, from the Jewish Gen site HERE.


Despite the fact that there was a total prohibition on Jews to reside in the capital city—a few managed to penetrate it due to their engagement with the government, or due to personal relationships with the nobles.

One of them was Avraham Peretz. A son of a Rabbi, he excelled with his talents, in his youth, and his teachers predicted great things for him as a student and a scholar of the Torah. He married the daughter of R’Yehoshua Tzeitlin, the manager of the estates of the Prince Potyomkin.

That family was famous for its wealth and wisdom in Lithuania and White Russia [Belerus]. Peretz, probably, did not find happiness in his marriage, and followed Potyomkin’s advice and recommendations to move to Petersburg. In the capital, he acquired fame as a big contractor of shipbuilding, lesee of salt mines in Crimea and other large businesses.

He became famous among the government circles as a wise and educated man and he had personal relationships with high- ranking people at the topmost level of the regime.


Another Jew who penetrated the high society circles in Petersburg was Leib Nivokhovitz (Yehuda-Leib son of Noakh, 1767-1831). He was an author and a journalist who gained fame with his book “Kol Shva’at Beit-Yehuda” [The Cry of the Jews]. Due to his friendship with Peretz, and also because he was an author and intellectual he was likable among high ranking circles in the capital….

It is appropriate to discuss Natan Notkin (Shklover) separately.

He did not come close to the status of Avraham Peretz in terms of his wealth and the extent of his businesses.

His education was not as extensive as that of Nivokhovitz’s. However, in his fortitude and love for his people, and particularly in his daring plan to make the Jewish peddlers, innkeepers and sellers of alcoholic beverages, productive citizens, he bested them both. He was a man of vision and feat. Peretz, Nivokhovitz and the Jewish representatives who were invited to the capital, struggled and fought to achieve equal rights for the Jews, or at least expand their civil rights by as much as possible.

On the other hand, while Notkin was also one of the people who acted in that direction, he was not satisfied with only achieving rights for the Jews. He aspired to change the ways of life of his people, to mend their economy and make them into a working nation.


A researcher of that period in the history of Russian Jews, the historian Julius Gessen, refers to this marvelous notable with great respect.

He provided details that were kept in the memory by his family members. His grandchild or his great-grandchild, Dr. Neteh Sheptelovnitz described to him the nice attitude of the Czar and high rank notables towards his grandfather.

A story was circulated about the gift that Notkin received from Czar as an appreciation for his outstanding actions in behalf of the army.

Another known story describes the visit by the Czar in Norkin’s home in Shklov while he was he was laying in his deathbed.


Ooo ah!

Who is this man, that the Tzar of Russia came to his deathbed?

And where is ‘Joshua Zeitlin’ in this whole discussion on the Jewish Gen site?

BH, one of these days, God will just bust the whole thing wide open…. and I will get to do something else with myself for a change.




[1] R Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev died on Thursday, October 5th, 1809.

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    I greatly desire to marry soon, even though I’m only 16.
    It has been a test of faith in God, what with the NWO plans, which arouse a despair in me that I will never, God forbid. (Since they want everyone to be enslaved and divided, and to destroy the family) But I guess they also want to “cut back” on 94% of the world population, so God will need to protect us.
    Maybe you have some advice and/or encouragement with any aspect of this test.

    • Rivka Levy
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      All of us are feeling ‘despair’ for one reason or another at the moment. I will write something about it now, BH.

      Re: getting married – you have two years to keep praying that Hashem sends you a high-quality spouse, and to keep working on improving your own bad middot.

      The spouse you get is just the ‘mirror’ of your own soul, so the more work you do on yourself, the higher-level your spouse also has to be, spiritually.

      There is no yeoush in the world, Simon!

      Rabbenu taught us that.

      But living his advice is the tricky bit.


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