The next stage of birur

I have a lot I want to try to convey, but the words are not really coming.

So, let’s sum it up like this today, as things continue to percolate into place:


Not in a million, billion, trillion years.

It doesn’t matter what they throw at us, how many victims they take down in the meantime – ultimately, they are not going to win.


Last night, I woke up again with the same crazy coughing – after a day of feeling almost ‘normal’, most of the day.

(I have something else to try for that, I will let you know if it works tomorrow, BH.)

Point is, middle of the night, I’m coughing my guts up again, starting to worry again, starting to wonder when does this non-stop battering actually end? We’re just going from one thing to the next with no break!

I was actually in a kids’ room, as I didn’t want to wake up my husband with the coughing, so I could really just take some time to think and ‘deal’, with the light on, if necessary.


I started doing some hitbode, and what came up was the very clear idea that even if all this is being somehow ‘induced’ by frequency, even if  ‘the bad’ is just not stopping to throw things at us all, in whatever way we want to apply that concept – it all just boils down to GOD IS DOING THIS.

And with God, there is always Someone to talk to.

And somewhere to go, with things.


So, I spent a few minutes ‘clapping’, to sweeten the judgements, calmed down, fell back asleep, woke up with same ridiculous OTT cough an hour later, rinsed and repeated.

4-5 times, until I finally woke up for the day.

Strangely, despite the lack of sleep and the coughing and the obligatory nosebleed, I feel mentally and spiritually fine, today, BH.

And I am ‘going back to normal’ today as much as I can, and not buying the line my yetzer keeps selling me that there is something to worry about, here.


This is a battle where ‘fear’ is the main, if not the only, weapon the other side actually has.

And the antidote to the fear is emuna – just to keep pulling it around to the understanding that really, it’s only God doing everything that’s happening right now.


So, I’ve been having my own ‘fallen fears’ about nosebleeds and breakings ribs, God forbid.

But we all have our own fallen fears to deal with right now, including pointless ‘cheerleading’ of ‘wars in the North (imminent for the 578th time since Operations Iron Swords began….).

For sure, stuff is going on all the time, stuff is happening all the time.

The fear has got a grip precisely because it’s such a period of flux and uncertainty, where we don’t know what’s true, or who to trust.

But that doesn’t change the ‘recipe’ for how to deal with all this fallen fear:

Take it all back to God, understand He’s the only One deciding what happens when – and not Biden, and not ‘Hamas’, and not even our own corrupt bunch of American-European puppets here in the failed State.


That’s the bottom line.

And there is no running away from it.


Tov, it’s not my finest post, and I’m sorry it’s not as cogent as usual.

I have a lot more stuff to ‘put out’, but just kind of wanted to float this out there first, as the real and only solution to all our problems, whatever ‘the problem’ actually is.

I am going to put up something I started working on about Milei last week, but didn’t quite conclude it before I got taken out.

It’s time has probably passed now, but I’ve written it up already, and it’s a shame to waste the research.

And then, I want to tell you about some very interesting videos R Shlomo Elmaliach, one of the senior followers of the Rav and a big kabbalist in his own right, has started sharing in Hebrew.

Rav Elmaliach’s videos suggest we are moving now into the next stage of ‘spiritual birur’.

It’s going to be interesting!


In the meantime, wack this on, and dance a bit:


And oldie, but such a goodie – Emuna remix with words by Lazer Brody.


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