Milei-Milikowsky: A deep dive

The story begins with an email a reader sent me, that contained this image:


The reader wanted to know if this could be real, and if so, could our PM and the Argentian PM actually be related?

I didn’t know. But given what happened next, with the two Argentian hostages being ‘amazingly’ freed in Gaza, Baruch Hashem – I thought I’d do a bit of digging around, to see what turns up.


The first thing to tell you is that the ‘Milikowsky’ name links us straight back to the Vilna Gaon.

Yes, that Vilna Gaon, R Eliyahu the son of Shlomo.

The Netanyahu family are direct descendants of the GRA – but for some reason, this information started to get routinely scrubbed off the internet, around 5-6 years ago.

But you can still find some references to it, like this the following snippet, from HERE:

Nathan Mileikowsky Netanyahu was born to Zvi Mileikowsky in Krevo.  Many Mileikowsky people have been from Vilnius, Lithuania....

He was a descendant of the Gaon from Vilna. He studied at the Volozhin Yeshiva for 8 years and then became an orator preaching about Zionism. He migrated (with his children who were born in Warsaw) to Palestine in 1920 and served as headmaster of various Hebrew high schools in several towns before settling in Jerusalem as an official of the World Zionist Organization.

On his arrival in Palestine, Milikovsky changed the family name to Netanyahu (“Lord has given”).


The PM’s family tree stops with Zvi Hirsh Mileikowsky, so we have no idea how he is actually related to the Vilna Gaon.

The tree is also covered, literally, in five million ‘privates’.

But at least one of ‘Nathan Mileikowsky Netanyahu’s sons shortened his surname to ‘Milo’, and then had a bunch of ‘private’ descendents.

(Another thing to notice is that Geni apparently doesn’t know which of BenZion Netanyahu’s two wives gave birth to our PM…. Stuff like this is a dead giveaway that there are family connections being hidden.)


OK, so now let’s scoot over to Javier Milei’s family tree, HERE.

Also packed full of ‘privates’, so very hard to actually trace any descent in any meaningful way.

And the tree also just comes to a dead halt in the late 1700s – which is around that time when so many of the Frankist-Freemasons started converting to Roman Catholicism en masse.

So nothing concrete.

But then, there is never anything concrete, that’s how they keep getting away with this stuff over and over again.


What I can tell you, is that it’s highly unlikely that a ‘simple bus driver’ married to a ‘simple housewife’ in Argentina would end up with a son (with hair like that…..) who becomes the PM in a ‘totally surprising’ way.

And, that lightning struck twice, because Javier Milei’s sister, Karina, is now the ‘Secretary General of the Presidency’ of Argentina – and the most powerful woman in the country.

HERE is her Wikipedia entry, there are some might strange things going on there.


First, here’s a snippet about her education and hobbies:

Milei graduated from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa with a degree in public relations. She Also studied marketing and communication at the University of Belgrano. 

Among her activities was also reading the tarot.


Nothing weird about that….

Then, before 2021, Karina is said to be running a tyre repair shop, and also ‘running the investments’ of her more successful, economist brother.

And then, after 2021, Karina becomes the ‘PR manager’ for her brother Javier when he decides to go into politics– and of course, he becomes Argentina’s next PM!!

It works like that for everyone……. Doesn’t it?


I have no idea if either of them are married, or have children.

From what I’m seeing online, it looks like they aren’t.

Which is also kinda strange – both in their 50s, and never married?

So, I headed over to his Wiki page, HERE, and that’s when I saw the bit of info that all this really boils down to:

In a major foreign policy reversal, the Milei administration shelved plans to join BRICS, which Argentina was slated to join on January 1.


BRICS is one of the main ways the ‘other nations of the world’ are trying to escape from the USA’s global control of the world’s economy.

Of course, the USA doesn’t like that, and doesn’t want that to happen…. So, lucky them, they got someone who thinks the same way they do to become the president of Argentina, and shelve the plan for Argentina to become more financially independent of the USA.

That’s how all this works.


Two more snippets about Javier, the puppet-PM of Argentina put in place by the USA, and then let’s move back to our own puppet-PM, put in place by…. [all the Likud voters ;-))

For 15 years, he worked at the private company Corporación América as the chief economist and financial adviser to [multi-billionaire] Eduardo Eurnekian.

Of course he did.

And this woman (a practising Roman Catholic… I’m sure she’s just thrilled by his talk of converting….) is apparently Javier’s ‘partner’ (of very recent vintage). Here’s the snippet from her Wiki page that most caught my eye:

In 2008, she took a course in Inter-Agency Coordination and Combating Terrorism at the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies, a U.S. Department of Defense institution based at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C.

Of course she did.

I wonder how many ‘high ranking’ Israelis she met there, while she was doing her ‘training’ with the American Department of Defense….


Chananya Weissman also did a partial deep-dive into Milei, and dug up that:

  • He’s connected to the WEF.
  • He’s an actor (literally…)
  • His ‘spiritual guide’ also sounds like another interesting character. He they both are in action – (caution: watching the following may cause nausea).
  • He is supporting policies that are anything except compatible with the Torah.

Read more HERE.


All that, for sure, is already plenty bad enough.

But there’s more.

Apparently, there’s a machloket about how Milei came to the decision that he should run – providentially! – for Argentinian PM. One version says that his ‘Jewish advisor’ told him he was was going to become the PM of Argentina and ‘save’ the country (from joining BRICS and dumping the US dollar…..) during a ‘kabbalistic ceremony’ he was performing.

The mind boggled when I read that.

But that doesn’t even seem to be what really happened.

It seems that Milei got the ‘push’ to run for PM during a seance session with his dead dog….


Yes, I know.

But it actually comes from a ‘reputable’ paper in Argentina (not that any such things really exist any more, if they ever did) – the Buenos Aires Herald, from HERE.


A man and his dog: the mysticism behind Javier Milei’s campaign

The presidential frontrunner believes he can communicate with his deceased pet and that he is on a mission from God, a new book reveals

….After the death of his dog-child and most loyal friend, Milei changed completely. It was a blow that several clones of the animal — which he ordered in the United States for US$50,000 plus tax, and which he now refers to as his “grandchildren” — could not soften.

His sister, Karina, who is as essential to him as Conan was, tried to help him. She studied to become a medium, and it was she who helped the deceased dog communicate with his owner. Today, the youngest member of the Milei family claims he can talk to both living and dead animals and makes important decisions based on those conversations.


Crazy stuff!

But there is actually one more sentence I want to quote from that Buenos Aires Herald piece:

But that’s not all. The congressman has started to tell more unsettling stories to those willing to listen: that Conan [his dead dog] didn’t actually die — “It was a physical disappearance” — but has gone to sit next to “Number One” to protect him; and that he, Milei, has started having conversations with God himself.

“I saw the resurrection of Christ three times, but I can’t talk about that because people will say I am crazy,” he told a friend recently, in a chat that person has saved.


It’s true I’m also a big fan of ‘talking to God’, and I also believe that God gives every single one of us messages.

I get some of my most sublime ideas from hitbodedut – and also, some of my most controversial ones.

But I’m not the president of Argentina, I’m not witnessing ‘resurrections’ three times that never even happened the first time around ‘in reality’ – and the idea simply wouldn’t cross my mind to try and raise my dead hamster up from the dead for a conversation about what economic policies I should try out on my poor, unsuspecting, fellow-citizens.


The man is a crack-pot!

At best…. With a serious addiction to satanic seances, cloning things – and of course, the American Deep State.

It all goes together.


This original post I did continued with a deep-dive back into Netanyahu’s part of the Milikowsky family.

But after multiple cloned pets and seances with ‘Conan’, who told Milei to run for Argentine president….

Well, you can’t really continue on ‘as normal’ after that.

So, we’ll call this ‘part one’, and continue with ‘part 2’ separately.



I should have checked earlier for ‘Conan the dead dog’s’ details, I apologise for not checking into Milei’s ‘family’ as thoroughly as usual.

You’ll recall the original Conan died in 2017, and then Milei got him cloned for $50k in the USA.

Apparently, he got six cloned puppies (right, you weren’t so aware this was legal and they’ve been doing stuff like this for a lonngggg time, already?)

So, Milei named four of the puppies after famous economists, called one ‘Conan’ (what else?) and the sixth one something else.


Now, we’ll let the Wikipedia page for ‘Conan (Javier Milei’s dog) tell the rest of the story:

Milei allegedly stated that he communicates with the dogs through a mystic,[11] and that he seeks counseling from them.[2]

He also allegedly commented that the new Conan provides ideas on general strategy, Robert is the one who makes him “see the future and learn from mistakes”, Milton is in charge of political analysis, and Murray of the economy.[12]

When asked about this by El País journalist Martín Sivak and Nicolás Lucca of Radio Rivadavia, Milei did not deny it, and said: “

What I do with my spiritual life and in my house is my business. If Conan advises me on politics, it means that he is the best consultant of humanity.”[5]

In addition to having dialogues with the likes of Rothbard and Ayn Rand, Milei allegedly cited Conan as a source of inspiration for his writings in 2015.[5]


Who can make this stuff up?

This is a short video of Milei ‘thanking’ his four canine advisors after his landslide victory:


There’s more crazy details in this article from the New York Times.

Apparently, Milei wants to totally eviscerate the Argentine central bank and replace the Argentine peso with the US dollar…. which is currently backed by approaching $35 trillion of massive debt….

You can go to the US ‘debt clock‘ site here, and see where it’s up to.

Oh, and he also wants to get the whole cloning thing going big-time in Argentina.

I don’t know if that just means for animals, or for humans too.

He hasn’t made that bit clear – and I’m waiting to hear how his rabbinic advisors are going to fall over themselves squaring that abomination with the Toyrah they claim to care about and learn.



Let’s wait and see what happens to Argentina’s economy now.

If the dogs manage to turn it around while avoiding outright civil war (already looking like quite a big ask….) maybe, we just ask to clone them and let them take over a few ministries here in Israel?

(And also, the medical ethics departments of our our so-called frum institutions?)

It’s highly unlikely they could do a worse job.



Well, this story just keeps going.

I went to look up who Milei want’s to make the ‘cloning tzar’ of Argentina, one Daniel Salamone.

You can read more about him, and his cloning activities, HERE.

This is the relevant snippet:

Salamone worked with genetically modified cows and was thus able to eliminate the “mad cow” gene. His goal was to achieve cloned cows whose milk could be used as medicine. In this way he cloned cows that give formula and pigs whose organs and skin can be transplanted into human beings without being rejected. 

The scientist gave lectures in the United States, Canada and France, among other countries, and obtained the Konex Prize for Science and Technology, among other distinctions; and he organized a company, New Organs Biotech SA, through which he is dedicated to the manufacture of “humanized pig organs.”


We are back to koshering the pig again, mixed-in with organ transplants and satanic seances.

I.e. just the usual mix we return to again and again.

Milei just made his cloning ‘tzar’ the head of CONICET, Argentina’s National Scientific and Technical Research Council.

I am willing to bet very good money that all this cloning of ‘humanized pig organs’ (yuck! yuck! yuck!) is going to need some serious kosher certification, before anyone would touch it with a barge pole….

You know how that works, just someone with a big beard and impeccable ‘orthodox’ credentials to state (for a huge amount of money, paid into a secret bank account somewhere) that it’s very safe, effective – and of course totally kosher.

Pigs were only created in order for man to kosher them, don’t you know!

It’s going to get interesting.

5 replies
  1. Neshama
    Neshama says:

    O.M.Gosh This was the funniest thing I ever read! Makes so many ‘readers’ of all the PR Propaganda info (quite chagrined) about this ‘member of the Dog family’ or is it the other way around, his dog was a member of Milei’s family?? I wonder what the skeletons in the Netanyahu family are? Can’t wait for next installment.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It’s pretty basic:

      1) worked for the Deep State of both US and Israel, doing things that have never been clarified.
      2) spooks don’t retire, they just get ‘re-classified’.

      That about sums it up.

  2. Yitzchok
    Yitzchok says:

    I listened to this podcast interview. They discuss a lot of what you have covered about Knights Templar and Freemasons, and using the Jews as a front. But early on he says the Jews took their ideas from the Irish, so he is totally wrong about that. The web notes state there is a theory of the Irish being one of the lost tribes. Check out the website, I find this an interesting podcaster, he has a lot of interesting subjects and guests.


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