Biden’s visit

Just got back from the Rav.

He said Biden is only coming tomorrow to give Eretz Yisrael away to the Arabs.

I.e. the ‘2 state solution’….

Does anyone honestly still have any doubt about who was behind what happened on Simchat Torah?

And second, the Rav said that all the women’s tehillim are saving the soldiers….

So continue!

I don’t have a lot of time to write at the mo, as the tehillim are taking most of my day up.

But as important things come up, I will try and share them here.

Also, it seems the matzav ruach is starting to bounce back, at least a little.

And tons and tons of people are coming off the news, in all sorts of different ways, at the moment.

Which means their ability to manipulate and control us is also being radically limited.


And may we just hear good news.


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  1. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    It is really worth listening to Caroline Glick: she is wonderful, brilliant, and understands the strategic situation very deeply. I sent you the link. Here it is for your readers:

    In addition, I happened to land on Mike Adams’ video on the Israel situation. You were so right about him: he is the worst antisemite I ever heard besides Nazis and Hamasnazis. Listen to the drivel – and BTW I wrote many comments there, chastising him for his Jew- hating rhetoric and monologues. Disgusting to the max. You were so right about him. Look at his attacks against Israel! Maybe we should all comment there and put him in his place. What a garbage Israel hater! I was admiring him for so long, not realizing that he is a Nazi at heart: he wants to save everybody’s life, as long as Israel cannot defend itself. Jewish blood is totally cheap in his eyes, WE are the oppressors of the “poor Gazans”.The worst Rasha! And unfortunately he is influencing many people, arousing Israel hatred = Jew hatred.


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