Milei-Milikowsky Part 2

OK, so now let’s get back to the Milikowsky-Lurie family.

(You can see Part 1 HERE)

Thank God, for genealogy sites that preserve information that is otherwise scrubbed off the net.

Back on the Jewishbubba.blogspot site mentioned above, there’s another post that starts to fill in more of the picture of who this family of ‘Milikowskys’ who gave us our current PM (at the very least….) are related to.

There, we learn that TZVI HIRSH MILIKOWSKY’s parents are CHAIM HALEVI MILIKOWSKY and one PESIA, the daughter of HIRSCH BER.

Here’s a snippet from the Jewishbubba blogspot:

Pesia, was born about 1820.  Pesia was the daughter of Hirsh Ber. There was the Ber of Bolechov of Galicia, and the Ber of Liubavich of Russia.

It was Dov Ber b; 1773-1828, maybe her grandfather, that was the son of Shneour Zalman, leader of Chabad, a group of Jews who teach about Judaism. that might be her ancestor.


I’ve mentioned before in other posts how it happens nearly every time, that when I start to trace back the ‘movers and shakers’ in the State of Israel, I hit the Alter Rebbe of Chabad.

And now…. Looks like that is happening again, with our very own PM.

(How this ties in with the descent from the Vilna Gaon…. We are still trying to figure that bit out. But you remember we said a long time ago, there was no ‘falling out’ between chassidut and mitnagdim, rather there was a ‘falling out’ between different branches of the exact same family, who continued to ‘rule’ on all sides of the equation.)


Tov, into the mix of who this Milikowsky family actually descend from, let me add in another candidate:


He was one of the ‘three pillars’ of Vilna, a man who was very involved in running the ‘tzedaka business’ that was turning over huge amounts of money, ostensibly to fund Jewish settlement in the Holy Land – and a very close relative of the Vilna Gaon.

In a way that has been hidden and distorted.

His family tree is a total mess – but from the little we can garner, we know that his son was ZVI HIRSCH ELIAS – and take my word for it, that we are now deep, deep in that territory all this always returns to, populated by RIVLINS, SHORS, and ELIASOHNS.

All connected to the maskilim who externally ‘stayed religious’, whilst promoting assimilation and sitting for portraits of themselves doing strange masonic hand-signals.


But the other options are also interesting, because ‘DOV BER of BOLECHOW’ was heavily mixed up with fighting the Frankists, together with R CHAIM RAPPOPORT.

I know you can’t keep up with all the info, so if you’re interested, go to the Jewish Gen page HERE, to read the info about what was going on.

This is a snippet:

The number of [corruption] accusations [against R Chaim Rappaport] increased to such an extent that the officers could no longer cope with the complaints of the Jews. The prosecutor Ulanowski was also obliged to act against the mischief of the community–governors, to cancel elections and to remove the leaders from their posts.

In May 1743, the deputy–voivode accused the regional rabbi, Rabbi Chaim ben Symche (Rapoport), that on his initiative all those elected as leaders were his supporters, that he did not let Jews use the appeal courts, and that he boycotted those who did. He accused him generally of irregularities in the community, and of refusing to take part in meetings about the clearing of taxes.

Rabbi Chaim was also accused of inciting his supporters to submit applications to the Starosta, and that when the emissaries of the deputy–voivode’s office came to the Jewish Quarter, he instructed to have them beaten up and to drive them out.

He was further accused that “in one lawsuit (presided by the Rabbi), two contradictory verdicts were passed after he had received a bribe.”


Even Dov Ber Birkenthal [of Bolechów], his contemporary and assistant in the Frankists lawsuit at Lwów, wrote that he had heard complaints against him but did not believe them “when they say that they hate him, they freely discredit him out of jealousy.

“And when he was old, I held him as artless and honest, loved and accepted by most of the community. But now, with his disgrace revealed, we discover the truth that his misdemeanours during his rabbinate far exceeded those, so that he has no option but to flee Lwów”.


This is the ‘R CHAIM RAPPOPORT’ who took part in the disputation with the Frankists held in Lvov, where thousands of them converted to Catholicism afterwards.

And financially…. He was totally bent and corrupt. And also handed down very harsh death sentences (!) against Jews who rode past his house smoking a pipe on Shabbat…..


So, it was corrupt, old-school ‘orthodox rabbis’ on one side, with very dodgy personal morals, facing off against Frankist-masonic ‘reformers’ who  were ‘anti’ the Torah and God, but made a good case about the corruption of the orthodox rabbinate.

There is literally nothing new under the sun.



Again, strangely, the family tree on the LURIE side peters out very fast, and is full of first names only and hardly and information.

Which is when I remembered this strange comment, a little while back, from the Rav:


So the Luria family came, this was Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Luria, who came here, from Vilna, from Lithuania, they came.

They brought with them crates full of golden dinarii.


The guy mentioned by the Rav appears to be called SOLOMAN ZELMAN LURIE.

One of his daughters, RIVKA, marries someone called ‘GREGORY ZHISLIN’ – very possibly aka, GRIGORI ZEITLIN, grandson of YEHOSHUA ZEITLIN, and son of the St Petersburg banker, ABRAHAM PERETZ – who converted out of the faith.

His full name was:

Tzvi Hirsch (Grigori Abramovich) Gabriel Gregorie Peretz


And there is a PESHA in the picture, too (pun fully intended)…

Remember that the Jewish Bubba told us that:

CHAIM HALEVI MILIKOWSKY married one PESIA, the daughter of HIRSCH BER?

Well, the step-mother of ‘Rabbi SHLOMO ZALMAN LURIA’, who brings his crates of golden dinarii to Eretz Yisrael is called PASHA, and her maternal grandpa  is GIRSH (HIRSH) EPSTEIN.

(Yes, we are back to the same names again…. It all comes around in a circle with these families of spooks.)


But on GENI, ‘Rabbi SHLOMO ZALMAN LURIA’’s mum is said to be HANA MINA RIVLIN – the daughter of R HILLEL RIVLIN of SHKLOV – main disciple of the Vilna Gaon.

This family is at the heart of so much of what’s gone on, and is still going on, in Eretz Yisrael – and it seems to me there are a lot of ‘duplicate’ identities being used all over the place here, to cover-up how everyone is actually related to each other.

So, let’s take a look at PESHA’s dad, to see why he might have been ‘scrubbed’ out of the descent, and who he connects us back to.


His name is:

R’ ELIYAHU ZE’EV LEWIN (HALEVI) (1799-1846) – and his profile is being curated by none other than Kevin Lawrence Hanit!

Wooho, we are onto something…

He’s from Vilna.

Of course. There is no other place popping up in this story.


And he has a son called R YEHOSHUA HESCHEL LEWIN (1812-1883) – who gets into a massive argument with the NETZIV (BERLIN), Rosh Yeshiva of the VOLOZHIN yeshiva, and ends up becoming the ‘ABD’ of post-Napoleonic Paris….

Snippet from the Jewish Encyclopaedia, HERE:

LEWIN, JOSHUA HESHEL BEN ELIJAH ZE’EV HA-LEVI (1818–1883), Lithuanian talmudist and author. Lewin was born in Vilna and studied under Elijah *Ragoler. In his youth he was friendly with Mordecai Aaron Gunzberg, Samuel Joseph *Fuenn, and Julian Klaczko. In addition to his extensive talmudic learning, he acquired a knowledge of secular subjects.

He married a granddaughter of Isaac b. Ḥayyim of Volozhin, in which town he took up residence. His opposition to the teaching methods at the yeshivah of Volozhin brought him into conflict with its heads, Eliezer Isaac and Eliezer’s brother-in-law, Naphtali Ẓevi Judah *Berlin.

Lewin had hoped to become head of the yeshivah and to make fundamental changes in its curriculum and direction. When his differences with Berlin were brought before the trustees of the yeshivah, however, they decided against Lewin, who thereupon felt compelled to leave Volozhin.

…In 1882 he succeeded Israel *Lipkin of Salant as rabbi of the Russian community in Paris, but died in the following year.


Here’s the French Wikipedia page for him.


He is a grandson of rabbi Aryeh Leib Epstein (1708-1775), the author of the Sefer Hapardes, which corresponded with the Gaon of Vilna (17201797).

He married the daughter of rabbi Eliyohu Zalman, the son of rabbi Yitzchok of Volozhin, himself the son of the famous rabbi Chaim of Volozhin (1749-1821).

He was appointed Rosh Yeshiva at the yeshivah of Volojine (Volozhin), a city located today in Belarus.

Great rabbinical authority, and a great speaker, it advocates some reforms in the mode of life orthodox jewish who are not adopted.

He made many enemies by his words.

He is a rabbi in different cities from time to time. He did not stay long in every position, because of controversy.


And, he also seems to have been a ‘maskil’ – albeit a more moderate one than the Frankist-Masons who surrounded Mendelssohn and controlled the Jewish community via the CONSISTOIRE ISRAELIT in France.

YEHOSHUA HESHIL LEWIN was hanging out with known, but more moderate, leaders of the Russian haskalah, including SAMUEL FUENN, and MORDECHAI AARON GUNZBURG, both of Vilna – this guy:


HERE is a brief description of ‘MORDECHAI AARON GUNZBURG’s’ family tree:

Günzburg was born into a prominent Jewish family in Salant (now Salantai, Lithuania) in 1795.

His father Yehuda Asher (1765–1823), under whom he studied Hebrew and Talmud, was one of the early members of the Haskalah in Russia, and wrote treatises on mathematics and Hebrew grammar…..after a period of wandering [Mordechai Gunzburg] settled in Vilna in 1835



Yes, that’s the same SALANT that gave us the same famous mussar Rabbi who preceded LEWIN in Paris, R Yisrael of SALANT.

When I try to pin down the family a bit more, I get to THIS on geni, that explains that MORDECHAI AARON GUNZBURG’s mum was the daughter of one:


But the tree is the usual wasteland, even though this info is based on the census for the Jewish population in Lithuania.


That’s when I remember this guy:

RABBI AHARON BRAUDE (1715-1798) – dayan of KALWARIJA at exactly the same time.


This is how I first got into this whole ‘Frankist family tree’ stuff to begin with, because AHARON BRAUDE is meant to be the father of the GABIA HEKESEF, BINYAMIN BRAUDE (RIVLIN…) OF SHKLOV.

Who is the father of that same ‘HILLEL RIVLIN of SHKLOV’ whose daughter married that Rabbi SHLOMO ZALMAN LURIA who came to Eretz Yisrael with crates full of golden dinarii.


The Geni curators have been cleaning up the tree to make it harder to follow the trail, but I have screenshots still from five years ago.

Long story short, ‘BENJAMIN BRODA / RIVLIN’ married a grand-daughter of the false messiah, JACOB FRANK, apparently now called on Geni ‘SJEZNA HOROWITZ’.

That would make HILLEL OF SHKLOV Jacob Frank’s g-grandchild.

And ‘SHLOMO ZALMAN LURIA’ of the golden dinaari fame who bought up the whole of Eretz Yisrael now slots into place as the gg-grandchild of JACOB FRANK.

Suddenly, all this starts to make way more sense.


Remember, a while ago I wrote a whole bunch of posts about SARA SONIA RATNER, the wealthy wife of the MAHARIL DISKIN?

She’s also here.

Another unnamed daughter of SJEZNA BRODA marries PINCHAS LANDAU.

Their daughter LIEBE marries ZVI HIRSH RATNER of MINSK – and SARA SONIA DISKIN comes from this branch of the tree.

I.e. She appears to be another direct descendant of ‘JACOB FRANK’.


There’s more.

Another brother of ‘BINYAMIN BRAUDE / RIVLIN’, and uncle of that famous Russian maskil MOSHE AARON GUNZBURG, is this guy:

Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Broide (Salanter), A.B.D. Salant – the main Rebbe of Yisrael Lipkin of Salant, head of the mussar movement.


One of ZVI HIRSH BROIDE (SALANTER)’S daughter marries:


He links us straight back to the DISKINS.

In the ‘parallel universe’ where all the family trees for our dear leaders are kept, we are told that the TOSFA’A TANA marries a second, unnamed wife. (Whatever….)

And the sister of this ‘unnamed wife’ happens to be CHAYA DISKIN, who marries BENJAMIN THE GREAT DISKIN – and apparently gives birth to that same MAHARIL DISKIN we talked about earlier.


It all fits like a glove.

The MAHARIL DISKIN’s first wife is meant to be HINDE BROIDE – the ‘alternative’ name of the RIVLIN clan of Frankist direct descendents.


And there’s another daughter of ZVI HIRSH BROIDE (SALANTER) who also marries someone interesting, namely:

MOSHE ZEITLIN (1812-1856)

He is the g-grandson of that same YEHOSHUA ZEITLIN I keep writing about.

Like this (screenshot machine translated from HERE):

His mother was the daughter of Rabbi Moshe Zeitlis, the son of Rabbi Yehoshua Zeitlin. 

His mother’s brothers were: Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Zeitlin ABD Cherkov. His brother-in-law, also the son-in-law of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Broida Maslant, was Rabbi Shmuel Avigdor Tosfah, author of “Tana Tosfah.”


From that same site, we also learn this:

Born in Shklov, grandson of Rabbi Yehoshua Zeitlin of Shklov.

He married the daughter of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Broida of Salant in Zamot (he was one of seven great disciples known as the Seven Branches of the Menorah:

1)Rabbi Yisrael Salanter,

2)Rabbi Alexander Moshe Lapidot,

3) Rabbi Shmuel Salant,

4) Rabbi Moshe Itzel of Ponevezh,

5) Rabbi Dovber M’ Czernik and

6) Rabbi Avraham Broida ABD Serhiy.


(I can already see there needs to be another post now, about what really happened with the mussar machloket. I don’t know that information myself….)

OK, last touch for the genealogy nerds, and then I’ll sum this up.

SHMUEL AVIGDOR’S dad is meant to be one ‘AVRAHAM RABINOWITZ’. He leads us right back to that semi-mythical ‘SHMUEL ben AVIGDOR’, last ABD of VILNA like this:


RIVKA EPSTEIN is the daughter of ZVI HIRSH EPSTEIN of GRODNO – the brother of the ARYEH LEIB EPSTEIN, BAAL HA-PARDES, who we mentioned above.



The family tree for ARYEH LEIB EPSTEIN, the BAAL HA-PARDES, has also  been very heavily distorted.

It links us straight back to the KARELITZ family….

The defacto ‘rulers’ of Bnei Brak, still today.


And also, back to that strange maskil called Rabbi Shimshon (Samson) ben Mordechai, A.B.D. of Slonim and Königsbergwho had tight links with a bunch of Frankist-masons, including BARUCH SHICK.


Lengthy snippets from Wikipedia, HERE:

Shimshon (Samson) ben Mordechai of Slonim (c. 1734/1736 – 13 May 1794), was an 18th-century rabbi, philosopher, mathematician, and scientist. He was one of the leaders of Haskalah and the Misnagdim, and was influenced by the Vilna Gaon. He was the Av Beit Din of Slonim and Königsberg and is thought to have been descended from Shimshon Loew ben Bezalel, the Maharal of Prague’s brother, through his grandson, Samson ben Pesah Ostropoli.

In around 1765, Shimshon was arranged to be married to Basha, the niece of Aryeh Leib Epstein. [THIS IS THE BAAL HA-PARDES]

In 1778, upon the recommendation of the Vilna Gaon, Baruch Schick of Shklov (1744-1808) journeyed to Slonim to ask Shimshon to write an approbation to the first ever Hebrew translation of Euclid’s Elements, Sefer Oklidus. Shimshon agreed and wrote part of the introduction to the book. Several other rabbis such as Saul Loewenstamm and Solomon Shalem from The Hague and Amsterdam contributed to the introduction as welL.

In December, 1787, the English philosopher, Jeremy Bentham, was going to visit his brother, Samuel in Krichev, when he spent the night in Slonim.

As he writes in his journal, all of the inns were full, so he was forced to spend the night with a rabbi who also kept a hardware store.

He goes on to describe the rabbi’s home and that he had two bookcases with “not fewer than 250 or 300 Vols.”. Bentham also talked about how the rabbi possessed a copy of Euclid’s Elements, as well as a manuscript on astronomy which contained a diagram that was the rabbi’s own work. Historians such as Israel Bartal have logically assumed that this was the same rabbi who lent Solomon Maimon books nine years earlier.

Shimshon’s descendants mostly settled in Kosava. They adopted the surname, Karelitz after the town of Karelichy. Some of his most famous rabbinical descendants were the Rabbis Avrohom Yeshaya Karelitz (author of the Chazon Ish), Nissim Karelitz, and Shmaryahu Yosef Chaim Kanievsky.


If you are bored, this ten minute video explains a bit more about who Jeremy Bentham was and what he believed in – including gay rights, separating church and state – and embalming his body after his death and hanging it in cage in the foyer of University College London:


Yah, nothing creepy or remotely ‘satanic’ about any of this….. go back to sleep.


So, we started this post with some descendants of the Vilna Gaon doing strange things in the Holy Land.

We then discovered a whole bunch more maskilim and Frankist-masons hiding out in family trees of our Jewish ‘royalty’.

And now, we are back to where we began:

That the same small family is ruling the Jewish community on all sides of the equation.

And they are hiding behind a bunch of fake names and forged geneologies, so we never figure out what is really going on.


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      Epstein exists in a total vacuum in the world…. a few years ago you could find basic details about the names of his parents and brother, now, even that’s v. difficult to come by.

      That’s one of the ways they just move on to the next person in the familia…. they cut the obvious links when it call goes bad, publically.


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