More Masons, Maskilim – and Mozart

I went back to the Rav’s comments about the ‘benevolent despot’ and lover of Eva Frank, Josef II of Austria.

(Read that HERE.)

When I started to take a closer look at the Jewish maskilim who were in Josef II’s circle, helping him to destroy the Jewish community from within while also promoting their satanic ‘one world [anti-God] religion’ – all of a sudden, I found a bunch of real people.

I know I say this a lot, but I spent the best part of three years doing family trees for fake personas, before I realised that none of them could be pinned down ‘in the real world’.

Once I switched things around, and started to look for the real ancestors of our ‘real leaders’ in the Jewish community today (because it’s been the exact same people for centuries) – that’s when all this stuff really started to open up like a book.


So, today’s tranche of real Jewish history is going to return to that heady mix of masons and maskilim that were milling around Josef II of Austria, and ‘Jacob Frank’ of Offenbach, to catch more very interesting connections and associations, that turn most of what we think we know about ‘Jewish history’ totally on its head.



Let us begin.


If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll already now that I got banned off a bunch of Chat GPT bots a few months back, when I was trying to ‘dig deeper’ into the historical lies they keep telling us all.

But last week, I had a computer with access to some AI chatbots.

Even though I know the info is riddled with ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’, I asked AI to give me some names of the Jewish masonic-maskillim in Josef II’s circle, as a starting point to tracking them down ‘in the real world’.

It came back with the following people and short descriptions (which I’m editing, for clarity and truthfulness):

During the reign of Joseph II of Austria (1780-1790), several prominent Jews played significant roles at his court. Some of the notable Jews who served in various capacities during his reign include:

  1. Solomon Maimon: A philosopher and scholar, Maimon served as a tutor to Joseph II’s brother, Archduke Maximilian Francis.

  2. Moses Mendelssohn: Mendelssohn was a philosopher and one of the leading figures of the Jewish Enlightenment, also known as the Haskalah. He had a close relationship with the emperor and corresponded with him on matters of Jewish emancipation and religious reforms.

  3. Benjamin Wolf Herxheim: Herxheim was a banker and court agent who served as a financial advisor to Joseph II. He played a significant role in managing the imperial finances.

  4. Samson Wertheimer: While not during Joseph II’s reign, Samson Wertheimer was a prominent figure in the Austrian court during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. He served as the chief court Jew and financial advisor to the Habsburg emperors Leopold I, Joseph I, and Charles VI.


After a bit more nudging, it also added these people to the list:

  1. Isaac Herz Homberg: Homberg was a prominent physician who served as the personal physician to Joseph II.

  2. Marcus Herz: Marcus Herz was a philosopher and close associate of Moses Mendelssohn. He was part of the intellectual circles that influenced the emperor’s thinking and played a significant role in disseminating Enlightenment ideas.

  3. Joseph II’s Jewish Advisors: Joseph II sought the counsel of several Jewish advisors who were influential in shaping his policies regarding Jewish emancipation and religious reforms. These advisors included figures like Solomon Dubno, a rabbi and scholar who provided guidance on matters of Jewish law, and Joshua Falk, a Talmudic scholar who advised on matters of religious doctrine.


Because the AI is programmed with ‘fake history’, it lies through it’s teeth.

But also, because it’s a computer, it sometimes unwittingly throws up ‘real information’ without meaning to.

That’s what happened this time around.

As usual, I started going through some of the people I hadn’t heard of before.


‘Isaac Herz Homberg’ appears to be NAFTALI HERZ HOMBERG (1749-1841), former student of the Noda B’Yehuda, Ezekiel Landau, who became a big masonic-maskil.

This fairly long snippet is from the the CongressforJewishculture website:

Over the years 1768-1779, he studied in Breslau, Berlin, and Hamburg.

He served as a teacher of Moses Mendelssohn’s son, Yosef, [for three years – and lived under Mendelssohn’s roof] and [as] a teacher for the Jewish community of Trieste.

From 1787 he was working as inspector of the German government schools in Galicia, where by various forced means he tried to assimilate the Galician Jews to German culture.

Between 1787 and 1800, he founded over one hundred such schools in Galicia as well as a teachers’ seminary in Lemberg.


In 1788 he turned to the Galician rabbis at the time with a “manifesto,” in which he attempted to demonstrate the truth of the government’s stance on the issue of Jewish education.

In 1794 he handed the government a memorandum, in which he “explained” the reasons for Jewish obstinacy in standing by their traditions, and he proposed that the yeshivas be closed, Hebrew be banned from instruction, and a strict censorship on religious texts be introduced.


I’m quoting this at length, so you understand just how ‘anti-Torah’ and ‘anti-Judaism’ these masonic-maskilim really were, even with their massive yichus and with the Noda b’Yehuda as their rebbe.

Here’s a picture of him from Wiki, HERE:


[1]This HOMBERG then moves to Vienna – which is presumably where he joins the inner circle of Josef II.

He also writes a couple of heretical books – Imrei Shefer and Bnei Zion – that any Jewish couples who want to get married have to study and also pass an exam on, before they will be given a marriage licence by the Austrian government.

The more we learn about how they operated then to introduce their heretical ideas into the community via ‘education’, the more we understand how all this stuff is still operating today.

For all the ‘praise’ and royal medals he got in the secular, ‘enlightened’ world, this last snippet actually sums up who he really was:

In the memory and folktales of Galician Jews, he remains an informer and a seducer.


Next on the list was MARCUS HERZ (1747-1803).

Wikipedia has the usually sanitised pap, missing nearly all identifying details:

Born in Berlin to very poor parents, Herz was destined for a mercantile career, and in 1762 went to KönigsbergEast Prussia. He soon gave up his position as clerk and attended the University of Königsberg, becoming a pupil of Immanuel Kant, but was obliged to discontinue his studies for want of means.

He thereupon became secretary to the wealthy Russian Ephraim, travelling with him through the Baltic Provinces.


Who is this wealthy ‘Russian Ephraim’?

No-one knows. Apparently.

After becoming a medical doctor and marrying Henriette de Lemos, Herz moves to Berlin – and takes a very strong position on the subject of ‘innoculations’ – also being pushed heavily by Maria Theresa of Austria and her son Josef II.


Compulsory vaccination was strongly condemned by Herz, and in 1801 he wrote an open letter on the subject to Dr. D. Dohmeyer, under the heading “Ueber die Brutalimpfung”


A quick word on his wife, Henriette Herz, who you can read more about her HERE. This is a snippet that took my eye:

After a few years the salon [begun by Henriette Herz] split in two, a science-seminar led by her husband and a literary salon by Henriette herself.

Most notable men and women in Berlin were said to have attended her salon. Among her friends and acquaintances were Dorothea von SchlegelWilhelm von HumboldtJean PaulFriedrich SchillerMirabeauFriedrich RückertKarl Wilhelm RamlerJohann Jakob EngelGeorg Ludwig Spalding, the Danish Barthold Georg NiebuhrJohannes von Müller, the sculptor SchadowSalomon MaimonFriedrich von GentzFanny von ArnsteinMadame de GenlisAlexander zu Dohna-Schlobitten, Gustav von Brinkmann, and Friedrich Schlegel.

Alexander von Humboldt often visited and even received Hebrew lessons from Henriette. The theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher was another frequent visitor.

After the death of her husband she came under the powerful influence of Schleiermacher and converted to Protestantism.


This is the Who’s who of ‘enlightened’ Berlin society…. Full of masons and maskilim.

On the Hebrew wiki page, we get more details – and another big rabbit hole that will have to wait for another day.

But, Henriette apparently became engaged to Marcus Herz when he was 29 and she was 12…. Her dad, Benjamin de Lemos, was running the ‘Jewish hospital’ in Berlin where her husband was employed.

And came from a family of wealthy conversos that links us straight back into the ‘Sephardi’ relatives of ‘Jacob Frank’ and his first father-in-law, Samuel Chaim Falkon, the bad Baal Shem of London.


Anyway, I was looking for more concrete details for the Jewish Viennese bankers in Josef II’s court – as when you follow the money, that’s when you tend to hit the real motherlode of ‘real Jewish history’.

AI came back with this list of names of Jewish Viennese Bankers operating at this period of time:

During the period of Joseph II’s reign and the late 18th century, several prominent banking families operated in Europe, including those with connections to the Habsburg court. While the following list is not exhaustive, here are a few notable banking families of that era:

  1. Rothschild

  2. Arnstein: The Arnstein family, led by Salomon Mayer von Rothschild’s sister, Caroline Arnstein, operated a prominent banking house in Vienna during the late 18th century. The family played a significant role in financing the Austrian government and had close ties to the Habsburg court.

  3. Eskeles: Bernhard Eskeles served as the court banker to Joseph II and subsequently to his successors, Leopold II and Francis II. The family’s banking operations involved managing state loans, financing infrastructure projects, and providing financial services to the aristocracy.

  4. Königswarter: The Königswarter family, originally from Prague….Members of the family held positions as court bankers and advisors to the Habsburgs.


These banking families played crucial roles in financing governments, managing imperial debts, facilitating international trade, and providing financial services to the aristocracy…

These families were often interconnected through marriage and business partnerships.



The ESKELES family tree is a huge mess.

But last year, the penny dropped that JACOB FRANK is probably a member of the ESKELES family, in some still undefined way, possibly a brother of BERNHARD ESKELES (notable member of the ASIATIC BRETHREN secret society).

You see, it’s impossible for a ‘nobody merchant’ from Turkey to have been moving in royal circles in Vienna unless that person ALREADY had a very tight connection with the court Jews – and that really means a very close blood connection.

Close family.


ESKELES and ARNSTEIN went into business together and opened up a bank of that name – doing so many of the things that we are now told ‘the Rothschilds’ did, in Vienna.

But this was the first I heard that the ROTHSCHILDs and ARNSTEINs had intermarried….

Here’s what happened, when I asked the AI for more details:

Caroline Arnstein, the sister of Salomon Mayer von Rothschild, married Johann Philipp, Baron von Stieglitz.

Johann Philipp von Stieglitz was a German nobleman and court official who served as the Minister of State and Privy Councillor to the Grand Duke of Hesse-Darmstadt, Louis I.

The marriage between Caroline Arnstein and Johann Philipp von Stieglitz took place in 1800.

Caroline Arnstein was born as Caroline von Rothschild.

Her father was Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, and her mother was Gutle Schnapper Rothschild.


Given the real dates and details of real people, I have a hunch this may actually be more of that ‘hidden real history’ accidentally brought up by the AI – which then tried to cover it’s tracks like this, when I tried to get more info about this ‘scrubbed’ Rothschild daughter, Caroline Arnstein:

It appears there was an error in my previous responses. Caroline von Rothschild did not become known as Caroline Arnstein….

[And then, it went off the deep-end like this, when I tried to clarify who ‘Caroline von Rothschild’ actually was, then]:

I apologize for the confusion caused by the incorrect information provided earlier. However, I’m afraid I don’t have specific details about an individual named Caroline von Rothschild.



My working theory at the moment is that the Arnstein / Eskeles families morphed into the (fake name) ‘ROTHSCHILDs’, but we’ll revisit that theory as and when we get more solid information.

In the meantime, I tried to get more info about the ARNSTEIN banking family out of the AI (before it kicked me out again…)

The patriarch of the Arnstein family was Nathan Adam von Arnstein, who founded the banking firm Arnstein & Eskeles in Vienna in the late 18th century.

Nathan Adam von Arnstein and his partner, Bernhard von Eskeles, established a close relationship with the Habsburg court and served as court bankers and financial advisors to the Austrian rulers [beginning with our very own Josef II].

The Arnstein banking house had a reputation for reliability and financial expertise…. Their involvement in financing infrastructure projects, such as canals and railways, contributed to the economic development of the Austrian Empire.

Caroline Arnstein, whom you previously asked about, is not associated with the Arnstein family of bankers. I apologize for any confusion caused by my earlier response.


Yeah, whatever AI.

In the meantime, I wanted to know which other Jews got ennobled by Josef II at this time, and the chat bot came back with this partial list:


BERNHARD VON ESKELES – ennobled 1783.

JOSEPH VON SONNENFELS – ennobled 1786 [this is the leading maskil and grandson of R MICHAEL CHASSID of BERLIN, we started writing about HERE.]



And after more going around in circles, the AI also threw out two more very interesting names, when I asked it for more ‘converted Jews’ who became ennobled by the Viennese Court:

In the 18th century, there were several converted Jews who lived in Vienna and held the title of Baron.

One prominent example is Baron Daniel Itzig (1723-1799). He was a Jewish banker and court Jew who gained favor with Frederick the Great of Prussia and later with Empress Maria Theresa and Emperor Joseph II of Austria.

Itzig was ennobled and granted the title of Baron in 1764.

Baron Daniel Itzig’s son, Baron Alexander von Itzig (1756-1806), also held the title of Baron and was a prominent figure in Viennese society.

He served as a diplomat and was involved in financial and economic affairs.


In ‘standard’ Jewish history, we aren’t told that these people converted, because the only people converting to xtianity at this stage, in the middle of the 18th century, were the Frankists.

But here’s the thing: all the leading Frankists came from the leading Sabbatean families, and all the court Jews, and ‘Chief Rabbis’ at this time were also from these self-same SABBATEAN families, and many of them were on the path to converting even before Jacob Frank showed up and made it a ‘mitzvah’.


For example, AI had this to say, when I pressed it for more examples of ‘converted Jews’ who got ennobled:

  1. Baron Samuel Oppenheimer (1630-1703): He was a banker and financial advisor to Emperor Leopold I. Oppenheimer played a significant role in financing the Habsburg Empire and was involved in international trade and diplomacy.

  2. Baron Gabriel von Bacherach (1686-1753): He was a court Jew and banker who served as the financial advisor to Empress Maria Theresa. Bacheracht played a crucial role in managing the Habsburg Empire’s finances and was one of the wealthiest individuals in Vienna at the time.

  3. Baron Rudolf von Goldschmidt-Rothschild (1821-1905)


We’ll cover it another time, perhaps, but SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER was the ancestor of so many of our ‘big rabbis’…. And here, we’re being told that he actually converted to xtianity and was ennobled already in the 17th century….

Which when you look at the mess his family tree is, would explain a heck of a lot.


This snippet comes from the Wiki page for SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER, HERE:

Samuel Oppenheimer (16301703) was an Ashkenazi Jewish banker, imperial court diplomat, factor, and military supplier for the Holy Roman Emperor.

He enjoyed the special favor of Emperor Leopold I, to whom he advanced considerable sums of money for the Great Turkish War.

Prince Eugene of Savoy brought him a large number of valuable Hebrew manuscripts from Turkey, which became the nucleus of the famous David Oppenheim Library, now part of the Bodleian Library at Oxford.


OPPENHEIMER spent a lot of money to fund the journey of the Sabbatean ‘prophet’ YEHUDA CHASSID[2] to the Holy Land, shortly before they both died.

And I’d just love to know what those ‘valuable Hebrew manuscripts’ from Turkey were, and why OPPENHEIMER was so interested in them.

Lastly, he was closely aligned with the JESUITS at the Viennese court.


OK – I just tripped over some real ‘black magic’ scandals connected to all this as well…. We’ll keep that for another time, bH, when we deep-dive on the French court and Napoleon’s Sanhedrin of maskilim.


Let’s finish with the OPPENHEIMERs by telling you that the Viennese court fails to honor its debt to SIMON OPPENHEIMER’s estate when he dies, and is inherited by his son:


Meanwhile, ‘SAMSON WERTHEIMER’ somehow takes over as the main Court Jew and Viennese banker – and his son WOLF SIMON WERTHEIMER MARRIES Emmanuel’s daughter, LEA.

While another of WERTHEIMER’s daughters apparently marries YISSACHAR BEREND (BERNHARD) ESKELES….

And the same Sabbatean-xtian-Frankists just continue along in the driving seat of the Jewish community, for another 300 years.


OK, so what’s the link up with MOZART?

When I was tootling around looking for more of these xtianised, ennobled ‘Frankist-Freemason’ Jews, I tripped over someone called:


Here’s a very basic (white-washed….) snippet from WIKI:

He was known as a “millionaire Jew”.

He is said to have come to Vienna as a poor man and made a fortune there as an employee of the banker Simon Wolf Oppenheimer .

The Habsburgs appreciated his loan brokerage and cheap army supplies, which is why he was appointed imperial court agent in 1763 .

In 1776 he converted to Christianity and in 1777 he was made a baron , although Joseph II had demanded that his family convert to Christianity as well.

However, Wetzlar’s wife refused, which is why it was expressly stated in the nobility diploma that only Wetzlar himself and his children, insofar as they had already converted or would still do so, received the nobility.

Karl Abraham Wetzlar collected art, which he housed in Palais Schönborn, and supported as a patron of the arts , among others Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , whose academy he attended. 


It’s interesting that this ‘millionaire Jew’ has been almost totally scrubbed from real Jewish history, and also world history more generally.

We all know what MOZART was famously involved in so many of the secret societies of his time, apparently including the one set up by the FRANKISTs, and named the ASIAN BRETHREN.

(Reader Alizah reminded me a while back that MOZART wrote THE MAGIC FLUTE, in connection with his experiences of these satanic secret societies.)

Now, we find that MOZART’s main patron – the guy who introduced him to JOSEF II – is actually this converted Jew KARL ABRAHAM WETZLAR.

And this WETZLAR guy is off doing a whole bunch of that stuff for the Austrian court that we are told was being done by people like the ARNSTEINS, ESKELES, ITZIGS and ROTHSCHILDS.

He’s the richest Jew of his time.

And yet… None of us have ever heard of him.


It took me two days of trying to track him down on Geni before I finally got somewhere, HERE.


There’s a lot of interesting stuff in this tree, and each time, it takes me a few more weeks and months to unpeel the new information and digest it.

But from the first scan of the tree, I can tell you the following:

  1. This WETZLAR family of ennobled, xtian maskil court Jews descends from the same OPPENHEIMERS we mentioned above, who also had an annoying habit of converting to xtianity every couple of generations.
  2. BARON ‘KARL ABRAHAM WETZLAR’ IS BORN IN OFFENBACH – that same ‘OFFENBACH’ where false messiah ‘BARON’ JACOB FRANK and his daughter EVA finish their days in luxurious opulence, being visited by European royalty and surrounded by adoring xtian-maskil Frankists.
  3. His father is ‘LOEB’ – same name given for ‘Jacob Frank’s’ father.
  4. KARL ABRAHAM’s wife Esther has a sister who marries into the SINZHEIM clan, which includes the guy who headed up Napoleon’s ‘Sanhedrin’ and includes so many of the interesting Frankist-Freemason-Sabbateans we keep talking about here.

And so in the next post on this topic, I think it’s time we take a closer a look at Napoleon’s SANHEDRIN, and the Jews that sat on it – and their connections to secret societies and Viennese monarchs with a penchant for ‘enlightening’ the Jewish community, by fair means or foul.

Watch out for that.



The WETZLARs start to link us up with a bunch of other interesting people, even though the specific connection is deliberately broken in all the key places.

Of course.

Over HERE, you’ll find the Geni tree for one ISAAC WETZLAR.

I’d love to tell you exactly how he’s related to the ‘millionaire Jew’, confidant of Josef II and patron of Mozart Baron Karl WETZLAR – but of course, I can’t.

What I CAN tell you is that he marries one BREINDLE GANS, whose parents are SALOMON GANS and GELLA WARBURG. (Yes, the ancestors of those same Warburgs who set up the FED, amongst other things…)

And his granddaughter PESSE PAULINE LEA WARENDORF marries another interesting person, called: ISAAC JACOB GANS (1723-1798) – who is a grandson of that same SALOMON GANS and GELLA WARBURG.

(Whisper it: it’s always the same people).


If you go HERE, you’ll find a whole document explaining a bit about who this ISAAC JACOB GANS was.

He married at 40; become a court purveyor, especially trading in wheat. Then, he buys the tobacco factory from another court Jew called LEFFMAN BEHRENS, and starts running a successful tobacco business called ‘FORTUNA’.

(All the so-called ‘Dobrushkas’, the Frankists of Brunn, were meant to have made their fortune in the tobacco concession, so these details are not as random as they sound.)



The family of converted Jewish bankers called KOENIGSWATER, above, also descend from that same SAMSON WERTHEIM, financier of the Habsburgs and father-in-law of YISSACHAR BERENS ESKELES (and also, those same OPPENHEIMS….)

Go HERE for a small discussion about that (Google translate the German,) or go HERE on Geni to see how they all descend from that same group of Freemason-Frankist-Financiers we are always talking about.

Always the same people!!



Here’s a bit more detail about just how yucky that HERZ HOMBURG actually was, above, from the VirtualJudaica website:

In his book Homberg denied the belief in Israel as the chosen people, the Messiah, and the return to Zion, and tried to show the existence of an essential identity between Judaism and Christianity.

He denied all the traditional Jewish customs….

Homberg incurred the nearly universal hatred of his Jewish contemporaries.

Even Moses Mendelssohn, his mentor, had reservations about Homberg’s collaboration with the gentile authorities in order to compel acceptance among Jews of his ideas on enlightenment. Similar misgivings were shared by Naphtali Herz Wessely and later Isaac Samuel Reggio



‘BARON WETZLAR’ was apparently also linked to Beethoven.

Snippet from HERE:

As reasonable proof of Bridgetower’s advance notoriety (and Beethoven’s knowledge of Bridgetower), Beethoven wrote a letter of introduction to Baron Alexander von Wetzlar, dated 18 March 1803 on behalf of Bridgetower, and this letter reads as follows:

To Monsieur Baron Alexandre de Wezlar, at home, March 18th:

Though we have never spoken, I take the liberty of recommending to you the bearer of this note, Mr. Brischdower, a very skilful virtuoso and master of his instrument. He plays his Concertos and Quartets excellently, and I much wish that you would procure him some acquaintances. With Lobkowitz, Fries, and all other distinguished amateurs, he has become acquainted with advantage. I think it would not be a bad plan were you to take him one evening to Theresa Schönfeld, where, I know many friends are in the habit of going, or to receive him yourself. I know that you yourself will thank me for having procured you this acquaintance.

Good bye, Herr Baron.

Yours obediently, BEETHOVEN.



Beethoven later met him in person, in Vienna.


OK, so much more to share with you.

But that will do for today.



[2] ‘CHASSID’ seems to be surname, not just a descriptor.

There is probably a link between YEHUDA CHASSID, the Sabbatean prophet who died in Israel in 1700, and MICHAEL CHASSID, the Sabbatean rabbi and court Jew of Berlin whose grandson was the xtianised mason JOSEPH VON SONNENFELS. And another possibility to look at here is, ELIYAHU CHASSID of Vilna, ancestor of the VILNA GAON.

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