Taking another break

I have seven more days of a whole book of tehillim to do….

Until the 30 days are up, November 8.

In the middle of all this madness, I also still have what’s left of a wedding to figure out.

And lastly – the news is still lying about absolutely everything.

Nothing has changed on that score, just because we went into Gaza.

But I feel in my soul, that some massive miracles are occurring here, BH.

Whatever is really going on – I’m taking another break from blogging.

If the Rav says something important, I’ll try to  put it up, but otherwise, I am stepping back for a few days.

BH, keep on with the praying and the teshuva.

There is nothing else to do right now.

BH, we will see everything turning around, miraculously, and sweetly, very soon.


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