Only fear Hashem

I couldn’t get into my blog for three days…

Maybe it got hacked, maybe it didn’t.

Who knows.

In the meantime, I’m here to tell you that the only thing to fear right now is Hashem.


Like so many of us, I have been on a crazy roller-coaster ride of ‘OK’ and ‘not-so-OK’ the last week, but I feel like all the tehillim, all the prayers, the teshuva, the mesirut nefesh, the chessed, the people getting behind the Rav and following instructions – it’s all starting to send some light into what is still a very heavy and dark situation.

Our enemies are still pulling the wool over so many people’s eyes with all their propaganda…


But the truth is coming out all over the place – and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

But in the meantime, we need to keep the prayers and all the other stuff going.



The Rav a few days ago said this:

Everyone should take it upon themselves to say the Book of Psalms, because now they want to enter Gaza.

They are afraid and therefore they are pushing it off.

They are scared thousands of soldiers could die.

When you go in [to Gaza], you can’t tell who’s a terrorist and who’s a soldier.

They could start shooting each other, and a thousand soldiers could die from the gunfire of our own forces.

The war has been 4 days (during the lesson) and they have not yet entered Gaza, they are scared to death to enter Gaza – who knows who will live and who will die.


The Rav’s lessons are full of hints and secrets….


In the meantime, please also do whatever you can to get the Rav’s prayers around to as many soldiers, people and bases as you can.

One of the Rav’s gabbays put out a message last week that even a tenuous link to the Rav – even just having one of his unnamed prayers in your home – is enough to be considered to be ‘connected’ into the circle of the Tzaddik.

This is the prayer the Rav wrote especially to protect our soldiers now:

Print off a few copies, and give them out to as many people, as many soldiers, as you can.

They don’t need to know it’s from the Rav.


In the meantime, I am personally praying we stay the heck out of Gaza, and that this all ‘dies down’ again….

God has His own way of dealing with our enemies, and sending hundreds of thousands of our precious Jews into narrow, booby-trapped alleyways, following orders from people no-one trusts doesn’t sound like the best plan, at this stage.


Remember this:

The Rav said that if a war does happen, God forbid, it will end with an earthquake.

He also said many, many times over the last few years that in the month of Cheshvan, the sea will be full of ships from the nations of the world coming to attack Israel.

And the sea will split miraculously, and all those enemy ships will sink to the bottom of the ocean.


When Gush Katif was destroyed as per the instructions of our same ‘friends’ in sheeps’ clothing 18 years ago, there was a lot of rumours discussing an imminent tsunami hitting Gaza, and explaining that this was the reason the Jews had been moved out.

Take a look at THIS (it’s a xtian blog, but it preserved some links on the ‘geula’ blogs from around that time.)

This is a snippet:

“A recent Jewish prophetic blog was posted on August 5, 2005 on both the Years of Awe and the “Moshiach and Geula, End of Days Prophecies, Geula, Moshiach, Gog and Magog,”orthodox and mystical Jewish blogsite that made the following claim.  The claimant for this post referenced the Hebrew site,, stated:

Years of Awe and Moshiach and Geula – HaRav Baruch Shapira, ztvk”l, said ten years ago“I am a big prophet and head of the 36 hidden tzaddikim, and my prophecy is that in the future they will drive out complete settlements from the Gaza Strip, and immediately afterwards there will be a very strong earthquake in the area of Gaza and a huge wave will come and wash away the whole area into the sea, along with all the Palestinians.


Those tsunami rumours resurfaced again in 2014.

But the bit that was ‘missing’ from all those discussions is that you need massive earthquakes, in order to have massive tsunamis.

In 2023, right now,  the earthquakes are picking up all over the world.


A couple of months ago, the Rav talked repeatedly about big quakes hitting Israel, but said that the quakes won’t harm Jews, and will just cause the mosques and churches to fall.

Earthquake = tsunami = sea splitting and enemy warships being totally sunk to the bottom of the ocean = Gaza flooded.

(There is some weird kink in the topography of the sea bed in the Mediterranean, that appears to suggest that if a massive tsunami does hit, Gaza will take the brunt. But clearly, still a very serious circumstance, and still a lot of prayers required for everyone.)


So, let God do His thing.

And do yours, by praying, making teshuva and carrying on with the kindnesses and the charity.

Over the next 30 days of Cheshvan:

> Every day, women should aim for one whole book of tehillim a day – but do whatever you can manage, without letting yourself off the hook.

> And men should aim for three books a day, plus 10 pages of Gemara – but again, do whatever you can manage and push yourself to just keep doing a bit more.

> Turn off the lying news – it just pulls people into despair and fear.

And then the miracles will come.



The miracles are already coming.

A week ago this time – I truly thought we’d be in the middle of a war on three fronts, thousands of rockets every day and God forbid, thousands of precious Jews bogged down in Gaza being killed by yet more ‘friendly fire’ (ahem….)

None of that is happening.


And BH, it won’t happen at all.

But keep going with the tehillim and prayers!

Because only the ‘voice of Yaakov’ can finally destroy the ‘Iron Swords’ of Esav, once and for all.

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  1. adelle
    adelle says:

    I was reading rishon for parshat noach this morning which ends with the pasuk:
    ויעש נח ככל אשר צוה אתו אלקים, כן עשה
    and noach did all that hashem commanded him. so he did.

    this can’t be my chiddush, I’m sure there must be a peirush out there I just don’t know where to look. but I changed the punctuation and read the pasuk:
    .ויעש נח ככל אשר צוה אתו. אלקים כן עשה
    and noach did all that hashem commanded him. hashem also did.

    meaning noach did what hashem asked him to do and because noach acted hashem acted in kind.

    yes, in the previous psukim hashem makes a covenant with noach that he will put him in the teiva and save his family, nonetheless noach still acted. and this brought about hashem’s salvation.

    just as mordechai did not give up for a single second and increased in prayer even though he knew with certainty that “revach v’hatzalah ya’amod l’yehudim” he knew that redemption would come and davka the megillah uses the word “ya’amod” and based on what rabeinu says elsewhere that amida refers to prayer I think we see a hint in this pasuk that mordechai knew the true salvation would only come about through prayer.

    and just as mordechai trusts in perfect faith that hashem would save us so to reb nosson trusted he and breslov chassidus would survive the “years of oppression” but still reb nosson davened all those years especially tikkun chatzot in the most heart wrenching brokenhearted cries! rabeinu himself said not a single word of his would have survived if not for reb nosson.

    now too, certainly we know the geulah is coming and we will not let up for a second following in the ways of the tzadikim and like noach find favor in hashem’s eyes.

    tonight is alef cheshvan, rosh chodesh. we always begin cheshvan with parshat noach and the rains of the mabul begin to fall in cheshvan for 40 days and 40 nights immersing the world in water so that it emerges renewed and pure as if from a mikvah.

    let us not, G-d forbid, be consumed by the destructive waters of the mabul (and atheism as rabeinu says) but instead this cheshvan immerse in the mikvah of sweet living waters of the living torah.

    just as we’re following in mordechai’s path of constant prayer so we’re also seeing the miracles of the time of mordechai and esther where “simple” jews are committing and recommitting to torah. I heard a recording of an israeli woman tearfully begging that someone bring her shabbat candles. not once in her life had she ever lit shabbat candles, she was unable to leave the house and she desperately wanted to light and also have the proper thing to say when lighting. is this not “kiymu v’kiblu”?? is she not a chossid of mordechai and esther??

    keep davening! chodesh tov!

    • Jude Aravind Abraham
      Jude Aravind Abraham says:

      Regarding this week’s parashah, check this out:

      “And G-d said to Noach, “The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth has become full of violent treachery because of them, and behold I am destroying them from the earth.” (Genesis 6:13)

      In Hebrew:

      “ויאמר אלהים לנח כל בשר בא לפני כי מלאה הארץ חמס מפניהם והנני משחיתם את הארץ”

      The Hebrew word for “violent treachery” in the verse above is חמס – Hamas!

      We will also start praying for rain within a week, so hopefully our prayers make a splash, pun intended.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        Sefer Tehillim is also full of literal references to be saved from “Hamas.”

        Once you understand who it is who actually created our modern version of ‘Hamas’, even more pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.

  2. Simon
    Simon says:

    May the Lord of Hosts wipe out all these wicked ones forever. “And you will go out and see the corpses of the men who rebelled against Me, for their worm will not die, and their fire will not be extinguished, and they will lie in abhorrence before all flesh.”

    The extent of my prayers has been several “General Remedy” Psalms every week…


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