Right now, 65% of the men won’t make it…

Long story short: I haven’t missed the internet at all the last four days.

But…. I can see that I can’t stay off permanently at this stage, much as I’d love to.

So I’m planning to have at least three full days off every week now, BH, because it’s truly amazing just how much stuff I’ve managed to get done the last few days, without ‘surfing’ constantly interrupting me.

And I don’t even ‘surf’ so much, really, compared to 99.9999% of the rest of the world.


But there is a lot of stuff going on, especially around Shuvu Banim and the Rav, and I feel responsible to keep the information going for English speakers who otherwise can’t follow the Hebrew.

So, here is the update.


Last Thursday night (March 7th, 2024) after the evening prayers, the same time when the Rav said on three different occasions that he is not Moshiach, he also said something very frightening:

He said that at 8am on Sunday morning (March 10th) there was going to be a terrible pogrom taking place, and I thought I heard him mention ‘Sha’ar Shechem’, but I wasn’t 100% sure I heard right.

The following day, I double-checked with a gabbai, and sure enough, he said that the Rav had said something awful was going to happen at 8am March 10th – unless a way was found to sweeten it.


This is only the second time I’ve heard the Rav say something so specific, with a date and a time like this.

The first time was when he said Moshiach was going to be revealed at 8.30pm on the motzae Shabbat of Purim 5784….


I honestly didn’t know what to think, and last week I was in my own world of pain, and doing a ton of teshuva to try and get better again.

So I sent the message to 3 people I know, who I thought would do some extra praying for Am Yisrael without freaking out too much – and I decided to do a long hitbodedut for Am Yisrael’s hatzlacha on that Shabbat, too.


I only found this out yesterday (Tues March 12th) but after the ma’ariv prayers on motzae Shabbat, the Rav collapsed and was rushed to hospital.

This is how the Rav ‘sweetens’ these horrible decrees hanging over all of us, by taking the suffering on himself and usually getting rushed to hospital in a very serious state.

If you read through the OIAGs 1, 2 and 3, (click each number to download the PDF) you will find many documented examples of when the Jewish people were apparently on the cusp of something awful, especially ‘another war’ – and then it all disappears again, as the Rav became terribly sick and got rushed to hospital.

And that happened this time, too.


In the meantime, before he collapsed, the Rav gave more details of the pogrom that was being planned for 8.30 am Sunday morning.

He said that masses of Arabs armed with knives, axes and any other weapon they could find, were going to stream into the Meah Shearim neighborhood from Sha’ar Shechem, just across the road – and slaughter anyone they could find.

And the Rav said that they were going to come down Ha Homa Shlishit Street, where he himself and so many Shuvu Banim families live.


We were not at all up to date last week.

My husband –who had no idea about what the Rav had said – was praying with Shuvu on Sunday morning, and then walked into the Old City to go and learn at the English yeshiva.

But apparently, loads of Shuvu Banim families who’d heard these messages ran away from Ha Homa Shlishit, and went to stay with family out of the area. The whole kehilla was gripped with tremendous fear.

Baruch Hashem, it got sweetened.


You can hear a lot more details from R Elmaliach’s latest shiur, here – and if you speak Hebrew, I highly recommend you take a listen.

He’s describing a great deal of the ‘behind the scenes’ cheshbonot going on here, and is making it clear that none of what is currently going on with the Rav and Shuvu Banim can be understood on the simple level.

And if you’ve been following the Rav for a while, you’ll understand that this is part of his modus operandi.

No-one can keep up with the Rav.



In THIS shiur from two weeks ago, Rav Elmaliach explained that there is / was a massive disagreement going on between the Rav, and the Baba Sali in shemayim.

The very long story short is that the Rav wanted to keep pushing off the geula for another six years, because if it happens now, and there isn’t some serious, serious teshuva being made, then only 35% of Jewish men will survive the geula process.

The main problem is pgam habrit, literally ‘defiling the covenant.’


That doesn’t just mean rape, adultery or having relations with someone you aren’t married to.

And it also doesn’t mean totally ignoring the laws of taharat mishpacha.

It includes every instance of ‘spilling seed in vain’.

Every time a man does this, it’s literally creating millions upon millions of ‘demons’ that are powered by the spiritual force of this potential ‘life creation’ that is then captured by the side of evil.

It’s not a coincidence that all the black magick rituals of the masons and other satanic ‘secret societies’ contain a heavy dose of ‘auto eroticism’ and then doing weird things with the resultant zera levatala, including smearing it all over themselves.

This isn’t my words, btw – this was written about by Rav Fleckeles of Prague, when describing the black magick rituals of the Frankists in his community – all of whom were attending shul and pretending to be good ‘orthodox Jews’.

At least, at that point.


I will BH do another post explaining zera levatala more clearly – Rav Elmaliach is meant to be putting something up soon that explains this in detail, and I will try to translate and precis his information.


In the meantime…. Back to those percentages.

According to the hidden tzaddikim, if geula comes right now, only 35% of Jewish men will make it, with the main problem being pgam habrit.

But, even if the geula got pushed off for another six years, there is apparently 20% of the remaining 65% that will never make teshuva, no matter what.

(Take a look from minute 15 on THIS shiur from Rav Elmaliach, he literally describes what is going on with these ‘percentages’ on a white board, and the machloket between the Baba Sali and the Rav. Rav Elmaliach describes the Baba Sali saying most of the men of this generation are going after their ta’avot 24/7…. and the smartphone is the main delivery system.)


This is not made up rubbish, this  is real.


So, that leaves 45% of people to pray for.

And the Baba Sali is apparently saying that geula can not be pushed off anymore, for anyone.

So, this group has until Purim, and possibly until Pesach the latest, to make some serious teshuva.


That means shmirat eynayim, that means to stop looking at films and other things online (including the hardcore stuff, but honestly? Most of what’s on Instagram and Youtube also falls in the category of pure smut….)

And also, to stop ogling women ‘in person’ too.

Of course, rapists, abusers, serial one-night-standers, ‘rainbow lifestyle’ people – the gap between where these people are with their pgam habrit, and where they need to get to by Pesach is so enormous, it’s almost impossible for people in these groups to get onto the train before it leaves the station.

But for everyone else – there is everything to pray for!


First, though, we have to start taking this stuff seriously.

The media and the fake rabbis aren’t going to be telling you anything like this.

But the Rav has been underlining again and again and again that women need to walk with skirts down to the floor, and that EVERYONE needs to smash their smartphones.

He gave a very charif shiur about that last week, and BH I will try to translate most of it, and stick it up here.

That’s what encouraged me to take another step to minimising my internet use.

Whatever we can do to show God that I may be stuck online, but it’s not what I really want – it counts for so much.


Lastly, the Rav is asking for people to now say seven tikkun haklalis a day.

There are still so many serious decrees hanging over us.

And also, anyone who can, should privately arrange to go to Kever Rachel, say 7 tikkun haklalis there, and then go to Hevron and say another 7 tikkun haklalis there, too.

Rav Elmaliach has a lot more of the details, and the simply mind-blowing stories about what is really going on now, spiritually.

If you can, get the information from the source, because I am only paraphrasing the main bits into English.

And I can’t keep up with the flow, even when I’m back more online.

And may we just hear good news.

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  1. AK
    AK says:

    I saw these videos from R Elmaliach. I actually was able to get English subtitles and although not 100% accurate, you can understand clearly what is going on. The past few weeks have been so intense to put it mildly. I heard from someone at the Yeshiva that Monday night was literally Sukkanah Nefashot for the Rav. He is taking on so much, may it all end well.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The Rav apparently had a clinical death motzash… Rav Elmaliach talks about it.

      Also, there was a great tragedy yesterday, 3 Shuvu boys were killed in an awful crash coming back from Shechem. It’s very, very hard what’s going on.

      But the ‘decrees’ are landing on the Rav and Shuvu first… we all need to be upping our game and praying our socks off right now and making a lot of teshuva.

      It’s moving out of the stage of ‘theoretical’ into ‘real’ – and there is very little time left.

  2. ce
    ce says:

    How in the world do we pry these phones from our kids? How to get people aware of what’s going on – before Purim? My friends and family think in certified insane. 🙄 I just don’t know what to do.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I guess the first place to start is prying them more away from ourselves. Otherwise, how we can tell our kids anything?

      But it’s a huge test, for sure.

      I’ll write some more about this shortly, but it’s a very big struggle – and even baby steps in the right direction send very powerful messages.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Well, it’s already better than Egypt – at least we’re up to 35% of the men making it, instead of just the 20% of then. But still so much to pray for.

  3. Jeremy M, Confused
    Jeremy M, Confused says:

    So I put 2 and 2 together over Shabbat…Rav Elmaliach says Rebbe Nachman is on a higher level than Moshiach, Rebbe Nachman says his students can be “literally like him”…

    So maybe he’s not Moshiach or a spark of Moshiach, but Moshiach is a spark of him…or something like that? I mean, if he’s revealing the Torah of Moshiach he has to have some kind of connection…


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