Jewish Jesuits and Berlin Bankers

A few months ago, the penny finally dropped that so many of the ‘famous names’ that populate Jewish history and Jewish genealogy from the last 250 years are actually made-up.

This happened in a few different ways.

Some of it was just the need of the times, when Jews were forced by the secular authorities to start having a surname, and they could choose whatever they wanted.

But especially for those people who think of themselves as ‘the elite’ of the Jewish community, it was also a wonderful opportunity to hide who they really are, and who they are really connected to.


The whitewashing of Jewish genealogy began in earnest after the debacle of the false messiah ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ – aka the famous Vilna codifier, the SHACH.

When ‘Shabtai Tzvi’ apostasised, that left thousands of very big rabbis in very difficult straits – because all our ‘elite’ families have been intermarrying with each other for centuries already.

That family of ‘Kohen Tzedeks’ that gave us the SHACH / Shabtai Tzvi stem from the Exilarchs of Babylon, and before then – the Tzaddukim of Jerusalem.

This has been going on for a very long time.


Anyhu, the process of needing to ‘cover up the genealogy’ intensified after the whole episode of Jacob Frank occurred in the 18th century.

Again, from what I can tell from the tattered few ‘facts’ they didn’t manage to totally expunge from the records, Jacob Frank was probably Jacob Chaim Eskeles, directly related to Viennese Court Jew Issachar Ber Eskeles, whose son, Baron Bernhard, was a leading member of the Asian Brotherhood Secret Society that we are told was set up by the leading Frankist ‘Moses Dobrushka’.

Because the Sabbatean-Frankists made incest and immorality some of their key practices, their offspring were branded as mamzerim, and a psak beit din was handed down forbidding other Jew from intermarrying with them.

At the same time, so many of the leading Frankists ‘went xtian’, following Jacob Frank’s lead.

But as their close family members were still literally our ‘big tzaddikim’ and chief rabbis, that created another need to whitewash the genealogies quite radically.


So then we are left with a circumstance where all our ‘big rabbis’ and all the ‘big bankers’, atheists, Reformers, Frankists and masons are literally exactly the same people.

Especially when some of them ‘made teshuva’ and switched sides again, or had a ‘yeridah’ and switched back into assimilated evil mode.

Crazy at is sounds, this is what happened.


Back to the bankers.

While all this was going on, a family of Frankists with amazing yichus adopted the made-up name of ‘Rothschilds’, and basically became the lightning pole for all accusations against Jewish bankers with masonic / secret society connections.

But when you look at the genealogies, after you’ve been breaking your head on them for five years, you finally start to realise that the real ‘power behind the throne’ is all those people, and families, who got judicially scrubbed out of Jewish history.

And now, our real story can begin.


A couple of weeks ago, I put out a call for help tracking down a book called ‘The Lurie Legacy’, which I believed has a lot of the missing pieces of the real family tree.

We will get to the Lurie family again in another post, BH.

In the meantime, commentator Molly sent me THIS link to the contents page, where it was talking about someone called JOSEPH / JONAS / YONAH LURIE (1780-1855), who was apparently both economic advisor to the Tzar of Russia, AND such a close friend of Napoleon that the latter gave him his richly bejewelled coat.


At this time, Napoleon was meant to have been conquering the Tzar’s Russia and the two countries were fighting a war.

So, if JOSEPH LURIE really was the Tzar’s economic advisor and also a close friend of Napoleon – he was also a traitor.

Joseph Lurie moved to Eretz Yisrael – where else? – and his descendents held massive tracts of land in the Old City of Jerusalem.

And yet…. I never heard of him before.



We will return to Joseph Lurie another time.

What’s important for this post is that I started trying to track down his family members online, including his dad, ‘Jacob Aaron Lurie’ of Mohilev.

And that’s when I suddenly tripped over a family of Jewish Berlin bankers I never heard of before, called the SELIGMANS.

One ELIAS (ELI) LEIMAN SELIGMANN (1710 – 1777) married one VERONICA FROMET LEMLE – and they had a bunch of kids who intermarried with all the leading court Jews, bankers and Frankists all over Europe.

But I’d never heard of them before.


So I had some ‘down time’ after the wedding, so I grabbed a few sheets of paper, and started filling in their family tree.


ELIAS and VERONICA FROMET had six children.

Let’s go through them.

  1. ARON ELIAS SELIGMANN  (1747 – 1824) was a German court Jew and leading banker in Berlin – the home of the so-called ‘haskalah’, where all the Frankist-Reformers controlled most of the Jewish community.

Aron was the main creditor for the Kingdom of Bavaria, that apparently owed him the astronomical amount of ‘110 million’. He changed his name to LEONHARD, got ennobled as BARON LEONHARD VON EICHTAL, then converted to Roman Catholicism in 1819.

He apparently married two sisters, Vogele and Henriette.

And then one of his kids, Rebecca Caroline Charlotte, apparently married her own half-brother, EDUARD SELIGMAN VON WELING….

Ah, the Frankists.


Anyway, another of his kids, BERNHARD ARON dies in Rome, and I’m assuming he also converted before doing that.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Caroline Charlotte (who married her half brother…) apparently also had a different husband called IGNAZ MAYER, whose father was also a court factor in Stuttgart, and whose grandfather was one ELIAS HAYUM BING – secretary to the notorious SUSS OPPENHEIM.

Suss Oppenheim was so notorious, the national socialists even made a propaganda film about him called ‘Jew Suss’.

You can watch that HERE, with English subtitles:


Point is, within five seconds I knew I was already swimming the same murky, genealogical swamp that’s been my lot for the last five years, already.


So then, I went back to check out some of ‘LEONHARD SELIGMANN FREIHERR VON EICHTAL’s’ siblings, and that also proved to be a very rich vein of leading Frankists, too.

For example, his sister KAROLINA JOSEFA (1745 – 1811) married one ADAM ALBERT JOSEF VON HENIKSTEIN, another ennobled banker.

That name was familiar, so I went to check him out.

He’s the brother of ISRAEL HONIG VON HONIGSBURG, court Jew in Brunn, holder of the Imperial Tobacco Monopoly, and if not another alias for ‘Jacob Frank’ himself, then at the very least, the father, brother, uncle or husband of Frank’s ‘cousin’, SCHONDEL DOBRUSKA.


As I’m clicking around, I realised I just hit ‘Frankist-Freemason Royalty’.

And it’s all people I’ve never heard of before, because our Jewish history is stuffed full of made-up names and fake genealogies.

But these people are real people, with real portraits, real titles and real gravestones.

So I decide to do a ‘deep dive’, to see what other interesting things I can turn up, that may have some bearing on the crazy state of affairs in our modern Jewish community.


Another one of (Roman Catholic convert) LEONHARD SELIGMANN VON EICHTAL’s daughters is called RACHEL SOPHIE, and she is married to one LEOPOLD SIMON RITTER VON LAMEL (1790 – 1867).

His mother is BABETTE DUSCHENES – and if that name sounds familiar, it’s because I did a whole big research project on how the frankist DUSCHENES actually funded the ‘Old Yishuv’ in Eretz Yisrael, and had very close links with the Vilna Gaon’s band of Perushim.

More on that another time.



His son LOUIS AARON SELIGMAN (1780-1790) marries one FLEURETTE LEVY who descends from the SEGAL and GANS families I write about so much here.

(Remember, DAVID GANS was an astronomer and the first Jew to have the so-called ‘star of David’ on his tomb…)


I go back to LEONHARD VON EICHTAL’s siblings, and that’s where the story gets even more interesting.

His sister HELENE ELISABETH HEILE ROSE SELIGMANN (1752-1793) marries NAFTALI HERTZ SALOMON OPPENHEIM, from that same, infamous Oppenheim family who has given us so many of our corrupted court Jews and notorious converts to xtianity.

(Oh yes, nearly forgot, and also, apparently, the Manhattan Project, nukes and the hydrogen bomb….)

Woopsy, also forgot that the Oppenheims also gave us the (fake name….) ROTHSCHILDS. It’s a very small world.


If you go HERE, to the expanded family tree for NAFTALI HERTZ SALOMON OPPENHEIM, you will find it literally crawling with Rothschilds, Schnappers, ‘Bauers’, Schwabs (!) – and Freemason-Frankist court Jews of every stripe.

Who all descend from that same ‘Kohen Tzedek’ family I keep mentioning here.


OK, so HELENE ELIZABETH and NAFTALI HERTZ SALOMON have a bunch of kids – at least seven.

One of them is called SALOMON SAMUEL OPPENHEIM JR (1772-1828), and he has a daughter called CHARLOTTE RATISBONNE.

And that’s where the story whooshes off into ‘incredible’ territory.

Because I know that name. It’s on a whole bunch of churches and monasteries, all over the Old City of Jerusalem.

Apparently, that’s because some of the RATISBONNE family of Frankist-Freemason court Jews became leading Jesuits in the 19th century, and then started buying up huge tracts of land in Eretz Yisrael.

And on some of their land, they built Jesuit churches and monasteries.


Meet ALPHONSE RATISBONNE, Charlotte’s brother-in-law.

The following snippet comes from HERE – a catholic blog talking about some notable Jews who converted to xtianity:

In 1842, a 28-year-old French Jew named Alphonse Ratisbonne was visiting Rome. He was the youngest son of an important banking family in Strasbourg, a close relation of the Rothschilds.

As often happens with European Jews, a family takes the name of a city. The French Ratisbonne comes from Ratisbona, the Latin name for Regensburg, a famous German city near Munich.

Alphonse was a Jew by race and religion, virulently anti-Catholic, and libertine in his customs.


Long story short, he decides to convert and become a Catholic. The piece ends like this:

His conversion had enormous repercussions over all Christendom. The entire Catholic world became aware of it and was impressed by it. Afterward, Ratisbonne became a Jesuit priest.

Ten years later, he and his brother Theodore, who also had converted from Judaism, founded a religious congregation – the Congregation of Sion – turned to the conversion of the Jews


Suddenly, I have the feeling I may have just tripped over more of the original z-ists….

When I start looking for more info on that ‘Congregation’ devoted to converting Jews, I get to a page on the WayBack Machine, HERE.

This is more of what I learn:

In 1850 he engaged in mission work among convicts in Brest.

Two years later, with authorization of the Jesuit Superior General, Jan Philipp Roothaan, and the blessing of Pope Pius IX  he left the Society of Jesus to join his brother Théodore and the ‘Pères de Sion’ in Paris.

In 1855, he moved to Palestine where he spent the rest of his life.

In 1858, he established the Convent of Ecce Homo in the Old City of Jerusalem for the Sisters of Sion. 

In 1860, he built the Convent of St. John on a hilltop in Ein Karem, then a village on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

In 1874, he founded the Ratisbonne Monastery, now a Salesian study center in Jerusalem’s Rehavia neighborhood.

Marie-Alphonse Ratisbonne died in Ein Karem on May 6, 1884 and is buried in the cemetery of that convent.


Ah, all that ‘Church-owned land’ in Rehavia and Jerusalem….

Probably owned by the Ratisbonne family of Jesuits, while their Frankist family members who stayed within the Jewish fold, the fake-name Rothschild (Oppenheimers) bought up the rest of the country….


Charlotte OPPENHEIM married a brother of these two Jesuit Jews called Adolphe, who was a banker in Strasbourg.

But the point is, the Freemason-Frankist network had very tight links to:

  • Finance / banking
  • Royalty
  • Secret Societies
  • Xtianity – especially activity missionising the Jews.
  • Eretz Yisrael


We’ll stop there for now.

But let’s just say, the missionary problem we’ve been having in Eretz Yisrael is by no means something new.

It’s looking more and more like the Freemason-Frankists envisaged ‘the State’ as the perfect tool to get Jews here, violently break them away from their Torah traditions, and then leave them easy pickings for missionaries and other satanically-inspired belief systems.

And that’s still happening today.


PS: Dan Brown made the Priory de Sion famous in his blockbuster book the Da Vinci Code, that basically served as great PR for the demonic masons.

If you have time and inclination, take a closer look at just what the ‘Priory de Sion’ really is.

And how it may intersect with all the stuff we are learning here, about satanic masons running the world from behind the scenes, and their connections to the Rome-created hybrid ‘religion’ called xtianity.



Here’s a few screenshots of the now defunct Notre Dame de Sion website, telling us what the Jewish Jesuit Ratisbonnes were trying to do here in the Holy Land:


It seems, the ‘State’ was owned by formerly Jewish xtian Frankists right from the start, with deep ties to satanic secret societies and xtian institutions.

That starts to explain a lot, doesn’t it?


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