New prayer from the Rav for the soldiers

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New prayer from Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a for the success and protection of the soldiers of Israel who now stand on the frontlines to defend the Jewish people:

Obligatory prayer for protection for IDF soldiers before combat and for returning in peace

Written for the welfare and success of soldiers in Operation Iron Swords 5784

Ribbono Shel Olam — Master of the Universe, Who can do everything, and that nothing can impede [Your] purpose from You.

Hear our prayers and our screams, after over a 1000 boys and girls, young men and women, fathers and mothers, elderly men and women were murdered!

And we have turned into a source of ridicule and mockery in the eyes of all the peoples, and all the nations and all the peoples are rejoicing and happy about our incapacitation.

And since the time of the Shoah (Holocaust), which concluded exactly 75 years ago, there has never been such a shoah (catastrophe) for the Jewish people, and where can we go.


“Where are Your former acts of kindness, O Lord, those You pledged to David in Your faithfulness.  Remember, O Lord, the taunt of Your servant — borne in my bosom from the entire multitude of nations.  That Your enemies have taunted, Hashem, that they have taunted the footsteps of Your Messiah.  Blessed is Hashem forever, Amen and Amen” [Tehilim 89].


Please Hashem, reveal the arm of Your holiness, for “Yours is the arm with power; Your hand is strengthened, Your right hand uplifted.

Righteousness and justice are Your throne’s foundation, kindness and truth precede Your countenance.  Praises to the people who know the shofar’s cry; Hashem, by the illumination of Your countenance they walk.  Of Hashem’s kindness I will sing forever; I will make Your faithfulness known to every generation with my mouth.  For I said, ‘Forever will [Your] kindness be built; the heavens, You establish Your faithfulness in them.’”

Please Hashem, fulfill in us the verses: “I made a covenant with My chosen one. I have sworn to David, My servant: ‘For all eternity I will establish your seed; and I will build your throne for generation after generation, Selah.’ 

Then the heavens will acknowledge Your wonders, Hashem, Your faithfulness, too, in the assembly of holy ones.  For who in the sky can be compared to Hashem; be likened to Hashem among the angels?  God is dreaded in the great counsel of the holy [angels], and is awesome over all who surround Him.”


And fulfill in us the blessing of Avraham and Eliezer, who threw dust — and it turned into swords, straw — and it turned into arrows.

The “Degel Machaneh Ephraim” says [in Parashat Va’Yishlach]: That in the merit of Avraham saying, “I am dust and ashes,” he merited that all straw and dust that he threw turned into swords and arrows.

So may You also give us the merit, that in the merit of turning into dust and ashes, every arrow that we throw — will turn into an atom bomb.

And in the merit of this, the Land of Israel will be built anew.


Traveling to encourage soldiers on the frontlines?  Print for them these prayers for protection and success (in Hebrew)

To download a single copy of the prayer (in Hebrew), click here


They also put up a rough transcript of the Rav’s words from yesterday on the Shuvu Banim site in Hebrew, HERE.

The situation is extremely serious.

Turn off the lying news, and grab your tehillim, wherever you happen to be in the world.

We are in big trouble – lead by traitors, talking their orders from the enemies of the Jewish people, and God Himself.

We need as many prayers as possible, to give the people fighting the best possible chances of coming through all this unscathed, and our real enemies vanquished.

Each word of tehillim, of prayer, creates an angel!


If you can’t say it in Hebrew, then say it in English.

If you can’t do a whole book, do whatever you can managed, keep grabbing more prayers here and there throughout the day.

NOW is the time to pray, and to ‘sweeten’ things before….

It becomes even more obvious that we only have God to rely on.

And may we just hear good news.

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