Netanyahu in September: Here, you won’t get miracles

BH, I just translated some more of one of the Rav’s shiurim.

Here it is:


Excerpt of a shiur from Wednesday night, Parshat Bereishit, 26th Tishrei 5784

Today, Eretz Yisrael is the most abominable place in the world.

Bibi gave a whole lecture [in Elul 5783] – people didn’t understand the speech he gave.

Essentially, he was talking to the Breslovers, he was talking to the Breslovers. He said to them:

You are travelling to Uman. You should know that there, there are rockets. There, there is a war. Everyone will be killed there. There are no mamads (security rooms) there.

Like this, is how he spoke.

I heard this, his whole lecture. There are no mamads….


They said that he was speaking words of kefira (heresy). He wasn’t saying anything heretical.

He just had the intention of trying to save the ‘Breslovers’, the poor people, the unfortunate ones.

He also sent 20 policemen from Israel, that everyone came to die.

The Members of the Knesset were already talking – from the Mizrachi, from Otzmah Yehudit: How are letting them travel to such a dangerous place like that?! The most dangerous place in the  world! Rockets are falling there – a million rockets every day!

Not one person will come back alive from there.

How, how, will we manage to protect them?!

How, how, are we even giving them permission to leave Israel?!


The whole Knesset made a big noise, all the television stations made a noise – how are we letting these lawless people leave the country?! Bring …[…], so he will explain. Yes, it’s [not] permitted. What kind of ‘and you shall guard your souls very much’[1] is this?!

This is against halacha! This is against the Shulchan Aruch! This is against the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch!


When all is said and done, Bibi wanted to say that during the Holocaust, there weren’t miracles in Europe and in Ukraine, there weren’t miracles.

They killed a million and a half Jews, the Ukrainians. So he said:

Also here, you won’t have miracles!

This is what he wanted to tell the Breslovers. To ‘strengthen’ them.


He dafka loves the Breslovers.

He has a Breslov grandson. He has a daughter who became a Breslover, from his first marriage.

He loves the Breslovers to the depth of his soul. And from all his great compassion that he feels towards them, he just wanted their good. To protect them.

He knew that now they are going to Uman – they are going to get killed. They are going to be murdered, in Uman.

Rockets are falling there.

A million rockets a day.

[1] Devarim 4:15.


Everything the Rav says is big hints and secrets, and everything is the opposite of how it seems.

If you HERE, you’ll find one of those (fake….) news reports of what Netanyahu said at the time.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stresses that traveling to Uman in Ukraine over Rosh Hashanah is dangerous…

“Israeli citizens who are traveling to Ukraine must take personal responsibility for their travels,” Netanyahu says at the cabinet meeting. “God has not always protected us, not on European land and not on Ukrainian land.”

Netanyahu says that in Israel when missiles are fired, Israelis head for shelter, “but there there are no shelters,” he says…


I’m reading a lot of stuff about people having more of their guns taken away.

For sure, it’s evil.

But don’t forget, behind all the evil it’s just God, who is deciding all this.

We aren’t living in Eretz Yisrael in the merit of the guns, nor the army, and we never were.

If they take the guns, people will be forced to get real with God, and to just pour all of their fear and anxiety into their prayers.

And when enough of us do that…. that’s when the evil finally falls for good.

Rabbenu teaches that Moshiach conquers the world without firing a single shot.

Maybe, we are starting to see how that actually looks, in real time.



Here is the continuation of that shiur, from above:

Hashem showed him [Netanyahu] that everything is the opposite of the opposite of the opposite of the opposite.

Everything is backwards! The most dangerous place is Eretz Yisrael – the most dangerous place!

A mother and her two daughters – the Dee family – were killed on the Bekaa Valley road.

And on crossroads (in the South Hebron Hills) a mother was killed before her son. And every day, Jews are being killed here. And now, a thousand Jews, in one, two hours – a thousand Jews were killed.


The most dangerous place is Eretz Yisrael.

The Rav Shach said: It’s forbidden to live here, in Eretz Yisrael. Assur!

When there was the Yom Kippur war, the Rav Shach said: Leave Eretz Yisrael immediately.

The Rav Shach poskened: Leave the land immediately. Everyone! Whoever can escape, they should escape.

He understood that now they were coming to annihilate the Jewish people, to finish off Am Yisrael.


The terrorists could have got even as far as Tel Aviv. They could have liquidated the Jewish people in a second.

There is no army, there is nothing – because the chilonim (secularists) are running the State…..

There are no soldiers, there is nothing.

And they took the weapons away from the soldiers just a few days ago.

Because maybe ‘by accident’ someone might hurt some ‘poor Arab’.

And everything is the opposite of the opposite.

It’s a an [intelligence] failure – it’s a Shoah!


So now, we are mamash in the situation where it is a Shoah.

And the only people who can stop this Shoah is Shuvu Banim, and the girls of Shuvu Banim, who walk along with maximum tzniut, and with maximum kedusha.

In no other community you don’t have this type of kedusha. So only they can [stop the Shoah].

And so, everyone needs to take it upon themselves to say a book of tehillim.


Because now, they are starting to enter Gaza, just they are scared.

They are pushing it off, so that thousands of soldiers won’t die, that the soldiers won’t be killed by ‘friendly fire’.

Already, they can’t tell the difference.

When they enter, they can’t tell the difference between who is a terrorist and andwho is a soldier. One person will start shooting at the each other – a thousand soldier will be killed just by ‘friendly fire’.

It’s already four days into the war, and they still didn’t enter Gaza.

They are deathly scared of entering Gaza. Who knows, who is going to live, and who is going to die, who….


Now, it was Yom Kippur.

We said: who will live and who will die.

But people didn’t fast on Yom Kippur, and the people who were praying on Yom Kippur [in Tel Aviv] recieved murderous blows.

And they cancelled the hakafot shniot in Tel Aviv. The hakafot shniot is what saves Am Yisrael. So they did everything, everything they did backwards.

The chilonim wanted to uproot the Torah, the whole [Jewish] religion.

So, they recieved their answer [from Yom Kippur] now.


Yom Kippur is on the 10th of Tishrey, and Simchat Torah is the 22nd of Tishrey – 12 days after Yom Kippur.

They got their ‘answer’ in response to their blows that they gave [people who were trying to pray] on Yom Kippur, and for the hakafot hashniot that they cancelled (i.e. Even before the terrorist atrocity) – a thousands of other things that they cancelled.

So Hashem answered them.




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  1. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    In my head, I know none of this will be solved by our do nothing leaders. Nothing will be solved until we change our hearts. I know it.
    Yet I can’t help but follow the news and be outraged at our awful idiotic leadership, knowing that they won’t get the job done, again, and the next war will make this one look like playtime.
    I want to get there, but I just can’t get my head in the emuna space. I was progressing much better before all of this.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      “The news” is an addictive, destructive creation – like all the other drugs, addictive substances and bad habits.

      And like all addictions, really the only way it breaks is when God has mercy on us, and helps us to overcome it.

      What helped me a lot was making more of the connection between ‘reading the news’, and how ill and stressed I literally got straight afterwards.

      Vision issues, stomach problems, aches and pain, trouble sleeping…. that’s just the physical issues ‘the news’ was causing me.

    • Simon
      Simon says:

      My advice: Indeed, don’t read the news, and don’t despair either. If God doesn’t want you to [yet] have true faith in Him, that’s His will also.
      Just keep praying that He give you the merit of true faith.
      Pray to God also to stop reading the news.
      May God bless you in trying to get proper faith in Him.

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    For me, TRUE news – presented by well-meaning and correctly informed Jews – do just the opposite: they give me strength and motivation to do more, to say Tehillim more, to give Tzedakah more, to inform people more. I guess we are all different: no medicine works for everybody!

    Just my piece of truth.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Because 99.9% of the ‘alt news’ is ultimately also being run as a psy-ops – controlled opposition – by the same satanic forces that are fighting God and trying to uproot the Torah and the Jewish people from the world.

      Xtianity is a pagan / satanic religion that was kind of ‘grafted on’ to the Torah, where they set up ‘the Jewish God’ as the ‘bad guy’, and yoshki as the good guy.

      If you look at the gnostic xtian teachings, this becomes very clear.

      Later xtian traditions try to blur this more, but essentially, xtianity is ‘anti God’ and ‘anti’ the Jewish people. That bias comes out more and more as this goes on, and the Jews have always been the scapegoat for Esav.

      Re: the Talmud – while the written tradition (Tanach) could be copied down and co-opted as the ‘old testament’, the Talmud is the backbone of the Jewish oral tradition, and is very hard to understand ‘stam’ and misuse as part of a new religion.

      There are so many secrets and wonders hidden away in it, and also, learning Gemara builds a person’s intellect and soul, and connects them to God in a very deep way that is only available via combining the written tradition with the oral tradition.

      There are also still snippets of info hidden all over the Talmud that explain a lot of ‘real history’, including the pagan / satanic roots of xtianity, and that there is a firmament above, etc, that the people who run our world don’t want a lot of people to engage with and take seriously.

      The ‘erev rav’ external Jews who are so prominently mixed up with the satanic new world order were placed there as the fall guys, for when all this hits the fan.

      Because this is a war against God, His Torah and the Jews.

      • Simon
        Simon says:

        Curious: what does the Talmud say about the raqia (that ones like Natan Slifkin and others would like to hide/explain away to fit heliocentrism)?

        • yossi in chul
          yossi in chul says:

          not sure what gemara would say about raqia, but anything related to space, time, and nefesh is probably a good place to start. printed 49 page printing of 10 pages of tractate avodah zarah( not even started to read it, a few lessons from possibly elsewhere in the tractate spring to mind ), so far have 3 candidates for space-time raqia( possible of course that all 4 are wrong or that more than zero are correct ).

          1) the debris field of space garbage in ‘near orbit’
          2) the expanding sphere of radius 5784+ light years( in all standard interpretations this cannot be breached without wormholes, so the brussels cult is possibly trying to stabilize some)
          3) the omnidirectional radio-microwave background phenomenon( if i recall, Adam HaRishon would look from one end of the universe to the other or something),
          4) the heliopause, where static pressure from hydrogen fire and/or helium fire is roughly equal to the pressure of the cold fire from ‘kochavim’ ( more of a probability field. it shifts. )
          physics on its own is heresy.
          communism is an atrocity, as it is an attempt to remove torah from natural science with inconsistent and plain wrong economic theories missing vital components such as the economic participant’s emotional wellbeing( tzedaqa and the drive to be careful to be honest in business ). sorry for the rant. not proud of it, but it’s where i was educated and/or lied to.

          • Simon
            Simon says:

            What is the proof that outer space exists?
            I agree that “physics” is heresy, but the idea of debris in outer space orbits doesn’t fit the word raqia, which means ‘that which is beaten/stampted out,’ or an extended surface, not a cloud of a bunch of stuff.

  3. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Hi Rivka,

    One more thing: Moshe Parry asked me to send this to you to post. I hope you don’t mind. Thank you. Have a great day, and may Hashem help us win this war.

    Here is his text:

    “david hamelech wrote the whole book of tehilim… he didn’t say… “chevra the enemy is invading… we’re going to remain here in shul and we’re going to say the entire book of psalms I wrote in the hope that Hashem is going to lay waste to all of them for us…” no he led them all out to war!!!

    to be sure… he left behind and arranged for yidden who could not fight to daven to Hashem for the survival of klal yisroel and for the successful outcome to the battle in defense of eretz yisroel and am yisroel… and he had the avodas hamishkan for support…

    the gemora says that david also always had 200-400 sets of chavrusos sitting right behind the front lines learning their heads off for the victory to go to bnai israel…

    all three of these spiritual pursuits were indeed a tremendous aid to the war effort… david would of course openly admit that these were the real main sources that gave him the zechus he needed to vanquish the enemy… but he knew it still meant that they all had to go out to battle and fight or no victory would be forthcoming…

    it is utterly absurd to think we can go it alone or that we can just sit back and let Hashem do all the heavy lifting for us while we relax… david knew it is a reciprocal bris we have with Hashem and that we always have to do our part physically in war no matter how inadequate feeble and futile our efforts may appear to be on the surface vis a vis the strength of the enemy we are confronting… Hashem still expects us to give it our all and only then does He come to our rescue…

    the war of the chashmanoiim is the perfect example of just such a partnership between us and Hashem in an absolutely hopeless looking situation…

    rav kahane always used to end his drashos with the following…

    “those who think all we need is Hashem to win and survive are lame in one leg and all those who say all we need is a strong military are lame in the other leg… true faith in Hashem together with a strong jewish army… that is the way to go to bring moshiach!!!” complete truth.out…”

  4. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    OK, Rivka – when I will have the time, who knows when that will be….

    But meanwhile I thought I had thanked you for your comment about xtianity: it is really good and explains a lot. I guess I forgot to post what I had written. Sorry!


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