Both ‘sides’ are being controlled by the same people

Think of what is going on in Israel at the moment as a big game of chess.

On the one side, there is ‘Hamas Kasparov’. And on the other side, there is ‘Israel Fischer’.

They are moving their pieces around the board, they are ‘doing battle’, the crowd is clapping for one, booing the other….

But what no-one knows apart from ‘Hamas Kasparov’ and ‘Israel Fischer’ themselves is that they each have an invisible earpiece, and they are getting instructions for each move from some controller in the shadow that no-one else can see or hear.


And who is the real enemy of that ‘controller in the shadow’?

First, God.

And second, you and me.

Regular people, who want to be able to live our lives in a holy, healthy, happy and spiritually-uplifted way, serving the Creator of the World.

Without being ‘remote controlled’, taxed to death, oppressed by big government, spied on 24/7  by all this ‘tech’ – or killed on a chess board, where the pieces are being moved around to maximise death, carnage, violence and chaos.


I’ve said it a million times, but I will keep saying it until the penny drops for more people:

Everything that is going on right now is being 100% stage managed by the satanic secret societies who control the world from the shadows.

And these people want to totally break humanity’s spirit, destroy the Jewish people, and turn the world into one big digitally-secured prison (for whoever is left alive after all the death and destruction they keep trying to get started all over the place.)

All the people who are still cheerleading for ‘war’, (and before all this kicked off, were moaning that ‘the war didn’t show up yet like it was meant to, before Moshiach comes’) – you are insane!

War means lots of our friends and families – and maybe, even ourselves – being killed and wounded in horrible ways.

It’s not a joke.


The Rav and some of the other Lamed Vavnikim were trying to push ‘the war’ off and sweeten it as much as possible, because it’s obvious to people who aren’t addicted to ‘war porn’ that war should be the very last option on the table for resolving our problems.

Now, I’m going to ‘cut and paste’ some of the stuff I had up on the old blog dated July 26, 2023, in a post called:




I got an email from someone that basically said:

Who cares about rav Berland getting to uman for Rosh Hashona ?


The answer is, Rav Berland cares about that, and he’s said that if he doesn’t get to Uman this year, there will be a shoah that even he can’t get sweetened.

The Rav doesn’t say these things stam… part of having emunat Tzaddikim is that we accept that there are people in the world that know way more than we do about what is really going on.

So, if he says he needs to get to Uman this year, and if he’s asking people to say another TK to help make that happen – to avoid another shoah, God forbid – that’s good enough for me.


Sadly for us, that Shoah showed up on October 7th – but still way more ‘minimised’ than it was meant to be.

Sadly for us, our soldiers got dragged into Gaza where 70 of them have been killed so far – but that’s still way less than the 1,000 soldiers dead in the first day the Rav was asking people to do 30 days of reciting the whole book of tehillim to avoid.

The point is, the real war is 100% spiritual.

It’s being waged by the agents of the Soton who have taken over every aspect of leadership and power in every country you care to mention.

Including here.


Here’s another snippet from that post dated July 26th, 2023:

For years and years, people just couldn’t believe the fantastic-sounding claim that the security apparatus in the ‘democratic’ State of Israel would be targeting the Rav and framing him for crimes he never committed, with the full help of the corrupt media, and about four million ‘useful idiots’ who believe everything they read online.


Things are starting to change.

Now, the truth is coming out more and more, about who has been after the Rav for years, and why they have been doing it.


One of the Rav’s leading talmidim, R Shlomo Elmaliach, described how he was at R’ Chaim Dovid Stern recently, and R’ Stern told him that the geulah is no longer being ‘held up’, so that more people could wake up and make teshuva, before the curtain comes down.

R Elmaliach then said that after he heard this from R’ Stern, the Rav’s grandson told him that two weeks’ earlier, Rav Berland had also said effectively the same thing – that there is no more ‘disturbing Hashem’ and His plans to bring the geulah any more.


Here is that video of Rav Shlomo Elmaliach giving this over himself, in Hebrew:


And now, here’s a snippet of a ‘halachic response’ about Breslov written by David Bar Hayim on the Machon Shilo website HERE:

[O]ne needs to be blind not to recognize the negative impact of Breslev teachings on many people’s lives: a wide-spread anti-rationalism leading to an inability to deal intelligently with the real world; men who cannot afford to feed their
families spending large sums to fly to Uman; widespread sexual repression (which is a very real malaise infecting certain parts of the Jewish world); a sanction for escapism (and what is going to Uman if not escapism?); establishing a new centre for connecting with Hashem outside Eress Yisrael (Uman), etc. etc.

Do you honestly believe that these attitudes and behaviours are compatible with authentic Tora?

(It is well known that many serious, old-school Breslevers oppose the Uman pilgrimage. It has, however, become a tremendous source of income for some, and is therefore not likely to disappear any time soon.)


Of course, those ‘old school Breslevers’ he is quoting are the same ones behind the persecution of the Rav, who belong to that same big family of ‘interesting people’ who gave us all the puppet rulers here, on all sides of the divides in the Jewish world, going back at least 250 years.

When the ‘big debate’ about the Rav erupted a few years ago, David Bar-Hayim also publically said disgusting things about both the Rav, and also about Rav Chaim Dovid Stern, quoted in this video above by R Shlomo Elmaliach.


What I’m saying is, choose your ‘leaders’, and the people you let shape your thinking and beliefs, very, very carefully.

I have yet to see a single person who came out publically against the Rav who ended up being someone anyone should be listening to about anything.

Birds of a feather really do flock together.

Which is why all the real tzaddikim are with Rav Berland.

While all the ‘fakers’….. are really not.


BH, Hanukah is around the corner.

Hang on a little while longer, and don’t fall into despair.

The world of lies has to really break apart properly, before the world of truth can take centre stage.

That process is happening at full speed right now, and it’s very painful and disorienting.

But if you take one ‘message’ from this post, let it be this:

Turn off the talking heads, the media, the fakers, and all the other ‘puppets’.

At best, they are just confusing and depressing.

And most of them are actively going ‘out there’ to pull people away from the real people, the real rabbis, the real ‘truths’ that can help them get through this period of time in one piece.

Because the real war…. is only spiritual.


PS: Here’s some really good news for a change:



8 replies
  1. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    I think all non-Chasidish rabbis would logically be on the opposite side of the rav yet aren’t necessarily fakers or erring at all. We have to believe the Litvak world has its own tzaddikim who by way of their beliefs are against chasidism including Breslov. In your view, if they ever said something publicly about their dislike or disapproval of Breslov/Chasidism then they would be fakers. I don’t see that. They just use logic in their approach and their emunah is sort of limited by that approach. It IS logical to be against the rav as he admitted to the lies around him and that’s not the way of what they perceive as normal. Why should they even logically question it?

    I believe there are many fine paths to Torah and not all are going to be followers of the rav as most would logically be against him. I do agree that I personally won’t listen 100% to any rav who is not aware of the greatness of the rav as that is an obvious sign of clarity for me just as much as being awake to the shots and other issues.

    So, why call Rabbi David Bar-Hayim out on it vs other rabbis who haven’t learned the truth about the rav? I have other issues personally with him as he is very into finding ways to do things that might not be against the Torah but pushes an agenda that frankly puts Jews in danger by perhaps not following his exact specifications and inadvertently going against the Torah. He pushes the limits in ways I think a real tzaddik would never as not to put others in danger. I am not sure of his agenda but it feels arrogant and it turns me off from wanting to listen to him. I find many awake rabbis to be not awake on the righteousness of the rav. So, I agree with you there but no need to be extra harsh on most rabbis who don’t know about the rav, it is almost everyone and I think people have to be careful to find rabbis who are 100% into truth. Even if they are awake to everything, they are human and not perfect and I think we have to leave them be for what it is now in a world with so much sheker.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      If a person has ‘private doubts’ – fair enough, I respect that.

      But when a person makes derogatory statements, very publically, about big Tzaddikim, they then put themselves in a very different category.

      And it’s not just about the Rav and Rabbenu, there are derogatory statements all over his website.

      • Miriam
        Miriam says:

        Ok, I haven’t seen his website, I’ve just listened to quite a few shiurim over the years. I assume most Litvak rabbis will disapprove of anything Breslov but if you say he said it very not nicely and publicly, well that does lower my opinion of him as before I felt he was just very questionable.

  2. yosef
    yosef says:

    thank you for not approving the other comment. just finished reading the 2nd half of this.
    thank you for the research.
    b’ahavat yisroel,

  3. Yossi
    Yossi says:

    Bar-Hayim has always given me shivers. His eyes are so dead. Zero facial expression. So scary. Not to mention his self-appointed authority to change established halacha at whim.
    Contrast with Breslevers who are always smiling and dancing and singing, and learning Shulchan Aruch every day.
    The truth isn’t hard to see.

    • Jeremy M
      Jeremy M says:

      I read or heard somewhere that the sitra achara can imitate everything in kedusha except the ratzon/goodwill. True, we need to be careful against empty joy. But there needs to be joy.

      On the other hand, *just* dead eyes and expressionless shouldn’t discount a person, as they could simply be on the autistic spectrum or something.


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