The last three weeks plus, I have been feeling pretty bad.

Actually, it started more like 6 weeks ago, when I just started feeling overwhelmed with stress and tension, and my neck and back started ‘hunching’ so badly, my kids started making comments about ‘the bells…. The bells….’

So, I finally got around to finding a private pilates teacher, and started the process of ‘unhunching’ all the stress, that was also affecting my ability to breathe.

The war…the wedding… – lots of stuff going on.

Three weeks in, I started to feel much better, I was standing straighter, feeling less tense.

That’s when the three day non-stop headache began.


I am probably more sensitive to wifi, and it’s effects, than a lot of people.

I immediately could ‘feel’ the headache was connected to wifi radiation. At first, I thought I was just being taken out by all the phive g zapping antennas put up all over the place over the last three years where I live – and also, where you live too.

But then, I started noticing something else: being on my computer, online, was exacerbating my ‘ill feeling’ way, way more.


Around this same time, I was getting a few emails from a reader in the US who had just bought a wifi radiation monitor – and they told me that you could forget about any discussion of phive g.

He was picking up signals from devices that were already up in the 6 and 7 g zones.



In the meantime, the headache gave way to a feeling of total exhaustion, loss of appetite, taste disappearing again (which you’ll recall, is a key symptom of radiation poisoning) – and a strange, super-painful ‘cough’ that showed up out of nowhere.


(Now I just posted this back up, I see the muscle and joint pain and nosebleeds are also connected….)

What I mean by that is that usually, you get a cold etc, you get all bunged-up, stuffy-nosed, the rest of it, and then that mucus makes it way down to your chest and you start coughing to free it up.

That’s not what happened here.

I barely had any snot, I could breath perfectly well through my nose – but this cough began that felt so painful, right from the beginning I was worrying I’d broken a rib, or something.

But how can I have broken a rib already, when I only started coughing two minutes ago?!?


The coughing was also weird.

No cough most of the day – and then at night, I was waking up with coughing fits so bad I was getting a nosebleed.

That continued for two days, until another reader suggested I try a niacin flush.

(You can read up about that superficially HERE, and do a deep-dive HERE.)

(UPDATE: I took off the first link for the niacin flush, to see if that got around the censorship of this post.)


I did the experiment– and the first two times, I felt it really helped.

The nocturnal coughing fits subsided, and I started to feel I was improving again.

Then, I spent a huge amount of time online trying to get a few things done, including sorting out the Rav’s new book – and after a few hours of being irradiated from my computer and the wifi router again, I felt awful.


I tried a third niacin flush, upping the amount to 600 mg – it didn’t seem to work.

And now, I was in a situation where I was having very intense aching pains in my chest, particularly under my armpits.

But again, it all just felt so weird. And those aches and pains were literally jumping all over the place, and also going to my back.

For a week or two, I was wondering if I had pneumonia or bronchitis, God forbid.


So, my husband mixed up another batch of miracle mineral solution, and I started necking that down, 2 drops every hour for eight hours a day.

When I got taken out by radiation poisoning three years ago, in the middle of ‘Covid’, the MMS is actually what pulled me around, and got me out of the feeling of total exhaustion and illness I’d been struggling with for many weeks.

This time around, it also worked very fast to clean up any lingering suspicion that this is coming from a chest infection.

Yesterday, I finally realised that it isn’t. At all.


In the middle of all this, the aches and pains intensified, particularly under my arms on the outside of the ribcage.

A few years ago, I spent two years retraining to do ‘energy medicine’, based on acupressure points and Chinese medicine principles.

Yesterday, (after my husband did a small pidyon nefesh for me HERE, because the pain was starting to get unbearable) – the penny finally dropped that they are causing these symptoms by overloading the spleen meridian with wifi radiation.

That probably sounds like goobledy-gook to you, so let me try to explain.


Basically, Chinese Medicine maps the body out according to acupressure points and ‘energy lines’ that carry the life force through the body, that are known as ‘energy meridians’.

The body is electric.

This is the ‘big secret’ Western Medicine  has gone to great pains to conceal from us all, because it touches directly on matters of the soul, and the ‘animating force’ in the body – and also, how frequency can be used to make people sick, make people well, change their thought patterns, entrain their brains, and even, in some senses of the word, to ‘brain wash’ them totally, and capture their souls.

The whole thing with the smartphones is way, way bigger than what a person just chooses to watch or engage with on their smartphone.

It’s a super hitech monitoring device that is also pulsing out frequencies that affect your health and your thinking, mamash.

Even if all you watch on it is shiurim from big tzaddikim.

(Read more HERE about the physical affects of smartphone use, if you’re interested.)


The areas that were so very painful the last three weeks all correspond to the acupressure points for the Spleen Meridian.

Here’s a diagram of the spleen m eridi


In Chinese Medicine, these meridians and the body’s electrical energy system are also linked directly to a person’s state of mind and emotions.

That’s one of the main reasons I was drawn to energy medicine in the first place, because I was totally sick of even ‘alternative’ practitioners boiling everything to do with health down to how many organic sprouts I ate, washed in rainwater from the Himalayas.

From my own experiences, I realised that while food and ‘physical’ stuff like vitamins and minerals are part of the equation, an equally if not greater part of the equation is our emotional state and our middot.

And then, there is a third area in the mix, too, which is our spiritual state, and our relationship with God, and our keeping of God’s commandments, and spiritual tikkunim we have to go through down here.

There is way, way more going on here than just eating lentils and necking down zinc supplements.


Long story short, a few years ago I even wrote some books about this stuff, and the connections between emotion, soul and physical health.

The books are no longer for sale, but you can download one called ‘How your emotions are making you sick’ HERE.

Here’s what I collated about the Spleen meridian:


Spleen Meridian

Emotional energy  when unbalanced:

Either too much compassion for others, and too little for the self;  or too little compassion for others and too  much for the self; or too little compassion  for anyone; unable to accept and internalize  others’ ideas, feelings, or needs. Emotional  energy when balanced: Compassionate and  caring; fair and generous with others, but  not at the expense of the self; able to assimilate and respond to ‘outside’ information.


Out of all the Meridians in the body,  Spleen energy is the most associated with  feelings of happiness and joy. When you get  stressed-out, the first thing that goes out the  window is your joie de vivre.

Energetically-speaking, all the energy in all the Meridians can get severely depleted and weakened  by chronic stress, but the one that takes the  biggest hit is Spleen Meridian.

That’s because together with the Triple  Warmer Meridian, Spleen Meridian is responsible for running our immune system.  Where Triple Warmer mobilizes the body’s  energies to respond to a perceived threat or  danger, Spleen tries to keep you healthy by  keeping you happy, and full of vitality and  joy.

In an emergency (ie, whenever you get  stressed-out by something), Triple Warmer can pull energy away from all the Meridians except the Heart to fuel it’s ‘flight or fight’ response – and the first Meridian it takes energy from is Spleen.


When the ‘emuna energy’ in Spleen  is flowing well you:

� Can easily metabolize your food, energy, knowledge and learning.

� Can digest things properly, in both the physical and mental realms, without experiencing any negative reactions.

� Can integrate new information and to  react appropriately to the things you’re being told, and the things that you’re learning, instead of blanking the new  information, or blocking it out.

� Have a lot of healthy compassionate energy available, both for yourself and for others.

� Can more easily connect to your deeper  self, your ‘inner child’, and your sense of intuition.


When the emuna energy in Spleen Meridian is blocked or unbalanced, you can experience the  following emotional issues:

� You find it hard to nurture yourself, and others, appropriately.

� Your ability to empathize with others is impaired.

� You can’t stand up for yourself appropriately; OR you can’t take anyone else’s view or opinion into account.

� You’re more susceptible to developing  a number of emotional disorders and  issues, including: Bi-polar, schizophrenia, ADD / ADHD, and any personality disorder or condition characterised by a  lack of, or unhealthy, empathy.


And the following physical issues:

� Autoimmune disease including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

� Excessive, easy bruising

� Nose bleeds

� Varicose veins

� Any problems keeping the blood in the  veins, arteries and blood vessels

� Diabetes

� Hypoglycaemia

� Pancreas / blood sugar problems

� Allergies

� Immunodeficiency

� Issues related to pregnancy

� Haemorrhaging

� Blood clots

� General swelling and inflammation

� Issues with tear ducts

� Neuropathy (sore feet)

� Osteoporosis (if hormone-related)

� Anything on the heel

� Fasciitis

� Infections

� Depression

� Learning disorders, including ADHD


What weakens your Spleen energy?

As you can see, weak spleen energy is a major factor in so many of the most challenging and widespread illnesses and issues facing us in our modern world.

Once you  identify what might be making it so weak, you can start talking to God about turning things around.


All of the following things could be wiping your spleen energy out:

� Environmental pollution

� Unhealthy food and food additives

Heavy-duty stress

Electro-magnetic energy (think PCs, mobiles, wifi, microwaves)

Negative emotions

� Angry / critical / selfish / demanding people

� Not enough or too much compassion for ourselves, or others

� Ingratitude

� One-off shocks or traumatic experiences


I wrote the above a decade ago.

As we sit here in 2024, it’s resonating even more strongly.

We are are in a ‘spleen energy’ destruction zone, right now.

Tons and tons of wifi radiation, shocks, trauma, stress and disgusting, evil people to deal with – and very little joie de vivre to boost it back up and keep us protected.


What to do?

The simple answer is emuna and emunat Tzaddikim – keeping optimistic, keeping up-beat, not falling into despair, keeping close to God and His True Tzaddikim, and following their instructions.

But there is way, way more going on here.

And in the next part of this discussion, we are going to start taking a much deeper look at how frequency can mamash kill or cure a person.

And how that connects back to ideas like praying, clapping, singing, and other advice for happiness and health our real Tzaddikim have been giving us for centuries.

If we would only take them seriously.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Leah golan
    Leah golan says:

    Hi Rivka,
    Loved your explanation for how the spleen energy affects us….I use a Japanese method of acupuncture using the hands instead of needles.
    Another thing referring to the spleen energy to be added to the above is that it is the solar, where new energy enters, and therefore must always be open
    If closed or stagnated all the rest of the organs suffer….it is the slowest organ, and lately I find it has to be managed everyday…mamash…..and I close the wifi when not in use….
    I myself have been suffering strange headaches lately, in the late afternoon til late evenings…it starts and stops suddenly like some has turned on and off the lights….lots of people have dissiness, others vertigo and tinnitus….
    Lots of prayers needed and hitbodidute!!!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Thanks for the additional info, I didn’t know spleen was ‘solar connected’. Can you send a link to anything that explains that side of things more?

      Shabbat shalom


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