Warships in Cheshvan

The following comments were made over four years ago.

You can see them in the book Conversations – which Amazon has decided to start selling for $3.66….

If you are noticing numbers here, that’s interesting.


All the nations will gather against Israel

Today, Moshe Rabbenu is being revealed, the 4th of Sivan.

And Gog and Magog will be in Cheshvan. All the nations will gather against Israel. Moshe will blow on the shofar gadol, and the whole Torah will be heard from one end of the world to the other.

And then, all the nations of the world will come. They will come on warships.

It’s written in the Zohar (at the end of Ki Tavo), that the whole sea will be filled with ships. And then the sea will split and will crack open. In the month of Cheshvan, there will be the apex of the wars.

“The 4th of Sivan is the beginning, and in the month of Cheshvan the Third Temple will be rebuilt. We need to not give up!

Everyone say “it’s forbidden to give up!”

And then, the Temple will be built, that will never again be destroyed.

From comments made the end of the prayer gathering that occurred in Hevron at the Tomb of the Patriarchs, shortly before Shavuot 5779, on the 4th of Sivan, (June 6th, 2019.)


For those who aren’t following the Hebrew months, this week we are now in the month of Cheshvan, 5784.

Here’s a few recent headlines:

More US ships head toward Israel and 2,000 troops are on heightened alert. A look at US assistance

Britain sends auxiliary ships, spy planes to support Israel


Yah, they are coming to help us…. Of course.

In the meantime, you can also go HERE to read more the Rav’s more recent comments from 2 days ago, before Biden’s visit.

Let’s just spell it out, that the only way the US would let their President visit what is apparently meant to be the hottest war zone in the world right now is IF THEY WERE CONTROLLING BOTH SIDES OF THE “WAR”.

Which of course, they are….


Here’s some of the snippets that particularly caught my eye, but please do go and read all of it:

Tomorrow at 12:00 noon, Biden lands, the president of the whole world, the head of the whole world. 

His entire goal is to give the Land of Israel to the Arabs; he is coming for this.  

The first thing, he meets with Abu Mazen; then he will tell Israel: “I do not understand what you are doing here.  The Old City belongs to the Arabs.  Jerusalem belongs to the Arabs.”  He screams in all countries that this, everything, is two states.

He wants here two states.

To the Jews, he will give some corner, maybe in Savyon, maybe in Tzahala [two of the wealthiest areas in Israel], because they own all of Tel Aviv.  So Ramat Aviv they will not agree to give back; they will make protests against this.

However, it is exactly the opposite: Ramat Aviv certainly belongs to the Arabs, because Sheikh Munis [an Arab village abandoned shortly before the 1948 War of Independence] was there.


And also this snippet:

In any case, the invasion into Gaza has been put off in the meantime for at least two weeks.  The moment that Biden arrives, it is impossible to enter Gaza.  

This is the poor Arabs, ‘righteous Arabs’, the Arabs without water, without electricity, abusing them, slaughtering them.  Now they publicized in all the newspapers in Belarus that the Jews have turned into Nazis, and the Arabs have turned into Jews.  Such abuses.  A million Arabs do not have food, do not have bread, do not have water, do not have electricity.

In any case, you need to know that the entering into Gaza has been put off. 

This is only in the merit of the prayers of the women.  Because the entering into Gaza is the most dangerous thing in the world.  Narrow alleys a meter wide.  These are neighborhoods from 2000 years ago.  It is impossible to enter there with tanks.  The soldiers need to walk on foot, and Hamas is waiting for them.  He prepares himself to greet them with cookies, with cannons, with submachine guns, with grenades.  The most festive welcoming that can be.

They are considering a thousand soldiers who will fall, chas v’shalom, in the first wave of fire. 

Only the women who took unto themselves books of Tehilim, three books of Tehilim every day — in the merit of these women, the invasion to Gaza has been put off.


And finally, this:

You need to know that in the merit of the three books of Tehilim which the women took onto themselves, the invasion to Gaza was put off. 

In other words, that thousands of soldiers who were supposed to be killed will yet be canceled completely; that they will discover a way without invading.  Invasion specifically is not needed.

Because in any case, if 100,000 missiles are destroyed, tomorrow they will have a million missiles.

Iran produces 100,000 missiles a day — ten days is a million missiles.  Straight away, this passes onto them by way of the tunnels, by way of Egypt.  The Egyptians alone pass this onto them.

If we destroy 100,000, there will be a million.  No invasion will help — nothing.  Only the Tehilim can help, Tehilim against missiles [tilim].  Not Iron dome and not Patriots. 

Only Tehilim can eliminate the missiles.


My kids were pretty down about the ‘disappearing ground invasion’ until I shared the above with them.

The Rav is saying that the prayers, the tehillim, are effectively saving at least another 1,000 Jewish lives – at least! – and that another way is going to show up to solve the problem once and for all.

If we keep on with the tehillim.

We are back to that old discussion of whether we’re going to continue clinging to Esav’s guns to solve the problem  – or turn to the ‘voice of Yaakov’ and God.


My view, at this point, is that with no ground invasion to take everyone’s minds off it, the focus is going to fall back on how all this was allowed to happen in the first place.

And then…. things will get pretty interesting.

Back to the tehillim.

7 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Daisy, I am not wasting any precious time on Caroline Glick, or any other ‘news’.

      I am getting my news from real people, first and foremost the Rav.

      And I refuse to give any more of my precious energy and headspace to all this pointless ‘commentating’, because even if it’s well-meant, if God is totally missing, and everything is just more pointless politics, politics – what’s the point?

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:

        God is totally missing? I don’t think you appreciate Caroline Glick for who she is. I never met her in person, but her work is motivated by love of Am Yisrael, and I am sure she is a good Jew. Everybody does whatever they can. How do you know she doesn’t pray? She doesn’t keep Mitzvot?Who told you so? I think on the contrary that she is a very caring Jewish woman, an Eshet Chayil.

        And of course Tehillim and Tefillot are first and foremost. Maybe you don’t care about Hishtadlut in different ways, but everybody has his or her mission in this world. So yours is bringing the Rav’s word to us: of course it is extremely important and appreciated. But not everybody is Rivka! Caroline does wonderful work too, just a different kind of work, which is also very much appreciated by many good Jews.

        Shabbat Shalom, and thank you for YOUR important work.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          It’s got nothing to do with what she’s doing personally – the only solution right now is ‘turn to God’.

          If that’s not the conclusion, then the analysis, however insightful and ‘brilliant’ is essentially pointless and misleading.

          And if that is the conclusion – I already got to that conclusion, so why do I need to hear someone else tell me that’s the conclusion?

          Most of this war is emotional and mental.

          I am being very careful who I let into my ‘headspace’, and how I’m spending my time these days.

          Bottom line, we got sold out, and ‘Hamas’ is just the delivery guy for the US military.

          If that fact isn’t front and centre in the ‘analysis’, then the analysis is disinformation, deliberate or otherwise.

          • skala
            skala says:

            Rivka, you have this take on yourself, that you are always right. Others and what they think or view are just like -dust in the wind.
            Just because i am not a Jew, you dismiss me too. Let me say, that there are a lot of non-Jews who love Hashem, Torah and H-s Chosen, whom He Chose for a purpose, to teach others about the True Creator.
            Most of you have failed. Some mostly from Chabad, seem to be nice to all humans. Yet again, Hashem is the one and only, who knows a persons mind and heart.
            Not you, or anyone else.
            You write what you think is the real truth, and others.. you dismiss.
            Caroline Glick is OUTSTANDING as a person, and as a Jew.
            Hashem bless her.
            You Rivka, try humbling yourself, and just turn to God not any person, who think what they wish.
            ONLY God, Creator of all.
            And non Jews are not going to be cleaning your streets either when Mashiach comes.
            Hashem I trust… ONLY.
            Yep you can tell me not to visit your site, perhaps i will perhaps not…

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            Most of what you read on this site is not ‘my opinion’ – it’s the words of the Rav, Rav Berland.

            As usual, that’s who you really have the problem with.

            Next: I have never written anything about ‘goyim cleaning the streets’.

            That non-Jews will flock to help the Jewish people at the time when the Moshiach comes is part of an established Jewish tradition.

            But, you don’t like a lot of the ‘established Jewish traditions’, and you have a problem with a lot of authentic Jewish traditions.

            That’s OK – but please just be honest about where most of your invective against me personally is really coming from.

            Last: Caroline Glick.

            I don’t know her at all – and guess what? Neither do you.

            I suggest you start up your own blog where you can express your love and appreciation for people who are still writing about politics being the solution, and how all this is the fault of ‘the left’, if that’s what you want to read.

            This is my blog, and -duh!- I share my ideas here with a very liberal comments policy.

            At this stage, the Rav said ‘stop following the news’ – and because I take the Rav’s words seriously, and because we are actually in a war for the survival of the Jewish people right now, I am not wasting any more of mine, and my readers’, precious time sharing ‘opinion pieces’ from people who are not mamash tzaddikim, who are explaining that teshuva and prayer are the only things that are going to get us out of this mess.

            If you like that stuff, no-one is stopping you from reading it elsewhere.

            But I don’t want it on my blog.


            And lastly:

            You have a problem with the Jewish idea of a flesh-and-blood Jewish ‘Moshiach’ who is going to bring the world back to serving God.

            But this is an integral part of the authentic Jewish teachings. We only get out of ‘Mitzrayim’ by following the Tzaddik HaDor, the ‘Moshe Rabbenu’ of the generation.

            That’s how God has set things up.

            And if you have a problem with that… then you really just have a problem with accepting how God has set up the world generally…

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