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Just cutting and pasting this from ravberland.com.

It’s very powerful, from October 31, 2023, before the 16 soldiers were killed yesterday.

The Rav is the only source of ‘news’ I trust, at this point.

From HERE.


Moreinu HaRav Eliezer Berland Shlit”a’s pained cry to say Tehilim for the protection of the Jewish people, especially now as our soldiers enter Gaza on the ground:

Now I read the Rambam [Hilchot Ta’aniot 1:1-3]:  It is a positive Torah commandment, that all those who say Tehilim are fulfilling a positive Torah commandment, because now it is “a time of stress for Jacob, but he will be saved from it” (Yirmiyahu 30:7).

50,000 soldiers enter Gaza now.  Every day, they progress only 100 meters.  More than 100 meters isn’t possible.


Already there are two seriously injured.

In the merit that girls took onto [themselves to dress] modestly, and to lengthen their dresses, in the meantime not a single soldier has been killed.

This is something that is above the natural order, itself these are miracles, but this will take a half-year if we progress only 100 meters.  This will take a half-year, and people don’t have a home — 130,000 people without homes, without parents.  The parents were taken — turned into ashes, like in Auschwitz, that they were turned into ashes.

It is impossible to even find the DNA, because the ashes became mixed with bricks and boards, and in cars people were burned.


Everyone fled to cars; then they poured gasoline on them.

They prepared gasoline and ignited all the cars.  Everyone turned into ashes, 300-1000 people turned into ashes.  300 turned into ashes, 300 were murdered at the party, and 300 are captives.

The Radbaz writes in Siman 40 that being captive is worse than death, because it’s impossible to know who they are torturing — the soldiers are certainly being tortured terribly.


So now we are found in a positive commandment.

Every letter of Tehilim that we say now is a positive Torah commandment.

Because now is “a time of distress for Jacob, but he will be saved from it.”  To scream and to blast Chatzotzrot (a type of trumpet prescribed by the Torah).  We need Chatzotzrot with Shofars, that trouble will not come onto the congregation, as it says, “Against an enemy who oppresses you , you shall blast Chatzotzrot” (Bamidbar 10:9).


That for three days it was impossible to retake the kibbutzim.

The government abandoned everything. 

People called for help, the soldiers progressed, but it was impossible to enter, because in every kibbutz there were 500 terrorists, endless terrorists.  It took three days to retake the kibbutzim — instead of protecting them to begin with.


They called, said that 5,000 men were crossing the fence.

There’s no fence, the most sophisticated fence in the world which cost 50 billion dollars.  If they would have given 100,000 shekels to some yeshiva, then the whole world is horrified — “those leeches, those blood-suckers,” Lapid goes out of his mind. 

And here they spent 50 billion on a fence of paper.  If they had made a fence of paper, of cardboard, that would have been a lot better.

There’s no remnant of the fence.


Now it is “a time of distress for Jacob” — there’s no government.

People waited forty hours for the army to come, and they didn’t come. 

In the meantime, they burned everyone alive.

There’s no houses, nothing.  It’s possible to build a house in a day. 

Five people are sleeping in a room of a square meter.  They don’t give them food, don’t give them anything — such a government has never arisen since the creation of the world, that in this way are abusing people who went through a holocaust.


The children are orphans, either there’s no father or no mother, or both are lacking, have already been turned to ashes.

This is obligatory for each person to know, that now is “a time of distress for Jacob,” and we are obligated from the Torah — like the Rambam says, that this is from the Torah — to say every moment another chapter of Tehilim, and another chapter of Tehilim.


Because now they are afraid that they’ll launch a million missiles.

They have maybe 100,000 missiles.  Egypt doesn’t care, it’s happy.  And the entire strip is full of missiles, they are shooting missiles without end.  Outside of Jerusalem, where missiles are not reaching here, because we are exactly in the middle of Israel, the furthest from Gaza, the furthest from Lebanon.

The entire north is under missile fire, the entire south is under missile fire; Kissufim is under missile fire.


And this is one of the ways of repentance, that at “a time of distress for Jacob,” you need to feel the pain of the Jewish people.

— 130,000 people without houses, without apartments, with clothes — they fled in nightgowns.

We see the Jewish people in distress, then everyone needs to say Tehilim.  And girls who can say three books of Tehilim, this is above everything.


Bachurim [young men] should smash their Xiaomi, because the Xiaomi is bringing on all the calamities.

They see pictures of nudity, then immediately 1,000 soldiers are killed at that moment.  We are every moment in the danger that 1,000 soldiers will be killed.

Because Hamas said that they are 40,000; really, they are 100,000, all of them armed with the most up-to-date weaponry, because Iran gave them the most up-to-date weaponry.


And even though we here in Jerusalem are the most protected — Jerusalem protects us, but we need to pray for all the Jewish people.

This is from the Torah, to feel the pain, that we are like in a holocaust.


This is all because they beat up [worshippers in Tel Aviv on Yom Kippur].

Baruch Hashem, they saw prayer in public in Dizengoff Square, it’s possible to pray.  A thousand girls came to pray.  Then [Tel Aviv mayor] Ron Huldai went out of his mind: A thing such as this, all Tel Aviv is praying all of a sudden — they gave them a murderous beating.

Right after this, they paid.  After ten days, they paid — unfortunately — a price that was too high.

And those who ascended to the Garden of Eden, these were Tinikot Shenishbu [like children taken captive and raised by gentiles and who don’t know not to sin].


They beat them up on Yom Kippur, and there are those did not fast at all.

In Be’eri, maybe five people fasted.  Now they admit everything; they said that everything is because they didn’t fast on Yom Kippur.

A person full of transgressions at least should fast once a year.


Across the road, it’s all Hamas.

Today all the Arabs are Hamas, all of them are with weapons, missiles, cannons.  We’re without anything, we have nothing, like it was in Egypt, that when when they left, [the Egyptians] came with tanks, 600 chariots — we are obligated to say Tehilim at least.


If people don’t scream and shout, and [instead] say that this happened by chance — this is cruelty.

If people see that everyone is in mortal danger, and don’t say Tehilim, the Rambam says that this is the cruelest person that can be.  This is cruelty not to say Tehilim — this is cruelty.  One needs to finish three book of Tehilim every day.

This person who doesn’t pray — this is mamash cruelty, because he caused soldiers to die.


And there will be another calamity, and another calamity, because it’s impossible to know, because in Germany, they said, “This is the last calamity.”  Every moment, they are ready to add another calamity to the calamities, to vanquish us. 

The Germans want to conquer all the Land of Israel anew — this is all so that we will repent.

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  1. Rivka
    Rivka says:

    Three books of tehilim what does that mean? To say the whole 150 chapters three times? Or to say three out of the five books that the 150 chapters are divided into…

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      In Shuvu, they are taking ‘three books’ as three whole books of tehillim.

      But of course, a lot of them can get a whole book done in under 2 hours…

      The point is, the mesirut nefesh required. If it takes a person an hour just to say one chapter, then probably 3-4 chapters a day has the same ‘punch’ as 2-3 whole books of tehillim, for someone who can recite them speedily.

      • Molly
        Molly says:

        The other night I started on a whim. It was 9:30 pm. Taking a few breaks, I finished at 3:30 am. Took me 6 hours to finish 150 chapters. I felt as though I had finished a mental (rather than physical) marathon. Now, (with Hashem’s help of course, I do nothing on my own) I am trying to stick to 50 chapters a day. To keep the peace in my home and not let any of my small children’s’ needs go unmet, I am easing up and going for 50. Every psalm we read helps those who are living and those who have passed, and it attaches us to the author, namely king David. Keep at it, everyone!

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          That is awesome, kol hakavod, Molly.

          I have 4 days left of the full book to get to the 30 days asked for by the Rav…. it’s tough, I have to say.

          And I don’t have small kids at home.

          And I know I can’t keep this up past 30 days, the full book, so BH a lot more people are also saying tehillim going forward.

          BH, they are.

          And from Wed, I am also probably going to drop to 50 tehillim a day, but I guess the point is to keep going however we can, and when we can, to do a bit more.

  2. vivian corey
    vivian corey says:

    Rivka I just completed a Sefer tehillim for the first time in my life!It took me about 3 weeks. Now, I’m starting again It should be a zchut for all of Klal YISRAEL!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:


      And it totally is – you have no idea how many people’s lives doing that saved, and how much ‘better’ everything is right now, because of your mesirut nefesh and prayers.

      kol hakavod, Vivian


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