How the yetzer operates

If you want to know what’s going on right now, you just need to read Rebbe Nachman.

Rebbe Nachman explains clearly that the yetzer hara is not really so interested in the ‘sin’ he gets a person to do, but in what happens to that person after he sins.

Many people, most people, fall into despair, and then abandon themselves to doing many more sins, God forbid.

That’s why Rabbenu teaches very clearly:

Even if I did the worst sin in the world, I wouldn’t fall into despair! I would continue to serve Hashem!


(I will try to find the source for this quote and put it here, after I’m done writing this up.)


The point is: the yetzer is ALWAYS more interested in what happens afterwards, then ‘the sin’ or ‘the issue’ itself.

That’s when the real damage is done, the real spiritual fall happens, the real ‘crushing’ of a person.

How does this relate to what is going on today?


Let’s walk back four years to Covid, and replay what happened.

As it turns out, the ‘original sin’ of Covid 19 – this apparently super-scary, super-fatal, super-infectious ‘virus’ – actually never existed in reality as it was portrayed.

Way more people died from being suffocated to death by unnecessary intubation tubes and neglect in hospitals (plus a bunch of ‘lethal injections’ for old folks in the sheltered housing….) than died ‘from Covid 19’.

But the yetzer than used that original sin to trip us into panic, forced masking, social distancing, health, sanity and economy-destroying lock downs, banning travel, green passports – the whole shebang.

Because the end-game was the Covid shots.

That was the point, right from the beginning.

And once enough people caved into the fear and the despair – ‘Covid 19’ apparently magically disappeared as a problem.


OK, now let’s look at this ‘war’ in Israel.

If there is anyone out there who still can’t see how this whole ‘war’ was set up and planned meticulously – on our side of the fence! For months! – you should visit an eye doctor.

October 7th was meticulously designed by the yetzer to trip us all back into those feelings of anger, hatred, fear and despair.

And then just like Covid, the plan was to ‘break us’ here in Israel, and especially our belief that our army could protect us, that we could deal with the (State-sponsored….) terrorists in Gaza… that we could continue to live in Israel feeling safe and secure….


Just like Covid, there was a ‘nub’ of stuff that really was happening, that was then wrapped up in State-sponsored smoke and mirrors, and ‘spun’ by the totally corrupt media and ‘controlled opposition’ social media personalities.

Just like most of the real victims of ‘Covid 19’ turned out to have been killed by the medical professionals who were meant to be caring for them, I have no doubt that one day, we will discover that most of the victims of this ‘war’ in Israel were not killed just by Hamas.


But there’s a lot more to this.

Sunday, I wrote a whole blog post about how quiet and beautiful the North currently is.

My husband told me that tomorrow, you are going to see there were rockets up here.

That’s also what happened to me when I went to the Baba Sali in Netivot, and had one of the quietest, nicest experiences there I’ve ever had.

Apparently, while the media was reporting ‘multiple rockets’ there….

That whole experience really got me wondering how much of what we’re being told is happening in this ‘war’ is real, and how much is being staged to get to the outcome desired post-war.


So sure enough, Monday morning swings around, and suddenly there are all these videos of rockets being fired into the Golan, apparently next to a bus of teenagers.

It doesn’t make sense.

It doesn’t make sense that ‘Hezbollah’ is going to deliberately fire their precision rockets – 60 of them! – at a totally empty hill in the middle of the Golan.

Does it?

Not if there is a ‘real war’ going on.

But, it makes total sense that this is what is going to happen to create the impression of a ‘real war up North’.

Where both ends are being controlled by that same masonic NWO.


Remember the spiritual rule here:

It seems that spiritually, the yetzer can’t bounce us into a real war in the North until and unless enough of us have fallen into that low place of believing the media’s lies, so we ourselves start clamoring for ‘war with Hezbollah’.

The same thing happened with Covid.

They could never have enforced all those lock downs, force masking, forced injections if so many people hadn’t fallen for all the lies.

This is the spiritual rule, this is how it works.

The yetzer isn’t interested in the ‘original sin’, but what it can do with us all afterwards, once we’ve fallen into despair and fallen away from emuna and God, God forbid.


Today, I did my usual five second check-in with the government propaganda sites, and sure enough, there is more weird video of rockets now apparently falling near Har Meron yesterday morning.

I say ‘apparently’, because if you look at the video, it’s very hard to see any rockets anyway, and nothing seems to be landing – it’s the same ‘firework rockets’ they fired at Kiryat Shemona two weeks ago, that weirdly just self-imploded in the sky, even though there was no Iron Dome deployed to take them out like that.

All you see is a small group of weird looking people blowing shofars in Meron and waving old lulavs.


When I was there, there were no groups of people blowing shofars and waving lulavs.

The shofar blowing does happen, it’s not so strange – but the lulavs?

Amazing, how they had ruach hakodesh to show up with some old lulavs just as a barrage of 35 rockets were apparently being fired at Har Meron….

All I’m saying, is that we are being manipulated constantly by fake news, 24/7.

And what makes it all so head-wrecking is that not all of the news is ‘fake’.

Soldiers are still being killed and injured in Gaza, God forbid, people are still being shot on the roads by State-sponsored ‘terrorists’….


So, what do we learn out from all this?

First, that what is going on right now has been meticulously designed to manipulate us all into the real problem, the real difficulty.

Call that a ‘two state solution’; call that ‘clamouring for more war in Lebanon’ (just so that more young men can get themselves killed and disabled fighting for the same people who planned all this to happen, right from the beginning…)

Call that ‘moving people out of rural areas and into 15 minute prison cities’.

Call that ‘sparking WW III’.

Call it whatever you want.


If you want, you can call it other things, too, like:

Getting all the chareidim to join the corrupt army, so they can also be brainwashed into thinking and acting the way ‘the State’ wants them to.

And worshipping guns as ‘the answer’ to every problem we face here in the Holy Land.

Or call it: getting frum girls to join the corrupt army – so they can also come out totally morally corrupted, with 15 boyfriends, and / or five ‘girlfriends’, and a total weakening of their connection to God and kedusha.


Do you know anyone, anyone at all, who went into the army secular, and came out more connected to their Torah and their yiddishkeit?

I mean, before all the miracles of this current ‘war’?

But I know plenty, plenty young people who went in frum, and came out really less frum  – and even atheists, and even all into the LGBTZQQ whatever.


If I lived up North, and I left to go to a hotel – I would move back there.

There are no guarantees of safety anywhere in the world, and if a person is with God, that’s the single best protection there is.

Here in Jerusalem, I spent the first 30 days after Simchat Torah saying a whole book of tehillim every single day, I was so scared of what the local Arabs might be planning.

We had family calling us up and offering to send us to hotels for a few days…. and telling us to come back and live with them in the UK for a few weeks….

BH, we had the Rav’s advice and support, and he made it very clear that the best approach was just to stay put, and pray.

He was so right.



Don’t fall for the yetzer’s tricks.

Things aren’t as bad as they appear, by a very long way.

Hezbollah should have started ‘the war in the North’ a long time ago already, if it just depended on them and the NWO running things here.

But that didn’t happen, because spiritually, the yetzer needs a critical mass of people to buy their lies, and to buy their propaganda, before they get the spiritual permission to make that happen.

And so far, it’s not happening.


If you have some free time, go drive around the North.

It’s beautiful right now.

It’s as safe as anywhere else in Israel – even places like Kiryat Shemona.

There are no guarantees anywhere, not in Israel, and not in chul. We can’t continue to live in fear like this.

Really, the only thing to fear is the lack of emuna in God, and the fallen fears themselves.

When we remember that God is behind all this, God is doing everything, it’s all just a test of our own emuna and our own middot – the world becomes a much happier and safer place again.

For everyone.

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  1. AK
    AK says:

    It is gut-wrenching to see how so many young men particularly in the Dati-Leumi community still want to enter into combat units and many of the soldiers killed have been from that community. They are pure souls with a love of Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael, each one of them tzaddikim. It is sad to see how many people in the country still believe in the army, even after the colossal no show of it for 7 hours. So many young men still want to enter combat units feeling such loyalty to fight. But a big birur is happing and things G-d willing will become clearer for many. I am hoping and expecting really good things to be happing soon.

    • Hava
      Hava says:

      Even Ori Megidish, the daughter of the woman who held her full fist of challah dough up to God and declared her love for Him while asking him to return her, is back in the army! What a confusing message that must be!

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Rikva: regarding Covid, I just received this link from Moshe today, and it is unbelievable: it explains in extreme details based on serious research what really happened there: I bet you never heard of it this way; I certainly didn’t, but I do believe Dr. A fully. He is an honest, sincere, very motivated and intelligent individual. I think everybody needs to watch this.

    I will tell Moshe that I shared it with you and your readers. He did not ask me to do that, but I am sure he will be glad I did this.

    Open your eyes, everyone: the story is as sickening as can be. That’s the evil world we live in, the monstrous satanic enemy we will hopefully vanquish, B”H, with Hashem and Moshiach’s help.


    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Just FYI – I stopped watching Jane Ruby last year, when I came to believe she is just more ‘controlled opposition’.

      But I’ll take a look at the link, thanks Daisy.

      This is about frequency and radiation…. it was never about snake venom.

    • Hava
      Hava says:

      Daisy, I was able to access it and watch from the link you posted. Everyone who sees this should watch, if only for the screen shots of scientific papers re: the many, many snake venoms involved. Dr. Ardis was wrong…about the size of the problem.

      That said, I’m sure there are other sources, including GO, frequencies and radiation as well. Everything is being done to facilitate depopulation. I think “they” must be leaving no stone unturned.

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:

        Thanks, Hava, I couldn’t agree more.

        Of course EMF is also part of the problem, as Rivka described so well. I am also very EMF sensitive, I know the whole shtick.

        But this is certainly nothing to be ignored.

        And I am taking NAC, Vit C, Bromelain, every day.

        Here is the list Dr Ardis recommends: Glutathione, NAC, Vit. C, EDTA, Bromelain, Resveratrol ( purple grape, grape juice!), Aloe Vera.

        Look up all food sources for the various supplements, and add them to your diet; it can’t hurt!

        And BTW, Rivka, what I do regarding being on my laptop for many hours, so I won’t suffer from EMF radiation, is this:

        I turn off Wifi, put the laptop on Airplane mode, and then use a long ethernet cable hooked up to my laptop. Voila, no more EMF! Of course if your modem is too close it is not good. So put your modem as far as you can from where you do your stuff; or vice-versa: put yourself as far as you can from your modem. It works! Hatzlachah! And thanks again for everything you do for all of us.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          I went through a whole balagan trying to do that last year…. long story short, in Israel it seems to be impossible to ‘ethernet’. If someone knows how to do that, or knows someone who knows, please do share that information so we can all benefit.

          Re: the snake venom – the tech the evils have is AT LEAST 60 years ahead of where we think it is.

          The snake venom is a distraction – they are not using medieval methods of poisoning people en masse. They have far more sophisticated ways of doing that, involving frequency, and if Dr Ardis isn’t explaining that clearly, at best he doesn’t know a lot about what he’s talking about.

          • Hava
            Hava says:

            Rivka, I suspect that Dr. Ardis may not have any expertise in music or frequencies. He concentrates on the snake venom because he suspected at the beginning that a lot of the symptoms expressed were the same for covid and for envenomation.

            I keep wondering, with all the ground construction going on right around me, whether plans and parts are in place to enable poisoning of our water…fortunately, we don’t drink our tap water.

            BTW, how is the son of Orna Nitzevet who got a snake bite a few years ago? Have you heard from them?

            Thankfully we do have HQB”H!!!!!
            Shabbat shalom umevorach!

          • Daisy
            Daisy says:

            Shavua Tov, Rivka – and all readers.

            You should know, Rivka , that I do exactly the same thing in Israel. I brought a 25 feet long ethernet cable from the US, and hooked it up to my modem ( from Bezeq), which I installed in the next room. I close the door and use my laptop like that without any trouble.

            Did Bezeq completely change their modems from 3 years ago? I left November 2020, and till the last minute it worked fine, the radiation didn’t bother me at all; it was the current updated model they had provided.

            What would be the problem? There is an ethernet cable connection in the modem. If your modem doesn’t have one, then maybe you need a different modem.

            On the other hand, if you have tons of neighbors with 5G phones surrounding your apartment, I could see why it would not work. In my apartment in Yerushalayim I cannot sleep, I am kept totally awake by EMF radiation from my neighbors, not to mention the electric smart meters. No way I could live there, frankly.

            Do you happen to have a smart meter in your building too?That might explain the extreme exposure.

            In the US you are allowed to refuse a smart meter. If on the other hand you live in a building with all smart meters in Israel, I am not sure if you can reject the meter; I don’t see how, as they are all installed one next to each other. But who knows?…..

            Yerushalayim is very difficult regarding EMF, no doubt, because most people live in apartments. That’s the problem, I think, with of course the non-stop antennae all over.

            I think we need to start to make a lot of noise about this, and wake-up everybody about it, until there is an uprising about it in Israel. Any Knesset members who might be open to discussion about it??? Terrible what they did to the country!

            Shavua Tov

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