Hamas and the hostage dog

One of my friends summed it up like this yesterday:

I’ve stopped watching the news as much as possible now.

Even the ‘good news’ just makes me feel bad and nervous.

Yup, that about sums things up at the moment.


I spent three days before during and after the wedding going ‘cold turkey’ on even minimal news consumption.

Monday, I spent an hour surfing around the three sites I still look at – and I quickly came to the conclusion there is no ‘real information’ happening anywhere, anyway.

And what there IS, is just heapings of media manipulation and more lies and disinformation.

Really, Hamas kept a dog ‘hostage’ for 53 days in the Gaza strip?


That same Hamas that was apparently raping, slaughtering, burning, beheading – and they let a kidnapped girl take her dog with her, and then let the dog stay alive, for 53 days before delivering both back to the Red Cross yesterday?!



And all those people going on about how ‘Kaplan Force’ took over the hostage story….

Well then, the ‘Kaplan Force’ also took over every single government building too in Jerusalem, which draped massive ‘Bring Them Home’ signs over their facades. And also Jerusalem City Hall, which flashed up all the hostage pictures on the Old City walls. And the ‘Friends of Zion’ building downtown, too – and also the National Library, which has 260 empty chairs set up in the middle of the reading room with a picture of a hostage on each one.

So, if the ‘Kaplan Force’ took over the hostage story, then the ‘Kaplan Force’ are ALREADY also running the government and its agencies from inside, too.


The ‘Bring Them Home’ campaign is clearly being funded and organised by the State.

What all this means specifically, I can’t tell you.

But it’s the same government who shoved our troops in Gaza fighting the phony war in the first place who paid for all these hostage families to get flown all over the world to shoot their mouths off about ‘bringing them home’, so they’d have a handy excuse for a cease fire, because ‘America needs the terrorists‘.

And the State needed some sort of lame excuse to explain why we just couldn’t destroy Hamas in Gaza this time, after all….

Sorry guys!

(And especially sorry to all the tzaddikim who gave their lives fighting to try to protect their friends and family from evil… who just didn’t understand where most of that ‘evil’ is actually coming from.)


‘Bring Them Home’ probably is trying to accomplish many things.

And at least one of them is trying to sway public opinion into supporting draconian new laws to clamp down on ‘internal enemies of the State’.

Today, it’s the families of the hostages who are saying things that are undermining ‘national security’.

And tomorrow?

It’s anyone who doesn’t agree 100% with mandatory shots…. digital IDs…. needing a Smartphone just to send a package via the post office or buy a pot of yogurt….

Don’t be fooled.


In the meantime, it’s not all totally 100% ‘bad news’.

I am detecting more and more signs that more and more people are finally starting to see past the evils’ paradigm’, to recognise that we are all being played for fools and set up to kill each other so the cabal at the top can continue to divide and conquer.

Have a look at THIS.

The writer sets out 7 ‘mysteries’ about October 7th. It’s the last one that actually gave me a bit of hope that even some of the people who usually just bash Israel and the Jews as being the ‘source of all the problems’ are starting to understand that the Jewish people are being attacked by ‘the evils’ as much as anyone else – (and of course, even more than anyone else….)

Here’s ‘mystery number 7’:

7. Why are Western forces threatening Israel?

The Pentagon has deployed two naval groups, around the USS Gerald Ford and the USS Eisenhower, and a cruise missile submarine, the USS FloridaHaaretz even mentioned a third aircraft carrier. America’s allies (Saudi Arabia, Canada, Spain, France, Italy) have installed fighter-bombers in the region.

These forces are not installed to threaten Turkey, Qatar or Iran, which the Western press accuses of being involved in the Hamas attack, but off the coast of Israel, in Beirut and Hamat. They are encircling Israel. And Israel alone.


Finally…. even some of the ‘anti Israel’ people are starting to ask some really pertinent questions.

Why ARE Western forces threatening Israel?

Why are they?

If ‘the story’ is that Hamas is financed by Iran, Qatar and Turkey, with some help from Russia – why are all these warships off our coast, threatening us?

Answers on a postcard….


I have no neat sign off for this post today.

We are in a world of confusion, a world of terrible lies, where dogs are apparently kept hostage by ‘Hamas’ for 52 days before being released with a barrage of PR….


The puppet show can’t continue for much longer.

The cracks in the narrative are starting to show too much.


In the meantime….

The first week of this war in Israel, the Jerusalem town hall decided to start shooting lazer beam lights into the sky all over the city.

When I was pondering out loud just how retarded you would have to be to start lighting up parts of your main city in the middle of a massive war, my daughter told me these lazer lights were being done to ‘remind us all about the hostages’.

Uhuh. Yup. Whatever.

Looks to me like ‘operation blue beam’ is in full swing now in the Holy City.

And that the fake alien invasion / holographic yoshki can’t be too far way from being activated.

So, keeps your eyes peeled, your mind out of the news, and your heart and prayers firmly with Hashem and the true tzaddikim.

The rollercoaster ride isn’t over yet.


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