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The last couple of days, I’ve been feeling unusually ‘stressed out’.

We could blame ‘the war’, ‘the matzav’, ‘the weather’ – but that’s been going on for almost four months, already.

And the type of stress I’ve been feeling the last two days has been almost exclusively ‘physical’, with strange pains and weird ‘vibes’ in my back and stomach.

This happened before in the past.

Around nine years ago, the last time Israel was engaged in some sort of ‘war’ in Gaza.


So, for sure there is some sort of emotional / spiritual component going on with all this ‘stress’ I’m feeling.

But I’m also increasingly coming to the idea that it may be a result of all the ‘frequencies’ going on, as the Evils try their darndest to get ‘Disease X’ out the stable and rampaging around.

Once you understand that this stuff is frequency, not virus – i.e. radiation, not ‘germs’ – it’s a game-changer in trying to deal with the fall-out (no pun intended).


Before I tell you more about lentils and Epsom salts, let’s just take a small detour into something called ‘the Vagus Nerve’.

THIS article on Medium is a good basic introduction to what it is, and what it does.

Long story short, it travels up the front of the body, is the longest nerve in the system, ‘collects’ and collates information from ‘the outside’ which it then feeds back to the brain – and is probably the main way these ‘frequencies’ are being used to totally stress us out.

Again, if you want more in-depth understanding, take a couple of minutes to read the story on Medium, above.


Bottom line: anything you can do to protect the vagus nerve, and ‘cushion’ it from being bombarded 24/7 by stress-inducing frequency, is going to do wonders for your health, immune system and overall feeling of ‘relaxation’.

Which brings us to the lentils.


I learned the principles of Sujok, a type of acupressure using the hands and feet that was developed in South Korea, around a decade ago. Over the years, the thing I have come back to again and again and again is ‘seed therapy’.

This snippet comes from HERE:

Seed Therapy is one of the important natural stimulator therapies.

This precise acupressure phenomenon is the reason why Seed Therapy is regarded as a major treatment pertaining to Su Jok Therapy.

Post acupressure treatment, patients are encouraged to tie or adhere seeds using adhesive plaster on the painful points. The pulsations of the seeds deliver further energy to accelerate the progression of expedited healing when in direct contact to the treated point.

Seed therapy is effective against chronic diseases and certain pains; especially joint pains.

The seeds could be either placed singly over the effected area or may cover the entire painful section (Devitt, 2009).


Again, I’m not going to ‘deep dive’ into this – if you’re interested in knowing more, feel free to ‘deep dive’ yourself.

What I am going to do, is tell you what happened yesterday.

Yesterday, I was having a whole bunch of weird pains and ‘vibes’ up and down my back, and also up and down my front.

And I started to feel, super, super, super ‘stressed out’, physically.

It took me a day to remember about the lentils.

When I put a line of whole red lentils on some medical tape, and stuck that line of lentils on my fingers, one corresponding to the ‘back’ and one corresponding to the ‘front’ – the effect was instantaneous.

My stress didn’t drop to zero, but it went from about a 95% level to a manageable 20% level – within five minutes.


Basically, the lentils acted as an energetic ‘buffer’, absorbing all the excess energy, the excess ‘frequency’ that was being absorbed by the vagus nerve, and totally stressing me out.

Without deep-diving more into how all this works etc etc etc, if you want to try the experiment at home, this is what you do.

  1. Get some WHOLE red lentils.
  2. Get some adhesive medical tape like micropore.
  3. Rip a length of tape a little shorter than the length of your middle finger.
  4. Place the lentils in a single line on the tape.
  5. Stick the tape in the middle of your finger, lengthwise, from top to bottom, on the back of your hand (this equates to the area of the spine.)
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4, but stick this bit of tape in the middle of your finger on the palm-side of your hand. This equates to where the vagus nerve is.
  7. Leave it on for at least an hour – overnight is better.
  8. If most of your lentils have cracked – rinse and repeat this process, until that stops.


Something else that helps is a bath with Epsom salts, together with half a cup of baking soda.

If you want to know more about how that all works, there are still some interesting posts floating around the net.


Bottom line: the pains have gone, the ‘unmanageable’ stress has disappeared, and now I’m just left with the usual stress of living in a corrupt failed State, that is killing more of our soldiers from ‘friendly fire’ and ‘accidents’ than Hamas.

By a long way.


But even there, there are signs that the pendulum is finally starting to swing back against the Evils that are arranging all this death and destruction here in Israel, for their own ends.

Take a look at this strange story:


A one-way attack drone crashed into the Jordanian base Saturday night, killing the three U.S. service members and injuring 25 more, U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement.

One of the Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq carried out the attack, but the facts of the incident were still being assessed, the White House also said.


Of course, the US army is actually every place where ‘the enemies of the Jewish people’ are.

There are thousands of US marines in Gaza….in Lebanon….in Jordan….in Syria, still.

I am *sure* they are just there to help the Jewish people, ahem.

And, I am also *sure* that any suggestion that the US army is actually behind all the war and death going on here is just the lunatic rantings of a conspiracy theorist….


But it’s interesting, that this is the first identification of a ‘drone’ killing soldiers we’ve had in this whole situation… which is kind of strange all by itself.



The last coping strategy is that I’m actually trying to spend way, way less time online.

So, that’s it for today.



I got sent the following over email:

Just wanted to let you know. The frequencies you have been feeling for the last 1.5-2 days are to be seen here:
This is a man-made signal of unknown origin that had been going for months, then it was turned off for a few weeks, and now since two days or so it is back on again. Many people I know are feeling it. These charts were made in Italy.
Here you can see what happened to some readings when they turned it on, and the rest of the chart is showing how that chart has been basically taken off the air:
And here you can see in Russia what happened when “it” turned back on:
the blue stripe on the left is the “normal”, and the sudden appearance going from there toward the right of the green, orange and white is what happened when this was turned back on.

I guess I was picking all this up, first-hand….

And I’m not as crazy as I might seem.


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