Working for America

Let’s clear something up, shall we?

If you are still sitting thinking that anyone you vote for is going to ‘change things’ here in the State of Israel….

That anyone called the ‘Israeli PM’ is actually making decisions based on what’s good for the people of Israel….

That anyone running our army, any ‘leader’ with any iota of real power, is actually working for you and me, and the rest of the Jewish people….

Then you are NEVER going to get what is really going on here.


All the politicians, even the ‘farest of far-right’ ones (ahem….) are working for America.

And for Europe.

And for ‘Esav’.

And for the satan-worshipping masons, and the satan-worshipping Jesuits, and all the rest of them.

And ditto the heads of the army.

And ditto the heads of all our big charidee organisations, and most of the head civil servants, and also most of the so-called ‘rabbis’.

All of them, all of them, ALL OF THEM – are not working for the Jewish people.


Once you understand that, it gets way, way easier to grasp why things like this keep happening:


And also, why the State of Israel is sending violent, armed border police to beat people up who were literally serving in the IDF in Gaza last week, but who are now trying to block all that ‘humanitarian aid’ flowing to Hamas from Israel.

The whole country is run by traitors.

That is the bottom line.

And it’s not even hidden.

Watch this:


At 44 seconds, Biden literally tells the whole audience that he’s the one that convinced ‘Bibi’ to open the gates to all that ‘humanitarian aid’ flowing straight to Hamas in Gaza….

The State of Israel is the 52nd state of the USA…

And remember, the Rav told us two months back that AMERICA NEEDS THE TERRORISTS.


Because the satanic masons who run America, and everywhere else, really needs ‘WW3’ to get going soon, so they can finally launch their total take-over of humanity.

‘Disease X’ is waiting – aka, more radiation being beamed at us all from those antennas no-one talks about but we all notice all over the place, that were put up in a rush when the Covid 19 lock-downs began.

The global elites are getting jumpy that too many people are getting wise to the ‘world of lies’ they have spun around our heads since the cradle.

So yeah, America really does need the terrorists in Gaza, and also, the military in Israel, to try and get WW3 up and running before the penny drops for too many people about who is really leading us, and why the world is in such a mess.


Baruch Hashem for the Rav, all this is being radically sweetened!!

You can see with your own eyes, that since the Rav began the campaign to write the Sefer Torah for the soldiers and captives, and to end the war in Gaza, things are inexplicably coming off the boil in Israel.

For no obvious reason.

I will update you soon, BH, on how far the fundraising for the Sefer Torah has come, but I know there is still quite a long way to go, still.


In the meantime, remember this, and take heart:

There is no more America.


I know it doesn’t look like it still, but more and more of the ‘connected’ people here in Israel, and a few special souls abroad, too, are starting to pick up the vibe of quiet optimism that is starting to pulse here.

BH, may it just grow and expand.

For sure, there are more difficult bridges to cross still – especially for those still stuck in the world of lies.

But if you already moved out of that space… then I think you are going to start even enjoying what happens over the next few weeks now, in the run up to Purim in Adar II (which this year, is spread over 5 days, because the fast of Esther was brought forward to the Thursday…)

Personally, I am starting to feel happy again, at least a little, for the first time in months and months.

Spring is coming….

The blossom is starting to flower.

And the sprout of Yishai is ready to take centre stage, as soon as the time is right.

May it be very soon.

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  1. AK
    AK says:

    Very well said! Yup we have always been the 52nd state. So many believe voting actually matters. What a total scam! It is so sad how citizens of this country believe that their politicians actually care about them. Baruch Hashem we are awake and can see the total sheker! I was hoping that with the Simchat Torah Massacre more and more would open their eyes, I am not so sure!

  2. Hava
    Hava says:

    Just want to let you know, on my street, there are light poles going up like weeds, taller than the ones they’re likely going to replace, like the one that’s in front of my building that has worked well for the last 10+ years. The new one is a couple of feet away from it and is even taller, even without the “head” where the light bulb and casing goes.

    I don’t think things are sweetening in my hood, at least at the moment. May there be a surprise soon, that won’t damage residents here, or their homes.

  3. Simon
    Simon says:

    I may have commented about this before, but: I’ve been shown how the ideas of Gnosticism and of the Zohar are very related (e.g. the theory of emanations, etc.), and told that Kabbalah derives from Gnosticism, which derives from Platonism.
    Why are there so many connections between these two things (one very holy and one very unholy)?


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