I got sent this video from Texas, of a young Jewish woman who was inspired to burn her immodest clothes:


There is currently a totally media black out about what is going on with the hundred thousands of Israeli soldiers they sent into Gaza.

People are very anxious….. because deep, deep down, we all know we can’t trust the people commanding this operation on any level.

But what can we do?

Except pray, pray some more, and make the sort of stunning teshuva that this young lady in Texas, of all places, just did.


I’m now on day 24 of the tehillim…

Yesterday was really hard going, for some reason. It took me FOREVER.

But it gives me some comfort, and stops me going bonkers with worry, that I am at least doing something to beg Hashem to protect our precious nation from the evil satanists trying to destroy us.



I took down what was here in the first draft, after talking to my husband.

In the meantime, take a look at this new project I was sent, called: Mapping the Massacre.

I found where Itzik Levy was killed at the Supernova music festival….

May Hashem avenge his blood.

Very speedily.

Without any more innocent people being murdered or tortured.




Non-stop rolling thunder here in Jerusalem….

I think it’s a good sign.

Remember in Rebbe Nachman’s story of the cripple, the ‘demons’ are scared of the thunder and it kills them?

BH, that is what is going on here today.


Also, a reader sent me this weird piece of information:

The State of Israel incorporated itself at Companies House in the UK as a ltd company, back in February 2023.

Here’s a screenshot:


This is legit – I had it checked out by a UK lawyer.

This is the link, where you can see it for yourself:


Looks like they are literally trying to pull off a hostile takeover of Eretz Yisrael Inc.

But it doesn’t belong to ‘people’.

It belongs to God.

And I am praying, hoping, praying the Baal HaBayit is finally going to show all these evils Who the realy Boss is.



The ‘State of Israel’ seems to have been incorporated by the Israeli Embassy in the UK – 2 Palace Green is the address for the Israel Embassy in London.

They think we are really all just totally stupid.

BH, I’m praying more people will prove them wrong by turning off the news – all of it – connecting back to their souls, and starting to pray more, about what is really going on here.

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  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    My bloke and I went to the doctor for quarterly checkups today, and afterwards went out for lunch. When I prayed birkat hamazon at the end, I cried for the first time ever over that prayer in front of God and everybody there. But it was so crowded that probably no one heard or saw me, even though tears streamed down my face. That doesn’t happen very often any more.

    Rather, I should say, my higher soul levels cried. It’s not as though my Hebrew has reached down (or up) that far in normal life, even though I pray something every day in the native tongue of this land.

    I think The Boss has to be quite angry at the people who think they can manipulate the Land like the People were manipulated and mistreated throughout the last 2,000-plus years. We just have to encourage Him and assure Him that we approve.

    The political correctness we were operating under has rapidly sunk downwards in the last 3 weeks, from what I can see, and people are quite clear about it. Are you seeing this too?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There are a lot of encouraging signs, that we are coming back to our ‘real selves’ as individuals, and also as a people, trying to serve God.

      Just hope there won’t be too much more blood spilled, on the way to the happy ending.

  2. Neshama
    Neshama says:

    There are reports of maneuvers in Gaza; there are reported soldiers who are no more, there are reports of ‘foreign nationals’ leaving Gaza. Check with YNetnews. It seems the only site that has info; the others are fluffing. Once in a while slimesofisrael has something worthwhile, but only once in a while. A ‘maybe’ reason there are no further reports is bc the NYT is reporting everying via sattelite to the enemy, including maps of where the soldiers are!!!!! I have two of them on my blog.
    About that beautiful smelling rain that began and then developed into pouring thunder and lightening = hopefully it is all over the Land, from North to South. The enemies don’t like to fight in the rain. But I interpreted it that Hashem was crying over the loss of yiddishe neshomas, and maybe wanting to stop the losses. (my wishful wishing).


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