For residents of the North

There’s a few clips going around of a ‘hidden tzaddik’ from just before the horrible events of Shabbat warning about what was about to happen.

One of my friends who speaks Hebrew sent me the following – then scroll down to see the response from the Rav’s gabbay:

I found this, apparently messages from hidden tzaddikim etc. It was put up just a few days before this whole thing erupted. Like a prophecy.
If you look at the channel there are more recent messages saying everything the Rav has been saying. It’s scary.
[The hidden tzaddik] says in a later message that the terror is going to get worse and then there will be an earthquake at the same time. Says to leave the north area, tzfat, Golan etc. He says if we cry out enough to Hashem it’s still possible to cancel the decree.


I asked the Rav’s gabbay if the Rav has said anything about people needing to leave the North at this time.

This is what I just got back from the gabbai, with my elucidation in [square brackets]:

I asked him about [whether] specific people [currently in the North should leave] and he said no Breslover needs to leave.

Meaning whoever will listen to what he says should stay put and will be ok.


I will continue to bring you what the Rav says, as much as possible.

But in the meantime, I’m having an hour of doing some useful ‘forgetting’ about the situation, (as Rebbe Nachman talks about) so I can actually function, and do some other things except feel sad and worried.


Also, to all those who may be feeling frustrated that they aren’t managing to say three books of tehillim a day, or learn 10 pages (20 blatt) of Gemara:

I was discussing this with my husband, and the Rav has a habit of loading on so many requirements, it’s impossible to really do them.

Why does he do this?

My chiddush is to stop us all from having ga’ava, arrogance, because as soon as a person gets all ‘proud’ of his tehillim reciting or gemara learning – that arrogance means all the good he just did goes to the dark side.

I said a whole book of tehillim yesterday, for the first time in years.

And I felt kind of a loser, that it wasn’t THREE books of tehillim….

Likewise, my husband learned more gemara yesterday, on one day, than he has done in the last 3 months combined.

But also felt disappointed and a little ‘broken’ that it wasn’t the full amount.

We were discussing this today, and that’s when the penny dropped about the ‘ga’ava’ aspect.

So, grab whatever you can grab, from whatever low place you find yourself, and now that every letter, every word, creates it’s own angels!

And prayers and Torah done with a broken heart are worth a billion times more than reciting 50 books of tehillim a day with a feeling of arrogance.

May we hear good news very soon.


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  1. devora weiss
    devora weiss says:

    Who is this ‘hidden tzaddik’ and why should we trust him? Easy to say that all jews should leave the North, but where should they go to? More scaremongering that we dont need right now

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I put up the message from Rav Berland as a response to what is going around from these ‘hidden tzaddikim’.

      The point is, I’m putting out what the Rav is saying, who I trust, and who is the Tzaddik HaDor.

      You trust whoever you want to, and believe whatever you want to.

  2. Simon
    Simon says:

    Sometimes it’s hard, following Rav Berland, since my family believes Shuvu Banim is a “cult.”
    But apparently certain jabs are totally fine..
    When I think rationally about these things, I can just sit and laugh at the world.

  3. Becky
    Becky says:

    Can anyone point me as to which video the hidden tzaddik says to leave the North? Does he mean the northern border communities?
    (I think I listened to all the recent videos and I must’ve missed it.)

    And can anyone explain how this nevuah like thing is legit? What is it? We don’t have nevuah nowadays.

    Also, any more info on that convoy traveling through Jordan from the Frontline News?
    Is this verified as true?

    We have to do our best as Torah Jews and Hashem will fight this war for us!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Anyone with any brain left in their heads can see that who is financing and organising all this is America, not Iran.


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