The Oppenheimers

I almost called this post ‘the Oppenheim Invasion’….


In the course of trying to figure out how the Jewish community got so hijacked by corrupt ‘court Jews’ – many of whom repeatedly converted to xtianity down the generations, yet their descendants somehow kept on ‘ruling’ the Jews – one name keeps coming up:



It’s still happening today, of course.

Also with people named ‘Oppenheim[er]’, and also with other descendants who switched names (for reasons that will become obvious) and then became WERTHEIMERS.

MOSHE TZVI of SAVRAN – the arch-persecutor of Rav NATAN STERNHARTZ and Breslov – descends from SAMSON WERTHEIM.

As we discovered HERE, when he was caught arranging the murders of Jewish informers, he had to flee to Moldova, where he adopted the name and identity of ISRAEL FRIEDMAN OF RUZHIN.

His descendants are literally the leaders all over the Jewish ‘chareidi’ and ‘chassidic’ world still today.

Of course.

(And still persecuting authentic Breslov….)


So now, let’s see if we can figure this out a bit more, because the more I search, the more I find ‘OPPENHEIM[ER]S’ in the frame here, as the main people who were acting as the royal tax collectors and corrupt ‘chief rabbis’ over the Jews.

And, they just kept converting to xtianity, over and over again.

But then, their descendants end up being recycled into the Jewish community, where they again go straight into ‘leadership’ positions – only for this cycle to get stuck on rinse and repeat.


The story starts with another strange discussion with AI.

(The fact that it hasn’t kicked me out and banned me again, so far, is by itself kinda strange….)

I was trying to figure out who SAMSON WERTHEIMER actually descends from…. And that’s when all this other info started to come up.

First, here’s a snippet from Wiki, to set the scene for who we are talking about, here:

Samson Wertheimer (1658 – 1724) was chief rabbi of Hungary and Moravia, and rabbi of Eisenstadt.

He was also a powerful Austrian financiercourt Jew and Shtadlan to Austrian Emperor Leopold I.

With the help of Samuel Oppenheimer, he helped finance the Spanish War of Succession on behalf of the Empire.

A scholar and patron of scholars, he also financed the printing of the Babylonian Talmud undertaken at Frankfurt (1712–22) by his son-in-law, Moses Kann.

Wertheimer possessed numerous palaces and ten imperial soldiers guarded his house. He was known by the title of Judenkaiser (Jewish emperor).

The Wertheimer family established branches in several European nations.

Famous descendants include billionaire Gerard Wertheimer and billionaire Alain Weirtheimer, little is known about them according to French media


To this list of billionaire Wertheimers that stay out of the media, we can also add Israel’s Stef Wertheimer….


I was trying to figure out how SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER and SAMSON WERTHEIMER were actually related.

Because while all the ‘official bios’ tell you that Wertheimer and Samuel Oppenheimer worked together, and Wertheimer lived in Oppenheimer’s home, at least at the beginning of his career, none of them mention that Wertheimer was Oppenheimer’s nephew.


You see?

It’s always the same people.

And while they want you and me to believe that all we have to do is work ourselves to death, and get 50 degrees, in order to ‘make it big’ – the only people making it ‘big’ in this world are the members of this same, very small, little group we keep turning up here.

99.9% of our leaders, our rabbis, our ‘gadolim’, our politicians, our influencers, our ‘stars’, our scientists – it’s all this group.

No-one else gets the really big opportunities or the really important jobs, no matter how talented and able they actually might be.

There, that makes us all start to feel a bit better, doesn’t it?


The official bio on Wiki says this:

Wertheimer was born in Worms, the son of Joseph Josel Wertheimer (1626 – 2 May 1713), and received his education at the yeshivas of Worms and Frankfurt am Main.


His GENI page is HERE, and looks like this:


But as nearly all of his descendants became the Frankist-Freemason-maskilim and anti-Breslov chassidic rebbes (when they weren’t just straight converting to xtianity and building massive cathedrals in Cologne….) – we already know to take GENI with a massive pinch of salt.

Ah, let’s also mention here that WERTHEIMER was a known Sabbatean, and helped fund the journey of the Sabbatean ‘prophet’ YEHUDA CHASSID to Eretz Yisrael in 1700.


His mum is listed as TOLZE OPPENHEIMER – but of course, they have no idea who her dad is.

Of course.

Here is one reason why they’ve scrubbed this tree so thoroughly:

The notorious Court Jew ‘JOSEPH SUSS OPPENHEIM’ (1698-1738) who got hung for dalliances with Christian noblewomen (amongst many other things….) and who was a boon for Goebbles, is the first cousin of this same SAMSON WERTHEIMER.

Like this:




But there is someone else conspicuously missing in this tree – and that would be SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER, the Court Jew to Leopold I of Austria.

Who AI tells me emphatically is the uncle (and apparently also the father in law…) of his financial protege SAMSON WERTHEIMER.

Me being me, I start trying to pin that down more – and this is where the story gets pretty strange.


First, here’s some snippets from the chat bot:

Apart from the Wertheimer brothers (Samson Wolf Wertheimer and Samuel Oppenheimer) and Samuel Oppenheimer, there were several other Court Jews who worked for Emperor Leopold I. Some notable Court Jews during that period include:

Joseph Süß Oppenheimer: Joseph Süß Oppenheimer, also known as Jud Süß, was a prominent Court Jew who served as a financial advisor to Duke Karl Alexander of Württemberg.

Jacob Bassevi von Treuenberg: Jacob Bassevi von Treuenberg was a Court Jew who served as a financial advisor to Emperor Leopold I. He played a key role in managing the imperial finances and facilitating loans for the emperor.

Isachar Berend Lehmann: Isachar Berend Lehmann was a Court Jew who served as a financial advisor to various members of the Habsburg dynasty, including Emperor Leopold I.


Samson Wertheimer: Followed in his father’s footsteps and served as a Court Jew and financial advisor to the emperor. Samson Wertheimer continued the family’s financial activities and maintained a close relationship with the Habsburg court even after his father’s passing.

Gabriel Selig Oppenheimer: Was a relative of Samuel Oppenheimer and held a position of influence within the Habsburg court.

Simon Wolf Oppenheimer: Simon Wolf Oppenheimer, a cousin of Samuel Oppenheimer, also had a role as a Court Jew in the court of Leopold I.


The ‘official story’ is that ‘SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER’ made most of his massive fortune by charging a lot of interest on the massive loans he secured for the Austrian monarchs to pursue their ‘War of the Spanish Succession’, and also in their wars against the Turkish Empire.

This snippet comes from the ‘secondwiki’ site HERE:

Samuel Wolf Oppenheimer (born June 21, 1630 in Heidelberg ; † May 3, 1703 in Vienna ), also called Samuel Heidelberg , was a moneylender, army supplier, court administrator and diplomat .

He married (II) Sandela Sentille Carcassonne, daughter of Manoach Carcassonne von Mannheim  .

Oppenheimer’s loans with up to 20% interest were the largest item among Austria’s debts after the War of the Spanish Succession.

They are said to have amounted to around six million guilders, most of which were refinanced through third parties. 

After Oppenheimer’s death, Austria got rid of this debt by not repaying it, but instead disposing of the estate in bankruptcy . The imperial bankruptcy declaration plunged all financial backers associated with Oppenheimer, and demonstrably also the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, into a serious crisis .

His closest confidante and representative was Samson Wertheimer (1658-1724) .


So, there was a huge financial scandal involving ‘SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER’s’ loans, and as we saw over in Berlin, the Habsburg monarchs made the much wider Jewish community pay for their Court Jews’ disgusting behavior.

But the other thing I noticed is that SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER married someone whose name just isn’t Jewish…..

Her father, Manoach Carcassonne von Mannheim, is ennobled – the ‘Von’ tells us that – but Jews couldn’t stay Jews and be ennobled in the Austrian empire until the 19th century….

So, what is really going on here?


‘Official history’ tells us that SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER is also ennobled by the Habsburg Monarchs – but stays a Jew.


I don’t buy it.

But it’s when I am trying to figure that out a bit more, that I trip over the strange story of one one JOHANN EISENMENGER.

(If you like to read handwritten, medieval German you can see the anti-Torah and anti-Judaism book he wrote HERE.)


This snippet comes from the JTA site, and is entitled:

He posed as a righteous Jewish convert for 19 years. Then he wrote a 2,000 page anti-semitic screed.

A man of considerable academic skills (he ultimately taught at the University of Heidelberg), Eisenmenger realized that the only way to seriously understand the Talmud was to become immersed in the world of the yeshiva, a world closed to non-Jews by custom and even Jewish law.

To achieve his dark purpose, Eisenmenger had to present himself as a genuine spiritual seeker….

Eisenmenger began his lifelong deception in 1680 at the age of 24.

By the time he was ready to bring his malicious book to print, Eisenmenger could count many rabbis among his teachers, including the prolific David ben Aryeh Lieb of Lida, Lithuania — then chief Ashkenazi rabbi of Amsterdam.


News of Eisenmenger’s colossal betrayal leaked out before “Judaism Unmasked” was released.

The Jewish community rapidly mobilized to prevent its distribution, persuading Emperor Leopold I that its publication might ignite the popular violence that had plagued the region in 1699. Eisenmenger protested and a lengthy court battle ensued.

The Jewish community offered 12,000 florins (roughly $5,000) to cover his costs if he would withdraw publication. Surprisingly, Eisenmenger seemed agreeable, but demanded 30,000.

Negotiations were cut short by Eisenmenger’s sudden death in 1704, at age 50, of a stroke.


Before we continue, there have been very many examples of knowledgeable ‘xtians’ writing disgusting stuff about the Torah and the Jews, and encouraging the banning, burning and censoring of the Gemara, in particular.


Our historians keep that quiet, but I have found this rule holds fast, each time I explore another ‘disputation’ between Jews and xtians.

It’s always instigated / prosecuted by a converted self-hating Jew, trying to ‘prove why he was right’ to dump his yiddishkeit.


So, I read this strange story, that takes place EXACTLY when ‘SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER’ aka ‘SAMUEL HEIDELBERG’ is at the same court of Leopold I as JOHANN EINSENMENGER.

And then, I notice that both men drop dead unexpectedly at exactly the same time – 1704.

And then, my brain starts whirring away with the incredible thought that is it possible that ‘SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER’ and ‘JOHANN EISENMENGER’ are actually one and the same??

Because that ridiculous story of someone ‘converting’ for 19 years – and still holding a high position in the rabidly Catholic court of the Austrian Habsburgs, while the Spanish Inquisition is still raging all around and ‘new xtians’ (and also ‘old xtians’ and ‘old Jews’) are still being burnt and tortured in great quantities –  just doesn’t stand up.


It’s obvious that ‘JOHANN EISENMENGER’ was born a Jew, an educated, privileged Jew, who had access to all the Talmudic books in the 17th century.

And this Jew was also welcomed at Leopold I’s court….

That narrows things down considerably.


I go back to AI to see if there are any more details I can pick up there, however hidden.

It tells me at least six times that SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER converted to xtianity…. And it doesn’t ‘break’, row back, or apologise profusely for ‘making a mistake’.



Back on the secondwiki page for the OPPENHEIM family, I am reading through the genealogy when I realise that SO MANY OF THESE OPPENHEIMER PEOPLE CONVERTED – both before Samuel Oppenheim, and also after him, even before we get into all the Freemason-Frankist descendents.


THIS site finally gives at least a partial real genealogy table for SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER (aka JOHANN EISENMENGER) – and then you figure out the pervasive xtian angle to this family of ‘court Jews’ in 10 nanoseconds.

His father is named as SIMON WOLF OPPENHEIM (dies 1664) who marries EDEL BACHRACH.

Meanwhile, his grandfather is one MOSCHE OPPENHEIM, who married HINDLE ZUNZ. MOSCHE’s brother is called MEIR OPPENHEIM (1580-1640).

This MEIR OPPENHEIM converts in Frankfort in 1606 and becomes JOHANN DANIEL LICHTENSTERN.

His wife Brendlin refuses to converts, so then ‘JOHANN’ launches a massive battle against her, and the Jewish community, to try and get her to return her dowry money and divorce him.

When the fails, he runs away with the help of his two brothers (who are subsequently tortured by the non-Jewish authorities) – and then MEIR gets baptised again in 1626 – along with his three kids.



But that’s not the only ‘xtian’ problem in the OPPENHEIM family tree.

MOSCHE OPPENHEIM has a grandpa called JUDA LOEB OPPENHEIM (1500-1574) who marries EDEL WEISENAU (LECHINICH) and then SORLIN CAYN-KATZ (same famliy as the SHACH / SHABTAI TZVI).

Oh, who also converts and becomes an infamous missionary called ‘PAULUS RENATUS’.


Meanwhile, MOSCHE OPPENHEIM also has a brother called JUDA LOEB OPPENHEIM ‘WHITE LION’, who marries a lady called GELA von WASUNGEN.

Remember what we mentioned, that anytime you see a ‘von’ in what is meant to be a Jewish name before the late 18th century, you can automatically take it as read that this person’s family converted, in order to become ennobled.

That’s the case here.

GELA’s mum is the daughter of another converted Jew, called ABRAHAM VON SCHLEUSINGEN.

And Abraham’s brother (Amschel? Akiva?) also converts in 1528, and becomes another infamous missionary named HANS CUNRATH who works with PAULUS RENATUS, above, to convert the Jews.


BTW – CUNRATH and VON SCHLEUSINGEN are part of the GUGGENHEIM family,and one of them is the alter ego of AKIVA GUGGENHEIM of FRANKFORT.

Snippet from HERE:

Akiva ben Jacob Frankfurt (died 1597), also known as Akiva ben Jacob Günzburg, was a German poet and rabbi.

He was the son of Jacob Flesch of Prague, and the son-in-law of Rabbi Simeon Günzburg of Frankfurt, with whose congregation he was associated as preacher, and by whose name he came to be known.

He took his F-I-L’s surname of GUNZBURG as both of his brothers converted out to xtianity…

Like duh.

But all this has been covered up, as the GUGGENHEIM-GUNZBURG descendants continued to play leading roles as the court Jews and ‘chief rabbis’ of the Jewish community, same as their OPPENHEIM court Jew counterparts.


So, it is credible that SAMUEL WOLF OPPENHEIMER (dies 1704) also converted out and became JOHANN EISENMENGER, court translator for Leopold I and the guy who tried to extort 30,000 thalers out of the Jewish community, to not print his anti-semitic work ‘Jews Unmasked’?



We’ll get to the descendants of these people again in another post, BH. Some of them you’ve already heard about, like the Jewish-Jesuit Ratisbonnes of Ein Kerem and Jerusalem.

But the numbers of them who ‘went xtian’ are truly astounding – and these are the exact same families who also harbored very strong Sabbatean beliefs, and then became the Freemason-Frankists.

There are no coincidences here.

(Let’s throw it in here that the SINZHEIM clan of Napoleon’s buddies also descend from these same OPPENHEIMERs, and MOSES MENDELSSOHN’s wife was FRUMET GUGGENHEIM.)


Last thing for now, is that SAMUEL WOLF OPPENHEIMER (aka JOHANN EISENMANGER) had a very famous nephew:

R DAVID OPPENHEIM (1664-1736), Chief Rabbi of Prague.

And that, together with HINDEL ZUNZ (wife of MOSCHE OPPENHEIM, with all the xtian brothers, grandpas and children…) leads us straight back to ‘JONATHAN EIBSHITZ’, who MARVIN ANTELMANN said was secretly baptised the same day he was circumcised.

That used to sound very far-fetched.

But not any more.

(His mother was meant to be SHEINDEL ZUNZ, but there are many HENDEL ZUNZs in that tree too, including one who is meant to have married a LEIB ESKELES….)


That will do for today.

Every monster post like this I put up just drags a bunch more info into the light….

But slowly does it.



This is the Oppenheimer who paid for Cologne Cathedral to get completed in the 19th century, SIMON OPPENHEIMER:




And they were both meant to have considered, and then rejected, JONATHAN EIBSHITZ for a son-in-law- although the stories are typically garbled and make no sense, as happens when stuff is being covered up and also made up.

David Oppenheim ‘inherited’ his massive load of esoterical and historical mss, which is now in the Bodleian Library. Some of these scrolls were ‘ancient writings’ brought to SAMUEL OPPENHEIM from Turkey, by a French noble who was working for the Austrians against his homeland, called PRINCE EUGENE OF SAVOY.

Snippet from Wiki:

Born in Paris, Eugene was brought up in the court of King Louis XIV of France. Based on the custom that the youngest sons of noble families were destined for the priesthood, the Prince was initially prepared for a clerical career, but by the age of 19, he had determined on a military career.

Based on his poor physique and bearing, and perhaps due to a scandal involving his mother Olympe, he was rejected by Louis for service in the French Royal Army. Eugene moved to Austria and transferred his loyalty to the Holy Roman Empire.


What was that scandal?

After falling out of favour at court, Olympia turned to Catherine Deshayes (known as La Voisin), and to the arts of black magic and astrology. It proved a fatal relationship. She became embroiled in the “Affaire des poisons”; suspicions abounded of her involvement in her husband’s premature death in 1673, and even implicated her in a plot to kill the King himself.

Whatever the truth, Olympia, rather than face trial, subsequently fled France for Brussels in January 1680, leaving Eugene in the care of his paternal grandmother.

OKAAAAYYYY then, we are firmly back in the black magic part of this story.

So, I’m going to do a separate post on Eugene, the black magic – and the French and Austrian masons. I’ve tripped over some very interesting stuff, that is pertinent for our world, today.

Because it looks like they are trying the same idea again, in 2024.


In the meantime, let me just continue on the Oppenheimer ‘fake history’ trail here, by taking a look at the pictures.

This is the picture of SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER most of us are familiar with.

Ah, such a sweet, angelic face!

But – it was drawn by a non-Jewish Austrian artist more than 150 years after OPPENHEIMER died in 1704.

I have no idea who commissioned this, although I’m starting to have an inkling as to the ‘why’.



In contrast, this portrait at least dates from the time when OPPENHEIM was actually alive, the 17th century.

What do you notice?

Yah, the guy looks very ‘hard’ and yucky.

Not a ‘nice’ person.

Not a ‘fluffy angel’.

This guy looks hard as nails, and has a very unfriendly, even malicious, expression on his face.

You think propaganda is a new thing?

It isn’t.

It’s as old as the hills.

But the question is, why would someone go to all the trouble of paying the top Viennese artist to depict SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER as an angel, more than 150 years after he died?

And that happened to other ‘rabbi portraits’ too.


Take a look at these two:


What a cute, benevolent, chubby little gnome of a rabbi!

So sweet…. wouldn’t hurt a fly.

This was drawn by non-Jewish artist Johann Balzer, in 1772 – long after DAVID OPPENHEIMER was dead.


That same artist drew another famous Rabbi in that same year of 1772, this one:



‘JONATHAN EIBSHITZ’ himself is meant to have died in 1764, so again this isn’t from life.

And again, look how calm, smiling, benevolent and ‘gnome-like’ this is.

Who is this ‘Johann Balzer’, and why was he drawing sketches of these two rabbis, long after they died?

I will try and figure that out a bit more.

His Wiki page in English is HERE, but doesn’t give a lot of useful info, about his connections to the Jewish community.



I guess the point is, the ‘propaganda’ we are constantly subjected to, and that shapes our view of ‘who is a Tzaddik’, and which families are ‘good’ and have ‘wonderful yichus’, and what people we should listen to, learn, respect and follow – it’s all being carefully curated and controlled.

And that’s been going on for many, many centuries.

Today, the modus operandi is starting to falter, because with the rise of the internet etc, the ‘media’ and sharing information isn’t as tightly controlled as it once was.

It’s truly the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.



This is a very interesting PDF, that explains how the Sabbateans were working with the xtians in places like Prague and Brnn (home town of the Frankist leader ‘MOSES DOBRUSHKA’) to subvert Judaism from within.

Although they didn’t call it that, they called it ‘modernisation’.

And today, they are continuing that process of destruction…. whoops, I mean ‘modernisation’….with social media and smart phones.

There is nothing new under the sun.


Tov, I will stop there for today.

Lots to think about – and I can guarantee you one thing: we still have a whole bunch of traitors in our midst today.

Some of them are ‘xtian’, some of them are ‘masonic’ – but all of them are trying very hard to uproot Yiddishkeit and the Torah, and to destroy the Jewish people from within.

We are surrounded by a whole bunch of ‘wolves’ in rabbinic garb, and ‘Jewish leader’ clothing.

But God is not going to forget us – or forgive them.

It’s just a matter of when that turn-around really starts to happen.


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