Big earthquake hits Japan

Well, 2024 is getting off to an ‘interesting’ start.


In Israel, ‘Hamas’ launched a bunch of rockets to coincide with the countdown to the secular new year.

Most Israelis don’t even pay attention to ‘New Year’s Eve’ – when you live here, you are totally immersed in the dates of the Jewish calendar, even if you aren’t living a religious lifestyle.

So, it strikes me that whoever is coordinating Hamas’ latest round of rockets has got way more of an eye on the xtian calendar, than the Jewish one.

But where I live, in the holy city – BH, it’s been mostly quiet, apart from that first horrible week of Simchat Torah.


It feels like no-one knows what is actually going on right now.

That’s probably good news – it probably means ‘the plan’ isn’t going to plan again.

We saw that during the ‘pandemic’, too, when all the threats, fears, green passports, track and trace, never-ending lockdowns, 5…..g lamp-posts – it all kind of faded away.

For no obvious reason.

Because it was all being sweetened at its spiritual source.

BH, that’s going on now as well.


The more people get behind the ‘Global Pidyon‘ idea, the faster and easier this is going to go for all of us.

But in the meantime, I am remembering what the Rav said at the beginning of the Jewish New Year, 5784, when ‘the evils’ barred his entry to Uman for Rosh Hashana.

He said that with God’s help, there wouldn’t be a war.

BUT, if there would still be a war, it would be ended by an earthquake.


In a separate shiur, he said that an earthquake would hit Eretz Yisrael, causing the mosques and churches to fall down.


Today, Japan got hit with a 7.4 (and possibly, even bigger….) earthquake and is currently on ‘tsunami’ alert.

2024 is getting off to an interesting start.





Please answer, the Merciful and Compassionate [One]!

Create for Rav Eliezer ben Ettia a new lung and a new heart.

As it’s written: “A pure heart Hashem created for me, and a true spirit He renewed within me.”

And I will merit by way of the lung blowing on the heart to have ruach nevua (a spirit of prophecy), to have ruach hakodesh (a holy spirit).

As it’s written in Joel 3:1:

“And it will happen after this, that I will pour out My spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and daughters will prophesize. Your elders will dream [prophetic] dreams, and your young men will see visions.

“Even upon the slaves, and upon the maidservants – in those days, I will pour out my spirit.”


This prayer was written now – the Rav has serious pneumonia and is very weak.



I had to break off, as we had a trip to Hevron planned, where it was quiet, sunny and actually really calm and gorgeous.

(I know bits of Israel are still being rocketed…. welcome to the ‘upside-down world’ starting to right itself, where ‘hot spots’ like Mearat HaMachpela are relaxing, while beachfronts all across the country are getting rocketed by ‘Hamas’.)

But now, I just continued reading that verse from the Book of Joel (3:1), that the Rav started quoting above, in the prayer he just wrote.

Here is how it continues:

“I will set wonders in the heavens and on earth; blood and fire and pillars of smoke; the sun will turn to darkness and the moon to blood [red],

[B]efore the coming of the great and awesome Day of Hashem.

And it will be that anyone who calls out in the Name of Hashem will escape.

For on the mountain of Zion and in Jerusalem, there will be a refuge, as Hashem said, and among the survivors whom Hashem summons.”


Interesting, that dafka this is the continuation oif the verse being quoted by the Rav.

All the prayers are literally chock-full of hints and clues, as to what is going on – and also, what to expect going forward.



Strange to say, I am getting the impression that *someone* was expecting the Japanese quake to be way more destructive than it’s turned out to be.

Of course, we are so used to the lying media making every ‘natural disaster mole hill’ into a massive mountain these days, to keep spinning the ‘carbon zero’ narrative and climate change rubbish.

So who knows what is going on.

Here are some videos of the quake:


The one in Turkey almost a year ago was 7.8 – 2 points higher than this one.

But if you compare and contrast the footage from that one, the Turkey quake was WAY more powerful.

Just sayin’.

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  1. Abbe
    Abbe says:

    I had a dream last night there was tsunami warning in TLV. My dad said tsunami happens after earthquakes only. I thought maybe rockets could cause it…

  2. Jeremy M
    Jeremy M says:

    The mother of a friend is ill now in the heart and lungs, so I came back to this. Miriam bat Simcha if anyone wants to pray


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