Frequency Part 2

The last post seems to have had some weird censoring.

That’s why the title is coming up unreadable.

We are over the target.

To really understand the power of frequency, first take some time to watch this old video from 1996, where Sharry Edwards explains how sound / frequency can literally be used to pinpoint what is going ‘wrong’ in a person’s body.

And then, how it can be used to encourage the body to create whatever it’s lacking – be that mineral compounds, vitamins, or in the case of her son, even encouraging a new knee cap to grow back, after he smashed his leg into 70+ pieces during a bad motorcycle accident.


Remember, this was given over in 1996 – almost 30 years ago!

Now, take a (quick….) look at this – it’s a symphony that was composed based on the ‘sound’ – the frequency! – captured from a cancer patient in Israel, working with none other than Ido Bachelet:


This is not about snake venom.

Jane Ruby, Stew Peters, Brian Ardis – all the rest of those ‘ultra xtians’ with dodgy ties to the establishment, they are all controlled opposition.

The problem is energetic / frequency / spiritual.

Frequency can be used to cause the body to produce whatever it needs to heal.

And it can also be used to totally destroy the body, and the mind, and ‘encourage it’ to produce lack, illness – cancer, even.


What’s the answer?

EMF shielding methods will work a little, but this is literally coming at us from every direction.

Here’s a snippet of what a reader sent me this morning:

[Self censoring, starts with a C and ends with RN] has been starting up again for the last 2 weeks or so, and people are contacting me from around the world wanting to know if it is, because they are all not well, and all in that sensitive-person-frequency-overload kind of way.
This is just the start up, they are not even really “on” yet, and you can see the corresponding changes in the earth resonant frequency charts.
I’ve attached, as an example of what I am talking about, an image of the earth’s resonant frequency charts from a station in Italy- from today and for the last few days. All that red stuff just shouldnt be there at all.
Here is that screenshot:

What’s the answer to all this?

More and more, I’m coming to the conclusion it has to be spiritual.

‘Frequency’ is also prayer.

‘Frequency’ is also talking to God in hitbodedut.

‘Frequency’ is also singing zemirot on Shabbat.

The body’s ‘frequency’ is ultimately guided by the soul, and when the soul is vibing and attached totally to God, it’s frequency lifts the whole physical shell that we call ‘the body’.


It’s no coincidence, at all, that the Rav has been speaking so strongly about getting rid of smartphones, and even getting off the internet totally.

These devices are ‘kill machines’ installed in our own homes, and remote-controllable by the evils.

The more time we spend on them – even looking at good stuff – the more their ‘frequency’ can affect us.

Ditto for all the secular songs – a great example of ‘frequency’ that literally can destroy a person’s mind, body and soul.

The Rav is also talking very strongly about only listening to songs from God-fearing people.


And, on the ‘plus’ side, I am starting to realise that this is at least part of why the Rav insists on singing both before and after the evening prayers – sometimes, even for an hour or two.

And more on Shabbat.

There is a lot more to say.

Things like NAC definitely have their place.

But the issue we are facing with this is way beyond just gulping down minerals and vitamins.

There is some serious teshuva required at the soul level.

And each person has to think for themselves that that actually involves, but for sure, it includes:

Getting rid of the smartphone

Minimising internet use as much as possible

Praying more – way more! – including an hour a day of hitbodedut

Identifying and uprooting the bad middot that are bringing the body’s frequency ‘down’ to a place where the outside frequencies can start to harm us.


There’s a lot to think about.

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